The Bed & Breakfast

by Doreen

There I was back home, well not really, was it? I had my holidays and had come back to my familyís house, but not merely for pleasure. My parents were planning to go on a cruise and I had to guard their house and look after their guests. They ran a small Bed & Breakfast renting two of the rooms of our house to strangers and they had some last minute bookings and needed the money. Thus I had to come home to look after the guests and the house. It was not that bad after all. I loved the house and I had still many friends living in the area and I was sure I would not get bored during these two weeks. The B&B had been part of my adolescence and I was used to helping my parents back then. My mum had been doing most of the work until my father retired and now they were both having a good time with their guests. They really deserved their vacation and I did not really mind the job at all. It was a nice distraction from the break-up I had gone through recently.

The first two days of my parentsí holidays I was alone. One of the guests was a regular; he was a sales man and used our B&B as his headquarters when he was down in the South doing business. He usually left early in the morning and I did not see him until he came back in the late afternoon.

The other guest was definitely more interesting. When he arrived I was surprised. He was in his early twenties, about my age, and really good-looking in a way which was hard to describe. He had booked a twin room and told me his brother would come and stay with him for a day or two. I showed him his room and the house and offered him coffee. He accepted and we sat down in the living-room.

"So, umÖ where are you from Brian?"

"From France, Bordeaux, but my parents are from the US."

"Wow, thatís a nice city. Iíve been to Bordeaux and I really liked it."

"Yes, I like it a lot, but your country is really beautiful as well."

"Thank you. Are you a student?"

"Yes, Iím studying medicine."

"Really? Thatís good. You can never have enough doctors, right?"

"Yes. What do you do? You donít run this B&B all year, do you?"

"No, Iím a student too. Iím studying English literature and Spanish. Donít ask me what I want to do with it. I really donít know that yet, but I really love these subjects and I thought it was good to do something youíre interested in."

"Thatís true."

We talked a little more, but I then let him get settled and went on with my work. I was writing some short stories. My dream was to become a writer one day.

I did not hear anything from Brian until much later when he knocked at my door.

"Hi, is there anything I can do for you?"

"Well, yes, I think Iím not quite sure how the shower works, could you show it to me?"

"Sure, youíre not the first one whoís been puzzled when he saw it for the first time."

"Iím glad to hear that. I really donít know why, but somehow showers are not my thing. If thereís anything you can do wrong, Iím the one who does it."

"I know that."

I explained how the shower worked.

"It seems quite easy, but I wonít know until Iíve tried it, right?"

"If you have any trouble whatsoever, let me know."

"Sure. By the way, is there any place you can recommend for dinner? Iím really tired and Iím not in the mood of going to the city tonight. I had to go to Paris by train and took the plane from there because it was so much cheaper, but it was an exhausting journey."

"Well, there are some nice pubs, but the food is not really that good. There is a supermarket not too far away. But if you want you can stay here and Iíll cook a dinner for two free of charge, of course."

"Iíll take a look at the places outside and let you know, if I join you or not. Thanks for the offer anyway."

Brian left and I was left alone. I did not know when the other guest would return. I am a really curious person and I was really interested in other people. I was about to let myself into Brianís room, but then the other guest returned and I had to postpone that until the next day when I would have to clean the room anyway.

The salesman and I had a really nice chat about the things going on in the city. Time passed and I did not hear Brian come back, but suddenly he was there and said, "Kate, I hope you donít mind, but Iíd really like to accept your invitation. You were right there is not much going on in this area."

"No problem. Brian, this is our other guest at the moment, John, heís a salesman. John, would you also like to join us for supper?"

"No thank you, I have a meeting in the city. What time is it? Oh Ö I think I have to get ready for that. See you. Nice to meet you Brian."


John left us and I led Brian into the kitchen. "Either you go back to your room and Iíll call you when dinner is ready or you can just stay and help me."

"I think Iíll stay."

So we did the cooking together. It was nothing special, Spaghetti al Tonno, simple but delicious. Brian seemed to like the food and we had a really great time together. He was a really nice man. He told me that he had originally planned to come here with his girlfriend, but they had split up and he still wanted to go. She obviously did not, so he came alone, but his brother would come to visit him in a few days. Since he had booked the double room this was no problem. I told him that I would only charge the single room rate for the nights he spent here alone.

After dinner I went out to the movies and Brian stayed in his room. He was really tired after his journey. I did not go to bed too late because the guests needed their breakfast in the morning. John would simply grab something on the way, but Brian had told me he wanted breakfast at around 8.30. Thus I had to be up and prepare it.

