by Doreen

When Dickie was still at school he knew that his eyesight wasnít perfect, but he became an expert in cheating at the yearly examination at the schoolís doctor. As the doctor usually did all the other examinations first and the eye chart was on the back of the door, there was no problem in learning the relevant lines. Dickie had found out quite early, back when he wasnít having any problems with his vision which lines the doctor wanted the students to read. Another advantage was that he and his buddy Jacob always went to the examination together and since Jacob, who wore contacts, knew about his friends eyesight and his not wanting to admit any weakness in front of the girls, he helped him whenever he could. Not only did he allow his friend to copy most of his notes at school, but also tried to help him at the annual eye test, by whispering the correct letters; they had discovered that the doctorís hearing wasnít too well, so that went fine. Once there was a problem, when Dickie was about 17 and Jacob was ill on the day of the examination. As soon as Dickie heard that the examination was going to be on that day he felt terrible and got really nervous. Not only that he had to cope with his impairing vision in class on his own, he also had to go to the doctor without his buddy. When he thought that it couldnít become any worse, he found out that he had to go to the doctor with Steve, who had always been really mean to him and who didnít like him for reasons Dickie didnít know.

In the doctorís room Dickie felt horrible, but he did remember to take a look at the eye chart to know the lines, which were about to be asked.

Then the moment came, when the doctor after examining them the way he usually did, said, "Time for testing your vision, boys."

Dickie knew that his eyes had gotten worse over the last year, as soon as he saw that he could hardly make out the difference between the relevant lines, there was just a blur. How on earth should he know which line it was the doctor wanted him to read? To his relief the doctor chose Steve to be the first for the eye-test. This way Dickie could listen and tried to see which lines and letters the doctor wanted to know and he got a little more self-confident until it was his turn.

"So, Richard", the doctor said, "itís your turn now. Steve, you can go, if you like." Dickie was really glad as Steve left the room. Nervous as he was Dickie stumbled to the place the doctor had pointed out. From that spot Dickie could barely read the first line without problems; he was sure that his eyesight was much worse than last year.

"Are you ready?" the doctor asked Dickie who was deep in his thoughts.

"Of course", he stammered.

"Alright then, if you please read me this line", the doctor said and pointed to a certain spot in the blur. Dickie told him all the letters, which he remembered well because it the chart hadnít changed over the years.

"Thatís really fast, and now only the letters I point out", the doctor told Dickie who had become pale.

The doctor was already pointing his index finger at a letter. If only Jacob was here. Dickie tried really hard to focus without squinting for he didnít want to reveal his inability to see properly.

"D", he guessed because he knew that there was a "D" in the line, but there was also an "O". The doctor was already pointing at another letter, which was very blurry to Dickie. From the place on the chart- he had become a professional for this chart over the years- he thought it must be a "B", yes, he was sure it was a "B", which he told the doctor, who then went on pointing out letters and Dickie guessing. After four or five he said, "Well, son, I think you are having some problems with your vision. Iíll write a note for your mum, to take you to an eye doctor, alright?"

"O...o...Okay". Dickie responded knowing quite well that heíd never show his mother the note. Outside Steve was waiting because he hadnít wanted to be in class any minute sooner than necessary. "Man, that took a lot of time, is there something wrong with Dick Dickie Dickís eyes. Are you gonna be four-eyes?" he asked in a very mean way using the name he always did when teasing Dickie.

"No, itís okay, he just wanted to talk to me about a sound he had heard when examining my lungs." Dickie managed to lie.

In the afternoon Dickie visited Jacob because they lived quite close to each other. "We had the annual examination today", He started after asking his friend how he was and telling him what they had done at school.

"How did it go?" Jacob wanted to know.

Dickie told him about going to the doctor with Steve and finally he said, "The doctor says I need glasses and wrote a note for my mum, but I donít want to wear glasses, I donít really. Iím gonna be considered even more a geek than I already am. What are the girls gonna think, Iíll never get a girlfriend with glasses. "Then he burst into tears.

