by John

Chapter I

It started two weeks ago, as a sort of little problem. Matt, my boy friend, had come home from his annual eye exam to report that he needed new glasses with a stronger script. Both Matt and I have myopia. We’ve been together for the past 10 years, and since then my script has gone from -3 to -5, a modest increase. Matt however, has gone from -4.5 to -9.25, and at his latest exam has been prescribed –10.5. The optometrist, the same one I see, has referred Matt to an Ophthalmologist, as he feels that Matt’s vision should have stabilised by now. Up until this last increase Matt usually wore contacts, although I prefer him in glasses, particularly the ones he has that are oval shaped titanium. In those he looks really hot. The new contacts are 10.5, and the glasses just a bit stronger to compensate for the spectacle blur.

On most evenings Matt and I would go to bed around 9:30. Matt has to be up early for his job as an EMS attendant, although I get to sleep in a little later being an electronic technician. Last week, the night before his 2nd eye appointment, Matt was in bed early complaining that he’d had to take his contacts out early, as his eyes were so sore. I noticed as I was turning the lights down that his eyes were quite red and looked very tired.

I climbed into bed next to him, and within a few moments he had snuggled up to my back, giving me a really nice cuddle. Slowly I could feel him move us around until we were facing each other. For some time he just held me, and rubbed my shoulders, arms and chest. This massage was starting to arouse me. He kissed me on the mouth, a slow, drugging kiss and the feel of his tongue in my mouth sent another hot jet of desire through me. And then he move down my body, kissing, tasting and sucking, as he grasped me between the legs, his hand beginning to explore my growing shaft. He was trying to go down on me and then complained that because he didn’t have his contacts in he couldn’t really see what he was doing. I reached over and handed him his glasses, but he said that made it worse. He brought me off more by feel, than by seeing what he was doing . . . it was great, but Matt seemed disappointed, and after we’d made love to each other, I held him and asked him what was wrong. He said he always enjoyed looking at me when he was giving me a blow job and was very disappointed that he couldn’t watch me cum. We held each other for a while and finally fell asleep, in each other’s arms.

Chapter 2

The Test

When Matt came home the following evening, his eyes were still very red. He’d been wearing his glasses all day, because his contacts were just not comfortable. I loved the look when he wore his glasses, but I was concerned about his eyes. We went out for an early dinner and movie as he was not working the following day, and had an appointment with the ophthalmologist.

The following morning he asked me if I could go with him to the doctor’s office so I phoned in for a day off and we headed to the doctor. Arriving at the office, the receptionist greeted us and took a medical history, along with family details. She commented on the red in Matt’s eyes and then took his glasses to check the prescription. Of course Matt can’t see without his glasses, but I must admit, I always enjoy that myopic stare that he has, his eyes unable to focus on anything in the room. It was obvious he was nervous for he was leaning on my shoulder, as we sat in the waiting room. Within a few minutes a young man in his late twenties (I’m guessing) came out and asked for Matt. He introduced himself to both of us as Doctor Chris Jones, told us that he had just graduated from University last year; this was his first private practice after his internship at the local hospital. Dr. Jones seemed very friendly and said we should call him Chris. Matt asked if I could go to the exam with him and the doctor agreed.

The lighting in the exam room was very subdued. Matt sat down in the big chair and Chris offered me a smaller one just next to Matt’s side. He started by reviewing the file from the optometrist’s office, and then went on to ask Matt if he were having any problems. Matt explained about the problem using his contact lenses, how red and itchy his eyes were and the problem with seeing clearly at close range, particularly when wearing his glasses. Chris washed his hands and then darkened the room, and using a very bright lamp, began to examine Matt’s eyes very carefully, asking Matt to look up, down, left and right. Then he had Matt sit forward into a head rest and examined him using a slit lamp and powerful lenses. Chris finished up with that part of the exam by using a small hand held light and examining the back of Matt’s eyes. The lights in the room came up and Matt sat back to relax, while Chris made a lot of notes on the file. He then turned to Chris, and said: “well the good news is that your eyes seem very healthy, and there’s no sign of any damage to the retina or the lenses. There is a small problem with the corneas particularly your left eye; however, if you stop wearing the contacts, it will heal up just fine. The bad news is that I suspect you may not be able to wear the contacts after the healing takes place. A lot will depend on how well the corneas heal. In the meantime, I suggest we do another refraction and see if we can get you a bit better vision using glasses.” Matt seemed a little apprehensive, but Chris reassured him that he’d be OK.

With that Chris swung the big phoropter in front of Matt’s eyes and dialed in his -10.25 prescription for both eyes. I was impressed with the speed at which Chris worked with his hands, and within moments he was set up for the vision test. He switched on a small projector, which showed a standard eye chart and then rolled it down to the 20/20 line. I could read the line easily.

