By Robert N.

Janine was a cute little thing, five foot five, with a nicely proportioned body.

She came bouncing into my office, as my secretary closed the door behind her.

“Take a seat, young lady, and tell me about yourself,” I invited, indicating the chair, strategically placed in front of my desk. Its location gave me a pleasant view of my clients and their physical attributes.

“What do you want to know?” she smiled delightfully.

“I take it you have come to try out for the young female role in our upcoming production,” I replied. Seeing her nod in the affirmative, I continued, “Your resume tells me you have had three year’s acting experience in minor roles.” “Yes,” she nodded.

“What you need to know right at the start,” I continued, “is that this part requires you to wear a full-length, metal brace on your leg. How would you feel about that?”

“Do you mean like an orthopaedic support?” she asked.

“Yes. One of those with metal bars up each side of your leg, held in place with metal and leather straps,” I explained.

“If that is what the part calls for I am sure I would be able to adapt,” she responded thoughtfully. “I imagine actresses are called upon to cope with many unusual situations if they ever have a hope of making it in this business,” she added knowingly.

“Yes, indeed they do,” I responded. “However, some draw the line when it comes to playing certain characters. You are the first of four people I have interviewed today who has shown any interest in this particular character,” I explained. “As soon as I mentioned ‘leg braces’, the other three lost interest. They didn’t mind walking with a limp, but there was no way they were going to actually look like a cripple with a brace on their leg.”

“I hope to make a full-time career out of acting,” she responded, “and I realize the important thing is for me to get recognized. Perhaps limping on stage with a brace on my leg will help me get some recognition. There are a number of well-known actresses who have appeared in movies wearing leg braces. You never know where it might lead until you try,” she concluded.

It sounded like this young lady knew what she wanted and had a pretty sound idea of how she was going go about getting it.

She was wearing a short summer dress, revealing delightfully trim legs, with a v-neckline displaying a sufficiently tantalizing cleavage.

“Perhaps we can pop down to ‘Props’ and see what they have in the way of leg braces,” I suggested, after she had satisfactorily read from the script. I felt this could well be the person I was looking for.

Interestingly, ‘Props’ had several leg braces to choose from, and after making a selection she went and sat on a bench and put her leg up on the seat.

The guy in ‘Props’ seemed to know what he was doing, so I let him put the device on her outstretched leg and make the necessary adjustments, ensuring that it fit comfortably.

As soon as I saw how stiff and firm it held her leg I became aware that something was getting stiff and firm inside my trousers.

I have become increasingly aware of the reaction I have to seeing a woman wearing leg braces. As a kid it was not unusual to see youngsters limping around with their legs in metal and leather supports, mainly as the result of polio. Today, however, such sightings are few and far between, and if I do by chance happen to see a woman with her legs in braces, I feel a stirring between my legs and I don’t seem to be able to control my excitement. My legs go rubbery and my breath comes in short gasps. It is a struggle not to make a fool of myself, as my urge is to rush up to her and take her in my arms.

Seeing Janine, as she took her first faltering steps on her stiff, brace-supported leg, had an immediate affect on me and I struggled to maintain a modicum of control as I sat and watched in awe.

She seemed to take to it naturally and pretty soon was walking confidently around the room. Such a picture, as she stiffly swung her beautiful, braced leg with each step. Putting weight on it caused the brace to give a gentle squeak. She looked at me to see if I approved of what she was doing. The hardness in my pants would have given her an affirmative answer, but she was not looking there. I smiled my approval and asked, “What do you think, will you do it?”

“If you think I can pull it off, I’m game,” she answered demurely.

I suggested she take the brace home with her so that she could practice and feel comfortable wearing it. This seemed to please her. She signed a contract, and I gave her a script and the rehearsal schedule before she left my office.

Needless to say she was superb in her role as the poor crippled girl, and elicited well-earned praise from the critics. She went on to become a highly respected and talented actress; very much in demand on two continents.

That was ten years ago.


We had kept in touch over the years, but today I received a phone call which took me by surprise. It was from Janine; she was in town and would like to see me.