Jacob who was wearing his glasses that day as he was ill and going no-where and in order to relax his eyes, tried to calm his friend.

"Hey", he said, "getting glasses is not the end of the world, look at me, I got those, when I was 11 because I didnít see shit and it wasnít a big deal, really. Now I have contacts, but I still donít bother wearing my glasses. Although I preferred not to be seen in them in public at the beginning, so I know, what youíre talking about. Thatís why I let you copy my notes, I do understand, but you should get glasses anyway because your eyes are getting worse without them. If I canít wear my contacts I wear my glasses even though I feel a bit self-conscious wearing them, you know, but I prefer seeing properly to walking around in a blur, Iíve lived in that kind of self-denial for some time and didnít like it."

"Youíre right, but I know Iíll look like an idiot in glasses and no girl will look at me. Besides my vision is not that bad, I can see fairly well without glasses", Dickie tried to defend himself.

"Of course, you do, thatís why you copy all my notes and never look at the writing on the board or the overhead-projector and thatís why you nearly failed the last biology test, right? Concerning the girls I wouldnít worry, Sandy loves me the way I am and I think she doesnít mind me wearing glasses - they are a part of me. Sandy even encourages me to wear glasses, when we are together. Thatís also one of the reasons I broke up with Mary, she always wanted to see me in contacts only, which is impossible. She even told me not to wear glasses or contacts was better than wearing glasses, she was so superficial. Anyway, when you want to get your driving license you have to pass a vision test and I donít think, youíll be able to pass it", Jacob replied.

"Youíre right, Iím really stupid, but would you mind keeping our secret safe until I donít have a choice anymore?" Dickie asked.

"I wonít tell anybody, but I think you should be honest with yourself, you miss very much, let me tell you that, but your secret is save with me. Just to demonstrate you something, put on my glasses for a second", Jacob handed him over his glasses. "Howís that, what do you say?" "Itís very strange, everythingís so small", Dickie answer, who felt incredibly uncomfortable.

"Well, of course they are to strong for you, theyíre -3.75 left and -3.5 right, but wait a second. Can I have them back?" Jacob asked and after putting them on and adjusting them he went to a drawer and took out a case with one of his old pairs of specs. "Here, try these, he said and threw them to Dickie who hardly caught them as he saw the case clearly only seconds before it nearly hit him. Clumsily he took them out and put them on. Everything was quite clear, but he didnít like the feeling that he was fooling himself by not acknowledging the fact that he needed glasses.

"These are my old glasses, theyíre -2, howís your vision with those?" Jacob wanted to know.

"Itís extremely strange, better than your actual pair, but really weird." Dickie replied realizing that he needed glasses more than he had thought.

"You donít look to bad either, hereís a mirror", Jacob responded.

Dickie didnít like what he saw at all and thought that maybe he needed glasses, but he never wanted to look like what he saw in the mirror in public. He didnít want to admit having any weakness.

"Okay, you proved me wrong, but I wonít be wearing glasses, I wonít, I hope you understand that and help me until I canít get along without glasses anymore." Dickie begged.

"Itís your choice, Iím your friend, Iíll help you as always", Jacob replied.

So another year passed and Dickie was having more and more problems and also his marks at school got worse due to the reason that some teachers had separated him from Jacob and accused him of cheating. Although he could see slightly better when squinting or pulling his eye lids, he hardly ever dared to do it in the constant fear of being discovered. Then it was time for another annual examination at the doctorís, this time with Jacob at his side, but with a new doctor because the old one had retired

"Do you have glasses or contacts?" the new doctor wanted to know from them. Jacob told him he had contacts and Dickie denied having glasses. Unfortunately the doctor had a new eye chart in a far more modern way and Dickie didnít have the time to learn it by heart in the short period of time. Jacob didnít have to do the vision test because he had to go to an ophthalmologist anyway. Then it was Dickieís turn and he couldnít see any of the letters the doctor wanted to know and just tried to say all the letters he remembered, but it was hopeless. Not even Jacob was able to help him as the doctor soon discovered that he wanted to help his friend.

