Pamela and Richard

By Robert N.

They moved into their new home, next door to a mid-40’s couple who, according to the realtor who sold them the house, were delightful people. Evidently the husband was a bit older than his wife, and as far as the realtor knew, both had retired early from a successful computer business.

While her husband, Richard, was at work, Pamela busied herself unpacking boxes and making final adjustments around the house.

One morning while she was going about her chores, there was a knock at the front door. The couple from next door was standing there, holding a house-warming package.

“Hello, we are Don and Jackie, your next door neighbours,” Jackie smiled. “We brought you a little something to welcome you into our neighbourhood.”

“Thank you,” said Pamela,” looking quite surprised. “That is so good of you. Would you care to join me for coffee?” “Are you sure?” asked Jackie. “We don’t want to impose.” “That is quite alright, I’ve just made a pot and was about ready to sit down for a few minutes and take a breather – I’ve been sorting!”

Don held Jackie’s elbow as she stepped up into the doorway. It was then that Pamela noticed that Jackie’s left leg was held firmly in a metal brace. She could see through Jackie’s skirt that there was a perceptible bulge around the top of her thigh as she took each stiff-legged step.

They entered a lounge area off the kitchen and Pamela suggested they could have their coffee in there. Jackie chose a comfortable-looking leather arm chair and carefully lowered herself into it before releasing the hinge locks on her brace. As Don chose a similar chair for himself across from his wife, he marveled at the fact that he still got excited about seeing her go through this maneuver when she sat down.

(It used to be that Jackie would invariably leave her brace in the locked position so that her leg stuck straight out when she sat down. He had talked to her about his feelings regarding this, and noticed that of late, she would sometimes release the hinge locks when she sat down. He noticed, however, that she always made a big production out of standing up and making sure the locks were secure before taking her first step. He suspected it was as much for his benefit as it was for hers).

Pamela came in carrying a tray, with three cups of steaming coffee and a plate of cookies, which she set before them.

“How thoughtful of you to drop by like this,” Pamela said, opening up the conversation. “And how long have you lived in this area?”

“We were married a little over six years ago and have lived here since we retired a little over a year ago,” Jackie replied. “It’s a nice quiet neighbourhood,” Jackie continued. “We love it; it’s central, but far enough away from the city. We were glad to get away from the rush and hub-hub when we retired,” Jackie added.

“I hope you don’t think I am being rude,” Pamela ventured, “but I couldn’t help noticing you are wearing a leg brace.”

“Yes,” Jackie replied, “I’ve been wearing it for almost a year now. I had polio as a child and the symptoms seem to have returned. I was experiencing weakness in my leg and I was given the choice of wearing a leg brace or using a wheelchair. I opted for the brace.”

“It really looks quite substantial,” Pamela observed. “Is it heavy?”

“Somewhat, but not as heavy as my original one. This one is made of a lighter metal, but still gives me the proper support I need. I could have chosen a much lighter one made from plastic with metal uprights, but Don and I prefer this type.”

“You may think I am being strange,” Pamela said, venturing further into the subject. “When I was a little girl I used to pretend that I was lame and had to walk with a stiff leg. There was a little girl living in our neighbourhood who had polio. She wore braces on both her legs and I wondered what it would be like walking with them strapped to my legs. I never had the opportunity to find out,” she confessed, “but I did like to pretend. Is that weird, or what?”

Picking up on this opening, Don cast a glance at Jackie, who gave him an almost imperceptible nod as he asked, “Would you like to give it a try?”

“What do you mean?” asked Pamela.

“Would you like to try on a brace and see how it feels? We have Jackie’s original brace at home if you would like to come over and try it on.”

“Wow! That would be great,” Pamela whooped.

The following day Pamela arrived at their house wearing a light weight blouse, and a skirt that came to just above her knees.

Jackie’s original brace was lying on a table and caught Pamela’ attention immediately. “Is that it?” her breath catching as she took in the sight of the metal and leather appliance displayed before her.

“Yes. Sit here on the settee and put your left leg up,” Jackie coached. “I think it would be better if Don helped you. He has become quite the expert, and I think he would find it easier to do any bending over you than I would,” Jackie suggested.

