The Bookstore

By Izzy

It was 3:55PM on a sunny, Sunday afternoon with just over two more hours left until closing time for Robbie. In most retail jobs, this would mean that in two hours, it would finally be time to go home. However, for 33 year old Robbie, who managed the Downtown Barnes and Noble, closing time meant that he and his team would get to go home one hour from then, after the books and magazines had all been re-organized.

Robbie, who holds a Masters Degree in Literature, really enjoys his job. He is well paid, lives within walking distance, and has Mondays and Tuesdays off. He is gay, single, and looking. His preference in men ranges from the eclectic, spontaneous, artist type to the focused, conservative, professional. Regardless of the type of man, the one thing, that makes him weak in the knees, is glasses - especially glasses with a prescription like his or stronger. One thing Robbie loves about his job is the number of men in glasses he gets to see and help daily. Though he wants to date them, or talk to them about their glasses, he realizes that he must remain professional.

Robbie was excited about one of the errands he was going to run on Monday. He had recently had an eye exam and learned that his prescription increased from -7.00 to -7.50. This was his first increase in two years. He couldn't wait, for he had always loved getting new glasses, ever since his first pair at age 7.

At about 3:58PM Robbie's District manager entered the store. He greeted the staff before spending a few minutes with Robbie in the office. He commended Robbie on the great job that he was doing. He also to Robbie that he had great news. He said: "Robert, in the two years that you have worked here, sales are up 25%. Theft and pilferage is down 31% and employee morale is up 100 plus%. I just learned that I have been promoted to Regional Manager. The corporation needs a new District Manager to replace me. I think that person is you. Corporate agrees. It includes a $20K raise, a company car, and other perks. So Robert, please tell me that you'll take the job."

Robbie accepted the job, and thanked his boss, who then said to him: "It's such a beautiful day out there, why don't you take off and start your day off early. I'll stay and close up. Robbie thanked him again and left. Having gained three hours, he decided to stop by Lenscrafters to have his glasses made. As he walked down the street to the optical shop, he smiled as he thought of his new title - District Manager.

Robbie quickly chose a frame, and was told that due to his prescription, his glasses could only be made in one hour, if he chose regular plastic, which would be "quite thick." High index lenses like his current pair would take a few days. Excited about the possibility of having thick glasses in an hour, he opted for them. The store manager told him that the glasses would be ready at 5:30PM.

Having time to kill, Robbie decided to visit one of his favorite book stores - a bookstore of a different type. He walked into the adult bookstore which was just two doors down from Lenscrafters. He knew he'd see some handsome guys there. Unfortunately none of them would be wearing glasses, because gay guys who wear glasses, have a tendency to wear contacts.

Since he was about to have two days off, Robbie decided to rent some movies. He headed straight for the gay DVDs at the far end of the store. As he approached the section, he noticed a gorgeous specimen of a man wearing tight fitting 501 button-fly jeans and sandals. His feet were long and narrow - about size 13. For a shirt, he was wearing a white tank top. He had the kind of body that every gay man dreams of licking and being fucked by. Unfortunately for Robbie, this handsome God wasn't wearing glasses.

The man, who was struggling to read the DVD cases, quickly tried to act natural when he saw Robbie. They smiled at each other and told each other that they looked familiar. Scott, the 26 year old God, noticed Robbie's name tag with the large Barnes and Noble logo and said: "That's where I've seen you. I'm usually in the music section previewing CDs for my job."

All of a sudden, Robbie realized where he knew the man from and said: "Oh my God! I know where I've seen you. You're one of the dancers at Club Stud, aren't you?"

"Yes I am. By the way, my name is Scott"

Robbie offered his hand and said "Like my name tag says, I'm Robbie, pleased to meet you."

The two men shook hands and Robbie nervously asked "So, do you come here often?"

Scott smiled at Robbie and said: "I've been here a few times. I want to rent a movie but I'm having a little bit of a problem and I'm kind of embarrassed."

"Don't tell me you're straight!" Robbie said.

Scott laughed and said: "No, I'm definitely gay. I'm definitely blind too. I'm having trouble reading the movie descriptions. I've got my contacts in, but they're not helping like they used to. I just ordered my new glasses at Lenscrafters but they won't be ready for another week.

Robbie interrupted and said "Wow! I'm waiting for glasses to made there, too. Mine should be ready at 5:30. How outdated are your contacts?"

Scott told him that the problem, wasn't really the fact, that his contacts were outdated, but rather, that contacts can't correct his strong prism problem. "My glasses are already coke-bottle thick and the new ones will be myodiscs. You know, the kind that are super thick with a weird looking circle? Once they add the prism correction to to them, they are going to be so ugly and heavy. I'm not going to be able to wear contacts anymore. I'm going to have to quit my job too...I'm sorry.." Scott got a little choked up as he opened up and told Robbie this.

Robbie, who now had an erection, placed his arm around Scott and said: "Scott, you're going to be alright. You're a great looking guy. You'll look even more handsome in glasses." Scott broke down in tears. Robbie held him but was careful not to let his body touch Scott's. "I'll read the descriptions for you. Also, I was wondering if you'd like to join me tonight to watch one of these films at my apartment which is about a ten minute walk away?"