"Well, Iíve got a note here that you had had trouble with the vision test last year. Did you see an ophthalmologist?" the new doctor asked.

"Um, uh, yes, but he said that my eyes were okay", Dickie lied.

"Alright, that might be true, but I donít believe you. So hereís the deal. You have to get your eyes tested for the driving license anyway, so I suggest you get your eyes checked, Iím sure you friend knows a good place", the doctor advised. "Otherwise Iíll call your parents."

"I guess, I donít really have a choice, do I?" Dickie replied sadly.

"Actually, thatís right. Getting glasses isnít that bad, is it Jacob?" the doctor tried to encourage Dickie

Jacob offered to go to the ophthalmologist with him because it was time for a check for him too and so he said he was going to get an appointment for both of them. Dickie was really sad and when he came home his mother immediately noticed that there was something wrong with him. He didnít want to tell her, but he would need the money to buy himself a pair of glasses, so he told her what the doctor had said. She said that it was nothing to worry about and gave him the money and also promised to buy him contacts, if he wanted to, which was a relief for Dickie.

At the ophthalmologist Jacob nearly had to force Dickie to go inside. First it was Jacobs turn and to his delight his eyesight had been stable and he also got a confirmation for driving school from the doctor proving that he was able to drive a car.

Then it was Dickieís turn and he went in hesitantly. The doctor was really nice and tried to explain everything he did. Dickie felt really strange when wearing this huge pair of glasses and seeing the doctor switching lenses every time he couldnít read a letter. Finally he could see all the letters the doctor wanted to know.

"Thatís quite a strong prescription, but not extraordinary", the doctor said, "but there might be some increases when your eyes get used to the glasses. You should were them all the time, itíll be more comfortable for you, if you do because of the astigmatism."

"What about contact lenses?" Dickie asked.

"First you have to get used to wearing glasses, the next time you come, weíll talk about that", the doctor replied.

When he came out, he tried to find Jacob among the blurry faces in the waiting room to tell him he was ready, but he couldnít see him. So he squinted in order to see better, when he heard a familiar voice. "Dickie, is that you?"

He turned around and saw Lizzy, a girl from school, who was really beautiful and Dickie had always had a little crush on her.

"Hi Lizzy", was all he managed to say.

"What are you doing here", she asked.

"The doctor at school said I needed glasses, so Jacob took me to this place to get my eyes checked. Have you seen him by the way?", he asked.

"Yeah, he saw me and asked me to tell you that he is terribly sorry, but his mother called him and said that his grandmother had been taken to hospital and he had to go" , she explained.

"Oh, that doesnít sound good, he likes his granny very much and sheís very old. What a coincidence that you were here too", he said curious to know why she was there.

"Thatís true. I was just going to pick up the confirmation for driving school, you know, that Iím able to drive with my contacts", Lizzy answered.

Dickie was surprised; heíd never expected Lizzy to have contacts or glasses.

"What about you, do you need glasses?" she asked, "Because I know a place where they sell the most trendy glasses in town, I can take you there, if you like."

Dickie lost his words and was only able to nod. Lizzy went to pick up the confirmation and then they left to go to the optician.

Lizzy did most of the talking, but little by little Dickie recovered from the shock and started talking too. He told her about not wanting to get glasses and hating the thought of wearing them, but she encouraged him and said that she would help him pick the right frames.

When they arrived at the shop, Dickie was impressed how many different kinds of frames there were and obviously didnít have a clue which one to take. He tried several always moving close to the mirror to see his reflection.

"Can you give me any advice", he asked Lizzy, "Iím not into fashion and donít really have a clue, what suits me."

Lizzy was delighted to be of help and found a rimless pair, which didnít seem to obvious and looked good. Dickie was content too and bought them. He was told that theyíd be ready in 2 days.

