On Vacation

by Doreen

There I was again doing something I did not really like because my friends had forced me into it. Not that I had not wanted to go on vacation with them, but it had turned out quite differently compared to our original plan to go to a sunny island in the Mediterranean and have a good time. Instead we went to a small island in the North Sea and the island was part of Denmark and was called Bornholm.

It turned out to be better than I had feared because it was really warm, not quite what one would expect in Denmark and the landscape was great. The part which I did not really like was that we were camping. One of my friends had come up with the Ďgreatí idea that camping would be a lot of fun and a lot cheaper, which was good since we were students and always in need of money.

There were six of us, girls, all but two singles. We had gone to Denmark in two cars and I had to admit that the trip proved rather funny and we had a really good time. We had rented a tiny house which they offered at the camping ground. There was enough room for all of us and the bathroom and toilets were out on the camping ground.

On the first night we were really exhausted from the trip which had taken all day starting at 4.00 a.m. I did not notice how many people there were, I got into my sleeping bag and fell asleep. The others did the same.

Only two of us were engaged and all the others were more or less intensely looking for possible boyfriends. I could not imagine how I should be able to find the man of my dreams on a Danish camping ground. Well, there was nothing I could do about it.

On our first real evening we wanted to go to the disco, which turned out to be closed. So we had no plans for the evening. During the day two of my friends and I had driven around the island which was not so small after all. There were some really nice places some of which we visited. In the afternoon we joined the others who were on the beach.

In the evening we sat down to play one of our favourite games called "Activity." We noticed that some guys had moved into the small house next to ours. After a while we decided to introduce ourselves to our neighbours. Tracie who was really good at this led the way. To our surprise there were four guys all of them not bad looking at all. They were from Sweden and though they seemed pleased to meet us they looked about as exhausted as we had on the previous evening. After introductions were made, Tracie said, "Well, you look like you need a good night of sleep before we really get to know each other. We were also really tired when we arrived. See you tomorrow, guys!" We said good night and went back and played another round of Activity.

The boys had to go past our house when they went to the bathroom. We watched them and after they had passed we made some assumptions about each of them, like who liked who and who looked best and so on. Thank god we had different taste, but we agreed that the one who had talked most looked best.

On their way back to their house they had to pass ours again. I then noticed that one of them seemed to be wearing glasses. I was not sure, but I thought that I had seen a spot a light being reflected by glasses. I had always quite liked men in glasses and I felt my heart missing a beat. Could this be? The guy was the one I had thought looked best. I did not say anything about that.

In the morning I hoped I would see him again wearing glasses. I woke up quite early and since the others were still asleep I went jogging to the beach which was close. A small way led through a little forest to the beach. I had spotted this yesterday and had decided to go jogging in case I woke up early. It felt good and after about 30 minutes I returned to the camping ground. It was 8.00 and people were getting busy. As I passed the boysí house the door opened and the one wearing glasses emerged. "Good morning", I greeted him. "Oh, hi", he replied and smiled shyly. Then he went towards the sanitary building. I did some stretching in front of our house and saw him coming back without glasses, wearing contact lenses I assumed. We smiled at each other and he was about to say something, but then one of my friends opened the door and he went back inside his house.

During the day we drove around exploring the island and I did not see him again until in the evening. To our disappointment we had found out that the disco was only open form Thursday to Sunday and this was the only disco on the island. Great, but what could we do? So we invited the boys over for dinner. They were quite nice, all of them, but I could not help watching one of them more closely than the others without being to obvious. His name was Hendrik and like the others he was from Gothenburg. They were also students, like us. We had a great time especially when we started playing Activity. When they left, which was way past midnight, the boys invited us over to their house for the next evening. We had to clean up while we watched the boys go to the sanitary building. When they came back I heard one of my friends remark, "What a pity he needs those glasses", towards Hendrik. I hoped to God he had not heard her because since she was slightly drunk she had not been very discreet. I just muttered something like, "I donít think he looks that bad." But by that time they had vanished into their house.

