Don and Jackie

By Robert N.

Leg braces had never come up before in their conversations until one night, while they were watching a movie, everything changed.

Don and Jackie had been married for a little over five years and had settled into a comfortable relationship. He had recently retired at the age of 45, from a very successful computer business, and she was now an easy-going, 40-year-old homemaker.

They enjoyed one another’s company and shared in a variety of interests, especially watching old movies in front of a warm fire during cold winter nights. It was on one of these occasions that their common interests took a dramatic turn.

Don had been browsing through some old videos at a local store and came across one that caught his interest. The synopsis spoke of a private laboratory that was experimenting with deadly germs, for which they hoped to find an antidote. But things apparently did not work out the way everyone would have hoped. He was intrigued and decided to take it home and check it out.

Turning on the video and settling back in their comfortable settee, Don and Jackie snuggled together in anticipation of a pleasant two hours of viewing.

In the opening scene, two senior scientists came out of a boardroom, followed by a younger female. They walked down a corridor toward a laboratory, opened the door and walked through. As they did, it became obvious that the young woman was walking with a distinct limp. A closer view revealed that she was wearing a full-length metal brace on her left leg. The two shiny, metal uprights on either side of her leg were attached to the heel of her shoe, and held firmly in place by light colored leather cuffs and straps. Her knee-length skirt covered the upper part of her crippled leg.

As the scene played out on the tube, Don became aware of Jackie tensing and noticed that she was holding her left leg straight out on the settee, as her body pushed perceptibly closer to his.

Returning to the screen: the two senior scientists were conferring with the younger one; then they left her alone to continue her experiments. There were several shots of her walking about the laboratory, with some close-ups of her braced leg. One close-up showed her reaching down to release the hinge lock, which enabled her to bend her leg slightly, presumably to release some of the stiffness in her knee joint. In doing so, she lifted her skirt, revealing more of the upper part of the brace.

Throughout this period, Don and Jackie had not said a word, but Don sensed that Jackie had become quite aroused. Glancing over at her extended leg, he noticed that she was still holding it straight out on the settee and gently massaging her thigh.

By this time the young scientist had left the laboratory, taken some refreshments in an adjoining kitchenette, and was lying on a couch having a nap. Evidently the experiments that the lab was doing were so hazardous that the young female was not allowed outside the building for long periods of time. Hence the bed in the anteroom. As she awoke, she cast aside the blanket covering her legs, at which point the camera angle enabled the viewer to see the full length of her braced leg, with all of its rigid metal bars, hinges, cuffs, straps and buckles.

There was a perceptible groan from Jackie and Don noticed that she was now gently massaging the inside of her thigh.

“Are you OK?”, he asked. Jackie looked up at him with glassy eyes and nodded that she was fine. He put his arm around her shoulder, pulled her in closer and cupped the side of her heaving breast. Whatever was going on with Jackie, he wanted a piece of it, but was willing to wait.

The young scientist stood up, let the hinge locks fall into place, tested the rigidity of the brace, then limped back into the laboratory.

Whatever she had been previously doing in there, must have gone wrong. Walking as quickly as her braced leg would allow, she reached for the telephone and called a number, talking excitedly to the person on the other end. The conversation brought the two senior scientists to the laboratory door in a hurry. They peered through the observation window, but would not enter; indicating that whatever was going on in the laboratory must remain in there. The poor crippled woman was beside herself, seemingly not being able to take in the enormity of the situation at first, but ultimately realizing the deadly consequences that she must face alone.

The final scene showed her writhing around on the floor in excruciating pain with her braced leg flailing about until she finally succumbed to the deadly germs that had invaded her body.

The movie went on inconsequentially for Don and Jackie. In the final scene Jackie herself had started to writhe and climb onto Don. His arms went around her waist as he pulled her closer, slid one hand across her buttocks and down her left leg, which she was still holding stiff. As he stroked it her groans became more ardent, muffled by his mouth as they devoured one another. Her hand reached for his pants zipper and he assisted her to open it full-length. With a quick roll, he pushed her back onto the settee so that he was on top of her. Since she was not wearing panties, he was inside her without a second to spare. In an explosion of ecstasy, they climaxed together and laughed until the tears rolled down both their cheeks.

Don noticed, however, that as Jackie was lying there, she was still holding her left leg stiff and straight, while her right leg was slightly bent at the knee.