Summoning all his courage he asked Lizzy whether she wanted to go to one of the cafťs with him and she agreed happily. They had a lot in common to talk about, but when the topic came to glasses Dickie was really self-conscious, he didnít even want to say the word out aloud.

"I saw your Rx was pretty high for you first pair of glasses", she said. "I started with -1.25 in both eyes and you are -2 and -2.25 with astigmatism, thatís quite much. How did you cope?"

"Jacob helped me a lot and I really tried to deny the need of them. I want to get contacts as soon as possible", Dickie responded.

"Contacts are far more practical, but you shouldnít wear them too much because you can hurt your eyes by doing so. I try to take care of my eyes and my contacts because I donít want my vision to get any worse. I have -4 in both eyes now, but hardly any astigmatism."

"Anyway I want to get contacts", Dickie replied.

Lizzy saw that it was pointless arguing and left this topic alone, although she thought that Dickie looked really hot wearing glasses. Despite Dickieís stubbornness concerning glasses he was a really nice guy and Lizzy had always liked him and the thought of him wearing glasses made him even more attractive to her. Dickie walked her home and gave her a gentle peck on the cheek before he left.

Dickie and Lizzy became a couple and when they went to pick up his glasses Lizzy went with him. Jacob was really glad that Dickie had finally found someone who was able to assure him that wearing glasses wasnít too bad at all and Dickieís marks at school got better and better.

Dickie wore his glasses at school and for driving after he got his driving license and when he was with Lizzy or Jacob, but never when he was alone because he still didnít like wearing glasses despite the positive comments he got at school. He didnít want to become too dependent on them.

He graduated and applied for university, Jacob wanted to go there to and Lizzy wanted to study history in Italy. That summer Dickie also went to the eye specialist and asked for contact lenses. His myopia had increased by over a dioptre and the doctor agreed to let him try contacts. Dickie had some problems at the beginning like most people, but his eyes got used to the soft lenses easily and he wore them whenever he could. Lizzy didnít like that and as Italy was far away both decided to break up in order to get the chance to find somebody else since they were not as happy as at the beginning of their relationship.

At University Dickie soon made many new friends, but he and Jacob also remained friends and shared a flat. He wore his contacts from early in the morning-it was one of the first things when he got up- until late at night-and one of the last things before he went to bed. Jacob put in his contacts before he went to university and took them out in the evening, when he knew that he wasnít going anywhere. Jacob also sometimes wore his glasses when he felt like it or when he had trouble with his contact lenses, which were hard lenses in order to prevent his eyes from getting worse. Sometimes he told Dickie to take out his contacts and wear his glasses to let his eyes relax, but Dickie hardly ever listened to his friendís advice. At that time Jacob was probably the only one of the people he knew who had seen Dickie in glasses, although some might have spotted the contacts in his eyes. Dickie had various relationships, but never told any of his girlfriends about his eyes and even slept with the contacts so as not to show them how blind he was. The girls were really attracted to him as he had a muscular body although he didnít work out. Dickie always was a bit worried about losing a contact when he went swimming, but solved that problem by pretending to prefer lying in the sun to splashing around. The advantage was that he got a great tan and everyone could admire his body.

Whenever he needed new contact lenses Dickie went to the optician because he didnít like to go to the doctor. After a year the optician suggested Dickie should wear hard lenses to stop the increase of his myopia. So far his eyes had gotten a lot worse, he had -5 now. "Iíll do whatever it takes to have a great appearance", he thought to himself. "Jacobís wearing hard lenses too, why should I have problems?" It turned out to be more difficult than Dickie had imagined to get used to the RGPs.

As he had done it last spring Dickie decided to go to university by bike to remain in good shape and enjoy the nature. One Day, when it was stormy, the wind blew some dust into Dickieís eyes and under his contacts soon before he reached the university campus.

