Out for a Ride

by Doreen F.

It was a really beautiful afternoon in summer and I was out for a ride on my horse Coconut. Usually I didnít like to go riding all alone, but today I felt like I needed some time on my own. I had to figure out some things. Last week I had had my exams and now I was free of any study related stress for at least 6 weeks. That was quite a relief, but I wasnít happy, although my exams had gone well. The reason for that was that my boyfriend had left me just two weeks before our third anniversary, which was tough. We had planned to go to London and I had already had the right present in mind. Thank God, I hadnít bought it yet! I really didnít know why he had left me and I didnít want to admit that it might have been the right time to end our relationship.

I had met Billy three years ago on our high school prom. He was a cute guy and since it was my last year at high school and I hadnít had a boyfriend before I was really glad to have finally found someone. We got along very well and were a really happy couple for the first two years. During the last year we had had many arguments about silly things and had been drifting apart. I knew it, but I didnít want it to be true. It was my first relationship, I had never gone through a break-up, which was probably the reason, why I still hadnít completely realised that it was over. Billy hadnít understood that I had to study quite a lot because he was studying sports which wasnít nearly as time-consuming as my study of Business Administration. Nevertheless, at the beginning he was more understanding.

I told Coco, which I used to call my horse, everything about our break-up. Billy hadnít supported my hobby. He had never thought of riding as a sport as such. Whenever I went to the stables, he went to play football or whatever other sport he was into. I often went to his matches and cheering whenever he was good. Come to think of it, I think I had been more into him than he into me. It had been a great experience, though, and I had learned quite a lot. We had been quite happy most of the time. I started to notice the cracks in our relationship, but I didnít want it to be true.

When I reached my favourite place to gallop on a long, long way through the forest, I stopped thinking for the next couple of minutes and simply enjoyed the wind and the beauty of the forest. Coco liked it as much as I did. It was great and really relaxing. The only thing I had to do was try to stay low so as not to get hit by any branches that were hanging onto the way. As usual I was wearing sunglasses, not only because of the sunshine, but also because I was wearing contact lenses and I was always kind of scared of losing them, if a smaller branch was in the way. We reached the end of our fantastic "race" and Coco slowed down. She knew the way and knew where she was allowed to gallop and where not.

As we went on I suddenly heard the sound of hooves and the ground. Another horse seemed to be approaching. I thought that it couldnít be anyone of the stables Coco was in, I would have noticed new horse, wouldnít I? I brought Coco to a halt because she was a little nervous when there was a horse she didnít know. I saw that someone was galloping on exactly the same way we had come from. I didnít know the horse, but the rider looked definitely cute. He didnít seem to be in control of his horse, though. I watched him get closer and noticed that his horse didnít slow down.

The rider hadnít seen us, but I was sure his horse had. Nevertheless, it went past us at an incredible speed heading towards the top of the hill. I knew that it was pretty dangerous up there because the way is rather narrow. I had to stop him. Coco was already longing to follow the other horse.

"Come on Coco, we have to reach them as long as the way is broad enough to get control over the reins!" I told my horse and we went to follow the mysterious rider on the wild horse. Slowly Coco and I got closer and the other horse seemed to slow down. It had noticed Coco and wanted to look at her. I knew that it wouldnít be long before the way was too narrow to get past the other horse. I could see that the other rider was trying hard not to fall off, but he didnít do anything to stop the horse.

"Turn him in, try to ride a small circle!" I shouted. He looked around realising that I wanted to help him.

"I cannot, heís out of his mind!" I heard him.

Coco and I were only a horseís length away. The way was rather steep and the other horse seemed to lose some power. I had to be quick now, before they reached the part of the way where Coco and I could not get past them. We were getting closer and eventually we were next to each other. I held my reins with my left hand and with my right hand I grabbed the other horseís I pulled strongly and then released them and immediately the horse slowed down a bit and I was able to overtake it and stop it by blocking the way with Coco. It was only metres before the way would have become too narrow to do anything like that. I noticed that my hand was shaking slightly. I was trembling a bit. So was Coco. I got off my horse and held the other horseís reins. I knew Coco would remain where she was.

"Are you okay?" I asked the rider.

