by Tinyeyes

James, who is extremely nearsighted, was on a business trip in Los Angeles, a place he had never been to before.  He decided to stay for the weekend after his business was complete. He decided to go to one of the gay clubs, and since he was in  a town where no one knew him, he planned to wear his glasses.  He never wears his glasses in public, but he finds wearing them a turn on, and wondered if he might meet someone else who likes specs if he wore his.  It was actually a huge relief taking out his hard lenses after working all day.  He was wearing jeans, a t shirt that showed off his time at the gym, and boots. 

He stooped over the lavatory at the hotel, putting his precious, powerful contacts in their case before reaching for his glasses, which were new—beautiful tortoise shell frames, small in size (as the doctor had recommended for James’ high prescription).  The frames held powerful high-index lenses with 1/8” thick, highly polished edges. The prescription: minus 13. Those powerful specs set James back almost $500, but they framed his face nicely, with its blue eyes, sharp prominent nose, and close cropped dark hair.  He liked the fact that they made his blue eyes look really small and intense.  Upon removing his contacts, he is so nearsighted he can’t even see the features of his face as he stands in front of the bathroom mirror until bringing the powerful glasses to his face.  Then his face pops into view, 20/20 vision in miniature form. 

Once out at the club, he realized that he had never been in a place like this with his glasses on before.  He really couldn’t see as well with his glasses as with his contacts; his prescription was too hefty. He was really self-conscious; it seemed as though people were ignoring him much more than usual.  James is a very handsome, well-built guy, so he’s used to being noticed. But in these coke-bottles.....oh well.   On the bright side, it was really nice to be out after midnight and NOT having to cope with dried out contact lenses for once!  Still, he was beginning to feel very self-conscious, and glad he was “out of town”. Maybe even a muscular, good-looking man like him was just a nerd in these thick glasses, shouting “I’m blind!” with their polished edges and flashing flat fronts.

Then he noticed someone cruising him...that really sexy, hunky guy over there with the shaved head and goatee...  before he knew it they were talking.  His name was Travis,and he was really nice. One of the first things Travis said as they were getting to talking was, “I really like your glasses!” 

“Oh, thanks, I don’t usually wear them ‘out’”, said James.  Travis rubbed his eyelid gingerly, and said, “Smart move....my contacts are killing me right now.”  James was relieved, and excited: “So you wear glasses too?”  “Oh yeah, me and probably half the other guys here in contacts!” laughed Travis.  “I’m blind as a bat....nearsighted. You?”  Actually, the question was rhetorical, because Travis could tell by looking at James’ glasses that he was a super-nearsighted dude.  You see, not only did Travis wear glasses himself, but he had  a huge glasses fetish, and he couldn’t believe his good fortune in  finding this hunk, James, with his powerful glasses.  He stared at James as they talked, looking at his reduced eyes and the distortion of his face behind the glasses, trying to guess the prescription. He almost never saw guys out at clubs with glasses like that.  Not that look like this dude! He had to get him home.

Cut to 45 minutes later, and they arrive at Travis’ stylish home in the hills. “Come on in”, said Travis, motioning James into the bedroom.  “Excuse me, but I have to get these contacts out right NOW.”  He left the bathroom door open, and James eagerly watched him remove his contacts.  James still didn’t know how strong Travis’ glasses would be, but he was getting a clue by the way Travis practically put his nose on the bathroom sink to see his contact lens case. He was amazed when he saw Travis pull a pair of small but thick silver-rimmed, almond-shaped coke-bottles out of a case (without looking)) and put them on quickly, completely transforming his appearance.  His large, unfocused green eyes became tiny beads. His glasses weren’t high index like James’s, and they were thick—over a quarter inch thick. They were flat fronted and highly reflective.  By now James was pretty sure they were both into the same thing.  He came into the bathroom, put his arms around Travis, and said, “You look great in your glasses!  Damn, you weren’t kidding.  You ARE blind!  You’re at least as nearsighted as me, and that’s major-league myopia!” They looked at themselves in the mirror, two gorgeous, built men, peering tiny-eyed through high-minus glasses at each other.  Now that they were both properly equipped in glasses, each was extremely aroused. Travis was the first to ask, “What is your prescription?” James was getting really excited.  “About -12 in contacts, but my glasses are about -13.”  

“Minus thirteen! Damn, that’s what my prescription is!!,” replied Travis, amazed. “I can’t believe it. I never meet anyone as nearsighted as me! You want to try each other’s glasses on?” They did, and found they could see very well; they seemed to have very similar prescriptions.  They both had raging hardons by now, and they ended up in bed soon after.  All their remaining clothes came off, but they remained in glasses (of course—they both needed them desperately) and left the lights on.  They didn’t trade glasses back until after they were finished. Both pairs were licked thoroughly clean.