A Delivery Worth Waiting For

by Jamie

Part 1

It was a late Friday afternoon and all I could think about was how screwed up the delivery service was that was supposed to be shipping my package. When I had looked up my package on the website, it said it was going to be delivered this afternoon. However, I knew that was not going to be the case as they had already been there earlier that day with another package that I ordered but not the one I was waiting for. I went back to check and it clearly said package for Kyle R. was due this afternoon.

If it was something trivial like a book, CD, or some clothing, I would be frustrated but it would be no big deal. However, the package I was waiting was a new pair of glasses that I had ordered online. I have been wearing contacts for the last several years, but when I went a couple of weeks ago for my annual checkup, he advised me to quit wearing my contacts for a while to allow my eyes some air and some time to breathe.

Well, I hadnít worn glasses in public for quite some time and so I really was concerned about finding some that looked good on me. I had finally found some really cool Nike frames on the internet and decided those would be the ones I would get. So I went ahead and ordered them and supposedly they were on their way. I wore disposable contacts and so my contacts were to expire this weekend and I was hoping that I could have the weekend to get used to the new look in the mirror. I had a pair of old glasses from several years ago but those were really big, ugly frames that were the cheapest they had and there was no way I wanted to wear those and had no intention of doing so.

As I kept thinking back to the delivery service, my mind also kept going back to the deliveryman. We have a usual deliveryman, an older chap in his late 50ís, who while pleasant and polite is definitely not someone I keep thinking about later. But, todayís delivery was different. When the truck pulled up, out of the truck came this guy who had to be about the same age as me and with a really cute appearance. It is a little bit on the warm side today and so when he got out of the truck, he took his hat off for a moment, and this really cute blonde face was looking at me from the other side. I asked about him and he said his name was Scott and that he was a temporary replacement for the usual guy. He was really nice and I quickly had to be careful as he was quite attractive, but I didnít want him to know my feelings for him in case he wasnít that way.

Scott ended up delivering the new Nike trainers I had ordered and when I asked about any other packages, he was very sweet and was apologetic that there was nothing else there for me and that he was sorry for the mix-up. He seemed to get a little upset and on the verge of a tear and so I let him know that it wasnít his fault and not to worry about it. On the way back to the truck, I watched him climb back into the truck and he sort of winked at me on his way out of the drive. I thought that was kind of odd as it was unlikely I would see him again although maybe he could tell that I had an interest in him.

I went into the house and tried on the new trainers; they fit great and were super comfortable. Having tried them on, I then decided to go take advantage of the nice weather and sit on my deck for the later stages of the afternoon. So I went up and changed into a baggy gray tee, some cargo shorts, and the new trainers and proceeded to head out to the deck.

It was so comfortable out there on the deck, that I sort of fell asleep in the lounge chair and only awoke when I heard my front doorbell ring. I headed to the front of the house wondering who it could be as all my friends and stuff go to the back of the house knowing thatís where Iím likely to be.

When I opened the main door to look out the screen door, there was Scott, the delivery guy from earlier this afternoon. However, he was looking quite different than he did earlier in the day and needless to say a lot cuter than earlier. He was wearing a pink polo shirt, khaki shorts and some flip flops along with glasses. He had on these really cute silver frames that accentuated his blonde, tan face perfectly. The glasses made those gorgeous eyes of his just so much more spectacular. He wondered if he could come in and I quickly let him in the front door.

He said that after finishing his route he had found a package in the back of his truck and that it was for me. But he didnít want to let anybody know about it as it wouldnít look good for him so he snuck the package home with him and had it with him in his car if I would wait a minute for it. He then headed out to his car to get the package, it was a smallish package and I immediately knew it had to be my glasses.

Bringing the package in, he noticed the companyís address and mentioned that he thought it was cool that I was getting a pair of glasses in the mail. Scott said that he hated wearing his contacts, but that he was always told he looked better in them and so he wore them most of the time. However, after finishing work, his eyes were bothering him and so he said there was no choice but for him to put his glasses on.

Noting that the package said fragile, he asked if it was okay if he examined them to make sure there were no problems, I said that was fine with me as I was wearing my contacts and that I needed to take them out before trying the glasses on. I knew it was a gutsy thing to do but I asked him if he would come with me to the bathroom as my eyes werenít that great without correction and that I would want to try them on quickly.

As we headed down the hall to the bathroom, he let slip that he found the package before he left earlier that afternoon but that he wanted an excuse to come back and see me later. I turned around and grinned at him and said so thatís why you winked at me.

I took my contacts out and looked in the mirror, I really couldnít see a lot but I knew that would be changing. I had a chair in my bathroom and while I was standing by the sink, Scott had moved the chair a couple feet from the mirror. He then had me sit in the chair while he carefully took the glasses out of the package. As he pulled them out, he cleaned them and then asked if I was ready for my new look. I was and so he then gently placed them on my face. I looked in the mirror and was quite surprised that I actually looked good in them. I then asked Scott what he thought of them and without saying anything, he leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss and said Kyle, thatís what I think of them. Theyíre absolutely gorgeous and make you so much hotter than you looked without them.

