Lost and Found

by Doreen F.

Debbie opened the door to the company’s one and only bathroom, which was not affected by the damage done by some construction work, on the third floor.

"Hi Patrick, what are you doing on the floor?"

"Debbie, is that you?"

"Yeah, what’s the matter?"

"Don’t move! I lost one of my contact lenses. I took it out and it fell out of my hand."

Patrick was kneeling on the floor petting around with his hands.

"Wait, I’ll help."

Debbie got on her knees and looked around.

"Where were you standing when it happened?"

"At the sink, I, uh… well I…"

"Are they hard or soft lenses?"

"Soft, they’re disposables, but it’s been my last pair and the new lenses won’t be there before next Monday."

"I think I found it. Look!"

"Wow, thanks a bunch, I hope it’s not torn."

"You’re welcome."

Debbie went to the toilet while Patrick cleaned the lens and put it in again. It did seem unharmed and did not feel too bad. It had never been too comfortable anyway. Patrick had only started to wear contact lenses when he had been appointed a job in the sales department. He got used to them and continued wearing them after he had been promoted to the sales management in the company’s headquarters. Hardly anyone knew he wore contacts, but lately they had been bothering him a bit more than usual. And now he had nearly lost one of them, if it hadn’t been for Debbie. She had always been working at the company’s headquarters dealing with the international clients. It was said that she spoke more than 5 languages fluently and knew some more.

They were working in the same large office where most of those employees of the sales department worked in. Debbie’s desk was at the far end of the room whereas Patrick’s was at the very beginning. They knew each other from lunch and coffee breaks, but that was it. Patrick had always had an eye for her. Debbie was smart and really nice and she was good-looking.

To Debbie Patrick had always been of her nicer colleagues, although they did not talk much. Debbie knew what kind of effect she had on men and sometimes she hated having inherited her parents’ good looks. Most men thought she was easy to get – well they could not be farther from the truth. Having had many bad experiences Debbie had decided to stay single and invented a fake boyfriend. If she ever had to show him she asked her cousin to come along. So she wasn’t bothered by her colleagues at any time.

When Debbie returned to her place she passed Patrick’s desk.

"I see you’re better."

"Yeah, and thanks again. I would not have found it without you."

"No big deal; you can be glad it was me who came."

"You’re absolutely right."

Debbie returned to her desk. She was thinking back of what had just happened. She had actually been flirting with Patrick, her colleague. Was she out of her mind? In fact she was not. Patrick had always seemed quite nice and did not look that bad, quite cute actually. Should she give it a try? Hell, why not?

Patrick was surprised when he got an e-mail from Debbie asking him out. Could this be true? The whole company knew that she was engaged, wasn’t she? Nevertheless Patrick agreed to meet her in the evening at a small restaurant.

Debbie was thrilled. Patrick had agreed. Now she had to decide on what to wear. She was really excited, she had not been on a date for a very long time and she did not want to think back to those dates.

Patrick was equally excited. He had never been lucky with women and had not been on a date for a long time. He had tried internet dating once, but that had been a disaster. So he had given up his hope of ever finding the right woman. He decided to wear something casual, jeans and a shirt. As he was about to leave his contact lens started bothering him again. Patrick decided to take it out and meet Debbie in glasses. His eyes would appreciate it, Debbie knew he had contacts and should they continue seeing each other it would be best to show her the real Patrick. Outside work Patrick was usually wearing glasses since he liked them and wore them whenever he was not at work.

At the restaurant Debbie was already there when Patrick came in. She was flabbergasted by the way he looked. She had never seen him in casual clothes before and the glasses certainly did something for him. Debbie would never have dreamed he could be so handsome. Patrick gave her a peck on the cheek and sat down.

"I hope you don’t mind me wearing glasses, but my eyes needed a rest."

"No problem, you look good."

They had a nice evening talking about this and that and got to know each other quite well. Afterwards they walked through the city and when Debbie invited Patrick in for a cup of tea it was only natural that he accepted.