by Maria T.

It was a bright sunny morning and Tom got out of bed with no trouble. He took some time off from work and was planning on going camping with his girlfriend. They met two months ago and both enjoyed the outdoors. It was her suggestion to go away for the weekend. Tom wasn’t going to pass up an offer like that. They first began talking about a camping trip 3 weeks ago when they went hiking in the mountains. Tom really liked Carrie from the very beginning. Her athletic skills and enthusiasm for the outdoors made her more attractive. In addition, her beauty was what caught his attention in the first place.

In the past two months, they’ve gone to the movies and dinner. But at the end of every evening, Tom had to satisfy himself with a very passionate goodnight kiss as he dropped her off in front of her apartment. This camping trip would be their first time spending the night together. He would have her all to himself for the next 4 days and 3 nights.

After taking his shower, Tom was going to insert his contact lenses in his eyes as he usually did every morning. He stopped and thought about it. Many years back he wore his contacts on a camping trip and ended up loosing them. He spent the rest of the trip without glasses or contacts, which was a hardship with his poor eyesight. His eyesight is much worse today and it would be impossible to keep his contacts sanitized in the wilderness. Common sense told him it was best to wear his glasses for the trip. Yet, Carrie had never seen him in glasses. What would she think?

After putting the last things in his pack, he took one glance at himself in the mirror. He’d just gotten new glasses frames because of the need for a stronger prescription. The frames were black plastic in a rectangular shape. He thought they were stylish when he chose them. Now they looked nerdy. Worse were the thick lenses he had to wear because he was so nearsighted. What was she going think?

On the drive to Carrie’s apartment, Tom was preoccupied with his glasses. How silly he was for feeling this way. After all, he’d been wearing glasses since he was 9 years old. You would think someone would be used to it by now. Not Tom. He never wore his glasses in public. The only time his glasses got any use was either early in the morning or very late at night. He found himself looking at them in the rearview mirror and sighing with disgust. What would she say?

Carrie must have been as excited as Tom about the trip. When he approached the front of her building, she was sitting on her bag. She was in her hiking boots and wearing a floppy hat. Tom stopped the car and stepped out. He was wearing his baseball cap, which he pulled down over his eyes in a desperate attempt to hide his glasses.

As Tom walked towards her, he felt his back stiffen, expecting the comment. Carrie jumped up to give him a welcoming kiss on the lips. He bent down and picked up her bag and proceeded to load it in the back of his car. She immediately sat herself down in the passenger’s seat. He got in the drivers seat without saying a word.

It didn’t take long for Tom to feel Carrie’s eyes on him. Normally, he wouldn’t mind, but today was different.

“How are you doing, Carrie?” He asked, trying to deflect the questions or comments he knew was coming.

“I’m doing really good, Tom. I’m really excited to get away from the city and spend some time with you.”

Tom turned towards her and smiled as he would usually do. His glasses were sliding and he fixed them with his index finger as he usually fixed his non prescription sunglasses. He saw Carrie lean forward in her seat and he glanced at her while trying to drive. She was smiling.

“What?” He asked, somewhat looking in her direction.

“When did you get glasses?” She said with a big smile on her face.

“Uh, well, 14 years ago.” He said sheepishly.

“Really? Why have I never seen you wearing them? You never told me? Have you been in contacts all this time?” She fired the questions at him.

“I don’t wear them because they’re impractical. You know me, always physical. Contacts work better for me. I never told you because it never came up. I forget that I’m wearing contacts.” He finished and shoved his glasses back in place. If he let them slide too much, he couldn’t see clearly out of them. Not a good thing while driving.

“Why are you wearing them now?” She asked.

“Because, contacts and camping don’t go well together. Hope you don’t mind?”

“Let me take a look at you?” She asked

“Carrie, I’m driving!” He protested.

She leaned over and grabbed his face by the chin. He fought to keep his face forward to keep his eyes on the road.

“They look good on you! You must be blind without them if you’ve been wearing glasses for 14 years. Tom, your lenses are so thick. My goodness, you wear coke bottles!” She giggled in a nice way.

It was over. As fast as she said it, it was now out in the open. Tom relaxed. She knew, and she approved. That’s all that mattered.

It was a long drive up the mountain roads. Carrie sat back in the seat. Her gaze drifted to Tom. She smiled to herself. Six months ago, she walked into the local sporting good store to rent skiing equipment for a trip she was taking with her best friend. Behind the counter of the rental department, stood a very handsome and athletic looking man busy signing out equipment. That was the first time she laid eyes on Tom. He helped her with the rental and their eyes locked several times. Something told her to keep coming to the store. Until one day she was purchasing a pair of new hiking boots and Tom confidently asked her for her phone number.

She fantasized about his handsomely good looks. Carrie later learned that he had been a college ball player who was drafted by the New York Mets. He started his minor league career, but an elbow injury ended his career when he couldn’t pitch anymore. Not sure what he wanted to do in life, he got a job working for the sporting good store. That’s where their paths crossed.

The smile on her face got bigger as she wondered what it was like for him to play baseball all those years in contact lenses. What a nice surprise she had today, seeing him in glasses. As weird as it may sound, Carrie always found guys with glasses very appealing. It was the added accessory of the glasses which was the icing on the cake. It made the guy that more delicious to look at. My goodness, she was in heaven today as she sat next to this hunk, with his thick glasses.

At the campsite, Tom pitched the tent with little effort. It was late afternoon and the mountain was silent except for the occasional bird call. After a long drive, Tom felt tired. He sat on the ground, took his cap off and rested his back against a tree. Carrie joined him. He took her by the shoulders and pulled her even closer to him. She looked up at him in a very admiring way.

