The Journalist

by Doreen F.

Jessica had been wearing glasses since the age of twelve and at the time she was fourteen she had opted for contact lenses. She wore them whenever she was not at home. In the evening and in the morning or on the weekend she wore her glasses until she went outside. By the time she was sixteen she had discovered that she was a glasses fetishist. Jessica had always noticed boys who wore glasses - mainly because she had glasses herself and felt some common link between someone else who needed glasses. Once she had stumbled across a photo showing one of her favourite actors wearing glasses; she then knew that she was not the only one to with poor vision, which she had thought before. Nobody in her family needed glasses and she sometimes felt like an outsider. At about the same time she also noticed that she was far more attracted to boys with glasses or even contacts - the knowledge of the imperfect vision was usually enough to feel slightly attracted. Not that she did not feel attracted to other handsome guys, but glasses or contacts made her life perfect. It would be something she and her future boyfriend would have to share. Jessica did not think that someone who did not have glasses could understand her as well as someone who did.

Thus Jessica got on a long search for her perfect match. She did not date all too many boys because those who were her age were extremely immature and she did not meet many older boys either. By the time she had come to university there were not many serious relationships she had had. Additionally Jessica did not want anyone to find out about her fetish, so she tried dating other boys as well. They were nice, but not exactly what she wanted. The one boyfriend she was together for a longer period of time needed glasses only for class and watching TV. He did not want to wear them at all and could not understand that Jessica had to wear glasses.

At university there were many glasses wearers and many wore contacts too. Jessica had become an expert spotting contact lenses in other people's eyes. Yet all of those glasses wearers were either jerks or boring people who you could only share notes with. Those with contacts were harder to spot and if she found out, she immediately felt attracted, but they were not interested in her. Neither did she have the courage to complain about the dry air or anything to approach the topic she was so interested in.

Jessica was still living at her parents' home were she had an area of her own like a little flat inside the house. She used to go to university by public transport or sometimes by car which took her half an hour, though she lived in the outskirts. Her parents provided her with sufficient money so she did not have to work. Jessica was quite happy with her live. She wanted to become a journalist and had applied for a job at a local newspaper. She was to write a small article about the students' live a week. Her colleagues were really nice, but most of them were a lot older than her. So the only thing in her live that was missing was a nice bespectacled boyfriend. It did not seem much, but it was really hard to find them.

During her time at university Jessica once again tried a bare eyed guy, but apart from the fact that he was a real macho who did not understand her in a way she wanted, he drank quite a lot and did not have anything but good looks which he was very proud of. This was Jessica's last try to settle for a man without glasses and without brain. She vowed never to have boyfriend who did not need glasses at all. At the end of university the newspaper offered her a full-time job and Jessica accepted. She was allowed to write about lifestyle and high society. When they were short of reporters she was also allowed to write the movie critics. The job was great and Jessica was very successful.

By the time she was 27 she had a fancy flat of her own and the newspaper was really glad to have her. Many readers loved her sarcastic articles. Then her boss had the idea of having a portrait of every journalist in his newspaper. Most reporters thought it was fun to do until it turned to them. Jessica felt the same. She was a really beautiful young woman and since there was a photo in the article she received a lot of fan post. This inspired her boss for the next crazy idea. Jessica should accept some of the dating offers and write an article about it. A photographer was to be seated nearby to make shots. Jessica did not like the thought of that at all, but she knew that her boss would be really disappointed, if she declined and she did not want to spoil the good relationship they had. Together with two other journalists she read through the fan mail and they chose who would be her first dates. Then Jessica replied to some of them and arranged to meet. There were incredibly many who immediately agreed, others did not respond to her mails.

Jessica was really nervous before the first "date". She did not know who these guys were going to be. They were to meet at a cafť and the photographer was seated at a table close by. The man who came in looked like the ones you'd expect to come. Jessica talked to him for about 10 minutes, made a sign to the photographer who then called her mobile and she excused herself saying she got a call from the newspaper and that she had to leave. Many of the dates were like that, practically most. The men were usually nice, but that was it. So far nobody of them had been wearing glasses nor had Jessica spotted a contacts wearer. Jessica had spent her whole weekend dating strangers and was really exhausted. What was worse was that she knew that her next weekend was going to be the same.

On the next weekend the guys did not really change; most were quite old and boring.