He was incredibly pale and trembling. "You better get down this horse for a moment", I told him and he did it.

"Thanks a lot. I donít know what I would have done without you."

"Youíre welcome. And I bet you would be even more grateful, if you knew the steep top of this hill", I smiled at him.

"I guess I would", he seemed relieved.

"So, which stable are you from, are you new to this area?"

"Iím from the "Finca grande" and Iíve only arrived here yesterday."

"Are you serious? Iím from the same stables. Of course, I didnít know you or your horse, when you have just arrived."

"Thatís true. Since weíve come here and had a very troubling journey I decided to take him for a ride. He was really nice at the beginning, but then he must have seen or heard something that scared him and he went off like a rocket. Thatís quite unusual for him."

"Well, I didnít hear anything, but there are many rabbits and deer in the forest. He might have been scared by one of them."


"So do you want to stay with me and Coco for the rest of your ride? I could show you some nice ways."

"I would love to, if you donít mind. I donít know this area at all, I would probably get lost on my way back, in case Zorro didnít find the way on his own. I was so busy trying not to fall off that I didnít pay any attention to where we went."

"No problem, come with us. I will show you the most beautiful parts of the forest. Well, my gallop way you already know."

"Great. Whatís your name?"

"Iím Melanie, Mel actually. And you?"


"How long have you been riding, Jesse?"

"About three years, but only taking lessons until 5 weeks ago, when I got Zorro. I bought him from his former owner who retired and moved to Oklahoma. He said he would buy himself another and better horse there. I have been riding Zorro before, but only when his owner didnít have time. Besides, we were never allowed to take a ride. I had been in the forest with other horses from my former stable, but I have never had any difficulties."

"I guess Zorro hasnít been out in quite a while."

"Yeah, I think so and his owner hadnít told me about anything to watch out for when Iím in the woods. At least I donít remember."

"Well, letís go on with our ride then, shall we?"

"Sure, I hope I can handle him better now."

"If youíre scared we can switch horses, but generally it would be better, if you stayed on Zorro and showed him who the boss is."

"You are right."

We got up on our horses again and rode on next to each other. The horses seemed to like each other, so there wouldnít be any problem. I asked Jesse what made him move with Zorro to Finca grande and he told me that these stables had a great reputation and that the other stable had been quite far away for him. That is why he decided to have his own horse somewhere near his home town. I told him that I had been riding practically all my life and that I got Coco for my twentieth birthday; that I wanted to participate in some small tournaments, but had not had the time for that due to my studies.

Jesse was studying at the very same university I was, but different subjects because he had started one year later because of the social work boys had to do, if they didnít join the military. I was really surprised I had never seen him, but there are many people at this university, of course. Another funny fact was that we lived quite close to each other, only 4 kilometres away.

We talked a lot and had a really nice time together. Our horses seemed to enjoy the ride as much as we did until suddenly Jesse told me that Zorro seemed to become a bit nervous again.

"I donít know what the matter with him is, but he is getting really tough to handle. I can feel the tension of his body."

"Well, Coco is completely relaxed. Letís switch horses and see if I can calm him down."

"Okay, that is nice. I donít want have another race today."

When I got onto Zorro I felt that every muscle of his body was tight. I started talking to him and as we went on he seemed to relax a bit, but only for few seconds. I looked around and finally I saw what he was scared of. A deer was standing rather close to where we were and was watching us. Usually deer were not scared of horses and did not run away. Zorro turned towards the animal watching wide-eyed. "Oh, boy come on, itís a deer. Itís more scared of you than you should be by the sight of it", I told Zorro. "Look over there", I pointed it out to Jesse. "Oh, right, a deer", was his reply.