"Robbie, are you asking me out on a date?" Scott asked with a smile.

", sort of..." Robbie replied with a shy smile.

Scott smiled at Robbie and said: "I can't think of anyone I'd rather spend time with. You're so sweet and cute. Yes! We can go to my place, if you prefer. I have a 60" plasma screen. I live a block away above the Chinese restaurant. We could order a pu pu platter or something." Robbie smiled back and accepted Scott's offer.

Robbie read a few of the DVD boxes before "Gays With Glasses" caught his eye. The cover photo showed two handsome men sitting in bed wearing nothing but glasses. The box described it as a romantic comedy in which, "Attorneys Chuck (Brad Long) and Fred (Dick Hertz) are the newest partners at the prestigious law firm they work at. The two are working late, on an out of town case. They arrive at their hotel, to learn of a mistake in their reservations. When both men are forced to share the last room containing just one bed, they are forced to "come out" of the gay closet. The two, who are both very nearsighted contact lens wearers, are also forced to be seen by the other in their thick and strong eyeglasses. By morning, their partnership extends further than the law firm." Scott and Robbie agreed that this was the movie they would rent.

Time at the adult book store had really flown by. It was now 5:33PM. Robbie mentioned that his glasses should be ready. Scott told him that he would pay for the movie and then meet him at Lenscrafters. Robbie went on ahead. He gave the clerk his receipt, then sat down, removed his glasses, and waited in anticipation, for the optician, to bring him his new ones. The optician placed the new glasses on Robbie's face. He lit up like a child getting his first pair of glasses. The new prescription (and unscratched lenses) gave him a clarity that he hadn't known in a while.

Robbie looked in the mirror and smiled. He smiled for he liked how good they looked on him but mostly he smiled because they were twice as thick as his old thinner lenses, which though they were high index, were still somewhat thick. He didn't mind the thickness. As he admired their thickness, he wondered how thick Scott's glasses were. Just then, Scott walked in and complimented him. This made his smile wider. It also created a bit of a twinge in his groin area. He placed his old glasses in the hard case he was given.

They headed to Scott's apartment. Once there, they looked at the menu for the Chinese restaurant and made their choices. Scott asked Robbie to set the table, select some music, and open a bottle of wine while he ran downstairs to place and wait for their order. Robbie was happy to do this. Robbie was happy, period. He couldn't remember the last time he had been on a date.

Robbie started to daydream about how he had stopped going to gay bars several months ago, and had pretty much given up, on finding a nice guy to love. Every time he would meet a guy, who seemed interested in him, the same thing always happened. They would always ask, if they could see how he looked, without his glasses. This really infuriated Robbie, for his glasses were a necessity, not a fashion accessory.

The last time Robbie stepped inside a gay bar, was the time he met a guy, that he thought was different. They had laughed, and danced for almost two hours. They had even kissed passionately, and engaged in serious conversation. All of a sudden, he took Robbie's glasses off his face and said: "Much better! You look so much better without these thick, ugly, things." Robbie, whose hand was on the guy's crotch at the time, reacted quickly by squeezing tight and saying "Unfortunately, you don't. Without them, you're nothing but a big blur. I really need them to see. May I please have them back?"

The guy said "OK!" in a high pitched squeal "God, you've got a tight grip." Once Robbie's glasses were back on his face, he let go of the guy's balls and said: "You know, I really liked you, and thought you were different. I don't wear glasses for fashion. I wear them to function. They are a part of me." The guy tried to apologize but Robbie was so heartbroken and wouldn't hear him. This was probably about eight months ago. Since then, the only bar he has been in has been Club Stud, where Scott dances. Robbie feels safe there, for everyone is there for the entertainment, not to get picked up.

Robbie's little daydream ended and he was back in the present. Before setting the table, he used the bathroom to wash his hands. On the sink counter were Scott's glasses. In his wildest dreams, he could not have imagined glasses so thick and heavy. He became so aroused as he took his own glasses off and tried on Scott's. He saw absolutely nothing through them. Robbie took off the glasses, took a deep breath, and washed his hands before returning to the kitchen to set the table. By the time Scott returned with the food, the table was set, the wine glasses were filled, and most importantly, Robbie's erection had subsided.

Scott was impressed with the way Robbie set the table and folded the napkins. He was also impressed by the CD that he chose to play - "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" - one of his favorites. They sat down to eat. The conversation flowed as though they were long time friends. Later, while doing the dishes together, Scott grabbed a hand full of suds and smeared Robbie's glasses with it. Robbie laughed and said "Oh yeah boy, this means war!" He then grabbed the rinse hose with plans of spraying Scott in the face. Scott, while trying to grab the hose from Robbie, ended up spraying himself in the crotch before proceeding to hose Robbie's crotch.

Robbie surrendered and said "We better take these wet pants off before we catch a cold." They ripped each other's pants off and laid down on the kitchen floor, kissing and licking each other's bodies, like two dogs in heat. This went on for a half hour. They composed themselves and put on robes that Scott fetched from the bedroom. Scott placed their wet clothes in the dryer, while Robbie opened another bottle of wine.