Pamela’s legs were about the same length as Jackie’s, so any adjustments to the brace did not appear necessary at this point. With expert hands, Don relished the task of positioning and strapping the brace onto her outstretched leg. Pamela pulled her dress up so that Don could fasten the thigh straps. .He liked the fact that she was wearing nylons; her legs looked smooth and silky in contrast to the cold, unyielding rigidity of the metal that now encompassed her outstretched leg.

“Stand up and see how it feels,” said Don, as he offered her a supporting hand. She swung her stiffened leg onto the floor, took hold of both his hands as Don helped her into a wobbly, upright stance. “You have to make sure the hinge locks are secure,” he instructed, reaching down to show her what he was talking about. They made sure the hinges were locked, then holding both her hands he slowly backed up as she took her first steps.

“How does it feel?” Jackie wanted to know as Pamela limped slowly around the room holding on to Don?” “Pretty weird,” Pamela retorted. “I had no idea it would feel like this. I always thought I would be able to just take off”.

“Just take your time. It takes a while to get used to having your leg in a rigid restraint. You naturally want to bend your knee as you walk, and use leg muscles that would not be working if they were actually weakened or not functioning properly,” Jackie explained.

With Don’s help, Pamela gradually felt more comfortable walking around the room in this crippled state, making sure she was properly balanced on her good leg before taking a step with the braced one. Gradually Don was able to let her try on her own and after a few faltering attempts, Pamela became more confident. “I can understand why some people use crutches in addition to braces,” she remarked. “Yes, that’s true,” Jackie agreed. “Personally, I don’t like using crutches,” she added.

“Can I keep it on for awhile?” Pamela asked. For the next hour she practiced walking, standing, sitting, and fondling the metal and leather. Besides the elation she felt about being able to walk with her leg in a proper, full-length brace, (something she had yearned to do since childhood), she became aware of the moisture between her legs. Walking with a full-length metal and leather brace on her leg was indeed a real turn-on, she realized.

Don and Jackie looked on enthusiastically as Pamela explored the various aspects of being “crippled”. They offered suggestions and encouragement as she strained to make sure she was “doing it properly”, to quote Pamela.

At the end of this first session Jackie asked, “Would you like to wear it home?” “Oh, wow!” was Pamela’s immediate response. “I would love to, but I don’t think Richard would understand. He’s quite pragmatic. Would it be possible, do you think, for me to pop over here occasionally, when you’re not too busy, and let me try it on again?”

“Of course,” Jackie and Don chorused together. “Just give us a call before you come; we would be glad to have you spend more time with us as a “cripple”. Perhaps we can have you and Richard over for dinner one evening so that we can get to know you both better.”


Whenever Pamela was able to get away from her chores, she took the opportunity to try on the leg brace at her neighbours. There always seemed to be a nice friendly, relaxed atmosphere when they got together. Don seemed to get a big charge out of seeing his “girls” (as he now referred to them) either sitting or walking, and chatting amiably. It did not seem unnatural to any of them that they were enjoying one another’s company in this unconventional manner.

One day, Jackie took the plunge and admitted to Pamela that she started out as a Pretender and that Don was an Admirer and Devotee of female leg brace users – whether for real or pretending.

“You know, I had wondered about that,” Pamela commented, looking at both of them in turn. “I wondered how it could be that Jackie had such gorgeous legs if she were dealing with a crippling condition requiring her to wear a leg brace. Often leg brace users have withered or deformed legs, but certainly not shapely ones like yours.”

“That was the story Don and I agreed to tell our friends when I first decided that I wanted to wear a leg brace on a permanent basis. And so far it has worked for us. We weren’t too concerned if anybody discovered our ploy – we figured we could cross that bridge when we had to.”

“Don’t get me wrong”, Pamela hastened to assure them. “Whatever you have decided to do is your business and nobody else’s.” “Exactly,” said Jackie, while Don nodded his head in agreement.

“We are glad to be able to share our little secret with you,” said Don, picking up on the conversation. “I have been an Admirer of handicapped women for as long as I can remember. Especially if they are wearing leg braces. When Jackie originally told me, after we were married, of her own fetish, I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I believe Fate brought us together, and now you have come into our lives.”