We arranged to meet for dinner and when I saw her she took my breath away. She was wearing a short, silk dress with a deep v-neck. The way her nipples protruded through the silk meant she was obviously braless and I hoped, “pleased to see me”, to quote another well-known actress.

We kissed, waited to be shown to our table; placed our orders, then started talking about old times. During the course of the conversation, I told her I was thinking back to our first encounter.

“And what were you thinking”, she asked,

“You probably think I am weird,” I said, “but do you remember wearing that brace on your leg when you played that first role for me?”

“Yes,” she responded, looking a little quizzical.

“Can you believe I kept it? Somehow it was you, and I didn’t want to send it back to ‘Props’, so I kept. It reminds me of our time together. I thought you were absolutely marvelous, and your current success is testament to that.”

“You mean you still have the leg brace?” she asked, somewhat surprised.


“You have it here?” she wanted to know.

“At my place.”

“Wow! Can I see it?” she asked, expectantly.

We finished our meal, paid the bill, then beat a hasty retreat to my apartment. I fished the brace out of my bedroom closet and took it into her.

“Wow!” she said, taking it in her hands and admiring the leather and shiny metal uprights. “This is unreal. Do you mind if I try it on?” she asked.

“If you would like to; be my guest,” I responded, having one hell of a time controlling my excitement.

As she was strapping it onto her gorgeous leg, she said, “I never told you this, but every time I wore this brace I had difficulty controlling my excitement. It felt so good holding my leg stiff and straight as I walked around the stage. I nearly had an orgasm every time I had to wear it. I never told you this either, but when I left the show I nearly asked you if I could keep it.”

“Wow! I had no idea it had that sort of an impact on you. Something I never told you,” I added, “I nearly had an orgasm every time I saw you wearing it.”

She stood up and tested her weight on her braced leg. As she walked around the room she looked at me imploringly.

“You look so crippled,” I volunteered. “I feel so sorry that you have to wear a full-length brace on your beautiful, crippled leg.

You purse your lips as you limp towards me. “I wouldn’t be able to walk if I didn’t wear it. Perhaps if you stroked my leg it would make it all better.”

“I don’t think I can make it better; that brace makes it look so crippled,” I say regretfully. “But, perhaps if I stroke your leg I can make it feel better, if you would like me to try.”

“Oh, yes please, I would be so grateful.” Coming towards me you put on a marvelous display of being badly crippled, emphasizing how stiff your leg is, encased in its unrelenting metal and leather support. You look so pathetic.

I am sitting on the settee admiring you as you limp towards me. Standing in front of me, I draw you close and press my face into your silky dress, feeling the firmness of your unfettered breasts against my forehead. I nuzzle your cleavage with the tip of my nose. My hand feels the soft, silky warmth of your “good” leg, as the fingers of the other one grope for your braced leg, exploring its full length and massaging its stiffness. The contrast between the softness of your leg and the hardness of the metal and leather brace sends shivers through my entire body.

Sensing my reaction, you allow yourself to be lowered to the settee. I go to remove your panties, but you are not wearing any. We fumble to quickly remove my trousers. I enter your eager portal just in time, as we climax in a unified explosion of desire and lust.

“Oh, my god,” you gasp, as you catch your breath. “I have never experienced anything like that before in my whole life. That was incredible.”

“Here, here!” I add, as we lay in one another’s arms savoring the afterglow.

Afterwards I took you to bed, but we hardly slept, indulging in a night of blissful reality and unimaginable fantasy. You wanted to play the poor, crippled woman who had to wear a full-length brace on her leg all the time, and I, willingly played your admiring lover who could not get enough of feeling every inch of your braced leg. The more I explored every part of your beautiful body, the more you wanted. It was as though we could not satiate one another’s desires and had to keep coming back for more.

That is a night I will always remember and I look forward to your next visit. We both have busy schedules, but I will always find time for you.

I know you will be back, because when I suggested you keep the leg brace, you smiled and said, “No, my darling. You keep it for the next time I am in town.”

My fervent hope is that it will be soon and that one day we will be able to settle down with one another forever.