Don and Jackie – Part 2

By Robert N.

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Having discovered that his wife, Jackie, liked to pretend that she had to walk with a stiff leg, and admitting that he himself was an admirer of handicapped women, Don took the plunge and suggested that perhaps she would consider their obtaining a leg brace for her to wear; that is, if she were willing.

Her reaction was immediate and exuberant, to say the least. “Wow, you really mean that?” she gasped.

“Yes, I do,” was Don’s reply.

Without saying another word, Jackie had thrown her arms around his neck, kissing him fervently. The ensuing love-making was more than he had expected as a “Thank you”.

“Willing?” she finally gasped, once they had sated their carnal appetites. “I would be enthralled.”

They had found a web site that was offering to make theatrical-type leg braces, specializing in ones suitable for Pretenders. An order was placed and they waited expectantly for the arrival of their shipment.

In the meantime Jackie had continued to pretend that her left leg was crippled, forcing her to keep it stiff and straight when she walked. Don couldn’t help feeling that this was good practice for when the brace arrived. He seemed to be spending his days with a perpetual hard-on as he watched his wife limping about the house with her stiff leg. What was it going to be like when she was actually wearing a leg brace? Excruciating, he imagined.

Finally, the package containing the leg brace arrived, and the thrill of putting it on Jackie’s left leg; her walking with it for the first time, and getting used to its metal and leather constraints, filled both of them with indescribable joy and elation.

Don could not believe his good fortune that he had a wife who actually enjoyed having to wear a full-length brace on her leg. Especially when he himself was an admirer, and got extremely excited when he saw a leg-braced woman on those rare occasions. He must have died and gone to Heaven, he mused.


Gradually they settled down to the fact that, by choice, Jackie would be wearing the leg brace on a permanent basis. This meant that they would have to come up with a convincing reason for her having the need when they met with friends, or bumped into neighbours. Neither of them had any living relatives, so it should not be difficult to come up with a plausible story.

Jackie reminded Don that as a youngster she used to pretend that she was lame and on occasion, when nobody was around, would secure sticks to each side of her leg and pretend she was wearing a leg brace.

“Would it be possible, do you think, for us to hatch a story that I contracted polio as a youngster and now I am experiencing post-polio syndrome?” she wondered. “I have read where this has happened to some former polio victims who have had to resort to wearing leg braces in later life. Even when they thought they were over the affliction.”

“I’m sure if we don’t go into a lot of detail,” Don suggested, “we should be able to pull it off. Anyway, what does it matter if others find out? It’s our choice, and it’s our business what we do with our lives.” “Good point,” she agreed.

Their resolve was tested soon afterwards when they received an invitation to a party from Don’s former business partners to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary.

Don was enjoying early retirement at age 45, but thought it would be good to see some of his old friends and acquaintances. He could rub it in that they were still slugging it out in the rat race, while he was sitting back and enjoying the delights of early retirement and a gorgeous wife, who had also retired from being his Executive Assistant when they married five years earlier.

“What do you think of our going to an office party?” he asked Jackie. “Which one?” she asked. “Our old office – evidently they are having a get-together to celebrate their 20th anniversary and are inviting current and former employees. We’re invited.”

“Would you like to go?” she asked. He thought about it for a moment then said, “Yes, I think I would; we haven’t seen some of the folks for quite a while.”

“What about this?” she asked, pointing to her leg brace.

“No problem. We can test our story out and see how it flies. I know you would have fun seeing some of your old friends, and you will be able to tell them how your “polio” symptoms have recurred.”

“OK! Let’s do it,” she chirped.

Naturally people were curious as to why she was limping when they greeted her at the party. For this first time out to a party, Jackie had chosen to wear a full length cocktail dress with a slit part-way up the left side. The same side as her braced leg. When asked about the limping, she was able to show the person the lower part of her brace. If they persisted in knowing why, she explained a little about post-polio syndrome, which seemed to satisfy them. Invariably it evoked a, “Oh, you poor thing,” or, “How unfortunate, I hope it clears up soon.” “Thank you. It’s OK, I’m getting used to it,” she responded. Or, “It’s better than not being able to walk at all, or being confined to a wheelchair.” Some wanted to know if it hurt! She simply shook her head and smiled bravely, “It’s OK.”