I woke up quite early in the morning and could not fall asleep anymore. So I got up and even saw John before he left. I took a shower, cleaned Johnís room and was just reading the newspaper when I heard Brian in the bathroom. Some minutes later he with a towel wrapped around his waist displaying his nicely shaped body.

"Sorry to bother you, but somehow I donít get the shower running despite your great explanation. I was quite tired yesterday so I probably did not get it. Could you show it to me again?"

"Of course, letís take a look."

We went up the stairs and showed him once again how the shower worked and went back to the kitchen. I was thinking whether he really had not understood how the shower worked, he had not paid enough attention the day before or if it had been some excuse to show me his great body. Anyway, I did not really mind.

About thirty minutes later he joined me in the kitchen.

"I see you managed to shower after all. Would you like tea or coffee?"

"Coffee, please and thank you once again. You must think Iím really stupid."

I poured him coffee and showed him what there was for breakfast. We talked about what he was going to do today and I gave him some tips. After that he packed his backpack and left.

Now I could clean his room. I was really curious because the way people occupied a room did say a lot about their personality. It is weird, but even when I was younger I enjoyed looking into peopleís rooms. Once inside the room I took everything in. There was his suitcase on the floor. Brian had not unpacked his suitcase completely. That was exactly what I would have done in his place. The cupboard was empty. The bed was not a complete mess. He seemed to have slept in boxer-shorts only as there was no shirt on the bed. These were my assumptions, but it was really interesting to speculate like that. There was nothing in the waste paper basket. On the night stand was a book. I knew the author he was Scandinavian, one of my favourites. Good choice! Right next to the book was something that caught my interest, a glasses case. I felt a strange sensation. So he wore glasses at least some time. I really liked men in glasses a lot. Maybe I should not have done this, but since it was there, I opened the case and took a look inside. It was a nice pair of glasses, really trendy black plastic frames, a mix of oval and rectangular. I could only imagine them too well on Brianís face. I was sure he would look gorgeous. Now that I had opened the case, I also took them out and looked at them more closely. A look through them confirmed that they were for someone myopic and not too weak either; around -4 or 5, I guessed. I put them back inside hoping Brian would be wearing them one of these days. He obviously must be wearing contact lenses. I took a look at the desk which confirmed that. There was contact lens paraphernalia. I assumed that he had not been wearing his glasses when he wanted to take a shower which had caused the problems he had in the morning. I would see him from a different perspective now.

Two days passed and I never once saw Brian in glasses. John left and headed back South to his home and Brian was the only guest now. I was wondering when his brother would come. So one evening after Brian had returned from sightseeing in the city I knocked at his door. He opened, but he was not wearing glasses. "Hi, sorry to bother you, but I wanted to know when your brother was coming."

"No problem, erÖ he said he would come on Friday. So todayís Thursday, then it would be tomorrow, right? I was going to tell you, but somehow all this sightseeing was so exhausting that I completely forgot."

"Itís alright. I look forward to seeing him. Is he like you?"

"Weíre quite similar at least we look quite alike, but heís more outgoing than me."

"Sounds interesting, well, good night then and sorry if I disturbed you."

"No, not at all, it was nice talking to you."

I could swear that he was blushing. Maybe I was too. When I got to bed that night I caught a glimpse of Brian in glasses as he went to the bathroom. It was dark, but he looked gorgeous as he was tiptoeing around.

On the next day Brian came back from the city in the afternoon accompanied by his brother. He had been right. You could not deny that they were brothers. His brother was also quite tall, had black hair, cut differently, but still their faces were very similar. The only clearly distinguishing feature was that his brother was wearing glasses, a rimless pair which did not look bad on him.

"Hi Iím Jeremy and you seem to be the gorgeous Kate my brother had been talking about all day."

"Thatís right, Iím Kate. Pleasure to meet you. Brian was right when he said you look alike, apart from the glasses. Youíre not twins, are you?"

"No, Iím the older one", Jason said. "And the one whoís more aware of his good features", he added with a smile looking at Brian who did not seem too comfortable.

"Well Iím sure Brian will show you everything, but if there are any questions, donít hesitate to ask me."

"Do you think I would hesitate?"

"Frankly? No."

They went up to their room talking in French. I knew some French since my Spanish was very good and I had also started learning French. It was quite interesting and I would have loved to listen to their conversation, but I did not want to be caught listening.