‘You said your husband may not understand or appreciate why you like pretending you are crippled,” Jackie ventured.

“I have never spoken to him about it, and I am not sure that he would accept it, even if I did. I would feel reticent about doing it at this time,” Pamela responded.

Jackie had an idea. “Why don’t you both come over for dinner on Saturday? He will get to see me limping around and we can see what his reaction is. Then maybe the subject of leg braces will come up and we can go from there.”

“Richard is a very private person. He is an excellent observer, but tends to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth trying to get him to open up,” Pamela declared.


Following a delightful meal the two women went into the kitchen to load the dishwasher, leaving the two men in the sitting room.

“You have a lovely place here,” Richard remarked. “Thank you,” Don replied. “We enjoy it. We particularly like the grounds, which afford us privacy, and at the same time give us room to breath,” he added.

“Pamela and I feel the same way. We have wanted to move into the country for quite some time, and our 5-acre small-holding seems to satisfy both our needs,” Richard explained.

“What happened to Jackie’s leg?” Richard blurted.

The question took Don somewhat by surprise considering what Pamela had told them about her husband’s reticence about showing his feelings and being a somewhat private person.

“You mean the leg brace?” Don emphasized the last two words, suspecting that his guest might have some difficulty verbalizing the term. Richard nodded in the affirmative.

Should he say it, Don wondered, or should he wait until later to reveal their secret? Deciding on the former course of action to break through Richard’s veneer, Don simply said, “She enjoys wearing it, and I enjoy how it looks on her leg.”

“You mean there is nothing wrong with her leg?” the practical Richard queried.

“It’s a recreational brace and Jackie wears it like other women wear jewelry. She enjoys how it feels and we both enjoy how it looks”.

“I have never heard of anything as ludicrous in my life. How can a perfectly healthy person enjoy wearing something to make her look less than what she is?” Richard spluttered.

“We happen to feel that it enhances her appearance; makes her unique – special,” Don countered.

“Well, you certainly would not find my wife indulging in such frivolity,” Richard declared.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Don retorted.

“What do you mean?”

“Why don’t you ask her?” Don replied, mischievously.

The two women came back into the room just as Don completed his last comment.

“I understand that you wear that thing on your leg as a decoration and not for medical reasons,” Richard sputtered, looking accusingly at Jackie.

The two women looked at him, then at Don, with startled expressions on both of their faces. Jackie was the first to recover and with her chin held high said, “Yes. What of it?”

“Well, I think it’s preposterous,” Richard snorted. “How can a perfectly healthy, grown woman pretend that she is crippled and walk around with that thing on her leg.”

“Are you talking about my leg brace?” Jackie annunciated slowly. “Yes,” Richard snapped.

“You seem to have difficulty referring to it by its name, Richard. It is called a leg brace; I enjoy wearing it, and what you think about that is no concern of mine.”

Jackie’s coolness did nothing to temper Richard’s parting shot, “Well, I think it is ridiculous. Come, Pamela, it’s time for us to leave.” And with that, he beat a hasty retreat out the front door with Pamela in tow. As they departed, Pamela looked back with an apologetic expression on her face and silently mouthed, “I’ll phone you.”


It was several days before they heard from Pamela, who was full of apologies for Richard’s behaviour.

“He is entitled to his views and opinions like anybody else,” said Jackie over the phone. “I asked Don what he had said to trigger Richard’s reaction and he basically told him that I am a recreational brace wearer by choice, which Richard obviously was not able to comprehend.”

“Oh, I know,” Pamela interjected. “Richard apparently told Don that you wouldn’t catch his wife, meaning me, indulging in that sort of thing, and Don told him that he wouldn’t be too sure. That really ‘let the cat out of the bag’ and Richard has been extremely cool towards me since. I had to admit to him that I had actually tried on one of your braces.”

“Wow! That was a giant leap for mankind,” Jackie quipped.

“Yes, but it’s put a bit of a dent in my relationship with Richard,” Pamela volunteered.

“It’s none of my business, Pamela” Jackie offered, “but you might want to take a closer look at your relationship with a man as close-minded as Richard. I would be concerned about having my feelings and needs stifled if I were in your position.”

