What a coincidence?

by Doreen F.

I was walking with my dog like I did every day, but today something was different. Usually my dog did not disobey without good cause, but today he did not react to my commands and kept barking like crazy. So I went to him. He was standing there and kept barking. When I got closer I saw the reason for his excitement and quickly put my dog on the leash before I took out my cell phone and called the police. There was a body in the woods. I felt sick and my knees were weak. The police was there quickly and confirmed what I had told them. It was a human body. I gave them a short statement. Suddenly there were policemen all over the place and I just stood there watching. This felt so unreal. Eventually a young policeman told me I could go home and they would come to see me again later to sign the statement.

I went home quickly, took a shower and made myself a cup of tea. Walking my dog would never be the same again, would it? I switched on the TV to distract myself from what I had just seen. It worked for a while, but soon my thoughts kept going back to the woods. I called my brother and told him about it. It felt good to talk to someone about it. He got really excited and told me to be careful.

I was glad that it was Sunday and I did not have to go to work. Some time passed and suddenly my doorbell rang. I opened and nearly fainted. Standing in front of me was a really gorgeous guy, black hair, brown eyes and a really handsome face. He showed me his ID and introduced himself as Inspector Sullivan. I let him in and my dog took an immediate liking in him. He asked me some questions about the discovery of the body and if I had taken anything from the body or if my dog had tried to chew some of the bones. I denied it and wanted to know if they knew who the body was. He said they did not. I signed the statement and he left. I did not hear anything from the police for days. Somehow they managed to keep most of the details from the press either. My life started to get back to normal, although I changed the route I walked with my dog so I did not have to pass the place where the body had been.

After a bit more than a week I got a call to come to the police station. When I got there I was led to Inspector Sullivanís office. When the door opened the inspector rose and smiled at me and my knees got really weak. This time, above all, the inspector was wearing glasses which made him even more attractive. I did not know what to say, but he quickly made me feel completely at ease, offered me a cup of tea and created a pleasant atmosphere. I must have looked distressed, but I could not help it. He told me that they had identified the victim and wanted to know if I had ever heard the name before. To my utter shock I did actually know her. We had been at the same school, but in different classes. I had not seen her for some years. Nevertheless it was a shock. Furthermore the inspector told me she had been strangled and that they did not have any suspect so far. When I had told the inspector everything I knew he thanked me and told me to be careful.

Outside the police station I enjoyed the fresh air and regained my composure. Why did I feel so attracted to this policeman? He was not wearing a ring, was he? Oh, what was I thinking? Stop it, thatís crazy. Thereís certainly some unwritten codex that a policeman must not Ö oh, forget it.

I was more watchful now, as I had been warned twice to be more careful, but I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Back home I forced my thoughts to turn to something else than the Inspector Sullivan, but it was not an easy task. I knew I had to forget him as soon as possible.

Over the next few weeks nothing happened and I had managed to block the handsome inspector from my mind. I even read in the newspaper that the police had found the murderer, an ex-boyfriend. So I did not expect to hear from Inspector Sullivan ever again. But I was wrong and how wrong I was.

I had returned to my usual path when walking my dog and did not have any nightmares about the body anymore. So imagine my surprise when one day during my morning walk my dog started barking and it felt like a dťjà vu, but he stopped barking the minute I told him and when I moved on I could not hide my surprise when I saw Inspector Sullivan in jogging gear petting my dog.

"Hello Inspector!"

"Ms. Jennings, I was just on my morning jog, when I met your little scout."

"He really seems to like you. I hope you two havenít found another body."

"I hope not. I have enough of them on the job I donít need them on the weekend."

"What a relief! I heard you caught the murderer."

"Yes, we did eventually. I was already afraid that there was going to be a serial killer when we did not make any progress, but these fears did prove wrong."

"Iím glad to hear that."

We kept walking next to each other and I felt really comfortable in his company. I plucked up all my courage knowing this was my only chance.

"UhÖ this probably happens to you all the time, but I have to do it otherwise Iíd never be able to forgive myself. Would you like to have a coffee with me some day?"

"Wow, actually this does not happen to me all the timeÖ I donít know what to say, but yes, Iíd love to."

"Great, wow, I canít believe you accepted, erhÖ when do you have time, today?"

"Yeah, why not, wellÖ unless some crime is committed and I have to cancel which happens more often than you should think. But letís say at about three, at my place."

"Okay, tell me where you live and Iíll be there. Youíve got my phone number in case anything comes up, donít you?"

"Sure Iíve got all the files of my important witnesses at home", he said with a smile, "and call me Jason."

"Only if you call me Fabienne."

We had reached the point where our ways parted. After saying goodbye I went home feeling really excited. I had some kind of date; at least I hoped I had. And even if not, Jason was a really nice guy.

The time did not seem to pass at all and all the time I was afraid that Jason would call and cancel. Somehow the time passed eventually and I left for his place which was rather close to mine, only five minutes by car.

I felt like a teenager before my first date, I was really nervous. Jason opened the door wearing glasses - my heart missed a beat - and led me into his flat. He apologized for the ugly dishes which had been a present from his mother which he kept in case she paid him an unannounced visit. We sat down in the living room. I always found it very exciting to see someone elseís place for the very first time Ė and hopefully not for the last.

We started talking and I felt a strong bond develop between us. We had so much in common and after some time the conversation turned to more personal stuff. Jason told me how difficult it was to live in happy relationship with his kind of job. I knew what he meant and I could understand how this might affect a relationship. That was nothing you could simply leave at the office and forget about it. I worked as an interpreter for several foreign embassies and other organisations. I sometimes had to translate really sensitive documents which contained important information. And even there it was difficult to stop thinking about the data some documents contained. But of course, I had rather regular working hours. We talked about our jobs and how they affected social relationship and everything. Then Jason asked me a question that made me feel pretty nervous.

"Well, Fabienne, I know this sounds weird, but I really like you and I want to know if you feel the same. I hope you do, but if you donít, please say it now. I have been disappointed more than once and I donít want to go through this again."

"To tell the truth, Jason, and forgive me, if it sounds pretty straight-forward, I really fancied you from the moment you stood in front of my door on the day when I found the body. I could not get you out of my head and when I saw you again at the station it was even worse. I think that when Iím with you, you seem to press an invisible button and Iím drawn to you and I canít stop thinking about you. I know your job is anything but easy and Iím willing to accept that."

Jason looked at me through his glasses as if considering what I had just said. With a smile he replied, "You canít imagine how much what you just said means to me. I have to admit that I was stunned, when you opened the door that very day and I really looked forward to seeing you again. That day at the station I had the feeling again, but it was even stronger. I knew I had to see you again, but I did not know how to do it. Iím really bad at things like that. Relationships are not my strong point. So I stayed at home feeling miserable and suddenly I plucked up my courage took out my running gear and decided to jog everyday until I saw you again. Thatís insane, isnít it?" Jason said pushing up his glasses.

"Itís cute and I have to tell something. That day at the station, when I saw you wearing glasses I thought was going to pass out. You looked so irresistible and Iím really glad your plan was successful and we met again."

"Are you serious, I mean about the glasses?"

"As a policeman you should know when someoneís lying. Yes, I am serious. I was surprised to see a policeman in glasses, though; but it was a pleasant surprise to see you in glasses. You look really great."

"I know you werenít lying I just wanted to hear you say it."

He pulled me closer and we kissed. Jason was a great kisser.