“Wow! That was incredible,” Don exclaimed, as he gained control of his breath. Jackie lay there with a more-than-satisfied grin on her face. “Yep, it sure was,” she agreed.

“What happened?” Don wanted to know.

“We had sex,” Jackie said simply.

“I know that, silly. What I meant was, I have never seen you that turned on before. You were like a wild animal.”

“It must have been seeing that young woman with a brace on her leg that did it.”

“What do you mean?” asked Don, feeling a stir in his groin area.

“Ever since I can remember, something happens to my insides whenever I see a lame person, especially when they are wearing leg braces. I can’t explain it, I just feel funny and I start panting – it’s like my breath is cut short. Do you know what I mean?”

Trying not to look too eager, Don said, “Yes, I think I know what you mean. I noticed that while we were watching the movie your left leg went stiff and you kept massaging it. What was that all about?”

“I haven’t done it recently, but when I was younger I used to pretend that I was lame and had to walk with a stiff leg. When I thought nobody would see me, I would tie pieces of wood to each side of my leg and pretend I was wearing a brace. It felt real good to have my “lame” leg held stiff and straight. Seeing that young scientist wearing a full-length brace on her leg brought it all back and I couldn’t help reacting. Are you annoyed with me?”

“No, no, quite the contrary,” Don replied. “I am absolutely intrigued by your story and wondering why I was never aware of how you felt toward leg braces.”

“Well, I guess the situation never cropped up before, so I never felt a need to discuss it with you. However, seeing that young woman walking with the aid of a leg brace triggered something inside me that I was not able to fully control, and as I watched her I got more and more excited. ”

“So I noticed,” Don said, “plus the fact that your left leg seemed to go stiff. Did you get a cramp?”

“No. I wasn’t fully aware of it. It must have been an unconscious reaction to seeing the woman’s leg brace.”

“Well, your leg was stiff for the whole time, even after we had sex. And I was concerned you were having a cramp that might have spoiled the moment.”

“No, quite the opposite,” Jackie replied. “In fact, I was really turned on and the sensation felt so good. I really wasn’t aware of holding my leg stiff, but whatever was happening, it sure felt good. Even talking about it now excites me.’

“You can say that again,” Don agreed. “I don’t ever remember you getting that excited before. Perhaps you should walk around with a stiff leg all the time if it does that to you.”

“Are you kidding me?” Jackie enquired, disbelievingly.

“Well, if it makes you feel that sexy, why not?”

“You mean, you wouldn’t mind?

“As I said, if it really turns you on, why not? I’m game.”

“Wow, you really mean that?” “Yes, I do,” was Don’s reply.

Without saying a word, Jackie threw her arms around Don’s neck and started kissing him. They exhausted themselves once again in each other’s passion, with Don making sure he stroked his hand up and down her stiff leg to add to their mutual excitement.

After some thought, Don raised the question of whether Jackie would be willing to wear a leg brace, if she had one.

“Willing! I would be enthralled. It’s something I have wanted to do all my life But what are you suggesting?”

Don told her that he had been surfing the Internet and had come across the website of someone who makes leg braces for theatrical companies and pretenders.

“What do you mean, Pretenders?”

Don then had to admit that he too had been intrigued by leg brace wearers for many years, especially women, but had been somewhat reluctant to advertise the fact. Especially to someone as close as his wife.

Surfing the Web, he had come across a number of sites that were related to the subject and had learned that there are ‘Pretenders’ – people who wear leg braces for personal reasons, rather than medical. Then there are ‘Wannabees’ – people who would like to wear leg braces, but haven’t yet taken the plunge. Finally, there are ‘Admirers and Devotees’ – those who like to see and/or read about people in braces. “These terms can also be applied to other, similar fetishes,” he added.

“I had no idea there was that kind of information out there”, Jackie responded.

“Yep! So, it seems that I am an Admirer and Devotee, and you are a Wannabee.

“That is incredible”, said Jackie. “I’d like to be a Pretender. What can we do about it?”

“Since it sounds like you are willing”, Don coached, “we could take some measurements and submit an order to the brace-maker guy on the Internet.”

“How much is it going to cost?” the ever practical Jackie wanted to know.

“Depends on what kind of brace we order. There are a number of choices, so perhaps we should go to the web page and see what you would like.”

Don noticed that Jackie’s nipples had hardened, but resisted the temptation to fondle them. They needed to attend to the business at hand. The fun would come later.