“I admit he is stubborn and close-minded a lot of the time, but he is my husband,” Pamela


Jackie countered with, “It does not give him the right to dictate how you feel and what you do with yourself. He doesn’t own you. Why don’t you come over. Don has gone downtown for the morning, and we can talk about this over coffee.”

Jackie let her in the house and they proceeded to the kitchen. “Take a seat and I’ll pour the coffee,” Jackie invited.

“Do you think I could try on the brace before we have coffee?” Pamela asked.

“Of course,” said Jackie. “Let me get it for you”.

Pamela deftly buckled up all the straps securing the brace to her leg and proceeded to test its rigidity by standing and taking a few steps around the kitchen area. “That feels really good on my leg. I must admit I missed coming over these past few days,” she confessed. “I just love how it feels on my leg; how it keeps my leg stiff and straight, forcing me to limp like a real cripple when I walk.”

“I know what you mean,” agreed Jackie. “I get the same feeling. I love how it forces me to walk with a stiff leg and how comforting it feels having it supporting my leg”.

“Are we weird? Pamela asked.

“It depends on your definition of ‘weird’,” Jackie retorted.

“Richard feels that we must be weird if we enjoy wearing leg braces and pretending to be handicapped. He feels Don has a very strange quirk if he likes to see women with braces on their legs, especially if they don’t need them,” Pamela explained.

“That’s Richard’s opinion,” Jackie replied. “What we do in the privacy of our home, or even if we choose to go out in public, that is our business. Richard is entitled to his opinions, as I have said, but Don and I will not allow him to impose them on us.”

“That makes it very difficult for me,” Pamela admitted. “I really feel torn.”

Not mincing her words, Pamela followed up with, “If you allow yourself to sit on the fence, then you will be ‘torn’. The thing for you to decide, is, what is important to you – to be able to do your own thing; think your own thoughts; enjoy the things that appeal to you or, continue to be subservient to Richard and let him dictate to you and make all of the decisions for you.”

“I wish it were that easy,” Pamela sighed.

“Life is not always easy for any of us,” Jackie responded. “I lived with the frustration of being told how lucky I was to be an only child; having my parents full attention all of the time, and how gorgeous I looked. What I really yearned for was brothers and sisters and to be the crippled child in the family who had to wear braces on her legs.

“Can you imagine how devastated I felt when both my parents were killed in a car crash when I was 17? I wondered pathetically, why it couldn’t have been me they pulled out of the wreckage with my legs smashed up, requiring me to wear braces for the rest of my life?”

“It wasn’t until I had been married to Don for a few years that my desires became known to him, and that he admitted his own penchant. Can you imagine my elation? It turned both of our lives around and we are the happiest we have ever been,” Jackie concluded.

“That’s beautiful,” Pamela had to admit. “But you saw how Richard reacted. We don’t have the same relationship that you and Don have.”

“You are the only one who can change that,” Jackie responded. “Richard is the one in control of your relationship at this time, and he feels very comfortable with the arrangement. We all saw how he reacted when his narrow-minded world was being threatened. If you want things to change, then you have to be the change that makes it happen.”

“How’s that?” Pamela queried.

“Only you can be the change. Nobody can “change” you. We are the only ones who can bring change into our lives, but it must be a conscious decision,” Jackie professed.

“I’ve never heard it spelled out that way before,” Pamela had to agree. “But it would be very difficult for me to do.”

“Undoubtedly,” Jackie agreed. “But once you have done it, you will find it becomes much easier the next time. More coffee?”

“Yes please, then I must be getting back.”

Little more was said on the subject. Jackie suspected she had given Pamela enough to think about and that she would go home and ruminate.

Next day Pamela phoned and said, “I have been giving some thought to what we were talking about yesterday. Do you think we could talk some more?”

“Don has just left the house again. Why don’t you come over now and we can talk.”

Pamela went through the usual ritual of putting on the leg brace, which Jackie had left out for her, before they relaxed with their coffees.

“It wasn’t easy, but I told Richard last night that I had a desire to wear a leg brace. I told him I would be discreet about it and only wear it in the house when he was not there. But I wanted him to know what I was doing, and that I was not going behind his back.”

