The Ball

by Doreen F.

My university had an annual ball, yes, I know this may sound strange, but every year a ball took place in one of the cityís old "palais". It was supposed to be my last year at university and I was still thinking whether I wanted to make my PhD or not. Some friends had talked me into going to the ball. I had been there once, but that had been in my first or second year at university. It had not been bad, but the following years there were always exams close to the date of the ball and I did not go there. So now in my probably or maybe last year I had decided to go to the ball again. I was really excited to go there. My friends and I had been shopping to find the right dress and I had to admit that I looked really good. We went to the ball by taxi and arrived just in time for the opening ceremony.

I saw many familiar faces, more than I had expected, but, of course, it was my last year and knew many more people than back then when I had first been to the ball. My friends and I went through all the rooms and chatted a little here and a little there. Most of them had boyfriends and after some drinks they were willing to dance. Since I did not have a boyfriend I felt rather lonely standing at the side of the dance floor watching them. On the other hand, I was happy for them to have been able to get their boyfriends to dance because most guys our age were not so thrilled about dancing.

"Shall we dance?" I turned around and not sure whether someone had spoken to me. Then I saw a really handsome man smiling at me. I must have looked surprised so he spoke again.

"Yeah, I meant you. Would you like to dance?" I could hardly speak, but somehow I managed to say, "Iíd love to." So we went dancing and I had to admit that he was a great dancer. I was not, but he lead me and it felt great, although sometimes I felt like an idiot because I did not dance that well. I really enjoyed it.

After some dances the midnight attraction was announced and we had to leave the dance floor. "Thank you very much", he said. "Thank you. Youíre a great dancer." "I try." We stood next to each other watching the show which was now presented. It was amazing, but every once in a while I glanced at the man who I had been dancing with. He looked familiar, but I could not really place him. Then suddenly I knew. He worked at one of the universityís departments. He was an assistant and had held one seminar when one of my professors had been ill. I thought he would be about my age. The reason why I had not recognised him at once was that he had been wearing glasses when I had seen him. They had altered his appearance. Nevertheless, he had been quite handsome back then. I assumed he was not wearing his glasses for the ball to improve his looks, although there was not need for that.

He must have felt that I was staring at him because he turned towards me. He smiled. "Iím Sven by the way." "Cassie, nice to meet you." "Cassie, may buy you a drink?" "How could I say no to that?" I smiled back at him and we went to the bar where Sven bought Tonic for himself and Ginger ale for me. We talked for a little while; he told me that he worked at the university and I told him that it was my last year at university. We talked about people and professors we both knew. Then we went dancing again until my feet hurt and I could not dance any longer. My friends had already gone and there were not many people left.

Usually I am not easy to get, but with Sven it felt different and he seemed to like me a lot too. So when he asked me if I wanted to spend the night at his place I did not have any doubts and immediately agreed. I was sharing a flat with a friend and I knew that she would not mind having it on her own together with her boyfriend. Besides, Svenís apartment was rather close which made the taxi a lot cheaper. We could have walked, but my feet would not have appreciated that. Inside Svenís flat I took off my shoes and felt the cold floor on my swollen feet. I did not see much of Svenís apartment since we immediately moved to his bedroom kissing each other and tearing each othersí clothes off; this was not easy because my dress was rather tight and his shirt had millions of buttons, but we did manage to undress. We made love and it was great. When we were lying next to each other catching our breath I noticed the great view out of Svenís bedroom window. Then Sven got up and went to the bathroom. I got up and looked out of the window for several minutes. Then I got cold and went lay down on the bed which was still warm. The only light in the room was the light of the city outside. Sven emerged from the bathroom wearing glasses. "Sorry it took me so long, but I had to take my contact lenses out." He lay down next to me. We were quiet for some minutes, just lying there watching each other our arms barely touching. Then I leaned closer and kissed him. What a man, I thought. We were both really tired and fell asleep in each others arm, but only after Sven took off his glasses and placed them on the nightstand. Outside it was already dawning, but we did not care.

I woke up when Sven got up and went to the bathroom. It was already late, but I did not care. It was Sunday and I did not have any plans for the day. Sven came back wearing boxer-shorts only and glasses of course. He seemed really dependent on his glasses. How could I have thought he had been bare-eyed on the ball? Despite the glasses he looked really cute; or was it because of the glasses? I simply could not tell. I only knew that I was in love and that he was incredibly gorgeous. I could only hope he felt the same.

"Letís go have breakfast at the cafť down the street."

"Okay, but wait. It would look kind of odd it if I went there in my dress, wouldnít it?"

"Alright, since I donít have any womenís clothes here for you, Iíll wear the suit. Thus both of us will look weird."

"Thatís an offer."

As a result we had breakfast dressed as if we had come from the ball. Well, not quite. I did not wear any makeup and Sven wore glasses. We got some really strange looks, but we did not care.

I could hardly concentrate on the food, Sven looked so damn hot. His gorgeous face was like a poster, his blue green eyes slightly minimized by his brownish glasses which framed his face nicely. I was so glad he had asked me to dance.

On our way back to his flat it started raining and we had to run so as not to get completely wet, but it was useless. We were quite wet anyway. There were drops of water on Svenís glasses. Back inside the apartment we took off our clothes since they were wet and Sven brought a huge t-shirt for me to wear and put on jeans and a t-shirt himself. There were still drops of water on his glasses, so I gently lifted them off his face to clean them. "What are you doing?" his voice sounded panicky.

"Iím going to clean your glasses for you."

"Okay, but donít go away. Iím lost without them and I mean lost, even in my own flat."

"I wonít go anywhere. Sorry, I didnít know that ...."

"How blind I am? Well, how should you?"

I watched him trying to imagine what everything looked like for him.

"If I wanted to see you closely I would have to have you as near as this." Sven pulled me towards him and kissed me. "Thatís very close", I said looking into his weak eyes.

"Maybe not this close, but not that much farther away."

I handed him back his glasses. "Thanks."

We kissed again and again and again.