Suddenly some more deer were running past the one that has been staring at us. Zorro looked at them ready to explode every minute. Then he wanted to run away, but I didnít give him a chance to do that. When he saw that Coco didnít bother at all, he relaxed a bit. I stroke his neck telling him how brave he was and eventually he cooled down and we could go on. We did not switch horses back immediately. When we were still inside the forest another deer went past us, but Zorro didnít even blink because I had spotted it in advance and had given him the chance to go crazy again. Only when we were at the end of the forest each returned to his own horse. We came back to the stable, got off our horses and led them to their stables. When we were finished I did not want this day to end. It had been one of the nicest afternoons I had had in months. Old-fashioned as I was I did not dare to ask Jesse, if he wanted to join me to grab some food at a place near the stables before we went back. I really hoped he would ask me out. I knew it was silly, but I felt really attracted to him. He was a nice guy and really handsome too, at least to me he was. Of course, there was one more thing that would have made him completely perfect. I was a huge glasses-fetishist. Although I wore contacts most of the time, I really wanted a boyfriend to kind of share this with me. There was no need of him wearing glasses all the time, but at least to some extent it would be great. Billy did not have glasses and I did not really mind, but as my next boyfriend I wanted a spexy guy. The only thing was that I neither knew if Jesse was single nor if had had bad vision.

"We had a really nice afternoon, did we not? Thanks again for helping me."

"You are welcome. The best you could do to thank me was to spend the rest of the ride with me."

"I would like to do more than that."


"You know, Iím really bad at doing this, but would you like to go eat somewhere with me? You probably have a boyfriend who does not even tolerate this, but I would really love to do that."

"In case you do not have a girlfriend who minds, I would really love to accept your invitation. Ö And I donít have a boyfriend."

"Wow that is great. IÖIÖ donít know what to say. I didnít think you would accept."

"How could I say no?"

"I donít know. And no, I donít have a girlfriend."

"That is really great. I canít believe you are single. Um, where do you want to go?"

"I donít know. Is there any nice place around here? I donít know anything around here."

"Actually there is one great place. Letís take my car and go there, shall we?"

"Thatís great", he seemed relieved.

So we took me car to go this nice place where I had always wanted to go to with Billy, but I had never succeeded in taking him there. When we came there we found a quiet table in the corner and Jesse seemed to like this place. We ordered our really delicious dinner and chatted about this and that. I had plenty of time watching him and he really was very attractive. The way he looked, the way he talked, everything seemed perfect. For a moment I started to fulfil my "if only" by picturing him with glasses, even though I knew it was silly. Then I forgot about it and decided to simply enjoy the evening. It was incredible. I was about to fall in love, but I did pull back a bit. I wanted to be sure about everything. Maybe he did not like girls who wore contacts or glasses, you never knew.

When we finally decided to leave, it was already getting dark. I drove back to the stable where Jesseís car was. I parked my car behind his, cut the engine and turned towards him.

"Thanks for this great evening, Jesse."

"I have to thank you too, it was really incredibly nice."

"When are you going to the stables again? We could drive there together, if you like. That saves us some money and we would have a nice drive."

"That would be great. I want to go riding tomorrow about the same time. Letís exchange phone numbers, so we can decide this tomorrow, shall we?"

"That is a fantastic idea."

So we exchanged phone numbers and then said goodbye with a peck on the cheek. The air was full of electricity. Jesse got out of my car and went over to his. While reversing my car I watched him get into his car and when I was already heading away I thought I had seen him put on a pair of glasses. I could have been fantasizing, but I hoped it was true. But how was I going to find out? Of course, he had to drive when we went to the stables together. On my way home fantasies were racing through my mind. I knew I was in love, was I not? I fell asleep dreaming of Jesse, of our day together and Jesse wearing glasses. Could it be true? I really wished it was.

In the morning Jesse called and we decided to go to the stables together. To my disappointment suggested that I should drive because I knew the street where he lived and he did not know any place of my village. Well, maybe next time, I thought. So I picked him up in the afternoon and we went on to stables. I did not want to ride to the forest again, neither did Jesse. So we went to the paddock where I usually went when the weather was fine. The air was kind of dusty, so again I wore my sunglasses so as not to get too much dust into my eyes. We had a great time anyway. Unfortunately some dust got into my eyes and the contacts were not to comfortable, but I was used to it and tried to blink the dust away. Jesse asked if there was something wrong because my right eye seemed swollen. I told him that I was having trouble with my contacts and he did not say anything concerning this topic after that. I thought this was kind of strange, but did not want to push it. Due to my contact problem, I didnít want to stay any longer at the stables. So we went straight home. On our way home I felt sparks shooting around in my car. I was sure he felt attracted to me too. I had to concentrate on the road and my eye was bothering me, so I did not have much time to pay attention to him. We talked, but I was certainly distracted by my contact. When we were rather close to Jesseís home, I pulled my car curb side and cut the engine.