"What kind of world do we live in?"Jessica asked the photographer during a break.

"I donít know, but so far they have confirmed what the article is going to be about."

"That's so true."

Then they went to the next place where Jessica was to meet mailer #35. To Jessica's utter surprise she was looking at a familiar face. It was Mike, a guy who had been in her class. It was nice to finally meet someone of an appropriate age. They talked about the old times and Jessica noticed that he was rubbing his eye several times and he was blinking quite a lot. Could it be? Mike had not worn glasses at school. She did not think he had been wearing contacts either. Mike was rather good-looking and he had always been a nice guy. He told her that he was an accountant now and she thought that this fitted quite well. When the time was up, she gave him her business card and asked him to call her to meet again. After that she had another 5 dates until she could go home eventually. Jessica kept thinking back to Mike - he had not changed much, but she was not sure, if she should date him again.

On Monday Jessica had to write e-mails to all of her dates asking their permission to write about them in the newspaper. Surprisingly many agreed - maybe they were hoping for dates. When she got home Mike called and asked her if she wanted to have dinner with him on Tuesday. Jessica accepted. Mike was going to pick her up and they wanted to go to a new Thai place. She was really nervous about going out. Was it the right thing to do? It had been quite a long time since she had been out on a real date. When Mike picked her up, all her doubts vanished. Mike was standing there wearing glasses. Not the best choice of frames, but glasses at least. When she commented on the glasses he said something about contact problems. Jessica was pleased and told him that she had contacts as well. They did not speak about this topic again on that evening. Dinner was delicious and afterwards she invited Mike up to her flat. Jessica had drunk a bit too much and it was very easy for Mike to persuade her that he could stay the night. He slept with her and she enjoyed it after nearly a year of being single. In the morning Mike left earlier than Jessica and they promised to meet again on Friday evening. So they did, but Jessica had to explain that she did not have time on the weekend since she had to meet another 10 men to make her 50 dates complete. Mike got angry, but she was able to calm him down explaining that it was her job. Jessica said she could meet him in the evening, which they did. They spent another great night together.

So it went on for some weeks, but Jessica had the feeling that Mike was not the right man for her. He was really possessive. She always had to explain exactly where she went to and with whom. Her friends advised her to leave him and she knew they were right, so she broke up with him. Mike did not want to believe that she was serious. He kept calling her and did not want to let her go; he tried to win her back, but that only convinced her that she had made the right decision. Jessica went to to his place once again to tell him to stop calling her. When she went to the bathroom she saw that he had been doing GOC and did not need glasses or contacts. When she asked him he told her that he had always noticed how she had looked at those boys who wore glasses, so he thought this was the only way to attract her. That made her really angry and she left immediately.

Back home she cried herself to sleep. Jessica was so angry. Mike had used her fetish and he seemed to be obsessed by her. Maybe he had been obsessed by her from the beginning. He was a talented actor though. That night she got some calls, but when she answered there was no one there. She immediately suspected Mike. When she came home from work the next day she felt like being watched all the time. Whenever she turned round she had the impression of a shadow disappearing around the corner. The only thing could think about was that Mike was stalking her. He did not want to let her go. "What on earth have I gotten myself into?" Jessica asked herself. The phone calls continued and she although she tried to ignore it, she was getting afraid of what else Mike could be doing. So she called him telling him to stop stalking her. He neglected being responsible, but she could tell that he was not telling the truth. Jessica changed her phone number, but that made matters only worse. Now she got letters and e-mails threatening her. Her friends told her to go to the police, but she doubted that they could help her. One day her tires were flat. That was when she could not take it anymore. Jessica went to the police and told them about Mike. They said that there was nothing they could since she had no proof that it was him. It could have been anyone of her 50 dates. Since there was nothing else the police intended to do Jessica tried to ignore all those threats.

One day when she was alone, she heard that there was someone at her door. Jessica had always known how to defend herself, but she was really scared. She peered through a tiny hole in her door. Mike was standing outside her door. Jessica pretended not to be there and tried to move away from the door without making any noise. Then she heard a scratching at the door. Was he going to break in? Jessica hid herself in the kitchen grabbing a knife. Mike came in and walked straight towards her bedroom. He probably knew that she was not at work because he had been watching her most of the time. Then she heard him calling her name. He sounded like a maniac. Jessica thought about what she could do. The only thing that came to her mind was LEAVE. She ran towards the door and slammed it shut and tried to block it. Then she ran away from her flat and called the police on her mobile. Soon they arrived and found Mike in her flat sitting in her closet. He seemed to be obsessed by her. The police arrested him, but told her that they would not be able to keep him for long.

