There are some links that might be helpful for you to get to know more about glasses fetish or to join the Internet community of glasses fetishists, share thoughts, read more stories, and download  photos of hot GWGs.
Unfortunately many of the websites have disappeared or have not been updated for a long time. 
The golden era of the community of glasses fans seems to be gone.

Archive This is the unofficial archive of the Old Eye Scene and Vision World Forum, two web sites that influenced me a lot. There are also some zipped stories about girls with glasses.
Deborah Two series of pictures of a model with very strong glasses
Glasses over Contacts The Yahoo group established by Ms A Z aka Arlene in 1999, which I found soon after I had spotted the Eye Scene site.  In 2003, with the kind agreement of the founder, I became one of moderators of this group. Vision and Spex aka New Eyescene a discussion website that is going to replace the old Eyescene after it is closed.
Eye Scene The biggest discussion forum of glasses fans on Internet. The site is really huge; the contributions come every day. Read the live topics to get to know with the community, join the discussions, and then read the old closed or sleeping threads and archives to get familiar with the history of the community.
Warning! If you want to read all Eye Scene you will need whole month vacations!
Lens Chat A part of Eye Scene, a chat room, where you can meet the members of the site online. Type "Hallo!" and wait for a while, somebody will surely run around soon.
Die Brille A discussion about glasses - in German language.
Smudge Report Monthly e-zine with a calendar, stories, articles, pictures, movie snap shots, links etc. Very good and very interesting. Fantastic pictures every month. This is the place where I published my early stories "The Glasses Couple" and "Barbara". NOT UPDATED ANY MORE (what a pity)
Russian-GWG Konstantin's albums at contain a large collection of pictures of girls with glasses including Anna, a very high myope. 
Bobby's fotki Bobby's small collection of morphed pictures, the Deborah series, etc.
High Myopic Girls
by Alain
Alain used to have the largest collection of GWG pictures on the web. His new website provides pictures of high myopic girls in high quality. It is really a must-see for anybody who wants to be in.
Andy’s GWG site This site is in German language. There are some very good photos of women with quite strong glasses and a large discussion.
Puffin’s website The website is down as Puffin does not have time to keep it.
Eddy’s GWG page Eddie passed away in 2002 Rest in peace, my good friend. The website does not exist any more
Prism’s GOC site A personal site of a big glasses fan and GOC wearer. It is not updated too often, but if you have not read the site, click and go reading now as it is worth trying.
Micha Micha is a member of the Eye Scene community, who created a nice collection of GWG at  Not updated for a year (2005)
Specs4Ever’s story site Spec4Ever is my friend and a very good story writer. His talent, imagination, good proof-reader and experienced life made him possible to become a real writer. His stories can be found at the Eye Scene, Smudge Report and at this site. Spec4Ever has written about 100 stories about glasses so far. All of his stories are here
Girls With Glasses Photos of girls with glasses, good photo art.
Twisted Lens A sister site of Girls-with-Glasses site, photos of a good quality.
Frauen mit Brille A yahoo club in German and English, many pictures. You need to have the Yahoo Account open to see the pictures. (Yahoo account is free, just ask Yahoo for an e-mail and you will have the account)
Romanian fetishistic site The site is gone.
Women-with-glasses Trevor’s discussion group at Yahoo groups
Vision World Forum
unfortunately this site was closed
A long simple Internet forum very active in 1999 when I discovered it. Now it has been closed for some time. However, if you download it from the archive you will be amazed at the number of people and lively discussion. (Note: Do not print it as it is more than 300 pages!)
Otto Wichterle About prof. Otto Wichterle, the man who invented soft contact lenses. In English. Chat in Czech, Slovak, English, or German "Doyoulikeme" - a czech hot-or-not  kind of website (free). Look there for GWGs
Electra A web site of Electra-the-migfetish-lady. Some stories.
Wannabe blind Yahoo group The discussion group of people who pretend being blind (go blindsimming) 
or who want to become blind
THE GROUP WAS CLOSED IN 2004 reason: uknown
  Links for files containing some wheelchair devotee vids and pix
Links for the files with
 the Barbara in wheelchair in Dublin

Links for videos and pix
of wheelchair pretending girls two wc girls are playing table tennis, pix wc girl at home, clip , vid, vid WC girl in a shopping mall, vid, vid, vid, vid wc girl in a shopping mall, vid blond wc girl, vid wc gril in her office, vid wc girl is getting ready for a party, vis and pix in rar


Web sites about the country where I live and about my mother language

Info about my mother tongue
A webcam in the town where I live, 
(mind the time zone)
Some pix of the town
A webcam in Prague
the capitol of my country