Then Chris closed the lens over Matt’s right eye and asked him to read the line, using just his left. Matt hesitated. It was obvious he was really struggling, but was unable to read the chart, so Chris moved up to larger letters. At 20/40 Matt was able to read the line easily. Chris then began changing lenses, as the routine began. Chris would switch in a different lens and then ask: “which is better, one or two.” I listened carefully as the refractor clicked realizing that my partner was getting increasingly stronger lenses with each click. As Matt’s view sharpened, Chris moved again to the smaller lines. Finally Matt could read the 20/20 line with ease. So Chris switched to the right eye and repeated the process. The vision in this eye was a bit better, only a couple of clicks and Matt could read the 20/20 line. With that he brought the lights up, and recorded the new settings from the phoropter onto Matt’s file. “Your eyes are a bit weaker since your last prescription, and as you will be wearing glasses we need to compensate with slightly stronger lenses. Your left eye seems to require -11.25, and the right is a little better at -10.75.” I think Matt was a little shocked—another increase and so soon.

“I’ll test your close vision now,” Chris said, and asked Matt again about the close vision. I could see Matt blushing a bit behind the phoropter, but he answered that most of his reading was done about 24 to 30 inches from his face, but sometimes he needed his glasses to see things up close like only 5 to 9 inches away. Chris didn’t ask why, just nodded and then got Matt to sit back behind the phoropter again. Chris swung a small beam around with a series of marking on it. He hooked a small eye chart on to the beam and slipped it down the beam until it was about 24 inches from Matt’s eyes. He opened both the eye openings and asked Matt to read the card. It was hard for me to see, but Matt stopped after about 5 letters and I could tell he was really struggling. Chris reached up onto the sides of the phoropter and pulled down on two small curved handles. Almost immediately Matt said, “Oh that’s better, what did you do?” Chris just smiled and said: “I’m just giving you a bit of help to read, now which is better 1 or 2.” The phoropter started clicking again until Matt could read the second smallest line. I saw Chris write in the file an add 2.25, and then he asked Matt, “Now for this close work, is it 5 or 9 inches?” As if knowing the answer before Matt spoke, he moved the card down until it was about 5 inches from Matt’s eyes and asked him to read again. Of course Matt couldn’t, so the phoropter began its relentless clicking, adding more and more power, until finally Matt could read the second bottom line. Again, Chris noted in the file add +4.00, and then turned to us and said: “well that’s pretty easy; we just have to give Matt some help with his reading. Normally for a person of Matt’s age, we wouldn’t expect to encounter this for another 8 or 9 years, but sometimes with advanced myopia, it is advisable to provide additional help earlier.” “What sort of help?” Matt asked. “Oh you just need multifocal lenses.” Matt visibly whitened, like he was going to faint “you mean bi-focals like my supervisor;” I thought those were just for people after 40.” “Well as I said,” Chris started, “sometimes it happens sooner and in your case it has.” Because it’s kind of special, I’m going to recommend two pairs, one for day to day, which will have a reading segment, and another pair for reading and close work.” It was obvious Matt didn’t like the idea, but succumbed, when Chris told him that he would make up the lenses himself and put them in frames. “I can deliver them later today, if you wish.” We picked out some nice rimless frames for everyday and some heavier plastic frames for the close work glasses. The assistant fitted them to Matt’s face and said they’d be complete with the new lenses about 5. Dr. Jones lives in a small bachelor apartment in the same area as you he will bring them by; he ís working late tonight, so it might not be until after supper. Matt and I agreed that would be fine, and left to find a place for lunch.


Chapter 3

A Delivery

Matt and I were just cleaning up after dinner, when Dr. Jones arrived with the new glasses. He took the rimless pair out, and Matt tried them on. With the new stronger lenses, I could see those wonderful concentric circles in the lenses, until about half way down Matt’s eyes, then the tell tale line marking the bi-focal. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t been looking for it. Matt tried reading, and found that even the smallest print was easy though the bi-focal. Chris then had Matt try on the heavier plastic pair. These lenses were much thicker, and the bottom part of the bi focal created a line across the whole width of the lenses. “They’re executive bi-focals,” Chris said, “I wasn’t sure the kind of close work you were referring to, but thought this would give you the widest field of vision.”

I could hardly wait for Matt to try them on. He did and acknowledged that they seemed to be OK but it was hard to tell. I thought maybe Dr. Jones knew why Matt wanted to see up that close, but nothing was said. Almost as soon as Dr. Jones left, we were in the bedroom, and undressing to try out the new lenses. As Matt kissed me, he said, “these glasses are just great, now I can see your face clearly even when I’m close up to you. I wonder . . .” And Matt snuggled into bed with me, and started kissing and licking—gradually working his way down south, until he had the head of my rod close to his eyes. He looked up and then shifted his head back slightly so he was looking though the powerful lower section of the lenses. Then ever so tenderly he took his tongue and rolled it around the rim of the engorged head, and then easily found the small slit in the center of the head of my penis—he licked and sucked; I was in ecstasy, and after about three minutes of this I could hold back any longer. I shot my load and he swallowed and lapped it up completely.

Then I swung around to service him. I played with his nipples until he pushed me down south, because he was so aroused. I tried to see the head of his penis and the tiny slit. “It’s kind of hard to see even with my glasses on,” I said. “That’s OK” said Matt, “maybe we need to get these great lenses for you as well.” I tried on Matt’s glasses—they sure helped, and within minutes I was enjoying a musky drink from my partner. As we were settling back to sleep, I said to Matt, “I think I’ll go see Chris next week, maybe I need bi-focals too.”