We talked for another hour about our neighbours and I heard that the other singles among us had taken a liking in the boys and everyone liked someone else best, which was good news since it meant no jealousy or rivalry, which I despised. In the morning I went jogging again. I had not reached the beach yet, when I heard footsteps behind me. Another jogger, I wondered since the camping ground had been really quiet and I did not know many people who wanted to go jogging in the morning. As I turned I saw that to my utter surprise the other jogger was Hendrik. He was wearing a red sweater and looked gorgeous. I noticed that he was wearing his glasses and in the broad daylight I eventually got a better look at them. They were rimless in a rectangular shape and the temples and the bridge were in a blue which perfectly matched with his blue eyes.

"Good morning, Hendrik?"

"Hej Mandy! Do you mind if I join you?"

"Not at all, I was going to run to the beach."

"Sounds great."

We were jogging next to each other and I really enjoyed it. We talked a little but not very much, as we had to concentrate on our breathing. Our pace was quite similar without one having to slow down significantly. When we reached the beach we decided to run to the lighthouse and back again. It was getting really warm. On our way back I had a crazy idea.

"Would you like to go swimming right now? The sea looks really tempting!"

"Sure, why not, letís go!"

I would never have thought he would agree, but he did. So we undressed. I was wearing my bathing suit underneath and so was he. We put our clothes somewhere we could see them. Hendrik took off his glasses and off we went into the sea. The water was extremely cold, about 18 degrees, but we had lots of fun splashing water at each other, diving and swimming. After a while we decided to go out again since we were feeling kind of cold. On the beach we lay down in the sun. Hendrik put on his glasses as soon as we were out of the water. He looked drop dead gorgeous. I smiled.

"Why are you smiling?"

"I just thought that you were really handsome."

"Yeah, without glasses, you thought, right?"

"Not at all, no I think these glasses really suit you. They match the colour of you eyes."

"I heard your friendís remark yesterday."

"That doesnít mean I feel the same about you in glasses, does it? Besides, I told her that I didnít think you looked bad in glasses, but by that time you had been inside your house."

"You really said that?"

"Yes, I did."

"Guess what? I heard you say it, but I just wanted to hear it again." Hendrik smiled.

"I see."

"Well the way you treated me yesterday when you saw me in glasses was kind of different to the usual reaction I get towards wearing specs. I thought Iíd give it a try and join you this morning."

"Good idea, I really enjoyed being with you this morning."

"Weíd better return to our friends."

"Yeah, I think we should."

We did not put on our clothes since our bathing suits were still wet. I did not care what the others might think and neither did Hendrik.

Chatting along merrily we arrived at our houses. The others were sitting outside having breakfast.

"Look whoís here! What have the two of you been up to?" We heard them asking, but did not care. The only thing we could do was smile at each other, and then I said, "Whatever you think we did, I have to disappoint you. We were jogging and afterwards we went swimming, end of story." I felt that the others did not really believe us, but there was nothing we could do about it.

The following day passed quickly and nothing much happened.

On Thursday night my friends and I went to the disco, but I did not really like it there. So I excused myself and left early only to find Hendrik outside. He did not like the disco either. We left together and decided to walk back to the camping ground, which was not that far away. At the camping ground he invited me over to their little house. Before that I excused myself to put on something more comfortable than my tight mini skirt and top, which were no proper clothing for the rather chilly evenings. When I went over Hendrik was already waiting for me. He had taken out his contact lenses and was wearing glasses now. We just sat there and talked and during our conversation we were moving closer our hands touching ever so slightly. It was getting really cold and after some time we were hugging and kissing. Hendrik had taken off his glasses and we were kind of busy and therefore did not notice what was going on around us. Suddenly we heard a loud siren and there was announcement on the loudspeaker.

"Whatís that, whatís going on?"

"I donít know. They say that everyoneís supposed go to the main entrance."

"Okay, letís go."

At the main entrance people were gathering. Nobody seemed to know what was going on. Hendrik asked some of the people since he spoke Danish, but they could not tell him anything.