“Isn’t the air so clean here?” He said while taking a deep breath.

“Oh, it’s absolutely perfect!” She said meaning more than one thing.

She took a deep breath, too. She was enjoying the view. Carrie was getting a really good look at Tom wearing his glasses. His choice of frames was excellent. The black frames did make him look more studious. They were small, probably to help his glasses from looking so strong. Yet, Carrie had learned from years of observations that Tom’s glasses were very strong. The outside edges of the lenses stuck out quite a bit beyond the frames. What made it more obvious were the rings showing the power of the lenses. There were many rings and they were tightly squeezed together. One other thing made his glasses interesting. The power of the lenses made his eyes look smaller than they actually were. Big and strong Tom looked very vulnerable wearing glasses. Carrie couldn’t contain herself. She reached up and gave him a passionate kiss. She opened one eye while kissing him to peak at his glasses.

“I forget what a pain in the ass it is to wear glasses.” He said adjusting them back into place. “If only they would stay in place. When I was putting the tent up, I felt like throwing them off the mountain. Must be the heavy prescription. They tried to make them as thin as possible. Still, with my prescription, must be hard to do.”

Carrie felt like melting in his arms.

“I saw you constantly fixing your glasses. I figured you must have been sweating and the glasses just naturally slide down your nose. I’m sure the heavy prescription doesn’t help. I have to say, it was quite a sexy thing to watch.” Carrie smiled seductively.


“What do you mean what? I think your glasses are very sexy. You’re a sexy guy and with your glasses, it’s even better.”

Tom sat up straight. Is the air too thin for her? He shook his head to clear it. Was he hearing right? She started laughing.

“I think I look like a dork with glasses on.”

“Not at all!” She laughed again.

Tom still couldn’t believe it.

“Can I try on your glasses?” Carrie asked.

“You want to?” He looked at her suspiciously.

“Here, let me try.” Carrie reached up to his face and slowly pulled the glasses off his face. He let her do it. She enjoyed his blind stare without the glasses. “Can you see anything?” She couldn’t resist the question.

“Not much.” He answered with that handsome smile.

Carrie slowly took the glasses and put them on her face. Slowly she raised them up to her eyes. The glasses were heavy, as she expected. They were like new. He probably rarely wore them. When she adjusted them on her nose, she couldn’t see anything.

“Are you wearing them?” He interrupted her thoughts. “I can’t even tell if you’re wearing them.” He added.

“I’ve got them on. Can’t see much.” She felt so turned on that he couldn’t even see that she was wearing his glasses. She took them off and had some difficulty with her vision adjusting back to normal.

“You can’t see much because they’re coke bottles as you put it.” He reminded her.

“They’re more like bullet proof glass, Tom.” She said with a smile while putting them back on his face.

“Ha, ha, bullet proof glass? It’s not nice to make fun of the visually impaired!”

“Visually impaired? Then how did you get drafted by the N.Y. Mets? How could you play with such horrible vision?”

“I can thank the inventors of contact lenses. No one had to know. I mean, except for the medical physical examination, no one had to know that I was severely myopic. There was only one time I had to play with glasses on and that was back when I was 17 years old.”

“What happened there?”

“I had an eye infection and the doctor said no contacts for a week. I broke my glasses and I knew I could never do that again.”

“How did they break?”

“The batter hit a line drive over 2nd base. I was rounding 2nd and sliding in head first to 3rd. I was wearing my batting helmet. Thinking I was safe. The player at 3rd base caught the throw from center. He swung his glove, with ball inside, across my head. The glove struck me in the face. Broke my wire rimmed glasses and broke my nose. There was blood all over. I couldn’t see a thing. My coach was picking up pieces of my glasses off the grass. They took bandage tape and pieced my glasses back together. I guess my lenses were too thick to break. They put an ice pack on my nose and sent me back into play by the next inning. Of course I had white tape on the broken pieces of my glasses. I even got my picture in the school newspaper, Iron Man Tom Finishes the Game. There I was with my black and blue, swollen nose and broken glasses.”

“I have to see that picture.”

“I burned it. You can ask my mom for it.”

“A mother cherishes her child’s picture, no matter what it looks like.”

“Yeah, what ever.”

Nightfall came and it was eventually time to sleep. Tom let Carrie change her clothes in the tent before he put out the camp fire. When he walked into the tent, only the glowing embers of the fire were still illuminating the area. Carrie was sitting up on her sleeping bag. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Tom sat down and started to unlace his boots. His glasses were sliding down his nose as he looked down. He looked up at Carrie and pushed them back into place. His t-shirt came off, but his glasses also fell off when the shirt got hung up on his head. He didn’t bother to retrieve them. He then unbuckled his belt and took off his pants.

“You need to put your glasses back on.” She demanded.

“Huh? OK.” He fumbled through his clothes and found them. He placed them on his face and then moved closer to her.

“Much better.” She said and thought. What a god like body, so perfect. Like a marble statue, but with glasses. She could no longer contain herself. Carrie jumped on him and slammed him to the ground. Tom didn’t know what hit him. They made love in the tent so many times that it became overheated. Tom had to go out in the early hours of the morning to cool down. Of course he stepped out into the wilderness naked except for his glasses.

After 4 days, they traveled back home all dirty and in need of a shower. He stopped at Carrie’s apartment, unloaded her gear and then headed home. Tom couldn’t help but think about Carrie. She specifically told him to wear his glasses from now on. For this girl, he would do anything. He was madly in love with her. She was in love with him. The rest of the world would have to get used to seeing bespectacled Tom from now on.