by Doreen F.

Sometimes Bailey could hug her mum and sometimes she was sooo angry at her, like now. Her parents had friends in Spain and they had a son who would be doing an internship in the US. The thing was that this internship was in her dad’s company and that the son would be living with them. So far so good, but their house was fairly small and now Bailey had to move in with her younger sister again. The age difference was 8 years, which made it a bit difficult. Bailey was 20 and her sister 12 which meant that they had no common interests.

Bailey would be making an internship as well, in a different department of the company. Maybe this guy was not that bad after all, but giving up her room was a nuisance. Bailey was out with friends, when Telmo arrived. Her mum picked him up at the airport in the afternoon. Bailey and her friends stayed out for quite a long time and by the time she got back Telmo was already asleep having been very tired due to the journey and the jet-lag. Bailey slept fairly long on the next day and when she came down to have breakfast she immediately regretted that she was still in her pajamas. Telmo was drop-dead gorgeous. How could she forget that he was here?

“Bailey, honey, this is Telmo.” Her mum said cheerfully.

“Hey Telmo, what’s up?”

“Hey Bailey, nice to meet you.”

Wow, if everyone in Spain looked like this, she would have to move to Spain after graduation. They chatted a bit over breakfast and Telmo turned out to be very nice as well as good-looking. His English was excellent and he was very outgoing. So when Bailey’s mum suggested that they should go to the beach together, there was nothing to argue about.

Being away from her parents’ house Bailey felt more at ease. They were walking on the beach talking about this and that. Telmo even apologized that she had to move out of her room while he was there. But Bailey didn’t mind anymore having Telmo around seemed to compensate for a lot.

They came back home for dinner and had a really good time. Afterwards the family sat down in the living room. Now here was one big disadvantage if you don’t have your own room; you don’t have your own telly. Having a 12-year-old sister didn’t help. Bailey took her computer and checked her emails while the others were watching TV.

“Telmo, if you need the internet, let me know.”

“Thanks, I’d like to check my emails, if that’s ok.”

“Sure. It’s a mac, I hope you can deal with that.”

“I was thinking of buying myself a mac, while I’m here. A friend of mine has one, so I’ll be fine.”


Bailey had opened “stickies” and written a note saying, “if you want, we can watch TV in your/my room.”

Telmo checked his emails and handed her the computer. The note now said, “What are we waiting for, let’s go!”

Bailey told her parents that she wanted to watch a certain show, which, of course, was not suitable for 12-year-olds. Telmo said he didn’t mind if she wanted to watch it in his room and he would join her as he knew the show and liked it.

In Telmo’s room the lay down on the bed and smiled at how easily it had been to leave the living room. However, they really wanted to watch the show anyway. During one of the commercial breaks, Bailey said she’d get changed into something more comfortable and left the room for a couple of minutes. She’d put on her shorts and a tank top. When she came into the room, Telmo was not only wearing a very sexy shirt, he was also in glasses.

“Hey, I didn’t know you had contacts.”

“My eyes were a bit tired, so I took them out. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Why should I? The glasses suit you.”


They continued watching TV, but Bailey was completely distracted by how hot Telmo looked in his specs. But she was convinced he had a beautiful girlfriend in Spain and she wouldn’t stand a chance.

How wrong she was!

Telmo enjoyed every minute of the evening and thought that Bailey was extremely cute. What’s more she had complemented him on the glasses. Few girls had ever been as straightforward as her and really liked that. He didn’t think she had a boyfriend. Otherwise she would have mentioned him by now, wouldn’t she? Or there’d be pictures of them somewhere in the house. Furthermore Telmo was glad he didn’t have a girlfriend. His last relationship ended in his girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend. A painful experience! This had been one of the reasons why he was so glad to get this internship in the US and a summer away from home.

But he had never expected that Bailey would be so cute and ... there she was looking at him again. When she realized he’d seen that she had been looking at him, she blushed.

There was a commercial break and neither Bailey nor Telmo knew what to say. They’d been getting closer and closer for a while and somehow one thing led to another and they were kissing. After the kiss both blushed, but they were smiling Then Telmo said, “I hope you don’t mind if we take it slow. I’ve had a nasty break-up and I like you a lot, but I just don’t want to rush things.”

“That’s fine by me, really. My ex-boyfriend didn’t treat me too well either.”

They smiled and kissed some more and simply enjoyed lying next to each other, feeling the other one beside them.