At My Mercy

by Hiria

Michelle had always had a nasty streak in her personality, even as a little girl she seemed to get a lot of pleasure from hurting people and animals. Her mother stopped her from keeping pets after catching and torturing her pet rabbit.

Michelle always befriended weaker children, children she could intimidate, like poor little Marsha Murray. Michelle used to lock her in rooms, take her in to the local woods and run away, leaving Marsha sobbing with fear and taking her glasses from her until she begged for them back.

She was very jealous of Marsha’s glasses, she wanted a pair of her own. She told her mother that she couldn’t see properly so they visited the optician, only to be told that Michelle had perfect eyesight. This made Michelle resent Marsha even more, but was also the start of her fascination with glasses and people’s dependency on them.

After finishing school, she landed the ideal job as an optical assistant/receptionist in an optician’s shop. She loved her job, what fun she had altering prescriptions, knowing first time wearers would eventually adapt to their new glasses. So many over prescribed people walking around.

Every guy she dated wore glasses, she was an attractive girl and a lot of her dates were customers. Of course, she never fell in love with any of them; she fell in love with their glasses dependency.

Michelle met Carl when he came in for his first eye test. He was complaining of headaches when reading, driving etc. The optician tested his eyes and informed him that he was far sighted and that his eyes had trouble focusing together properly, especially when doing close up work.

He was prescribed some mild plus glasses to be worn when needed, with one lens a little stronger than the other. The optician said he felt Carl may need a prism correction as well but he would see him in a few months to see how the new glasses felt first.

When Carl picked up his new glasses he asked Michelle out on a date, to which she eagerly agreed.

She found Carl pleasant enough and admittedly he did look pretty cute in those glasses, the trouble was, he wasn’t dependant on them. Over the weeks she discovered that he wore them for close work, but removed them when he was finished. If he ever forgot them, say, when he came to her apartment, and they watched a movie, he could function fine.

Michelle craved dependency.

She knew if Carl had a prism correction, once he got used to it, he would more than likely need to wear his glasses full time.

Time for action.

At work, she went through the files, found Carl’s records and amended them, making sure the prescription was slightly stronger and also contained a prism correction for his weaker eye.

Next time she visited Carl she was prepared with her tiny screwdriver, as soon as he went to the takeaway, she got his glasses and loosened the right screws in the right places.

Bingo, next day he told her one of the lenses had fallen out of his glasses and he asked Michelle if she would take them to work and get them fixed. Of course she would.

She slipped the glasses in the tray ready for the lab, with instructions to replace the lenses. His new prescription was on file.

She collected the glasses later on that day and gave them to Carl when he came over later that evening.

He tried them on and immediately noticed the difference. Michelle said the lenses were a better quality material and it may take a while to get used to them.

“But my eye feels like it’s pulling, these just feel totally different”.

“Persevere Carl, everyone says it takes a few days to get used to this new plastic, but it’s so superior to the old stuff, and much more expensive, you got it free. Give them a week and if they’re no better I’ll get them made up with the old style lenses, ok?”

Carl did persevere and after a week she noticed him wearing them more often. He would watch a movie, take his glasses off then put them straight back on, he said he had double vision without them.

Not long after, Carl was putting his glasses on first thing in the morning and taking them off last thing at night.

Michelle was very pleased with all of her hard work, especially when Carl came out of the shower bare eyed one day and she was sure his weak eye looked like it was turning in  - it turned her on!

Carl went on a business trip for a week and during this time Michelle had met another very attractive customer. Brad was very myopic and when he came to collect his new, stronger glasses she felt very fluttery inside as she looked through the tray of newly made up glasses, for Brad’s pair.

She took them out of the plastic packet and lovingly cleaned them, caressing the thick lenses with the cloth. Edges sparkling, she handed them to Brad. He took off his old glasses and slipped on the new ones, he looked gorgeous and Michelle commented on how much they suited him. He replied,” Well, maybe I should try them out, would a pretty lady, like yourself, care to come to the movies with me tonight?” Of course Michelle said she’d love to.

Brad’s new glasses needed a slight adjustment so, as he took them off, she nudged his old ones across the table so he couldn’t put his hand on them straight away. The panic on his face for that couple of seconds was priceless; she got a real kick out of it.

They had a good time at the movies and went for a burger afterwards.

She found Brad extremely boring and mentally blocked out his droning voice while she gazed in to his small eyes, pretending to be enthralled by his hobby – stamp collecting. She was too busy scheming; she had plans for the rest of their evening.