"Fucking wind", he cursed and tried to remove the dust by blinking hard. Tears were running down his cheeks and he had to stop in order not to crash into anything because he was so distracted. Dickie started rubbing his eyes to reduce the discomfort, but it didnít work. Suddenly his right eye stopped hurting and he was glad, but then he noticed the reason for that. Somehow he must have lost the contact lens. He tried to find it on the street, but the wind had either blown it away or crushed it. Meanwhile his left eye didnít hurt that much anymore, but the contact was still there. "Damn it", he muttered and decided that he should be able to manage that dayís lectures with one contact only. At university Dickie went to the toilet to take a look at his eyes. They werenít that red anymore, so nobody would notice, he hoped.

Dickie found his friends and they went to their class room. Unfortunately his friends wanted to sit in the back and Dickie didnít have the guts to tell them the truth and sat down at the end of the room. In the first lecture you had to take notes and there was nothing to copy from the board, so Dickie didnít have any problems. The next lecture, however, was one which consisted of power point slides and you had to write down quite a lot of their content. Dickie usually copied most of the slides, but that day it took more for him to figure out what the slides said. He couldíve closed the bad eye and read everything easily with the other, but that would have been too obvious. Dickie was glad that this lecture was the last one for that day and that he could go home. The only problem was that he had to walk since it would have been too dangerous to go by bike. On the way the wind was still blowing and Dickie nearly lost his other contact as well, but he noticed it falling out and caught it. He thought it might be better to store it in the contacts Ďcase which he was carrying with him. But now he had to find his way bare-eyed which was a real challenge. Although the squinted a lot, he nearly got lost after taking a wrong turn. When he finally reached the flat he was really relieved, only to find out that they Jacob had invited some of his friends which Dickie had completely forgotten. He came in and said hello to everyone and then asked Jacob, if he could come with him for a second.

"Hey, what is it you want to about?" Jacob asked.

Dickie told him about his lost contact and the other one which he had been able to save.

"Thatís why you had such a strange look, when you came in, you couldnít see. Now I know", Jacob began to understand.

"Thatís true, buddy, but the thing is that I have a date with Julia tonight. If I decline, sheíll never give me a try again and I think Iím really into her, that it is more serious than the others, you know. What shall I do?" Dickie wanted to know.

"If you really like her, you have to go there with your glasses, I think sheíll understand", Jacob responded.

"No, she wonít, Iím so ugly with my glasses, sheíll hate me and tell everyone Iím a four-eyed geek", Dickie tried to explain.

"Then sheís a stupid bitch who doesnít deserve you. Youíll have to wear your glasses at university anyway until your new lens is delivered", said Jacob.

"True enough, Iíll have to call at the optician immediately to order it", Dickie realized.

"I have to go back to my friends, but they wonít be here long, we can talk when theyíre gone", Jacob excused himself.

Dickie called the optician to order the new contact lens and was told that due to problems with their supplier, it might take a week to get the new contact lens and that it would take the same time to get soft lenses. He cursed himself for not keeping any soft lenses in case of an emergency. Then he went to the bathroom to insert his remaining contact lens. It was fine at first, but then his eye wouldnít quit watering and he had a terrible headache coming. So he removed the lens and went to his room. There he put on his glasses and felt that his eyes started to relax, although the Rx wasnít completely up to date.

Eventually Jacob came and told him that his friends had gone and asked him whether he was going to the date with Julia.

"With glasses? No, I donít want anybody to see me like that. Imagine, itíll take a week until get the new contact lens", Dickie complained.

"You canít walk around bare-eyed either, youíll get a headache and you wonít enjoy anything and you have to wear them until you get you new contact", Jacob said.

"I simply canít", Dickie sighed and tears started rolling down his cheeks.

"You canít lock yourself in until you get your contact. Even if I gave you my lenses which wouldnít fit, youíd be under corrected. My eyes arenít that bad and even I wouldnít go around without contacts or glasses", Jacob tried to convince him.

"Youíre right, I donít see much, I nearly didnít find my way home. I hope Julia isnít bothered", Dickie gave in.

"Why should she be bothered? And if she is, forget about her because then sheís not worth it. One day youíll get married and you should find somebody who likes you wearing glasses because you simply canít wear contacts all the time", Jacob advised him.