Jessica called someone to change the locks and went to work. She told her boss what had happened and he told her to write an article about it. After he had read it he was very proud of her; the article was great. He told her so and advised her to go home and get some rest.

Back home Jessica called her friends and told them about the incident. They were shocked because some of them knew Mike from school and they had not thought he could be obsessed with her. Her best friend Jamie offered her to come over with her brother Ethan who had come back from the US where he had been working as a criminologist. Maybe he could give her some tips.

They came over to her place in the late afternoon. Jessica had never seen Ethan before because he had already been in the US when she and Jamie had become friends. Ethan was really helpful inspecting her flat while she was talking to Jamie. They stayed until ten trying to keep Jessica's thoughts off of what had happened that day. Jessica was really thankful, but sad when they left. Ethan had even offered to stay, which Jessica had declined. She could manage, could she not? Mike was in prison for the moment anyway. That night Jessica did not sleep well, she woke up very often listening, if she had heard someone moving around in her flat.

In the morning she went to the police because they wanted to write down her statement. They told her that they could not keep Mike in anymore. He had only broken into her flat and had not stolen anything. They would have him pay a fee and that was going to be it. Furthermore he was not allowed to be seen anywhere near her flat. What a relief!

When she came to work she immediately called Jamie. Her best friend was furious. She could not come over herself, but told her that she would send Ethan over to stay with her for the night. Although she tried to convince Jamie that this was not necessary, Jessica felt better knowing that she was not going to be alone. Ethan had seemed like a nice guy anyway. He did not wear glasses, but maybe that was not all that mattered after all.

Her article had been a success, at least her job was going well, since her private life was fucked.

On her way home she called Ethan telling him that she was going home now. He said he would be waiting for her at the flat. When she came to her flat Ethan was standing in front of her door and greeted her with a smile. He was carrying a backpack probably carrying his belongings.

"Good to see you again. You look much better today."

"Thanks, but you donít have to be charming, I didn't sleep well tonight, I know what I look like."

"Alright. But if I said you look horrible, I'd be lying too."

Jessica smiled and opened the door. She had been to the supermarket and bought some things to cook a nice meal for two. Ethan was really helpful in the kitchen, he offered to cut the onions and made some jokes. Jessica made really delicious chicken fajitas and Ethan seemed to like them a lot. Thanks to Jessica's dishwasher there was not much washing-up to do.

"I hope you don't mind sleeping on the couch. I don't have a guest room, I have never needed one so far."

"Not at all. In my flats I've never had any guest rooms. They're cheaper that way. Your couch looks comfortable anyway."

"It is. Sometimes when I watch TV, I fall asleep and I've slept entire nights on it."

"Then it certainly wonít be a problem for me to sleep there, will it?"

"I hope not. Do you know that Jamie has never mentioned you until yesterday? Maybe she said that she had a brother who was in the US, but nothing more."

"We didn't have much contact until lately. Our parents got divorced, when I was 5 and she was 4 and my father took me to the US whereas Jamie and our mother stayed here. They didn't want us to meet for a very long time. My father had an enormous influence on me, so I just thought my mother was bad and Jamie was like her. Then one day out of the blue Jamie called and told me that our mother had cancer. I went to Europe and we met. We didn't know much of each other. I met my mum and we had a nice talk. She didn't survive the cancer, as you probably know. I then went back to the US to finish my studies. Then I worked for the CSI and other institutions, but I was never entirely happy in the States. So I decided to come back."

"Wow, that's quite an interesting story. I'm surprised Jamie never talked about it, but probably she was ashamed of it. I lived the boring normal family life. My parents are still married, but they moved to the South because they can't stand the weather here anymore. I lived at their place while I was at university and moved to this flat as soon as I was offered the job at the newspaper. I have worked there during my time at university and they offered me to stay after I had finished my studies. End of story."

"At least you had a happy childhood. My father was an alcoholic and he often beat me. I was a really scared child, didn't have any friends and we moved around a lot. After high school I went to college and started with my own life. I wanted to study criminology because I wanted to prevent others from crimes."