He then mentioned that he was hungry and asked me if I would like to go out to dinner with him and of course I said yes.

So, right now he is waiting for me in the living room and weíll see how this goes. The glasses look great on me and it was definitely worth the wait in more ways than one.

Part 2

Obviously Scott is interested in me, so Iím running through my upstairs to change clothes so that we can go someplace casual for dinner. I race into the closet and throw on a black polo in addition to what I already have on and head downstairs to meet up with him.

As I head down the stairs, Scott gets up from the couch and comes over to greet me at the foot of the stairs. I lock up the house and we head outside and head for Scottís car as it is parked in front of mine in the driveway.

We rolled into the neighborhood chain restaurant for the typical grill fare. While waiting in line and for our food, we had a great chat about ourselves and really got to know one another much better. The food was excellent, but the company was even better. I was finding myself more interested in Scott than my dinner, and I was hoping he was feeling the same way.

The check then came and before I could even say a word, Scott pulled out his wallet and paid for both of us. As we walked out of the restaurant and headed to the car, he asked me if I wanted to go play some miniature golf.

My insides jumped because there was no way he could have known that playing miniature golf was one of my favorite activities. I composed myself and gave a gentle yes in response and then we headed for the course.

I would like to tell you I beat Scott at the mini golf, but I was a little too distracted about outside events. Every time Scott got ready to putt, he leaned over in such a way that you could definitely pay attention to his hot backside. After a few holes of trying to be coy about looking, I realized that Scott was starting to be more obvious about it, so he knew that I found it hot. My performance was pathetic to say the least, but hey if I can get a boyfriend out of this, I donít care.

With the golf done with, we headed back to my place. When we pulled into the driveway, Scott and I got out and went inside. We talked some more and then Scott got up to say goodnight for the evening.

I had a lump in my stomach because I didnít know if this meant, he wasnít having a good time or what. All I knew was that this was the best evening I had had in a long time and I couldnít just let him leave without telling him what I was feeling. So, I stopped him and told him what I really felt and that I hoped he felt the same way about me. Scott leaned in and gave me a hug and said that he felt the same way, but he hadnít been sure that I had enjoyed the evening.

As I was already being freer about these things than I usually am, I asked him if he wanted to spend the night with me. After some brief concern on his part about it being inconvenient, he agreed and headed upstairs with me to get settled in. By this time, it was pretty late in the evening and so we were both pretty tired. I told him that it was up to him whether he wanted to sleep in the spare bedroom or whether he wanted to sleep with me.

He thought it would be cool to sleep with me so I welcomed him into the master bedroom and bath upstairs and let him know that if he needed anything to just give me a yell. We both slept fairly well and when I got up early Saturday morning, Scott was curled up sleeping soundly.

I usually am at my best in the morning; so I was busy working on getting some personal stuff taken care of on the computer when all of the sudden I heard Scott cry out from the bedroom that he needed help because he didnít know where his glasses were and that he couldnít see well enough to really find them.

I raced up the stairs and spotted him just out of bed in just his cargo shorts spotting a tear-stained face absolutely looking lost without his glasses. The glasses werenít real strong, but were enough of a help that he couldnít stand to be without correction. His facial expression at that moment was just like an absolute puppy dog and that look was almost too much for me to take. As I looked at him fumbling around the room, I looked through the doorway into the bathroom and saw a splash of silver on the bathroom vanity.

Telling Scott to sit down, I walked into the bathroom and picked up his glasses. I then brought them over to him and put them on his face just like he had for me. Of course, I also had to give him a little kiss as well. The kiss was too much for Scott and he started to cry even more now.

I wondered what I had done and then Scott proceeded to fully tell me about all the troubles he had been going through with his life and that I had to be the greatest guy in the world for wanting to be with him. It is amazing to see how and why things happen. He hadnít mentioned any of these troubles last night, but I realized he finally felt comfortable and trusted me enough to be there for him.

At that moment, I began to hold him gently and then we proceeded to embrace and cuddle and then had a wonderful time. It was nearly lunch time on Saturday when he finally was ready to get moving out of bed. After getting him showered and into some clean clothes (which since I was a little bit bigger than him was a bit of a challenge), we had a delightful picnic lunch on the sun deck and then went for a dip in my pool. That was a blast because as I said, I am slightly bigger than Scott; he had to keep adjusting so that he didnít lose his shorts.

Was the rest of Saturday any good? I guess so because itís Sunday morning as I am writing this and I had to slip out of the bedroom quietly because Scott is curled up again. Itís hard to believe that just two days ago, I was concerned because I had to start wearing glasses again and now I have a boyfriend who loves me and especially my glasses. I guess I should mention that I tried to put my contacts in yesterday after the swim and Scott would have none of that and gave me a little parental-like scold and even gave me a spanking for not wearing my glasses.