Jackie’s excitement continued to mount as they reviewed the options. They finally settled on a full-length, bilateral brace that would readily adapt to some of her footwear. Equipped with leather-covered metal posterior cuffs (one above and one below the knee) the brace was secured around the thigh with a similar leather-covered posterior cuff and a twin-buckled, padded leather support strap at the front. They decided on a four-strap, buckled leather knee pad to enhance the overall look and to give her leg the complete support she desired. With the press of a key, the order went across the Ethernet.


While they waited for the package to arrive, Don enjoyed watching Jackie walk with a stiff leg whenever the mood took her. He especially enjoyed watching her climb the stairs to their bedroom, as she put her good leg on the stair, then brought the stiff one up to join it. She was really getting into being lame, and Don could hardly wait for the day when she would be doing it with her leg properly braced.

That day came several weeks later when a messenger arrived at the house with the long awaited package. Jackie was in the kitchen at the time, so Don answered the doorbell.

“Who was that, Honey?” called Jackie, after he had closed the door.

“Guess!” Silence. “What have we been waiting for?” There was a shriek from the kitchen as Jackie came limping into the hall. “It’s here!” she exclaimed. “Oh, wow!”

Excitedly, they tore at the carton and when they finally got it apart and removed the bubble-wrap, there was the new leg brace in all its glory.

Tears came to Jackie’s eyes as she looked at Don and whispered, “Thank you. Can I try it on?”

“Let’s do it,” Don urged. “Can I help?”

Jackie sat on the settee, where this had all started, with her “lame” leg stretched out. Don undid the buckles and opened out the straps, then helped lift her leg into the brace. They could see how the foot plate would adapt easily to any flat shoes she chose to wear, and started the process of putting it on. As each strap was buckled up Jackie’s excitement grew. This was evident by the hardening of her nipples once again, as her breasts strained against their bra restraints. It was intriguing how her breasts reacted as each strap was fastened. Jackie was breathing heavily. Finally they adjusted the knee pad straps to ensure that her leg was properly secured. They were cognizant of the fact, however, that it was important not to tighten the brace too much and cut off the blood circulation to her leg.

Now came the big test. How would she do with her leg confined in a rigid metal and leather support structure? How different would it be from simply walking with a stiff leg, the way she had been doing for the past few weeks?

Well, there was only one way to find out. She thought it would be best if Don didn’t help her at first. She swung her braced leg off the settee until her heel touched the floor. She tried getting up on her good right leg, but found she was a bit off balance. It seemed a better way would be to turn toward the settee and use the arm for support. This seemed to work for her and she was able to get up into a standing position. Don was watching this maneuver intently, and stood closely by, just in case.

Jackie was wearing a blouse, with a skirt that came down to just above the knee. Don liked the way she looked – plain, simple, but extremely attractive. He had always admired how she looked. Not too flashy, but pleasing to the eye. She reminded him of a mature Barbie doll, with all of her curves going in and out in the right places. And her long, gorgeous legs were what had attracted him to her in the first place.

She was originally hired as his Executive Assistant at his place of business. When he first saw her he said to himself: “That is the woman I am going to marry”. They were married five years ago and had agreed at the outset, that at their stage in life, they could do without children. They enjoyed one another’s company, so they didn’t need any outside distractions. And especially now with this recent, new development to stimulate their times together. They had no family ties, each being an only child and both sets of parents deceased.

After a few faltering steps, Jackie seemed to take naturally to wearing the full length brace on her left leg. The straps and padding held the metal uprights firmly, but not too tightly. She giggled when the leather supports squeaked each time she put weight onto her braced leg. She imagined that would go away when the newness in the leather wore off. If not, they may have to do something about it.

Don was proud of her progress and it was not long before she was walking confidently like an old hand. But looking very lame; just the way they both seemed to liked it.

Being permanently braced led to a number of anxious and humorous moments, but the one thing Don appreciated more than anything else, was that his wife seemed to be happier than he had ever seen her, and their sex life was out of this world.

He regarded himself as being the happiest man in the world. Don had always dreamed of marrying a handicapped woman and was puzzled when he chose Jackie. So how did he know that she was the right woman for him?

“Chalk it up to fate”, he mused. (The cost of the brace never came up again in their conversations!)

To be continued ……

Don and Jackie – part 2