"Iím sorry Jesse, but I have to take out this contact now."

I grabbed my bag, took out a small mirror and my contact paraphernalia which always carried with me when I went riding. I took out my contact and felt an immediate release of the pain. Then I cleaned the contact rubbed my eye and gave it some rest and inserted the contact again. It was a bit better, although not perfect at all. Jesse had not said a single word, which was rather unusual since he had been talking most of the time we were driving.

"Itís a bit better now. But do you mind, if we drop by at my house and I hop in to take out my contacts and grab my glasses instead. I donít have them with me today. Another possibility would be that you drive and I sit next to you remove the hurting contact again and only drive the way home from your place. By then my eye should have relaxed."

"No, itís fine. Letís go to your place."

"Alright", I said and drove to my place. There I asked Jesse, if he wanted to come in while I went to the bathroom to take out my contacts. He agreed and looked around in my flat in the meantime. I put on my glasses and returned to him. I could feel that he liked my in glasses, felt more attracted to me. But he did not say a word. I saw a little smile, at least.

Then I took him home and we decided to go to the stables again in two days and that he would pick me up. When we went to say goodbye I could feel that we were extremely close to kissing each others lips instead of giving a peck on the cheek.

I was looking forward to seeing Jesse on Friday. I was counting the minutes to see him again. Time passed incredibly slowly, but finally it was there and he was sitting in his car waiting for me, wearing glasses. Now I had to act surprised and try to hide the immediate attraction I felt when I saw him.

"Hi! Good to see you. I see you found the way to my home."

"Hey! Of course, I remembered it from the other day and took a look at the map just to be on the safe side."

"And it is not so difficult anyway, is it?

"No. You look good today."

"So do you. I didnít know you had glasses."

"Yeah, well I have only got them a couple of months ago and I only need them for driving and stuff like that, university, you know."

"They really suit you."

"Really? Do you think so?"

I nodded and smiled.

"Yours suit you too."

"Thanks, I know, I paid a lot of attention to get a really cool pair, even though I rarely wear them out. But if I do, I want to look good."

"I understand that. That is exactly what I thought. Like I probably wonít wear them much, but they are supposed to look good anyway."

"Well, you did a great job, then."

So we went to the stable and since the weather was goof, we decided to go for a ride. I wanted to show Jesse a really great way across fields and through the forest. This time Zorro seemed a lot more relaxed than last time. When we came to the forest I stopped Coco and said, "Letís hope there are no deer for Zorro today. We should be careful and watch closely for any strange animals."

"Alright, but it would be better, if you watched. I will not be good at spotting anything. The last time I did not see the deer until it moved."

"Okay, let my contacts go to work then."

"That would be good unless we want to have some action similar to last time."

So we went on and there wasnít any deer willing to show up today. We had a great ride and talked through the entire ride, none of us willing to stop. Before we reached the stables we had to go through small forest again. Suddenly I spotted a deer.

"Careful, in front of us there is a deer."

Jesse narrowed his eyes to small slits squinting. "Where? I cannot see it."

"About 10 metres ahead of us on the right. It is close to the birch."

"I can see the tree, but I do not see the deer."

"Well, I bet Zorro can, but he has not sensed it yet. You better be sure to be in control of him, when he sees it."

"What choice have I got?"

Zorroís body seemed tense when he spotted the deer, but Jesse tried to calm him down. Coco was not bothered by the other animal, so Zorro started to relax and nothing happened.

When we were a few metres past the deer, Jesse petted Zorroís neck and told him that he was a really good boy.

"The both of you are improving."

"Yeah, but the both of you helped us."

"That is true; otherwise you would have been on top of the hill this time."

"Mhm, thanks for warning me. I really could not see the deer until we were extremely close."

"It would not have happened, if you had worn you glasses", I teased him.

"I know, I know, but I cannot get used to the thought of wearing glasses more than absolutely necessary."

"That is exactly what I did at the beginning. It was when I was still at school. I used to wear my glasses for TV, cinema and while I was at school and that was it. Guess what, my eyes got worse and before I had to go into full-time wear I got contact lenses. But I would have had to wear my glasses full-time a lot earlier. I missed quite a lot of what was going on around me and my prescription is not that high anyway. The contact helped my eyes to stabilize."

