by Doreen F.

The night I met Billy was special. It was my friendís birthday party and we went to a really famous club. There were not so many people because there was a huge clubbing at the casino. My friend had invited about 50 people or more and I did not know many of them, but most seemed really nice and we had a lot of fun. My friend Paris had also invited her cousins and one of them looked particularly good. When I asked her who he was, she told me that he was her cousin Billy. Somehow she must have sensed that I was attracted to him. Paris asked me what I thought about him right away and as soon as I confessed that I thought he was cute she flashed a smile. She told me that he was single and studied Interpreting for Spanish and French. Then she wanted to know whether I would mind if she talked to him about me. I did not; this was a perfect opportunity for me. I was not the kind of person to approach guys and usually I waited for him to come to me which hardly ever happened. Paris went to Billy and talked to him. I saw her gesturing towards my direction and when Billy looked at me I smiled at him shyly.

Paris came back to me after a couple of minutes saying that Billy would like to dance with me. I was flabbergasted. So Paris led me to Billy and I felt really awkward, but only for a moment. My friend introduced us and then Billy asked me if I wanted to dance. I agreed and went danced for the next 5 songs until there was an extremely horrible song neither of us liked. Billy and I went to one of the tables and ordered cocktails. We just sat there and talked and during our conversation we were looking at each other all the time.

Slowly more and more of the guests were leaving and Billy and I were ones of the few people who were still there. So we decided to go outside. On the one hand, it was rather cold and I quickly regretted our decision, on the other hand, there was full moon and it was a really great scenery. We sat down on a bench leaning against each other to warm ourselves. I could have sat there forever if it was not that cold. After some time we decided to leave the party completely and go home. We exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet again so. I went to my car which was parked right next to his. To make it even better both of us had the same car, but in a different colour. What a coincidence! I went home and was quite happy about meeting Billy. He was so cute and so nice and so handsome. We did not kiss, although we had been close to a kiss when sitting on the bench. We gave each other pecks on the cheeks to say goodbye. That had been great!

I slept long on the next day and only woke up because my mobile was ringing. I got up just in time to answer it. It was Billy. My knees felt weak and I had goose bumps on body. I tried to hide the fact that I had just gotten up.


"Hey, itís Billy, I hope you remember me."

"BillyÖ Billy who? No, just kidding, how could I not remember you?"

"Iím glad you do."

"So am I."

"Great. UmÖlisten, I was, would you like to go ice skating with me today?"

"Iíd love to."

"Oh my god, thatís great. I didnít expect you to agree. Letís meet at the place next to the city hall. What time do you prefer?"

"Alright, what time is it now. 11.30Ö so what about 1.00, we could have lunch there too."

"Fine, letís meet in front of the palm tree theyíve put there."

"Okay, see you."


Could this be true? I could not believe it. Billy had called so soon. I loved ice-skating, I have done it a lot when I was a kid, but the last time I had been ice-skating was some years ago. I knew it was possible to lend skates at the place, so I got dressed, ate some fruit for breakfast and left. At the city hall were not many people Ė it was probably to cold for most of them. I was about 5 minutes early, but so was Billy. We said hello with pecks on the cheeks and went to the place where we could lend the skates. On the ice it was really weird at the beginning after such a long time, but I soon got used to it and Billy too. Since there were not many people we had lots of space to speed up skate around. It was great fun, but after about one hour we had enough and at least I was hungry. So went returned the skates and went to one of those small huts around the city hall and bought delicious food. It was really nice and we enjoyed being together. When Billy suggested meeting again on Sunday I could not say no. I spent the rest of the day doing everything that had to be done and that I could not do on Sunday because I was spending time with Billy.

I also called Paris and asked some details about Billy I had not dared to ask him yet. She convinced me that he was a terribly nice guy and had not been very successful with girls yet; only some short-term relationships, but nothing serious. Billy had invited me to his place for a brunch. I loved the idea of a boy serving food, however, who does not? So I went to his place around 11.00, which we had decided upon the day before. I knew the area where he lived in and even found a parking space rather quickly.

I rang the door bell and Billy answered. He told me which floor his flat was and I went up. His door was open and he must have heard me getting of the elevator because he said, "Miranda, come in." Billy was inside, so I closed the door, took off my shoes and jacket and went into the kitchen. I saw him standing at the table lighting two candles; he was wearing jeans which really suited him and a polo-shirt. He had a really nice shape from behind.

"Need some help?" I asked.

"No, everythingís prepared for the special guest." Saying this he turned around and I thought I was going to faint. Billy was wearing glasses and looked drop dead gorgeous. Wow, I did not know he wore glasses. My knees felt really weak. I tried not to show my excitement and to behave naturally. We had our pecks on the cheeks and I felt a rush of blood running through my body when his glasses touched my cheeks.

"Please, take a seat."

I sat down and tried to regain control over my feelings. Billy sat down on the other side of the table and the flames of the candles reflected nicely in the lenses of his glasses. The food was already on the table and looked delicious. We sat there eating in silence for a while. I did not have the nerve to comment on his glasses. Music was playing. I really liked the place immediately. There was no need for words, we were happy. After a while Billy and I started talking and it was nice and the food was great. However, after some time neither of us could eat anything any more.

"The food was great, but I am really full now."

"Yeah, me too; letís put it away, I donít want to see it anymore."

So we got up and I helped Billy to take the dishes to the kitchen. After having put the food in the fridge we had to wash the dished because the dishwasher was out of order. I had never had so much fun washing dishes before. Billy splashed water at me and I threw the wet kitchen towel at him and the other way round. Both of us were bit wet after that. But the dishes were clean and dry and nothing broke, which was amazing.

Billy offered me a shirt of his because mine was wet and so was his. I accepted the offer. He brought football shirts for both of us.

"Whoís first?" I wanted to know.

"The one who asks goes first."

"Okay, okay, I give in."

I took off my wet t-shirt and put on the one Billy handed me. He was watching my moves, but I did not mind. I even wanted him to watch. Then it was his turn. Billy took off his glasses while pulling the shirt over his head, but then back on again after taking off the shirt. Then he took the dry shirt and put it on by removing his glasses again for a moment. I felt really turned on by watching him. Not only did he have a great body, I also felt a tingling when he removed his glasses. I could feel the sparks of attraction in the air.

Billy took our shirts to the bathroom because it was warmer in there. When he returned we sat down on his couch. I really wanted to kiss him, but I did not dare. Then Billy took off his glasses and cleaned them with his shirt. I saw his eyes losing focus. He held them close, looked through them, and wiped them again.

"They got kind of dirty while washing the dishes, didnít they?"

"I guess so. Well, lookÖ you were probably surprised to see me in glasses today."

"Well, yeah kind of?"

"Um, I usually wear contact lenses, but I alternate quite regularly between glasses and contacts. It depends on my mood and on the situation. I had my contacts in for a rather long time yesterday, so I did not want to put them in again today. My eyes have to relax; besides the contact lensesí prescription is not completely up to date."

"You are right. I was surprised, but really in a very positive way. They suit you. You look great wearing them."

"You think so?"


"Thatís great. You know, some girls really donít like that."

"Well, I do, very much."

After that Billy kissed me. It was a really intense kiss and I loved that.