"I always wanted to be a journalist because I had an aunt who worked for CNN and I loved the things she talked about when we met. But I opted for writing because I hate being on TV."

"Me too."

"Do you want something to drink? Feel free to take whatever you want. Do you want to watch TV or a DVD?"

"Mm, what DVDs have you got?"

"They're on the shelf over there. Take a look at them, I'll take out my contacts in the meantime."

"I'll take mine out as well then. My eyes need a rest. The windy air here makes my eyes a bit sore."

"Yeah, sometimes the wind's a pain in the ass." Jessica said and went to the bathroom while Ethan went to the shelf to choose a DVD. Upon removing her contact lenses Jessica felt the same curiosity she usually felt when she knew that someone needed glasses. In spite of the bad experience with Mike, she could not help the feeling of being suddenly attracted even more to Ethan than before. When Jessica came back wearing her glasses, Ethan told her which DVD he would like to watch and then he went to the bathroom to remove his contacts.

When he returned Jessica was surprised by the strength of his glasses - he was way more nearsighted than her. The glasses suited him well, he had high-index lenses and the frames were chosen well, but the strength was obvious to a fetishist like herself. Ethan seemed a bit self-conscious about the power of his glasses.

"Pretty strong, aren't they? That's high-index! Imagine what they had looked like, when I was younger and didn't have high-index lenses. I was a real outsider. The other kids at school used to tease me, took away my glasses and I couldn't find them."

"That must've been horrible for you. Iíve never had experiences like that. However, for a girl it's probably easier. We don't fight that much. And my glasses were never that strong. Now I'm somewhere between -4.00 and -5.00 with hardly any astigmatism. I can still see without glasses, but I don't like to see things blurred."

"Lucky you. Iím around -9 and I have astigmatism in both eyes. If I take off my glasses you can hand me a cane to walk around."

"That must've been terrible for you when you were younger."

"It was. My father was very poor, so I always had horrible frames. When I started to earn my own money, I bought contacts immediately. They improved my vision a lot and my self-esteem too. My eyes were getting worse though, but then I changed to RGPs and since then there hasn't been any major increase."

"I have RGPs too, the doctor said they'd stop my eyes from getting worse. He was right, I'm quite stable."

"The only thing was that I had always wanted to go to the police, which is impossible with glasses like these. So my only option was to study criminology and work from the office instead of being out there hunting criminals."

"But at least you could help in catching criminals, couldn't you?"

"Of course, I could and I'm glad I was able to do that, but it's still kind of different to the real case work. I've even considered Lasik, but I didn't dare to do it. If something went wrong, I could never wear contacts again."

"I've thought about that too, but I don't see the need of it. I'm happy like this and I try to care for my eyes as much as I can."

"I've worn my contacts very much and only recently I was told to take more care of my eyes. I even wore my contacts for the transatlantic flight. I didn't want Jamie to see me in glasses. She doesn't know I have them. I know that's stupid, but I'm really vain about wearing glasses. Hardly anyone has seen me in glasses after I got my contacts. My girlfriends never liked my glasses and when I lost them some day I didn't buy new ones. Contacts were fine, but a year ago I lost one contact and couldn't see properly. So I bought theses glasses, but only wore them when I was alone."

"You should take more care of your eyes. I've heard of people scratching their cornea and not being able to wear contacts anymore."

"Yeah, a friend of mine had told me that and since then I'm wearing my glasses more often."

"That's good then. Let's watch the movie, shall we?"

"Of course, I'd love to."

Jessica and Ethan watched the DVD and had a lot of fun while watching it. Jessica had made popcorn and they started shooting at each other. After the film was over they were still laughing and now trying to throw popcorn into the other's mouth. When there was no popcorn left, Jessica went to get a pillow and a blanket for Ethan. When she came back, he told her, "Do you know that you're the first person who I feel really comfortable with, when I'm wearing glasses?"

"Maybe that's because you've hardly ever worn them." Jessica teased him.

"Well, that might be a reason too, but I'm serious about that. I don't feel like I'm only coke-bottles, I feel like me, it's the same as if I'm wearing contacts."

