Watching Grey

by Doreen F.

Watching Grey’s Anatomy Chelsea had expected that working at the hospital would be really exciting. It really was not. There was plenty of stress and her colleagues were not nearly as nice and helpful as she had hoped. So she applied for a transfer to another hospital and was glad that she got accepted. Work at that hospital was different and much more enjoyable. The colleagues were nice and one of them really attracted her attention more than the others. He was always sweet and calm, never seemed to be stressed and treated patients and colleagues with the respect they deserved. His name was Dr. Andy Shepherd. He was not exceptionally handsome, just slightly above average and most of Chelsea’s female colleagues did not seem to be particularly to attracted him. Most of them had a crush on Dr. James Stevens, who looked like the brother of Brad Pitt only with black hair and without Angelina Jolie. There were rumours that he was having affairs with many of the female staff. Chelsea did not want that and was glad that he had not made any moves towards her yet.

During her first few months Chelsea worked mainly day shifts which were generally busier than nights. Christmas was coming closer and Chelsea was scheduled for Christmas Eve and the following two nights. She did not mind since she really did not want to visit her family and she did not have any plans for that night. Her colleagues told her that those nights were usually quiet, but you never knew it in advance. As she took a look at the list she saw, that James was supposed to work on those nights as well. Andy too. Together with another female colleague who was James’s steady girlfriend at the moment. “What a coincidence”, Chelsea thought.

Christmas Eve came and it was fairly quiet at the beginning. At first the met in the doctors’ room, where there was a small Christmas tree. They had dinner and they were having a great time, although Chelsea felt some tensions between Andy and James. She had not been working at the hospital long enough to know anything about their past.

They arranged that Chelsea and Andy would treat the patients who arrived till 2.00 a.m. and James and Ella would treat the ones who came after that, unless there was some kind of emergency and all of them were needed. So Andy and Chelsea went downstairs to the ER. Everything was fairly quiet, so they chatted about this and that. There was nothing serious and when it was getting close to 2.00, they were waiting for James and Ella.

At 2.05 they came eventually and Chelsea and Andy went upstairs to the common room to get something to drink and to rest. Chelsea fell asleep immediately and did not wake up until her beeper went off two hours later. Andy’s beeper sounded too, so they got up and ran down to the ER. There had been a car accident and several people were injured. They were all busy until the morning and by the time their colleagues arrived for the day shift they were extremely tired and glad to go home. Andy offered Chelsea a lift and she accepted. They were too tired to talk much. “See you tonight then”, she said before she got out of the car

The following two nights were rather quiet and Chelsea spent most of the time talking to Andy since they had split the night shift like on Christmas Eve. “I’m surprised they tolerate James’ behaviour.” Chelsea commented once.

“He’s been here for so long and he has an affair on the side with the most influential women on the board. Or so it seems.”

“Still, I mean, we know what he’s up to right now, while we’re treating patients, right?”

“Yeah, but nobody complains. As long as his work does not suffer, they won’t do anything about it. Believe me, I’ve tried to complain, but it did not do me any good. I have to work these night shifts, whereas he chose to work them in order to be with his girlfriend. That’s how it’s always been, really. Either you accept that or you leave. And I really like it here. James is a nice enough guy, once you accept his superior standing.”

“I understand what you mean.”

“I’m surprised he’s not interested in you, though. Normally he goes to bed with all the new colleagues.”

“Maybe I’m not his type. I don’t know. I mean, he’s good-looking you can’t argue about that. He looks good, even today, although he seems very tired. However, I don’t like his attitude and good looks alone are not enough for me.”

“Mhm, I can’t really judge that, I’m not a woman, but I see what you mean. He’s a womanizer, right?”

“Yeah, there’s no point arguing that.”

Then their beepers sounded and ended the conversation.

Chelsea had to work on the next night, but Andy did not. He was on standby, though, in case something happened. She really enjoyed working with Andy and felt even more attracted to him now.

The next night only Chelsea and James were working. James did not look too well and he was paler than usual. During their coffee break Chelsea mentioned that he did not look too well.

“Yeah, I thought you’d notice. You’re very perceptive, Chelsea. Ella dumped me. She did not want to share me with others. She told me yesterday while you and Andy were working the first part of the shift. She said she’d leave this hospital and start working somewhere else. I don’t know, but somehow I just didn’t expect that to happen.”

“But that shouldn’t be a problem for you, you know. There are so many women who are fascinated by you, you’ll find somebody else soon enough.”

“I know, but getting dumped is not very pleasant.”

“I know, but I’ve been probably dumped more often than you, I guess.”

“That could be true.”

“Are you sure, you’re okay to work?”

“Yeah, I’ll get over it, don’t worry.”

Then they went to the ER and it was surprisingly busy. Chelsea did not have time to think about the conversation she had just had with James.

It was after midnight, when a nurse came to her and told her that James had fainted. Chelsea went to him and instructed the nurse to beep Andy.

James was in one of the beds and looked even paler than before. He was conscious.

“James, what happened?”

“I don’t know, I just collapsed.”

“I’ll find out, what’s wrong with you.”

Chelsea examined James, but did not find anything.

“We have to wait for the results of you blood test. Just get some rest, okay. Andy’s gonna come, don’t worry about us.”

“Thank you Chelsea.”

“No problem.”

As she returned to the ER it was quite busy. Chelsea treated patient after patient and after a while a nurse told her that there had been a car accident with some minor injuries and that Andy had arrived eventually. Just in time, Chelsea thought, as she headed to the reception area. She did not see Andy until they had both treated the patients from the car crash and took a break as there were no patients waiting for them right now. Chelsea was having a coffee and Andy came in a minute later.

“Thanks for spoiling my evening in front of the TV”, he teased.

“No problem”, Chelsea said and turned to look at him and nearly spilt her coffee. Andy was looking cuter than ever. He was wearing glasses and looked really great.

“What’s wrong with James anyway?”

“I’ve no idea. Well, I know that Ella had broken up with him. He told me before our shift started and then while he was treating a patient, he collapsed. I didn’t know you had glasses.”

“Yeah, well, I usually wear contacts, but there was no time to put them in, since I had to get here quickly.”

“They suit you.”


Doreen F. September 2008