Pamela and Richard – Part II

By Robert N.

Pamela had continued to wear Jackie’s “old” brace around the house when Richard, her husband, was at work, and enjoyed the feel of it supporting her leg as she went about her chores.

Richard had made it quite clear after she had told him of her decision to wear the leg brace, that he did not appreciate, nor agree with his wife’s pretending that she needed the wretched thing. (Both she and her neighbours had realized from the outset that Richard had difficulty verbalizing the term, ‘leg brace’.) He could not comprehend how anybody derived any enjoyment out of pretending to be something they were not, especially the charade in which his wife was indulging. How could she possibly have been taken in by those ‘ridiculous phonies’ next door?

Pamela had listened to his tirade, but stuck to her guns, letting him know that this was her decision. He did not have to agree with it, but she was telling him so that he could not accuse her of going behind his back.

He was mollified, if not completely satisfied by her decision and nothing further was said on the subject.

Pamela went about her chores each day after Richard had left for the office, wearing either shorts or a mini skirt to show off her full-length brace. She really liked how it looked, and especially how it felt, securely strapped to her leg.

Whenever she caught a reflection of herself, she couldn’t help realizing how attractive the leg brace made her feel. More than ‘attractive’, she felt ‘complete’. She and Jackie had shared the same thoughts. Jackie was so lucky to have a husband who really appreciated and supported how his wife felt about having to wear a full-length brace on her leg. Why couldn’t Richard have the same appreciation?

Jackie and Pamela got together for coffee at one another’s homes whenever the opportunity presented itself. One day, Jackie suggested that they take her car and go for a drive. She thought it would be fun to have lunch at a distant restaurant where they would not be known. ‘Girl’s day out’, she called it.

They found a nice eating place for lunch; did some shopping and sight-seeing before heading home.

“Well, how was it your first time in public wearing a leg brace?” Jackie wanted to know.

“It felt a bit strange at first, especially when I sensed people looking at us,” Pamela shared. “I felt sorry for that poor waiter who served us. Especially when he got all tongue-tied and suggested we try the ‘braced lamb’, instead of ‘braised’. But it was fun and I appreciate your taking me out. I don’t think I would have felt confident going out in public on my own,” Pamela concluded.


Jackie didn’t see nor hear from her neighbour for several weeks after their public outing and wondered why she was not answering her phone or making contact.

When Pamela eventually did call, it was to tell Jackie that she and Richard were moving and she would be returning the brace. His company had offered him a promotion, which he had decided to take; despite the fact that he had said previously that the small holding they had moved into would be their retirement home. Seemingly that was not to be; they had already put it in the hands of a realtor and would be moving shortly.

This all seemed very strange to Jackie, and said as much to Don when he came home later in the afternoon, holding Jackie’s old leg brace.

“Found it outside on the doorstep,” he said, puzzled. Jackie told him what had happened and sensed that Pamela must not have wanted to see her in person, despite their seemingly growing friendship.

“It’s really none of our business,” Don responded. “We’ve never really got along with him, and she doesn’t seem to be able to make up her own mind. So I say, ‘Let them be’. No skin off our noses.”

“I thought she was starting to come around to being her own person,” Jackie retorted. “We’ve had some pretty long talks, as you know, and she wore the brace when we went out for lunch the last time I saw her. Everything seemed to be going well.”

“Well, something has definitely brought about a change in their thinking and I don’t feel we should fret about it,” Don said, feeling inclined to change the subject.

“I’ve been thinking,” he continued. “Let’s pretend you live alone and that you have always wanted to wear a leg brace, but didn’t know how to go about getting one. Then one day you were surfing the Internet and discovered that there was a company in your own area that fabricated braces for theatrical and recreational purposes. Upon checking them out, you learned that all you had to do was submit specific measurements along with a cheque and they would make up a full length brace for you.”

Jackie looked at him quizzically as he continued.