Jackie stood up, took a couple of stiff-legged steps towards Pamela and gave her a hug.

“That must have been very difficult,” Jackie remarked, as she returned to her chair.

“It wasn’t easy at first, but like you said, it became easier once I knew what I wanted and put it into words,” Pamela said, gleefully.

“So, does that mean you would like to take the brace home so that you can wear it at your leisure?”

“That would be wonderful,” Pamela confessed. “I was hoping that I may.”

“Of course you may. It will give you an opportunity to wear it most of the time. And who knows, Richard, may get used to seeing it.”

“I doubt that,” Pamela responded. “I would only wear it when he was not at home, and it would be for my pleasure, not his.”

“How would you feel about going into public wearing it?” Jackie wanted to know.

“If I were in a place where there was no chance of running into anyone I knew, I would be fine,” Pamela replied. “But at this point, I would be embarrassed if anyone I knew saw me. I don’t think it would be fair to Richard, especially if it were someone who knew us both. I wouldn’t want to do that to him”

“That’s pretty commendable,” Jackie agreed. “I think you have taken an important first step (pardon the pun) in claiming back your identity. Congratulations.”

“Are you sure it’s alright for me to keep it on?” asked Pamela, as she prepared to leave for home.

“Of course, enjoy it while you can. It really looks good on you, and you seem to be catching on well to being an attractive woman who needs a full-length brace on her leg to help her walk Bye.”

Jackie watched as her friend left then, swinging around on her good leg, she turned and limped back into the house.

Don should be home in a couple of hours and would she have a surprise for him. Listening to Pamela outlining her decision to wear the brace whenever she had the opportunity, and seeing her fitting it, and sitting with it on her outstretched leg, had excited Jackie in a way that she knew could only be sated when Don returned. He would never know what hit him, she mused.


“Hello, lover,” she cooed, as she greeted Don at the door, wearing a full-length negligee. “And what brings you here?”

“I was hoping to find a beautiful young woman, who I am told lives here,” Don said, playing along.

“Really. And why would you hope to find such a creature?”

“I am told she weaves a magic spell that makes men fall in love with her,” Don continued.

“And why would she want to do that?”

“I am told that she does not believe that she is beautiful or attractive to men. She thinks of herself as ugly”

“Really. And why would she feel that way, do you suppose?”

“I am told she has to wear a rigid steel brace on her leg, and she thinks of herself as ugly and crippled, and that men don’t like women like that,” he continued.

“And how do you feel about women like that?

“You mean women who are ugly, or who have to wear leg braces?”


“I feel that women who appear to be ugly on the outside, are quite often beautiful on the inside, once you get to know them,” Don offered. “I must admit that I am extremely attracted to women who wear leg braces. I don’t seem to be able to help it.”

“And in what category would you place me?” asked Jackie, as she opened the negligee to reveal that she had nothing on except the shiny, metal brace supporting her shapely left leg.

“Above all others,” Don gulped, as he swept her into his arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom.


“We seem to be getting accomplished at this,” sighed Jackie as they lay there, exhausted.

‘Yes,” agreed her husband. “I don’t think I will ever tire of loving you. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.”

“Wow! You must have led a very sheltered life,” Jackie joked.

“You think so?” Don retorted, and started to tickle her. “Them’s fighting words.”

“I thought you were a lover; not a fighter,” she countered.

“Depends on the situation. When I am with you, I’m a lover. I can’t help myself – you bring the worst out of me – or the best, depending on your viewpoint.”

“If you are talking about how you react when you see me wearing my leg brace, then I would have to say I bring the best out in you,” she affirmed. “Would you like to help me put it back on, seeing you are the one who removed it, Lover? I have things to do, so I can’t stay in bed all day.”

“Too bad,” Don said, with a twinkle in his eye, as he lifted her leg and slowly strapped the brace securely in place.

Jackie saw that he was already starting to get hard again as he made the final adjustments to her brace. As soon as he had finished, she hopped out of bed as quickly as her stiff leg would allow; threw on some clothes, and limped out of the bedroom before here own resolve evaporated.

To be continued ….