"Okay, it just feels strange to be wearing glasses, I havenít worn them for a longer period since I got my contacts", Dickie mentioned.

"Youíll get used to that. You would be, if you hadnít worn your contacts that much and your glasses more often-at least at home", Jacob told him.

"Stop that, you know, I donít like myself in glasses", Dickie tried to defend his behaviour.

"I think thatís because the frames are not the right choice for you anymore and they remind you of Lizzy. I canít believe you still have the same frames and only new lenses", Jacob was wondering.

"I have never felt the need to get new frames, I didnít plan to wear my glasses in public after I got my contacts", Dickie explained. "Did you hear anything from Lizzy by the way?"

"Yeah, I heard that she wants to get married to an Italian guy, who coincidently wears glasses. You should have tried to persuade her to stay, sheíd have done anything for you, but you were already too busy picking out new girlfriends", Jacob said.

"Thatís not true, but I hope sheís happy with her Italian", Dickie answered, but that didnít sound very honest. "Now I have to get dressed for my date."

When he came to the restaurant where he wanted to meet Julia, she was already there and looked surprised. "Hey, I didnít know you wore glasses", she said instead of a friendly kiss on the cheek. It was only their third date. "Yeah, I had some trouble with my contacts today and I lost one. So I have to wear these until I get my new contact", Dickie offered as an explanation. "Aha", was all she said without any enthusiasm and then they had dinner. She invited him to come to her apartment to stay the night because it was already late and there was hardly any public transport after midnight in that part of the city. At Juliaís place they both started kissing and undressing and finally reached her bed in nothing but their underwear. Then Julia removed his glasses and Dickie didnít object, although didnít feel comfortable without them. He felt that Julia liked him far more without glasses, but he was too tired and overwhelmed by his emotions to care.

In the morning when Dickie woke up, Julia was busy preparing breakfast. "Julia, where did you put my glasses?" Dickie asked remembering he wasnít wearing his contacts. "Theyíre here, but I think weíve been too wild last night, tiger, they look a bit strange", Julia replied, but didnít sound worried about the fact. "Let me have a look", Dickie pleaded. "Come here and take them", Julia said smiling. So Dickie got up and squinted his way to the kitchen where Julia was standing with his glasses in the right hand. Every time Dickie reached for them she quickly moved around and made it impossible for him to get them. "Come on, I need them. Iím fucking blind without them", Dickie tried to remain calm and not to show his concern. "But you look so hot squinting around without them", Julia told him. "I donít care what I look like right now, I want to see. Thatís not a game, I canít see, donít you realize that thatís not funny!", Dickieís patience was gone. "Hey, I was just joking around, sorry. Youíre such a jerk who cares about nothing else but his glasses. Here you are", Julia said and handed him his glasses which were nearly broken. "Oh my God, what happened to them?" Dickie was shocked. "The must have fallen onto the floor and in the morning I didnít see them and stepped onto them, man did that hurt!" Julia complained. Dickie was so angry that he didnít say a word. He put on his glasses after he had tried to bring them into shape again. One lens was broken, but it was better than being blind. Dickie quickly put on his clothes and left. On the street he got some very strange looks, but at least found his flat easier than the day before. Jacob was having breakfast with his girlfriend Jessica both wearing their glasses. Jessica was one of the very few who had seen Dickie in glasses before. They looked shocked when they saw him and wanted to know what had happened. Dickie told them everything and they felt terribly sorry for him and called Julia a stupid bitch because they thought that glasses were sexy. "Let me take a look at your glasses" Jacob insisted. After taking a proper look, he said, "I think you have to get new ones, they are in a very bad condition. Letís go to one of those 1-hour-shops and get you new specs." "I donít have a choice, do I? So letís go", Dickie agreed. "Maybe you should get dressed properly first", Jessica suggested and Dickie had to smile for the first time in ages, it seemed, when he looked at himself in the mirror.