I did not see them until the next morning when they had breakfast. We had a great time, they were not taking things too seriously and we were joking most of the time. They invited me for dinner in the evening. I could not find any reason not accept it. We agreed that I would choose a nice restaurant and we would go there together in my car.

I spent the day with an old friend of mine. I told her about these two gorgeous guys staying at my house. She was already married and had children and she seemed to be a little envious.

When I got back home Brian and Jason had already returned from another sightseeing trip. We went to the restaurant and had a really great time together. Jason told me about his girlfriend who would have loved to come as well, but had to work this weekend. Brian was quieter when Jason was around and tried to get some depth into our conversation, but Jason did not really let him. Afterwards we went back home and sat down in the living room where I opened a bottle of wine. It was really nice and comfortable and it was getting really late. Brian kept rubbing his eyes quite a lot. It was way after midnight when we went to bed. I set my alarm because I had to prepare breakfast and did not really know how long Brian and Jason would sleep. I knew that Jason was leaving in the evening.

I went to a small bakery in my neighbourhood and bought really delicious cakes for breakfast. While I was in the kitchen I overheard a conversation Jason and Brian were having. It was in French, but as far as I could make out it had to do with Brian and wearing glasses. Jason said something like, "But you canít walk around bare-eyed, that would be dangerous and incredibly stupid. Listen to me for once." Brian did not seem convinced and replied something like, "You always have to be right, donít you?"

"Stop being vain and give in."

"Youíre the one in the centre and the girls love you. Even she likes you more. Thatís not fair."

"Donít be an idiot, come on letís have breakfast, Iím hungry."

After some minutes they came into the kitchen and Brian was wearing glasses. He looked incredibly sexy. I had a hard time to conceal my excitement and I felt that I was blushing. I was having a hard time trying to look Brian in the eyes. I hoped he would not misinterpret that.

"Good morning boys. Did you sleep alright?"

"We did, at least I did." Jason said.

"And you?" I asked Brian.

"Yeah, me too." He answered not really convincing me pushing up his glasses.

During breakfast we did not talk that much. The atmosphere was not as relaxed as usual. I could feel some tension between the brothers.

Suddenly Jasonís mobile started ringing. "Oh, thatís my girlfriend. Excuse me", he said, got up and left the room. I felt that Brian relaxed a bit.

"I couldnít help overhearing your heated conversation. What was this about?"

"Nothing, heís just a bit too comfortable playing the older brother."

"I seeÖerhÖ would you like some more coffee?"

"Yes, please."

"You look good in glasses. How come I havenít seen you in them before?"

"Usually I wear contact lenses, but the air was quite dry yesterday and it was quite windy. I guess I had them in for too long and my eyes needed a break. Thatís what our argument was about. Jason is so cool about wearing glasses, but I am not. Iím not used to wearing them except in the evening, when Iím alone, and Iím not really that comfortable when I wear them. I feel so insecure with them and so blind and I donít simply forget that Iím wearing them. You probably donít understand that, but thatís the way I am."

"I can understand some of it. But I think you look good wearing them, honestly."

"Thank you, Iím already feeling better. But I think Iíll try putting in my contacts now before Jason and I leave for the city. See you in the evening."

"Bye, bye."

Jason came to say good bye and thanked me for everything before they left. Brian told me he would return in the evening. He had managed to put in his contact lenses and seemed more confident, like a different person.

I spent a lazy day in front of the TV until a friend called me and asked if I wanted to go horseback riding with her. She had two horses and wanted to go for a ride. I had been riding a lot when I was younger so I agreed immediately. I had a great time with her. We had a lot of catching up to do and time passed so quickly that I did not notice it was getting late until the sun went down.

When I got home, there was light in Brianís room. I took a shower and after that I knocked at his door. "May I come in?"

"Sure." He was lying on the bed wearing his glasses again reading the book I had noticed before.

"Thatís a great book."

"Yeah, I havenít finished it, but I liked his other books a lot."

"So you managed to get Jason onto the plane?"

"Yes. We spent some time in the city before that. After he left I went straight back here. I had to take out my contact lenses." Brian looked up at me and I looked into his brown eyes behind the glasses and smiled at him.

"Why donít you sit down here?" He motioned for me to sit down next to him. I sat down next to him. Close up he was even more handsome. Brian smiled at me and said "I know itís probably against every personal rule and every rule in this house, but I hope you donít mind", then he pulled me close to him and kissed me. I had already decided that this was okay for me. So we undressed step by step until we were naked except for Brianís glasses which he insisted on wearing. We explored each others bodies and had a great time.