All4eyes aka Marie regularly writes to the EyeScene website and she also writes stories.
She has sent me so many texts that she really deservers her own section here.

I recommend every newcomer to read her Primer files. They are a good introduction to the World of Glasses fetish.

I like her stories because they are different form other stories written by girls.
I could tell you what I know or think about her, but as she wrote a text about herself,
a text that is strong and starkly realistic and sincere, it is better to let her speak for herself:

My Own Private OO by All4Eyes

She send me the story named The Blind Date in April 2006, which is her  first story she has written, 
and  the autobiographic text My History as an Optic Obsessive.
When the 3rd story came in August 2006 "The Myopia Fairy", I was sure there was a new good author with the great imagination.
The Myopia Fairy 2
was written in September by Spesc4ever.
Giving my Nose a Break
is her first story in 2007.
The Specs Appeal, Inc. came in May 2007.
And The Eyewear Revolution broke up in August 2007.
The Myopia Fairy 3 was written together with Specs4ever and is the final part of the three-part story.
Rare Blood (April 2008) is a long complicated story rather different from the other stories here. I like it.
Day in the Life of a Bare-Eyed Minus 4 is a fun to read
By uploading The Myopia Fairy 4 in August 2008 we got quite a long story now ... I wonder if the two authors will make it a novel one day 8-)
The 5th part of Myopia Fairy came in November 2009 and I published it just before Xmas.
The final part of Myopia Fairy is called Nancy Anderson's Opus