Amy Casseaux

Amy is a talented writer who regularly contributes to the Wannabe Blind Yahoo Group. 

All of her stories deal with characters who have a strong desire to pretend blindness or to became blind. Do not mismatch blind pretenders with people who like blind sex or with those who try to find their partners by going to blind dates :-) Although there is quite an erotic or sexual element in blindsimming, the people usually go blind in their homes or even in public because they want to experience blindness. Somewhere, deep in their hearts, the strong desire to become blind, either for some time or for ever, drives them to put patches on their eyes take a white cane in their hands and go blindsimming. Similarly, just like the people who wear glasses over contacts or those who secretly go to distant towns to spend some time wheelchair bound, the blind pretenders fulfill their inner desire going for their sightless sessions. It is quite natural that there is original literature written by talented blind-wannabes.

Amy's stories are well constructed, keep strictly within the genre, sometimes have a surprising twist, other times flow like a quiet river to their inevitable expected end. Some stories are based on her large experience of blindness simulating. I think they belong to the best in the disab-devotee genre.

I am happy she gave me her permission to upload her stories onto my website. 
Thank you, Amy

Now, enjoy her stories.


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