Finally one of the employees told us that the police had told us that a criminal had escaped and was headed towards the direction of the camping ground. We should all take extra care and anything suspicious should be reported to the authorities immediately. The suspect might be armed.

"Great, letís go back to get a good nightís sleep, shall we?" I asked Hendrik.

"This could be really dangerous. The area is big, if you want to move around unseen, thatís where you should go, right."

"Yeah, Iím surprised how calm they were."

We went back to our little houses. First we made sure that my home was secure, all the windows were closed and nobody was inside; then we went to Hendrikís house and looked around. After that we went inside and sat down on the sofa kissing again. As we were slowly getting undressed I heard a strange noise.

"What was that?"

"Just the wind, youíre imagining things."

"I hope youíre right."

We went on kissing. Hendrik had once again taken off his glasses. They were on the table. Lying on the sofa I was really turned on by the sexy squint Hendrik gave every time he wanted to see me. I pulled him closer to me and he stopped squinting. It was some kind of game until suddenly I felt Hendrikís body freeze. He gave a really fierce squint. I gave him a quizzical look, but something in his expression made me swallow my words.

"Oh look at that. Two young lovers making out!" I heard a voice which sent chills down my spine, but I did not understand anything since he had said it in Danish. Hendrik said something to him. "Oh, okay, Iíll speak English for the sake of the lady", I heard the voice again. I still could not see him because I was lying on my back and he was standing behind me. "Get up now." We rose slowly Hendrik reaching for his glasses. "You, boy, what are you doing. Donít try to be a hero because of the girl." "I just wanted to put on my glasses." "You wonít need them. The lesser you see the better." "Thatís not fair, why shouldnít he be able to see as much as you and I?" "Watch your mouth young lady or Iíll break your boyís glasses." "Weíll do everything you want, but please donít do us any harm." "This sounds much better. Let me sit down for a while. I have to think."

He sat there without moving for nearly fifteen minutes. Eventually he got up. "Lead me to the sea, where the boats are. You have to give me shelter, so nobody will notice me. Just walk out in the open, Iíll stay hidden, but if you say anything to anyone, youíre dead." He revealed a gun. He left the house through one of the windows and we went out through the door. I was thinking of a way to leave a message for our friends, but could not think of any. On the door step I drop necklace hoping he did not see it. My friends would know something was wrong if they found it. And they would find Hendrikís glasses as well.

Holding our hands we moved towards the sea where some small boats were. It was the way we had been jogging along; it seemed like ages ago. So far we had not met anyone. I could see the criminal behind the trees from time to time. Hendrik was holding my arm trying not to trip over any roots. Above all we were bare-feet. On the beach there were some people having a party. "Stop", I heard a hiss from behind. "Walk over there", he pointed towards the end of the bay. "Meet me there and remember Iíll be watching you." Whispering barely audibly Hendrik and I walked towards the end of the beach. The criminal had already chosen a boat. "Youíll come with me. I need an insurance to get away from here." He tied our hands together and made us get into the boat. It was a small motor boat. Hendrik and I had been going over all the possibilities of how to escape and knew that our only chance was to jump of the boat at full speed, when he would be too busy navigating out of the bay which was not as easy as it looked. There were small reeves under the surface. We waited until the boat had gained some speed and at what we thought would be the right time jumped off the boat. I heard him curse, but I knew he could not turn to take us with him. The longer it took him to leave the more likely he was to be caught. Swimming tied to one another proved quite a challenge since I had to navigate because it was almost completely dark and Hendrik could barely see the shore.

Eventually we reached the shore, exhausted, but otherwise unharmed.

We approached the beach party and told them what had happened. The alerted the police and we returned to our little houses. Our friends had not returned and we were glad to be alone for now. Hendrik put on his glasses with a sigh of relief. Then we went to take a hot shower because we were freezing. After that we returned to Hendrikís house. The police had arrived by then and wanted to take our statements. They said they had caught the suspect when he was trying to get off a sand bank which he had manoeuvred the boat onto.

After they had left we continued where we had finished, but this time Hendrik did not take off his glasses.