They made their way to the living room to watch "Gays With Glasses." Scott held Robbie close and in a Yiddish accent said: "Oy vay! I did a number on your glasses. They're all schmeared with my body schmutz. I've got my glasses lens cleaning liquid and cloth in the bathroom. I'll clean those up for you while I go pop out my contacts." Robbie laughed, handed his glasses to Scott, and sat on the sofa.

A few minutes later, Scott emerged from the bathroom, stood about 15 feet from Robbie and asked: "Are you ready?"

"Ready?" Robbie asked "Ready for what?"

"Ready to see my glasses?" Scott asked, unaware of the fact that Robbie had already seen and tried them on.

"Yes, I'm ready, my love." Robbie replied

"OK. Close your eyes." Scott said as he walked to the sofa and sat about three feet away from Robbie "Put your hands out. Here are your glasses. Keep your eyes closed. Put your glasses on. OK. Now open your eyes. What do you think?"

Robbie moved his face in towards Scott's and kissed him as he had never kissed anyone before. Both men had instant erections. They continued to kiss and their glasses clinked several dozen times. After five minutes, Robbie pried himself away and said: "That's what I think of your glasses!"

Scott was so happy, for this was the first time, a guy was not freaked out, by his thick glasses. Robbie was the real deal. Robbie was also. the first guy with glasses. that Scott had ever dated. Robbie had had his share of guys being freaked out by his own glasses. This helped make him more understanding of Scott's vision. The guys sat close on the sofa, sipping their wine, as Scott picked up the remote and clicked on "Gays with Glasses."

Scott and Robbie enjoyed watching the 75 minute movie on the large screen TV. Life imitated art when kisses were exchanged 22 times when the movie characters kissed. They also serviced each other orally both times the characters did. They even exchanged glasses when the characters did, but only for a few minutes. In the movie, the glasses are exchanged for a long period when the characters realize that they have a similar -10 prescription.

In reality, Scott and Robbie's prescriptions could not be more different. Robbie's glasses were -7.5Rx with -1 astigmatism correction. Scott's glasses were -17Rx left and -21Rx right. Both eyes also had astigmatism correction of -3 left and -4 right. The glasses had a slight prism correction, but the ones on order would have a much greater prism correction. The new prescription would be -18.5 left and -22 right.

When the movie ended, Scott took Robbie by the hand, and led him to his bedroom, where they made mad, passionate love. They then talked for hours before falling asleep in each others arms. They enjoyed each other's conversation. Robbie learned just how knowledgeable Scott was in music and told him about an opening for a music buyer at Barnes and Noble's entertainment office which was located upstairs from the store Robbie worked at.

Morning arrived and the two made and ate breakfast before washing up. Scott turned on the shower and stood under the pulsating spray of the shower massage. Robbie knocked on the bathroom door and asked "May I join you?"

"I wish you would." Scott replied

Robbie removed his glasses, and placed them in the pocket of the robe he was wearing, before removing the robe, and placing it on the hook on the door. He was about to join Scott in the shower when Scott asked "Where are your glasses?"

"They're over there." Robbie replied "I never wear them in the shower. Do you always wear yours in the shower?"

"You know how blind I am." Scott said "I can't find the shampoo, soap, sponge, or towel without them." Scott looked so cute in his wet glasses as he smiled and asked "Will you do me favor?"

"Sure, what is it?" Robbie asked

"Will you wash me?"

"I would love to." Robbie replied

"Here, put my glasses with yours and get in here." Scott said.

Robbie placed Scott's glasses in the other pocket of the robe, before he stepped into the shower and started washing Scott's muscular body.

"Scott, you're trembling. What are you nervous about?"

"It's just weird...I mean it feels strange to be in the shower without my glasses. I always wear them. The last time I took a shower without them was when I was 13 and my cousin was 15. He had strong glasses too. Well...we took a shower together...actually it was a bath in his parents hot tub...Well, we kissed...he was the first boy I kissed...and we took our glasses off. I was so nervous because I couldn't see, but he made me feel good. Just like you are making me feel. Please kiss me."

The two kissed and showered until they ran out of hot water. The cold blast of water shocked them and had them both laughing. Robbie toweled Scott off before toweling himself. While doing so, Scott felt around on the sink counter before asking "Where are my glasses?"

"Right there in the robe pocket." Robbie replied

"What robe?" Scott asked as they both burst into laughter again.

Robbie then reached into the robe pocket, retrieved Scott's glasses, and placed them on him. "I can see again! I'd like to return the favor. Where are your glasses?" Scott asked

"They're in the other pocket...Thanks! Now I can see too." Robbie said...

...Time flies when you're in love. Six months have passed since that day in the adult bookstore. Robbie loves his position as District Manager. Scott got the music buyer job at Barnes and Noble and enjoys his 9-5 life. He doesn't miss stripping at all. He still gets to strip for an audience of one - his 34 year-old myopic lover who is so turned on by the one item he does not take off - his thick myodisc glasses with the prism correction. Who says you can't find love in a bookstore?