by Doreen F.

I have known Jake like forever. We went to kindergarten together and lived really close to each other. I used to play with him more often than with any of my other friends. Our parents were friends and it he really was my best friend. I could tell him almost everything. At high school many thought we were an item because we knew each other so well, although everyone went his own way. We always went to school together by train and usually went back home together as well. Quite often we spent evenings together watching videos and most of the time talking. We were like brother and sister and both of us were an only child. At a certain age both of us started to notice boys and girls, but we never thought of other as more than just really good friends.

I had a boyfriend who was a very good friend of Jake and he had a girlfriend who was a good friend of mine. We had a lot of fun together, went on double dates and enjoyed our lives. That was a really great time and we hoped it would be like that forever. After the end of school Jake and I went to different colleges, but stayed in contact. We called each other every once in a while and wrote emails, but I missed the evenings we had spent together. My boyfriend and I had broken up because he had moved to another city at the other end of the country and after some time we realised that neither of us wanted a distance-relationship. We had been together for 4 years and we did not want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Jake and his girlfriend stayed together for much longer, but one day after his 23rd birthday he called me and told me that they had split up. I tried to comfort him, but I was not of much help because my then boyfriend had told me he had an offer for a job in Japan and I certainly did not want to go there. I had not yet finished my studies and I really did not want to move. He said he was going there anyway, which meant the end of our relationship. Both, Jake and I, were really sad and cried on the phone for over an hour. From that time on we called each other regularly and I was really longing to see him again. Why had I not seen him in all these years? Jake was going to finish his studies the next year and so was I. We decided to meet in our Christmas break because both of us were going to visit our parents.

I was looking forward to see Jake again. Sometimes I found myself wondering what he would look like now, so I asked him to send me a picture of him. He seemed really reluctant about that Ė he had never been a fan of photos, but usually he gave in and looked amazing. We were talking on the phone.

"Oh, come on, I just want to see what you look like. I have not seen you for such a long time."

"Yeah, I know, but you will meet me quite soon in person."

"Yes, thatís true, but I want to see your picture when we are talking on the phone. I still see you in the way you looked when we last met."

"I have not changed that much really."

"Jake, pleaseÖ Just take a picture with your digital camera and send it to me, please."

"Lindsay, you know I hate photos of myself."

"Please, Iím begging you. Do it for me. Iím sure there are some photos of you just scan one of it and email it. Youíll get one of me too, I promise."

"Alright, Iíll think about it. Maybe my roommate can take one of me."

"That would be really great."

"I did not say Iíll do it."

"But you sound less reluctant."

"Thatís maybe because I want to see a photo of you."

"Okay, I see."

We continued our little chit-chat and I was sure I would get a photo of Jake. I knew he was going to do it.

When I talked to him the next day he said he had a photo he could send me, but he wanted me to send our photos simultaneously. That was so typical of him, but we did it and I got my photo of Jake. He was right, he had not changed that much, but he looked different. Still the old Jake, but he had grown up. I printed it out and put it on my night stand.

Christmas was coming closer and I was counting the days to see Jake. I hoped he was feeling the same. It had been a month since his girlfriend had left him and he had not really told me the reason. I decided to call her and ask her because we had been really good friends. She told me that they had been drifting apart and that he had changed and she was in love with someone else who was better-looking and not so boring and uncooperative. I could understand her, but I felt that she was not telling me the whole truth. Well, what could I do? I had to see it myself.

My parents were happy to have me home for Christmas and my mum made really delicious food. In the evening I wanted to know if they still were in contact with Jakeís parents. They said they were and met every once in a while. I told them I was going to meet Jake on the next day. My mum smiled at my dad, but they did not say anything, but continued to ask about my studies.

In the morning it took me some time to decide what to wear. I asked my mum for advice and she smiled again. I asked her whether she had seen Jake after he went to college. Only once, she admitted, but then she said that he had changed a bit. Now I felt really curious because on the phone he had sounded like ever and on the picture he did not look so different. Finally I settled on a red top and jeans and left my parents. On the way to the cafť where we had decided to meet I realised that I had left my mobile at home, so I went back to get it. When I came in my mum was on the phone and I was sure she was talking to Jakeís mother. But when she saw me she did not say much at all. I took my mobile and left.

