by Doreen F.

Nancy was still fairly new at the company she worked for. Until recently she had only worked there one day a week, while she was studying at university. Now she had graduated and when her boss offered her a full-time job, Nancy gladly accepted. This meant working in another department, though, but her colleagues were fairly nice there were fairly nice and easy to work with. She loved her job and enjoyed being at work. The only thing that really did not work out was her relationship.

Her boyfriend had not been pleased that she spent plenty of time working and very little time with him. Nancy knew that she loved working, but was not so sure anymore, whether she was still in love with her boyfriend. They broke up a few weeks later. Fortunately they had not been living together, which would have made things more complicated.

Consequently Nancy worked even more and also started looking at her male colleagues from a new perspective. During the lunch-break she chatted quite casually with most of them in order to get to know them better. She got along very well with most of them and some of them did not live in a relationship. As soon as they found out that Nancy was not engaged anymore, some wanted to date her, but Nancy was not so easy to get.

Furthermore Nancy already had selected two possible candidates, but she did not know how to proceed. Then two things happened. Firstly, one of them announced that he had met the love of his life and was incredibly happy. This only left one on Nancyís imaginary list. Secondly, one day after work she was walking behind Timothy, the other guy she still fancied, and saw him wearing glasses. Nancy was thrilled. Never had she imagined that this gorgeous colleague of her could be wearing glasses. She had never noticed any signs of glasses or contact lenses before. Could this be true? If so, then she was suddenly more than interested in getting to know him better.

Nancy started watching Timothy more closely, but never saw any signs of contacts without being too obvious. She was already having a hard time not showing too much interest in him. So when one Thursday morning he came into the office wearing glasses Nancy nearly choked. How long had she been wishing for that to happen? It had been really windy over the past few days and that very day a heavy storm had been announced. Could this be the reason? But the main problem was how to react, when she saw him. Should she mention his glasses or pretend to ignore them? Nancy need not have worried because she did not get a chance to talk to him on that particular day.

But on the next day she saw him wearing glasses again. The wind was still strong and during the night there had been a mild tornado. This meant that many of their colleagues, who went to work by train, could not come because the rails had been blocked. Nancy went by car, so did Timothy. In their department there was only one other person, who had come to work. Therefore Nancy could hardly avoid facing Timothy who was in glasses again.

"Hi Nancy, seems as if weíre the only ones working today!"

"Yeah, Timothy, Iíve heard that all the others canít make it. It feels kind of weird."

"Indeed, it does."

"Did you have any problems with the wind? I didnít even hear it, I slept extremely well. And thereís no damage, fortunately."

"I slept fine and I parked my car in the garage, so thereís no harm done. It only sucks that I canít wear my contact lenses when itís so windy."

"I have been wondering why you were wearing glasses yesterday, but that explains it."

"Yes, thatís the way it is. I hope to get back to my contacts soon."

"But you look good in glasses."

"Thanks, but I really donít like wearing them in public. Everywhere it feels as if people are staring at me all the time."

"I think you look great wearing them."

"You are the only one who thinks so." Timothy said regretful and Nancy blushed slightly.

They went back to work and only talked again during their lunch break. Before leaving for the day Nancy plucked up all her courage and asked Timothy, "Well, erhÖ I was wondering if you would like going for a drink after work some time."

"Yes, of course, thatís greatÖ uhÖ do you have time today. I mean you probably donít, but I just thought Ö"

"I do have time today."

"Great, thatís awesome."

"Where would you like to go?"

"Thereís this nice cocktail bar at the mall, do you know it? It has an Italian name, I think."

"Sounds great, letís go there."

"Iíll just have to write one more e-mail. Do you mind waiting?"

"Take your time."

They left the building together both smiling brightly. At the cocktail bar they sat down at a table in the corner and ordered cocktails.

At the beginning it was an awkward situation for both of them. Nancy knew she had to do something to lose the tension, but what? Their cocktails arrived and they had not yet managed to talk about anything but work.

"Weíve been talking about work since we left it, so what about a change of topic?" Timothy suddenly said.

"Iím so glad you feel the same, but I just could not think of anything which would not appear silly."

"Sounds intriguing, what were you thinking about?"

"Iíd rather not tell you."

"Come on, I wonít laugh."

"Itís not really a laughing matter. Maybe Iíll tell you later tonight."

"On what condition?"

"On how the evening works out."

Timothy took off his glasses and polished his lenses with his shirt sleeve. "Now youíve really made me curious."

Nancy could hardly hide her excitement when he took off his glasses. He now placed them on the table. Summoning all her courage, Nancy gently asked, "Do you mind?" and touched his glasses.

"Not as long as you donít leave with them. Gosh, I hate being so dependent on them and Iím really not used to wearing them all day."

Nancy looked through the lenses, they seemed quite strong to her. She could understand that Timothy did not like being dependent on them, but he looked incredibly cute wearing them and without them as well."

"Are you done? Iíd like to see you clearly again."

"Sorry, I was miles away, here, theyíre right in front of you."


"ErhÖ would you like to go to the movies? Thereís a new French film I want to see."

"You mean the one with Julie Delpy?"

"Thatís the one. I canít believe youíve heard of it. Youíre the first who has."

"Are you kidding me? I donít think I know anyone else who knows that movie."

"Does this mean you want to join me?"

"Iíd love to."


They paid for their cocktails and went to the cinema. The movie was great and afterwards they went to another bar and talked about the movie and many other things.

Before they left the mall, Timothy said, "Well, now it is later tonight. Could you now tell me what you were thinking about when I asked you right after we got here?"

"Well, I donít have much of a chance, do I?"

"Not really, because I guess the evening worked out quite well, donít you agree?"

"Okay, okay, Iíll tell you, but you have to promise me not to laugh or do anything ridiculous."

"I canít promise, but Iíll try."

"Right, I wanted to know you inside out, but it felt really silly to ask you so many things at once and I wasnít sure what you would think if started shooting questions at you which might have sounded completely weird. But most importantly, I was thinking of a way of talking to you without appearing to be extremely attracted to you, which I am and I didnít want to risk scaring you offÖ"

"So, what youíre trying to say it that you like me and didnít know how to handle our conversation without making a fool of yourself."

"Exactly, are you a mind reader?"

"No, but I felt absolutely the same."

"You did? I canít believe it. We could have taken a shortcut, if I had known that."

"Or if I had known it. But you have to admit, that tonight was a lot of fun."

"It was and I hope we can repeat it some time soon."

"That would be fantastic, but on one condition."

"What would that be?"

"That I pay for the drinks."

"No wayÖjust kidding, but Iíll pay for the movie tickets, okay?"

"Sounds great. You know, I havenít felt so much at ease with someone for a very long time."

"Me neither. And I feared youíd be uptight all evening because you didnít feel free with your glasses."

"Actually I have completely forgotten that Iím wearing them and I think you were a pretty good distraction."