Together they went to a really trendy optician, where Jessica and Jacob usually bought their glasses. Dickie had his eyes tested first in order to get glasses with his exact prescription. The optician agreed that he couldnít fix Dickieís old glasses, but assured that his new glasses would be ready in an hour. Again Dickie had problems choosing the right frame, but with two experts like Jacob and Jessica he settled for dark green plastic frames which looked rather stable.

Jessica had to leave because she had a lecture at university, but Jacob stayed with Dickie and they went to a cafť since Dickie hadnít had breakfast yet. After an hour they went to the optician and were told that the glasses were ready. The optician adjusted them, Dickie paid and then they left. "Iím so glad you came with me today, you are a real friend, Jacob", Dickie said. "I should have never gone to Juliaís, she was behaving a bit strange before, but I didnít read the signs correctly. I have to find someone who really likes me the way I am as you told me yesterday, you know, like you have Jessica." "Iím glad you finally understand that it is not only about the way you look, but that itís also the brain that matters", Jacob answered.

Now there was another obstacle to overcome, to go to university in glasses. Although he was a bit nervous, he had mysteriously gained self-confidence out of this bad experience with Julia. Dickie had a weird feeling walking around in glasses, but it was definitely better than walking around blind. So when he came into the class room and sat down next to his friends, they looked surprised and Sebastian asked, "Are you having problems with you contacts?" "Yes, I lost one yesterday and have to wear glasses until I get the new one", Dickie replied. "I lost a contact once while swimming, it was terrible, I could hardly find my way home", Sebastian told him. "I didnít know you wear contacts", Dickie said. Two other guys admitted wearing contacts as well, but all with a much lower Rx than Dickie and Sebastian, whose was even higher. Then he told them about Julia. The others looked sympathetic and told him to forget about her. They also complemented him on his glasses and they decided go out in the evening and those who had glasses should wear them to comfort Dickie.

They went to their favourite bar and after they had ordered their drinks, they traded glasses. They had a lot of fun and one of them even found out that he probably needed glasses because he could see a lot better wearing another guys -1.50 glasses. Later they moved on to the disco because it was Friday and nobody had to get up early the next day. It turned out that they had never had as many flirts before as this evening, although all of them had thought that no-one would make passes at them, if they wore glasses. The ones with perfect vision got a bit jealous, but it was okay for them, as there were enough girls to flirt for every one of them.

On Saturday night they went out, again in glasses and some of the contact wearers thought it was great because they didnít have any trouble with their eyes because of the smoke. Dickie had a great weekend and he knew that he had to thank Jacob who had always encouraged him to wear glasses and had helped him choose the right frames. He had also come to realize that he missed Lizzy more than he had wanted to admit, so he called her. She was really surprised and happy to hear from him. They hadnít talked for over a year, so they had a lot of catching up to do. Lizzy said that she wanted to leave Italy because her boyfriend had dumped her for a girl who didnít wear glasses and she couldnít stay living in the same town or even country, so she wanted to come back to finish her studies. Dickie told her about his contact problems and that he had finally accepted himself as a glasses wearer. Then he offered her to stay at his flat until she found a place of her own. Jacob had already indicated that he wanted to move in with Jessica, but had hesitated as he didnít want his friend to stay alone. Jacob was more than happy, when Dickie told him the news hence he had always thought they would be the perfect couple.

Lizzy wanted to return at the end of the term, which was in summer. Time passed quickly, Dickie got his new contact and everything was arranged for Lizzyís arrival. Although he was wearing his contacts most of the time, Dickie went to pick her up at the airport wearing his glasses to surprise her. When she came through the gates, to Dickie she was more beautiful than ever. How could he have been so stupid to let her go? Lizzy was stunned, when she saw Dickie standing there and waiting for her. He looked so incredibly handsome and above all he was wearing a pair of glasses that made him irresistible to her. She could have undressed him there and then and she told him so. He gave her a long gentle kiss and their glasses touched, but they didnít mind.