by Doreen F.

Thereís two perspectives of telling how we met, Peterís and mine.

I had decided that since meeting the right guy on the street just did not happen I wanted to try my luck online. I registered at an online- dating agency that boasted with its extremely high success rate in finding the perfect match for you. I was very doubtful, but decided not to take it too seriously and just wait and see.

I was not really surprised to get mail from jerks all over the country, but surprisingly there seemed to be some nicer guys. I also started looking more actively myself. Thatís how I got to know Peter. We had really much in common and our e-mails were getting longer every time. Then we started communicating via messenger and eventually started talking on the internet. I immediately loved his voice, when I first heard it and he was also quite handsome, but seemed incredibly shy when it came to talking to girls or flirting. I could not understand that since he was the sweetest person I had ever met. Well, we had not actually met yet, but the longer we stayed in touch the more I was longing to meet him face to face. So far I had not encountered anything that would put me off him and he seemed to have taken a liking in me as well.

One night, when we were talking online I suggested that it was about time we finally met. We did not even live that far away, but meeting physically was a big step yet to be taken. Peter seemed relieved that I had finally suggested a meeting. He was really timid, although we already knew quite a lot about each other. We planned to meet in a coffee shop in the city centre. It was spring and I kind of hoped for a nice warm day so that we could sit outside. I was really nervous, although we had seen each other on the web cam and had spent so much time talking to each other. But I had never met someone online and I had really high expectations and hoped there would be more than just this one date. All this time we had spent online would have been such a waste of time. I spent hours in the bathroom and in front of my wardrobe because I wanted to look perfect.

Peterís view of how we got to know each other:

I was really desperate. My job involved so much travelling that all my relationships had not been able to endure that. Furthermore I am not one of the bravest when it comes to women, never have. Since I always had my laptop with me on my travels, I decided to try online dating. I did not have to be at home for that. I just could not pluck up the courage to write to anyone, nor did I have time for it. But I got some mails and even met one of the women, but it turned out to be a fiasco. I did not want to go through this again and was about to delete my profile, when I got Janeís mail. She seemed kind and sweet and she was cute, so I decided to give her a try. Slowly we got to know each other better. I did not want to rush things, so I came up with the idea of talking on the internet and having a web cam to see each other. The only problem was that I still could not find the courage to ask Jane out on a date. After my other date I feared that she could still be different from what I thought.

Eventually she took the lead and asked me out on a date. I was so relieved and really nervous. Would she really be the one for me?

As I said, I was really nervous and I am still angry at how stupid I was, but somehow I managed to tear my contact lens as I was putting them in just before leaving for the date. I couldnít not go there, I knew that, but a date in glasses could be nothing but a complete disaster. Jane had never seen me in glasses on the web cam and did not know I had contacts. I knew she would be disappointed. She was so beautiful, I was sure we would look like the beauty and the geek. But I plucked up my courage and went there. I did not want to disappoint her after all the time we had spent talking online.

Jane: So when I came to the coffee shop Peter was already there and he looked so cute that I felt the urge to immediately kiss him, which might have been fatal. So I held back my emotions. To my utter surprise and delight he was wearing glasses. I was thrilled. If only I had known? He looked so handsome and had this really sheepish look on his face and did not look too comfortable at all in glasses. His frames were really trendy rectangular dark blue plastic frames and the prescription did not seem too weak, around -5.00 or higher, I guessed. If only he knew how excited I was?

Peter: When Jane came in, I wanted to die. She was so beautiful; she must have spent hours preparing herself for the date. And here I was wearing my glasses looking like a dork. But she quickly put me at ease with her energy and good mood.

Jane: I took two deep breaths to mask my excitement and greeted Peter with peck on the cheeks. When his glasses touched my cheeks I felt my heart beating even faster. Wow, was I lucky or what? I quickly made a nice comment on his glasses and he blushed.

Peter: I was really embarrassed, when Jane immediately mentioned my glasses, my least favourite topic for our date.

Jane: If only he knew how I felt about his glasses, but I did not want to scare him off. Everything went fine apart from the fact that Peter took off his glasses.

Peter: I thought that now that we were sitting, I would not need my glasses. So I took them off and put them in my pocket. Everything was really blurry and I could not see Janeís face clearly anymore.

Jane: He gave a fierce squint when he tried to look me in the eye. I was getting slightly angry. I had spent hours in the bathroom and he just took off his glasses, obviously not being able to see me clearly, so I said "I didnít spend the whole day preparing myself for our date and now you canít even see me." He looked really embarrassed and blushed.

Peter: It was as if she was reading my mind and knew everything. When Jane said that, I would have loved to vanish. But instead a strong inner voice made me say, "Well, if thatís the case, Iíd better put my glasses back on to check you out properly." And when I had put them back on she said something so sweet I would have kissed her then and there if there had not been the table between us.

Jane: When Peter put his glasses back on, I felt a sudden urge to jump across the table and kiss him. Knowing that that was impossible, I just said what I felt, which was, "You know, if this turns out to be serious, which I hope it does, you should get used to show yourself to me in glasses, especially when you look so hot wearing them."


Peter: Well, you see what I mean. I was lost for words and self-consciously pushed my glasses up. I sipped my coffee watching Jane. Wow, I thought, could this really be true? I was drinking coffee with the woman of my dreams and she even liked me in glasses. I was flabbergasted. But I also knew that I had to take some action if I did not want to lose her.

Jane: I was waiting for Peter to do something. I had done more than my share, I thought. I was just wondering how much more time I would give him, when he surprised me by saying, "Jane, I hope this doesnít sound too straight-forward, but would you like to come over to my place."

Peter: I immediately regretted my choice of words, but now I could not take them back anymore. To my utter delight Jane accepted saying, "It was about time you asked. Just kidding, letís go, shall we?"

Jane: So we went to Peterís place which was practically just round the corner. We had not even stepped into his flat when I could not take it anymore and kissed him.

Peter: When Jane kissed me, all my dreams came true at once. We undressed and in no time at all we were in my bedroom.

Jane: Peter was great and I only had to tell him once to keep his glasses on.

Peter: Jane made all my dreams come true and I was even able to see because she wanted me to wear my glasses.