Men-in-Glasses stories

This section is made with a close co-operation with my web friend Julian of Eyescene.

have any preconceived opinions, hate the gay perverts, suffer from any rigid religious opinion, 
want to medicate or heal homosexuals, maintain a far right political position, believe in a political leader, 
cannot cope with your own sexual orientation, don't know why to protect whales, 
and also if you are 
a fascist, communist, nazist, maoist, Jehova witness, Moonist, pentecostal zealot, devil exorcist, 
bigoted roman-catholic, orthodox votary, kabalist, anti-Semite, skinhead, misanthrop, suicidal bomber, 
TV missionary, CIA agent, KGB stag, Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, George Bush, Kim Jong-il, 
or if you are a fundamentalist of any other kind

What is new:

January 2011:
Julian sent 2 very good stories, and my careful check of the whole structure of the files of this website revealed 2 unlinked files with stories.
One is A New Guy at Work the other is Paris.
April 2011
Thanks to Julian Jewels Too were reloaded, now complete and neatly formatted, Spectacles by E. A. Poe was added,
and one more story from his archive was added into the Other Authors section.

February 2010: Maria T. wrote Attorney Cruz. She says: It was my first attempt of writing about an MIG having a relationship with a GWG.  In all my other stories, the girl doesn't wear glasses.  I wrote this one to appeal to either fan (MIG or GWG).  It's also set in another period.  I love to imagine what it would be like to wear glasses a long, long time ago. This story is set in America's old west, approximately 1880s.
Thank you, Maria, we will enjoy it for sure.

August 2008: We have a new author Maria T and her Camp about a bespectacled boy and his girl friend.

I am very sorry to announce that Tony asked me to remove his A Unique Glasses Fetish Story from the web site.
His reason is beyond my grasp. February 2008

A second batch of 24 men in glasses stories was uploaded in May 2006. Enjoy reading them.
The third batch is here! (August 2006)
December 2007: Bed and Breakfast by Jules, A Unique Glasses Fetish Story - part 4 and 5, and the 3rd part of Dragon and the Mountains

The main reason I started this section is that Elektra's web site had not been updated for a very long time and some members of the Eye Scene community wanted to save the stories from her web site before it disappears.
Warning! Most of the fictions are gay stories some of the stories are pretty straightforward. MIG stands for Men In Glasses. 

Who is Who in the MIG fetish stories world

  1. The author of the most of the stories in the first batch is Elektra, 
    who used to run her own website. about glasses and MIG stories, but stopped uploading and taking care of it.

  2. Many stories are written by Izzy (Jewels Too, Everything New, The Bookstore, The Room Remodel),
    Hiria (Darts Love, At my Mercy, The Swan, Myopic Twist), and Faith (Fulfilled). 
    The author of the stories about Will Shakespeare and Feasting with Panthers is Julian, 
    who made me open the section of MIG stories, and who has sent many, well the most of, the other MIG stories. 
    Thank you, Jules, for the fruitful co-operation!

  3. Some of the stories are unfinished. If the author of such a story placed here is reading this, consider finishing them, please.

  4. I don't know who the real authors are, don't ask me about their identity.

  5. If you happen to be an author of any of the stories, feel free mailing me.

  6. If you write stories of the kind you can mail me and ask me to upload your story here (if the story is good).