by Tinyeyes

I met Mike at my neighborhood bar one fall Tuesday night.  It was the one night a week gay guys would come to this bar.  He had a look that I like: white with very short dark hair, a very large nose, and a nice compact build. He was dressed sexy, with tough-guy leather boots and a leather jacket too, I think. In retrospect he was really kind of a nerdy looking guy even in that outfit, but it was very cute.  He was just about my age.  Very cute and he looked back at me, and we talked! Nice...

Now, I like guys with glasses, and I love really nearsighted guys with THICK glasses even better, but this guy didn't have glases at all, so...  I could only wonder if he was wearing contacts.  But, he was good looking, and also a banker, so I was eager to go on a date.

That Friday, we had our first date. I don't remember where we went to dinner, but I do remember going to a movie in his cute little Karmann Ghia, and getting stopped by a policeman on the way. The movie wasn't that great, but still, an OK date, I thought, even with the cop stop. Then, we got back to his apartment and my car had been towed from his apartment parking lot! What a night. While he frantically called the authorities to find out about my car, I went to the bathroom and.....

Oh my god. Before I even had a chance to start looking for contact supplies or glases, there they were. Oh shit. Folded innocently next to the sink, a pair of glasses that I could instantly tell were out of my dreams.   Flashing in that way that only high myopia glasses do, thick I mean motherfuckin THICK little horn/wire rim coke bottle glasses.  Trembling with excitement, hardly believing my good fortune, I picked them up carefully and examined them.  They were gorgeous glasses.  The temple pieces were wires, but the lens frames were tortoiseshell. Perhaps the tortoiseshell was an attempt to hide the thickness of the lenses, but it was a spectacular failure. The polished edge lenses were probably highindex, but were so powerful they were still quite thick and bulged from the frames.  I hurriedly pushed my hard minus eight contact off center so I could put on these powerful coke bottles.   At this point, my contacts weren't the only thing that was hard.  My heart was pounding as I looked at myself in these strong glasses, flashing with power rings, and realized that Mike was much more nearsighted than even me!

I composed myself and went back out to see how Mike was doing.   I saw him in a whole new light as we went to retrieve the towed car, stopped by my place to get my things (including my own glasses) and back to his place to spend the night.  Who knew that all along, Mike had been wearing super-strong contacts!?

We had a great time that night. Highlights included Mike emerging from the bathroom in his underwear, peering at me tiny-eyed for the first time in his thick glasses (having, of course, just taken out his contacts while I waited in the bedroom). He seemed unaware and unembarrassed of how much they altered his appearance.  Also nice was the next morning, Mike now naked and bare-eyed in bed with me as we cuddled.  He didn't make a move to put his glasses on right away, suprisingly, but when he got out of bed, the glasses were quickly popped on.  He looked great, naked except for those deliciously thick, powerful flashing glasses, peering into his closet for clothes.