I was a little early at the cafť, but so was Jake. I only had to wait a minute before he arrived. I suspected he must have been waiting somewhere and when he had seen me, he went in. It felt a bit awkward at the beginning. Talking on the phone was much easier, I suppose.

"How are you?"

"Great, itís so good to finally see you again."

"I canít believe we havenít seen each other forÖ how long has it been?"

"I donít even know maybe 3 years or 4? I donít know."

The waitress came to take our orders.

"Is the coffee here still the best?"

"Iím afraid I donít know, I havenít been here since the last time we were here together."

"Me either."

"Weíll find out, wonít we?"

"Yeah, itís so strange to see you sitting here in front of me."

"Yeah, itís really weird."

"Do you think I look different?"

"Well, no, not much, you are as beautiful as ever."

"Youíre as charming as ever."

"Thanks. What do you think about me?"

"Well, you have changed, but I could not say what it is. You look gorgeous, do you know that?"

"I havenít heard anybody saying this for a long time."

"Our parents are gossiping about us meeting today, do you know that?"

"Yes, Iíve seen a really weird look that my parents shared when I told them we were seeing each other today."

"Mine too, the exchanged a strange smile."

Our coffee arrived.

"I think itís still the best coffee."

"I agree, but the one at university really sucks, so Iím not sure about my judgement."

"Fair enough."

We chatted for a while and then decided to go for a walk because there was snow everywhere and it looked so beautiful. Inside the forest we used to play in we started throwing snowballs at each other. I had always been good at aiming Ė better than Jake Ė but today his aiming was even worse.

"Hey, youíre supposed to throw the snow at me and not at the trees."

"Hell, I know, but without my glasses Iím not good at that."

"You wear glasses?"

"Yeah, I got them at college."

"So why donít you wear them?"

"I know I should, they would help sometimes, but I can see without them."

"Who are you trying to convince?"

"The thing is that Iím wearing them most of the time at university and now Iím so used to them that Iím not seeing that good without them anymore."

"I suppose your parents donít know and thatís why you donít wear them now?"

"No, no they do, but they think I only need them for like watching TV, driving and stuff like that. I didnít know how you were going to react so I decided not to wear them today. I even waited outside the cafť so I wouldnít be sitting in there and not realising you were there."

"Thatís kind of stupid, isnít it?"

"Yeah, but Terry dumped me among other reasons because she didnít want me to wear glasses."

"That canít be the only reason, but itís typical Ė no imperfection, huh?

"Exactly thatís Terry."

"So am I going to see you in glasses?"

"Sure, letís go to my parents and get them and then we can decide what we want to do next."

"Great, letís go."

I was really excited what Jake was going to look like in glasses. He had always been very handsome and I thought that glasses would suit him just fine and if he needed them there was no point arguing. On the way he nearly ran into dog when he was trying to avoid running into his owner.

When we came to his place, his parents were about to leave. They were going to meet some relatives. We went up to Jakeís room and I sat down on the chair and spun around. I could not help it, I loved spinning around on chairs.

"Youíre still the chair spinning lady?"

"Of course, it helps me relax and your chair has always been really great for that."

"Okay, are you ready?"

"I sure am, put them on!"

"Okay", he slipped them on and looked at me, "what do you think?"

I thought that they did not only improve his vision, but made him really irresistible, but I could hardly say that, could I.


"Yeah, erh, to be honest you look amazing, really incredible."

"You think so?"

"If I told you what I really feel, something unexpected might happen."

"What? Do you think Iíll kill you?"

"No, but the word was really close to what I thought?"

"Come on tell me, please" he smiled.

"No matter what consequences this might have?"

"I donít care about the consequences."

"Okay, I think youíre drop dead gorgeous in your glasses. Youíre a terribly good-looking guy without them, but in glasses, I have to fight my desire toÖ" I could not finish the sentence because Jake was already kissing me.