“Stay with me on this, darling, I think you are going to get a kick out of it. You place the order and wait in anticipation to hear from the supplier.” He continued, “The phone rings and you are told to expect delivery of the brace the next day.”

“Go on,” she says.

“You have just cleared away your breakfast dishes when the doorbell rings. You rush to answer it and there is a young man (me) standing with a lengthy package in his arms. “I have a delivery for you – please sign here,” he says, handing you the receipt pad. Knowing full well what the package contains you ask, looking a little perturbed, “Are you not going to help me with it?”

“That is not usually part of my job description,” the young man feigns, “but if you would like me to, I suppose I could.”

As you lead him into the living room, he notices that your left leg is stiff and you are walking with a distinct limp. (‘That’s strange,’ the young man thinks to himself. ‘I could have sworn I heard her run to the door when I rang the bell’) You glance back to see if he is looking., but he pretends this is nothing new to him; that he sees pretty women wearing leg braces every day of his life. (Doesn’t he wish).

You make yourself comfortable on the settee with your left leg stretched out on the soft seat cushions.

“I hope you don’t mind doing this,” you purr, as the young man removes the brace from the shipping box. “I have not worn a brace since I was a kid,” you explain. “I had polio. I thought it had cleared up, but it seems to have come back. It’s a bummer that I have to wear one of these things again,” you continue, looking rather sad.

“I imagine if it helps you walk better you will get used to it,” the young man offers.

“It’s not the getting used to it that concerns me,” you explain snippily. “It’s being a cripple and having people gawking at you all the time that bothers me. It looks so ugly.”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” he responds, encouragingly. “Let’s see how it fits.”

Opening up the straps and placing the brace under your outstretched leg, he expertly begins to secure the fastenings. The brace has no knee hinges, so once the straps are done up, your leg will be held rigid and you wont be able to bend it. Even when you sit down it will stick out.

The young man senses that you are enjoying his holding your stiff leg as he continues doing up the straps. Things start to heat up as he buckles the knee pad straps and moves his hands to the thigh support straps. You inch up your house coat (held together with a belt around your waist), enabling him to make the final adjustments and get a good look at your gorgeous legs.

Offering both hands, he helps you to a standing position until you get your balance. “Don’t let go,” you plead, as you take your first tentative steps on your fully braced leg.

You walk around the room several times holding on to his hands, as he backs up and watches every stiff-legged step you take. He cannot believe that he is helping this beautiful woman walk around her living room with one of her fabulous legs held securely in a full-length metal and leather brace.

“You are doing really well,” he encourages. “Let’s try your walking with me holding on to your waist from behind and see how that goes.”

You grab his hands, as he places them on either side of your waist and you make several more circuits around the room. As you take each stiff-legged step, he cannot help feeling sorry that such a beautiful woman is now forced to wear a full-length brace on one of her gorgeous legs. You stop to take a rest and gently move his hands up to your breasts. The reaction between his legs is almost immediate, and you become aware of his hardness as it presses between your buttocks.

You lean back against his chest as he slips his hand inside your housecoat to feel the hardening nipples of your warm, firm breasts.

Everything spins in a whirl as your housecoat drops to the floor next to his discarded pants. One moment you are standing together, his exploring hands sending shards of lightning throughout your entire body, the next moment he is lying on top of you on the floor, pumping for all he is worth. With your braced leg sticking straight out, you are screaming and writhing like a mad woman, until your mutual bliss puts a momentary silence to everything. Then you both realize what has happened and beam with pleasure.

“So how’s that for a fanciful tale?” Don enquires.

“Sounds plausible to me,” Jackie smiled. “Let’s do it!”


As she ever so slowly removed her leg brace, Don stood and watched, feeling a little stunned. He wasn’t sure she would have gone for it. But here she was, this gorgeous “crippled” beauty handing him her leg brace and pushing him out the front door.

Two minutes later, Don, cradling Jackie’s brace in his arm, rang the doorbell.