Stories by Doreen F.

Doreen F. brings us a real female perspective on the people-with-glasses topic. 
Her fictions are not that technical with a lot of numbers, diopters, axis, massive progression.
She describes her characters and events in a much more psychological way than male authors, 
which is a refreshing feature in the genre.

Doreen is an Austrian, EU, student, (in her early 20s in 2007). 
She wears glasses or contacts and sometimes posts contributions to the Actors thread of the Eye Scene.
She says she was inspired by the  stories on Elektra's website. After the updates of the website stopped,
she started writing stories by herself. She loves writing the stories. Notice how good her English is although she is not a native speaker.

She sent me 2 of her stories (Unknown and Paris) in March or April 2006. 
I liked them and put them into the Men-in-Glasses section with the other fictions.
After she had sent me 7 more stories I decided to open a special section for her.
The 2nd batch of 7 stories came in October 2006. All of the texts are very good.
In December, 8 new stories came. Excellent.
The 4th batch of 6 stories came in February 2007.
The 4th batch is here with 6 of pretty good stories. June 2007
The 6th batch! There are 5 new good stories. August 2007
December 2007: 7th batch of 8 stories
September 2008: 8th batch of 6 stories
Summer 2009: the 9th batch of 5 stories

Keep on writing, Doreen, you are a talent! 
You are becoming a real fruitful MIG stories author!