When Brad walked Michelle home, she invited him in for coffee, he accepted and the coffee progressed to something a little stronger. Before they knew it, they were making wild, passionate love, Brad still wearing his glasses.

Michelle seductively started to tie Brad’s wrists to the headboard and then his ankles to the bottom of the bed, she laughed,” you’re at my mercy now”, Brad laughed, “You certainly are a wild one”.

She began running her tongue up and down his naked torso, she was driving him wild with desire. She then proceeded to remove his glasses. She felt his body stiffen,” Baby, just leave my glasses on please, It won’t be much fun if I can’t see you”.

“No, I want you TOTALLY naked Brad”.

Now he was driving her crazy with desire, just to see him blindly staring at her, knowing he was totally helpless, turned her on big time. He couldn’t move and he couldn’t see, he was powerless and totally at her mercy.

They made love a second time and Michelle couldn’t stop kissing his eyes, his weak, unseeing eyes.

She then started teasing him by slipping his glasses up and down his nose, now you see me, now you don’t, she thought to herself.

Trying to conceal the panic in his voice, Brad pleaded, “ Sweetie, leave them on me now please”, “Ok darling, I’m just playing with you, I won’t break them”, she replied. “I’ll go and get us some more drinks, won’t be a minute”, and she went to the kitchen, taking his glasses with her.

She poured them both a drink and came back in to the bedroom. Brad’s eyes were darting from side to side, desperately trying to focus but failing miserably.

She slipped his glasses back on to his face, noticed his relief, and then promptly slid them down his nose, just out of his eye’s range while she drizzled Bourbon around his lips and down his body. She licked it all off then pushed his glasses back up his nose.

She knew Brad was a little shocked, although he wasn’t a virgin; he obviously had never experienced anything like this before. Unlike herself.

She didn’t want Brad to think she was weird so as she started to untie him, she laughingly said, “ Brad boy, I don’t know what came over me. No one has ever had this effect on me before. You turned me in to a wild woman”.

Brad, no longer helpless, laughed, a little nervously she thought.

“I really enjoyed it Babe, I just panic when I lose my eyes and you freaked me out a little”.

Her fun over, Michelle started yawning and suggested Brad go home so they could both get a few hours of decent sleep before going work. She had had her fun and she was fed up with him now.

Brad agreed and asked if he could see her again soon,” Yes, of course, thanks for tonight, you were great. I’ll give you a ring soon”.

Michelle flopped in to bed and thought about the past few hours.” Pity all he’s got going for him are his glasses”, she said aloud.

She did phone him, but only to tell him she wouldn’t be seeing him again as she was back with her ex- boyfriend.

She didn’t need any complications in her life, Carl was due back soon.

She was quite pleased to see Carl and thought maybe one day she could tie him to the bed.

Lying in bed that night, Carl said, ”Hey Chelle, when I was away I got talking to a guy in the hotel bar, our conversation got around to glasses and he commented on the prism in mine. I told him I didn’t have one and he said he was sure I did. Remember I told you my glasses felt weird when I got them back, well I reckon they put the wrong lenses in them, my eyesight is worse now, I can’t do without them anymore”.

“Carl, the lab guys know what they’re doing. It’s very rare that there’s a mix up. I gave them your prescription myself, but if you’re not happy, maybe call in and have your eyes checked again, maybe the optician decided just to give you the prism and you didn’t notice it earlier, he’s very well respected in his field, one of the best, but, like I said, if you think he made a mistake, go and see him”.

“No, it doesn’t matter, I can see great with these glasses, maybe my eyes were different that day or something, I don’t know. You’re right, who am I to question someone who corrects eyesight for a living. I haven’t got a clue what a prism is anyway, that guy said it’s for people who’s eyes aren’t straight and the optician did tell me that mine didn’t focus together properly didn’t he. I took my glasses off to show the guy my eyes and he said that I looked like I did need a prism correction. I don’t know how he could tell, do my eyes look straight to you?”

He turned and looked at her and she realised that he was cross-eyed.

Tingles surged through her body, “ Your eyes are beautiful Carl, I wouldn’t have them any other way”.

Carl dropped the subject after that, but when he went for his next check up a few months later I made sure he saw another optician, who told Carl that he did have a prism correction in his current prescription, explained exactly what a prism did, base in/out/up/down etc. and told him he now needed a stronger one in his new prescription, as well as a stronger sphere and a little astigmatism correction.

He accepted this explanation and soon adapted to his new, stronger glasses.

Carl was now totally dependant.

Bondage time???????????????????????????