"Have I told you that I'm a huge glass fetishist? I really like people who wear glasses or contacts. Nearly all of my boyfriends had glasses and even Mike noticed my fetish and did GOC to fool me. I still can't believe it had been so obvious to him."

"Well, it hasn't been obvious to me. But now that you mention it, I think I might be a glasses fetishist as well. I like women in glasses, but I've never had a girlfriend with glasses. Weird, isn't it? Maybe that's why my relationships always sucked. There was no common understanding of the need of glasses."

"That's what I have always experienced with men without glasses. They don't know what it's like, if your vision's not 20/20."

"That could be right."

"Would you mind if I tried your glasses on for a second? You can have mine in the meantime, it's better than nothing, I guess."

"Sure, why not. I'm not bothered or anything, but no one has ever asked that before."

Then Jessica took off her glasses and Ethan his and they changed into the other one's specs. Jessica felt aroused by the strength of Ethan's glasses and he by the weakness of hers. After half a minute Jessica took off Ethan's glasses.

"Time to change back. Yours are incredibly strong."

"Okay, here are yours." Ethan took them off and waved towards her, but missed the target. Jessica grabbed them and placed Ethan's back onto his face. He broke into a smile. "It's good to see again. I can see better with yours - maybe like you without glasses or a little worse than that because of the astigmatism. By the way you did place my glasses on my face really gently and you weren't wearing yours."

"Experience, you know."Jessica smiled. Ethan then pulled her towards him and kissed her. They sat down on the couch kissing each other. Their glasses touched, but neither wanted to take them off. They ended up sleeping in Jessica's bed. Before Jessica switched off the light she took both their glasses and put them onto the drawer saying, "We won't be needing them in the dark, but if you wake up earlier than me, they're on the drawer." The answer was an indistinct sound of agreement.


Jessica woke up because she heard that Ethan was moving towards her drawer looking for his glasses. He hit his toe at the corner of the bed and cursed in the silence. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"I didn't want to lean over you to get my glasses because I heard a strange sound, but on the way I hit my toe. It really hurts."

"Oh, I hope it's not broken. What did you say? You heard a noise?"

"Yeah, a scratching. I'm not sure, I wanted to see what it was."

"Here are your glasses. Be careful."

"I have the black belt in karate and I'll take a knife with me. Be quiet and don't turn on the light. Stay here."

Jessica put on her glasses and watched Ethan from the bedroom door. He was moving smoothly like a cat. Sometimes she saw the light being reflected by his lenses. She could hear the noise herself now and she was scared. Suddenly the door flung open and she saw Mike standing in the doorway. Ethan shouted something and Mike turned towards him. They started fighting. Ethan seemed to be much stronger and his karate skills turned out useful until Mike grabbed Ethan's glasses and removed them from his face. Ethan was distracted and not as strong as before and Mike knew. He beat him hard and was about to win when Jessica reacted. She turned on the light and kicked her knee into Mike's groin. Mike got of Ethan who was getting up checking, if he was hurt. Finding out he was not he started to look for his glasses. Mike had thrown them to the other end of the room. Jessica got off Mike, who she had been holding in the meantime, and went to get Ethan's glasses. She felt really sorry for him and turned on by him squinting at the same time. In the meantime Mike seemed to recover. "Fast, he's getting up again", she told Ethan while she picked up his glasses, fortunately they were not harmed. Ethan threw himself onto Mike and held him tight. Jessica came back and put the glasses onto Ethan's face. Then they tied Mikes hands on his back and forced him to sit down on one of the chairs. "You've got two choices: One you forget Jessica, you never come back and harass her in any way. The moments she sees you, she'll call me and I was really nice today. I can be a lot meaner especially, if I invite my friends from the American police. We could have a party with you being in the center, right? And they have guns, you know? Two, and now I want you to think back of option one, we call the police and tell them you've tried to rape Jessica and that you stole, let's say her computer and that you were carrying a non-licensed gun. I know people who know people and I really doubt that the police are going to believe you, if we provide enough evidence to send you to prison. Have I made myself clear?... Answer me!"

"I...I'm really sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me, but please, let me take the first option. Please, I won't ever come back."

"Give us something to make sure we can trust you."

"Like what?"

"I'd say we write some sort of contract."

"Good, okay."

Ethan dictated Jessica and she wrote it down and printed it.