"You right, but my doctor told me to only wear glasses when I felt the need for them and suddenly I realised that I needed them very often. I didnít like that."

"I can really understand that because it is so similar to what it had been like for me."

"I know that I can see a lot better with my glasses, but I am not ready for full-time wear yet."

"I donít want to force you, even though you are really cute in those specs."

"You are so charming."

Then we arrived at the stables and had to put a halt on our conversation until we wear at Jesseís car which was about half an hour later. Inside the car Jesse put on his glasses, but did not immediately start the engine. He turned to me and looked at me.

"You are even more beautiful, when I am wearing my glasses."

"So you have one very good reason to wear them, at least when I am around."

Slowly our bodies were moving closer to one another and then we kissed. It was an extremely good feeling, I could hardly describe it. I have never felt anything like that before. I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt a rush of electricity run through my body when I touched Jesseís. The kiss did not last very long at all, but it was great and I could only hope that Jesse had felt the same. When I saw the broad smile on his face I was sure I was not the only one who had felt like that.

Then Jesse started the engine. During our drive both of us were in seventh heaven. When we eventually reached my place I really did not want to leave Jesse. As if he had read my thoughts, he turned to look at me after he had parked the car and asked, "Mel, this may seem strange, but I think you feel that same about us that I do." He waited until I had nodded in affirmation. "So I wanted to ask you, if you would like to go to the movies with me tonight?"

"Of course, I would love to. I am so glad you asked."

"Great." He sighed in relief. "I will pick you up around 7.30, is that alright?"

"Perfect. I will see you then."

Then we kissed goodbye and I floated into my room. I had a date with the cutest guy I could imagine. That was so incredibly unreal and I really loved it. I quickly took a shower and then styled myself for the evening. It could not get any better than that, could it?

Before long my doorbell rang and Jesse was waiting outside wearing glasses. We greeted each other with a kiss and got into his car. Jesse drove to the townís cinema which showed only art house movies, usually in original versions and hardly any blockbuster. I really liked that. Of course Jesse wore his glasses to the movies, but he did not take them off on the way from the car to the cinema. Probably he would not have done this without me. He even commented on this saying, "I have not seen these streets this clear in a long time, stupid huh?"

"You had your reasons and you donít realise it until you wear glasses, right?"

"That is true. Letís hurry or we will miss the beginning of the movie."

We arrived at the cinema in time to even see some trailers. The movie was great, it was a French movie, but people were talking in various languages. There were subtitles and it was a lot of fun. There were not many people in the movie theatre and we could talk quietly between the scenes. I moved closer to Jesse, leaned onto him, actually; he put his arm around me, which felt great not only because it was rather chilly.

After the film we decided to go to a pub, we found out we both liked. How come we had never seen each other in there? Maybe we had been there at the same time. However, I had been engaged at that time and probably had not paid enough attention to other guys. Jesse had, I assumed, needed glasses back then and had not seen me or he had been with his girlfriend. We had not yet talked about our former relationships much. But we knew that both of us had been single, when we met. Before we went inside I felt Jesse hesitating, thinking whether he should keep his glasses on. I squeezed his hand with an expression on my face saying, whatever you want is fine with me, but you knowÖ Jesse smiled and took off his glasses as he opened the door. Inside the pub there were not many people. It was warm outside; many would be taking walks or go to places where they could sit outside. We sat down at a small table in the corner. I ordered a cocktail without alcohol explaining that I did not drink. I simply did not like the taste of alcohol. Jesse ordered a beer, a Guinness. As soon as our drinks came we stared talking again, when suddenly I saw something on the news on the TV in the far corner of the pub. "Could you turn up the volume, please", I asked the waiter. "Look, there is something about the university on the news", I told Jesse and got up to get closer to the TV so as not to miss anything they said and showed. The reporter said that there had been a fire at our university during the holidays. Jesse was standing beside me listening carefully, but obviously this was not enough because they showed pictures as well. He seemed to be interested, so he took out his glasses and put them on self-consciously. I gave him a reassuring look and then we continued to watch the report. They did not know much about it yet. After the end of that report we returned to our table and talked about what we had just seen. It was unbelievable. Then we returned to other topics such as the movie and us because we still did not know that much about each other. Throughout all this time Jesse did not take off his glasses. Probably he had forgotten he was wearing them and enjoyed the better view. Around midnight we decided to leave the pub and headed for the car holding hands. "Do you want me to drive since I am completely sober?" I asked.

