Bad News, Good News

by Doreen F.

"You what?" Lara could not believe what her boyfriend had just told her.

"I might be getting glasses." Alex repeated.

"But why, I mean you have never had any problems, have you?"

"Not really, but lately I donít know, maybe my visionís not that good."

"Thatís what the doc said?"

"Yes, and Iíll go to an ophthalmologist as soon as possible."

"Maybe thereís nothing wrong."

"Maybe, but if there is I just wanted to tell you in advance" he sighed and looked deep into Laraís eyes. "Listen, Iím really not keen on getting glasses, but if I need them, Iíll wear them to help me see. I hope you can understand that."

"Okay" was all that Lara could manage. She was shocked. Her gorgeous boyfriend in glasses? She just could not imagine it. Alex was really handsome and most of her friends envied her for having made such a catch after many bad relationships. But she simply did not like the thought of her cute Alex in glasses. Lara could not even say why. She had never much cared for men in glasses and she had never had a boyfriend who needed glasses. Maybe it had been her parentsí negative attitude towards them. Hopefully Alex would not get glasses.

Alex was disappointed. Laraís reaction was not what he had hoped for. He would have needed some encouragement, but she had just freaked. Nevertheless, he knew it was inevitable that he was getting glasses. He had noticed for some time that he did not see that well, but he had put it off. But then there had been the medical check-up at work and the doctor had also made an eye exam and Alex had been unable to read the required line; not even some lines above. There was no way of avoiding glasses. He was not thrilled and Laraís reaction did not help, but he would see the eye doctor anyway.

In the evening Alex and Lara were watching TV. There was a ski race, which had not taken place for some time since there were no races in summer. Now that he knew his for certain that his eyes were bad Alex seemed to have more difficulty in focussing on smaller inserts indicating the time. He moved a bit closer and the numbers were clearer. Lara saw Alex squinting quite a lot and her worst fears seemed confirmed. Hopefully he would not need glasses all the time.

They did not talk about glasses again that evening, but tried for some light conversation which was not so easy. They had been living together for a year now and had got along really well.

At the ophthalmologist Alex had to go through the whole examination procedure after which the doctor said, "As you know for sure, you need glasses for your short-sightedness. You also have some quite substantial astigmatism. Your eyes have been under a lot of strain lately. I would advise you to wear your glasses most of the time. But Iím sure youíll find out yourself."

Outside Alex took a deep breath and exhaled. He had been able to see clearly for the first time in years when the doctor had switched the different lenses in front of his eyes. The fuzziness that had been there was suddenly gone. Somehow he was looking forward to getting glasses and seeing clearly, but first he would have to call Lara. He wanted to ask her if she could help him pick the right frames.

On the phone he could hear how disappointed she was. It was as if she was getting glasses. What was wrong with her? She did not want to help him pick frames. So he went to the optician alone, where he tried several frames, but did not like the way they looked on him. Suddenly he was greeted by a familiar face. His sisterís best friend had just come in. "Hello Alex! Long time no see how are you?"

"Amanda, hi! Iím great, how are you?"

"Good, I was just passing when I saw you through the window and said to myself, well that must be Alex, I should pop in to say hello."

"Thatís nice of you. You look great."

"So do you, as always. I see youíve been trying on frames?"

"Yeah, I need glasses and I donít have a clue which frames suit me. I have never had glasses before and Ö"

"Don't worry, shall I help you?"

"Thatíd be great."

"Iím an expert, letís see what suits you. I pick most frames for Dom, remember him?"

"Of course."

"Well, what about you? Still with Lara?"

"Yeah, but she really freaked when she I heard I was getting glasses."

"Then letís pick some nice frames to make her change her mind" Amanda smiled at him.

It took a long time, but eventually they found a frame, a semi-rimless pair with black temples and rectangular lenses, which both agreed suited Alex very well. He was told that he could pick up his glasses in an hour.

Back outside Alex thanked Amanda for her help and she invited him to her place for a cup of tea. They had a really great time together catching up on old friends of them. After some time Alex went to pick up his glasses. He enjoyed the clear view, although the floor seemed to be moving slightly. Amanda assured him that he looked great.

Back home Lara was already waiting for him. She was curious to see what he looked like with glasses. He came in and to her utter surprise he looked better than ever. How could she ever have thought he would not look good in glasses? She got up and kissed him. Alex was surprised. This was not what he had expected.

"What do you think?" he finally asked.

"Iím so sorry, I was really stupid. You look great, you are gorgeous and nothing could ever change that."

"Iím so glad you did not freak. I was really scared of your reaction."

"I didnít even know how I was going to react! I was an idiot."

Alex told her that Amanda help him pick the frames. Lara got slightly jealous until Alex gave her the invitation for Amandaís wedding.

Lara and Alex had a great night together and Lara really enjoyed having a spexy boyfriend.