Stories about braces and wheelchairs

Just a few words for those who might not be too familiar with this genre.

Brace and wheelchair stories make up a significant part of fetishistic literature to be found on Internet. The quality of the fictions differ largely. Some of them are short and rather simple or even dumb, while others are of quite a good literary quality. Most of the main characters in the stories are people who wear legbraces or use wheelchairs, a significant number of the texts deal with amputations. The characters are often pretenders, wannabes, disabled after an accident, or suffering from inherited disability. 

I would like to bring some old stories, I found while browsing Internet, that deal with a different kind of fetishism than glasses, which are the very thing that made me create this website. As there are many writers who either run their own websites or contribute to various discussion groups, I decided to look into my old chaotic archive to dig out some fictions that disappeared from Internet when the sites on which they had been uploaded went down. 
One of those websites was the Legbrace John's site. John - or JohnA as he signed his stories, passed away some years ago. I had the privilege to exchange several e-mails with him. He wrote very good stories however some of his work remained unfinished. He was also the man who uploaded the first and the second part of my Paul and Mary and helped me with editing the text.

The other authors whose work I would like to present here is BobD and RN8229

RN8229 was a good friend of John A, he regularly sent chapters of his stories to John's website. Unfortunately he had died a year before John A passed away and his main story remained unfinished. 
As I will browse my archive I will upload some other stories.

Tatjd sent me his story in summer 2005 to upload it here. He had posted it to a wheelchair fiction website some years ago. The story is quite long with a large number of characters. Almost all of them are pretenders who, later, become voluntarily paralyzed. Two of the female characters wear thick eyeglasses.

Fredlr1 is a member of the fiftiesinbracesclub yahoo group where I downloaded the story from. I like the story very much.

Wullentee originally sent his Deirdre to a yahoo group dealing with wheelchair fetish fiction where I discovered it in January 2008. It is well written, original, and it has good draw characters. Simply said this story differs from the usual stuff of the genre because of its quality. Enjoy the story on a wheelchair woman and her neighbour.

Gordo was so kind and gave me a permission to present his Wannabe here in September 2008. The text is quite long, but definitely worth reading. I think it is one of the best texts in the genre written so far.

If you have any good stories of the genre you think I could put here,
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