"The three of us sign here and we'll send it to Jessica's boss. She'll tell him to keep this contract a secret until you do anything against the rules, okay? One copy's for each."

"Can I go now?"

"You were the one who came, remember? Jessica will tell you when you're allowed to leave."

"You should go to a psychiatrist, Mike, I'm sure he can help you. You can leave now, but if you ever talk to me again, I'll write an article and tell everyone what a lousy bastard you are."

Then they let Mike go. Ethan shut the door and sighed in relief.

"I'm sure he'll leave you alone now."

"I think so too. You were great, like one of those bad cops in the movies."

"Oh, that's nice of you. At least option two scared the shit out of him."

"It really did, but are you alright? Your fight looked really brutal."

"I haven't really had the time to check myself thoroughly, but I don't feel any pain apart from my toe. Your bed has really sharp edges."

"Yes, I know, I've hit my toe once, it hurt like hell. Now I'm always careful when I walk past those edges."

"You could've told me."

"I'd expected a calm night. By the way, are your glasses okay. Mike threw them to the other end of the room."

"Yes, surprisingly they haven't been harmed. I could've killed him them moment he took off my glasses, only I didn't see him. Thanks for helping me."

"You're the one who helped me, remember?"

"I could have beaten the shit out of him, but he knew my weakness and reacted immediately. I had always been training in contacts, I wasn't prepared for that."

"But you weren't alone", Jessica told him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. "You're my hero."

"And you're mine. At least I know why a cop has to have better vision than me now."

"Let's have a look at your toe now." Jessica bent down to inspect it, but the second she touched it, Ethan withdrew.

"Oh man, that hurts."

"I know, but I have to take a proper look at it. Maybe it's broken."

He let her examine his toe and tried not to show how much it hurt.

"I don't think it's broken, but it's going to hurt for some time anyway."

"Let's go back to bed then and get some sleep now."

"Are you alright to walk."

"I've been up there fighting, why shouldn't I beÖ ow, could I lean onto you until we reach the bed?"

"Oh, of course, my brave hero."

So Ethan hobbled back to the bedroom leaning onto Jessica's shoulder. They lay down and once again removed their glasses.

"I'll put them onto my drawer again, but next time you need them, it's better to lean over and wake me than hurting your toe again."

"I'll never come close to that edge again."

After a goodnight kiss Jessica switched off the light and they fell asleep again.

In the morning Jessica woke up because Ethan was leaning over towards the drawer to get his glasses. Accidentally he put on hers first.

"Hey, those are mine, you thief!" She joked.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't see that, but now that I put them on I know."

"Here are yours."

"Thanks and here are yours."

"Thank you."

"I have to take a shower."

Ethan got up and hobbled to the bathroom. Jessica got up and prepared breakfast. She was glad it was Saturday and she did not have to work. No more dates! She went to the bathroom to bring Ethan a towel and to brush her teeth. To her surprise Ethan was wearing his glasses under the shower, but considering his vision she did not really wonder about that. The sink was surrounded by contact paraphernalia. Jessica smiled, but remained in glasses. Ethan got out of the shower and she handed him the towel before she went in herself placing her glasses onto the sink. When she came out of the shower Ethan was still there shaving, but he moved away from the sink as soon as she got out.

"It's okay, stay, I don't need much space."

"Shaving in glasses is horrible, I have to move them up and down my nose to see where I have to shave." Eventually Ethan was shaved, they got dressed and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Jessica thought that Ethan looked really great at the breakfast table. They were reading the newspaper and decided to do the crossword together. It was really tricky, but they managed to solve it completely. After that the phone rang. It was Jamie who invited them over for lunch. Jessica and Ethan accepted. Jessica had invited Ethan to live at her place because he had been living in a B&B looking for a flat. He had been offered a job as a profiler at the police and had also been asked to teach some classes at university. Jessica convinced him that she would feel much safer with someone as strong as him living with her. Ethan had agreed. They planned to pick up his things from the B&B before they went to Jamie. Before leaving they put in their contacts. They were standing next to each other at the sink, removed their glasses and put in their contacts. To their surprise Jessica noticed that both of them started with the left lens, which was rather uncommon. Ethan smiled about it, when she told him. Jessica was a bit faster, since she didn't have to lean towards the contacts as closely as Ethan. He then checked himself out in the mirror and smiled. "Let's go."