They really enjoyed the party. It was good to see old friends and renew acquaintances. “I noticed a number of people looking at you as you walked around the room” Don remarked as they drove home. “Some of them had difficulty taking their eyes off you; especially some of the men.” “Really?” she chuckled. “And why do you suppose they were doing that?” “The same reason I am looking at you right now,” he retorted, reaching over and running his hand up and down her stiff leg. (Don had noticed on numerous occasions that Jackie seemed to prefer to sit with the brace in the locked position, forcing her leg to stick straight out. He would have to talk to her about that).

“Please keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road, “she chastised sternly, but with a glint in her eye. “It would be no fun for us to end up in the hospital. If you are after what I think you are after, you will do well to get us home safely”, she chided him mischievously.

The party had been delightful. It was good to renew friendships, exchange promises “to get together again soon”, and feel good about Jackie’s first real venture wearing a leg brace into the public domain, especially where she was well known. It would now be easier for her to go out into the general public.

“Can you help me, dear” she asked, as she struggled to remove her long dress. “You need to undo the buttons at the back first, and that should make it easier to pull it over my head” she instructed.

Buttons undone, Don was able to inch the dress over her head and drape it over the back of a chair in their bedroom. As she stood with her back to him, Don could not help admiring how gorgeous this 40+ -year-old looked. What had he done to deserve this angel, standing there in bra and panties; dark silk stockings, held in place by a garter belt, and that beautiful full-length brace on her left leg?

Reaching forward he pulled her towards him, smelling the exotic perfume of her hair. Cupping both breasts in his hands, he gently massaged the nipples, which he could feel hardening inside her bra, while his own hardness pressed against her buttocks. Her breathing became heavy and ragged as his right hand reached inside her panties. The left hand found the top of her brace, then reaching further down, was able to feel the silky smoothness of her stockings.

“Carry me to bed”, she whispered. Removing his hand from inside her panties, he reached down and picked her up. She put an arm around his neck and nuzzled her face into his chest. Her left leg stuck straight out, and he could feel the hard, rigid metal support pressing against his body.

With one hand, Don steadied his wife as her feet touched the floor and with the other, he threw back the top covers on the bed. Helping Jackie lie down he asked, “Should I remove the brace?” “Only if you are quick,” Jackie responded, “I don’t know how long I can wait.”

“That’s OK” Don replied, “I want to take my time, so you go ahead without me. We have all night and I can catch up later.”

While Don was deliberately taking his time to remove her leg brace, Jackie was going through a variety of contortions, as her body reacted to Don’s ministrations. At one point he lifted her stiff leg slightly off the bed and could feel the two rigid posterior cuffs holding the uprights apart. As he gently stroked the back of her leg Jackie arched her back and let out a deep, animal groan. Don seemed to be taking great pleasure in alternating between feeling the unforgiving resistance of the metal upright bars on each side of her leg; the soft, firmness of the padded cuffs holding everything in place, and the sheer delight of silk stockings against her skin.

As his hands explored the wonders of her braced leg, Jackie was experiencing wonders of her own. Don seemed to be touching erogenous parts of her body that were sending her into a spiral of out-of-body sensations. She wanted to tear off her bra and free the hardened nipples thrusting out from her swelling breasts. She wanted to tear off her panties and feel Don’s hardened penis inside her. Instead she used her own hand to fondle her nipples, while the fingers of her other hand explored between her legs. As she was fondling herself, the back of her hand touched the top of her brace, and an electric shock went through her entire body as the climax exploded inside her.

Don was delighted that she had come to climax this way, but realized that he was close to coming himself. Having undone all of the straps on Jackie’s brace, he gently removed it and placed it alongside the bed. He looked down at his beautiful wife, lying there with her hair flared out on the pillow; her eyes closed as if she were meditating, with a beatific smile on her face.

Before climbing into bed, he carefully removed her garter belt and pulled down her panties, sliding them all the way over her stiff leg, and then inched in beside her. He eased his left arm under her neck. She purred at his touch and snuggled up to him. With his right hand, he gently undid the clasp at the back of her bra and slipped it off.

How he enjoyed stroking her full, warm breasts and suckling her nipples. It always got an immediate response from Jackie, who encouraged him to explore her completely, especially her stiff, lame leg. She actually took his hand and forced it down onto her leg, which he did quite willingly. It wasn’t long, however, before he pulled her towards his hard, throbbing member that eagerly found the warm, moist folds awaiting him.

He was so much in love with this woman that it was beyond description and belief.

To be continued ….