"No, donít worry, my beer was not that strong and I donít really want other people to drive my car even if it is you."

"No problem, I donít like it when others are driving my car either."

We got into the car and I saw Jesse reaching into his pockets in search for his glasses until he suddenly realised that he had already been wearing them. He smiled at this realisation and I did so too when he told me about it. "Why didnít you mention that I kept wearing them?"

"Well, I thought you would take them off, if they disturbed you."

"I bet you enjoyed looking at me all this time."

"Of course, otherwise I would have told you."

"Now you have to show yourself to me in glasses again."

"Okay, I was going to ask you up to my flat anyway."

"Great. Then I accept your offer."

We went to my place and Jesse watched my taking out my contact lenses. I would have done the same if I were him. In no time at all we sat down in the living-room next to each other on the couch.

"I noticed your interest when I removed the contacts."

"I didnít conceal it well, did I? No, honestly Iíve been thinking about getting contact lenses, especially now that I feel like Iím getting more dependent on my glasses."

"Great idea, contacts are a good option, but at the beginning might not so easy to get used to them. It depends, you know."

"Donít discourage me."

"No, I wonít. I got used to them rather quickly and many others have, youíd be surprised how many people have contacts, many celebrities as well."

"Yeah, I know that. Iíve been doing some research on the internet about this."

"So, do you want to stay for the night?"

"I would love to."

My bed was king-size so there was no problem and we really enjoyed cuddling in my huge bed. It was probably around two or three when I fell asleep. I had put our glasses on the night stand. I could walk around my place pretty easily without them and usually did not even place them there.

When I woke up in the morning, Jesse was still asleep, so I took his glasses and looked at them closely. I also put them on and looked at myself in the mirror. They did not suit me, but they improved my vision more than I had expected. I assumed they were about -2 or -3, a bit less, I would guess. That really took me by surprise. I was close to -5, but I had been -3 when I got my contacts and not my first pair of glasses. How had Jesse managed to get this far without glasses? Someone had known it and helped him get along and his eyes had adapted to some extent, I assumed.

I lay down again and watched Jesse. He looked so cute and handsome, I had goose-bumps. Then he moved and opened his eyes. I kissed him and he responded my kiss. Then both of us sat up in the bed. I grabbed my glasses because I did not want to miss a part of his muscular body in daylight.

"You are cheating, give me mine too."

"Remember my vision is much worse than yours."

"Anyway, I want to see every part of you, every tiny detail."

"So do I", I said and gave him his glasses and enjoyed how he transformed into an even more handsome man. That earned him a kiss.

I then got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower. As usual I put my glasses onto the sink. I did not mind Jesse being in the bathroom at the same time. When I came out of the shower he was brushing his teeth. I did my daily routine without glasses because I was used to that. Jesse seemed surprised about that.

"You donít wear your glasses for all that?"

"No, these things I can do easily without them."

"I did not expect that."

"Well you can take a look at my glasses. They are quite strong, but there isnít so much difference compared to yours."

Jesse put them on and I moved a little closer.

"Here, take mine for a change."

So I put on his glasses and looked at him. He looked probably as funny as I looked n his and we burst out laughing when we looked at each other.

"I thought yours were a weaker prescription."

"Well, I have tried to avoid getting glasses for as long as possible only to realise that itís not that bad to have them."


"I thought your glasses would be stronger."

"You know, I told you that my eyes didnít get much worse after I got contacts."

"Oh, sure. Now can I have my glasses back, yours are too strong anyway."

"And yours too weak."

So we traded back our glasses and went to the kitchen to have breakfast. Watching each other over our cups of coffee rather turned me on; and Jesse too. So we ended up in my bed kissing and eventually sleeping with each other. It was great.

Neither of us had planned this weekend to be like this, but it was great. It was like a dream come true.