by Izzy Lennon

Tad had had a full Friday. One of his busiest in months. With Valentine’s Day just a week away, it was to be expected. It seemed that every man in San Francisco, both gay and straight, wanted to look sharp for their loved one. In addition to putting in ten hours at his ‘day’ job at the upscale men’s shop, 25 year old, Tad had just spent another four hours, at the gallery, hanging the paintings, for his exhibit.

Though it was nearly 11 p.m., he prayed for a seat on the trolley. Lately, the trolley had become quite busy, even at night. His prayer was answered. There was only one empty seat left. Tad made a bee line for it and smiled as he sat down next to the bespectacled man, who was wearing sneakers and shorts, and reading a magazine. The man smiled back and said hello.

Tad smiled as he said hello with a head nod. Before he had a chance to realize what he was saying, he turned to the man and said: “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you have got the most incredible calf muscles. What is your secret?” Tad’s neighbor smiled, thanked him for the compliment and said “I left my WASPY life in Connecticut for the freedom and diversity of the city by the bay. I’m gay, but even if I wasn’t, there’s no way I could take your compliment, the wrong way.

My secret? Actually, I have two. The first is these hills. I have walked hundreds of miles up them. They totally work the legs and butt. My other secret is snowboarding. I love snowboarding and go to Tahoe, every chance I get. I spend allot of time at the gym too. Tonight I was working my abs” He then offered his hand and said “by the way, I’m Kevin”

“Pleased to meet you Kevin” Tad said, as the two shook hands “My American name is Tad. It’s an acronym for my real name which is Tomaso Angelo Dominic. It’s a mouthful, huh? And those are just my first, middle, and confirmation names. If you add my maternal family name and my paternal family name...Madonna Mia! It’s just one of the joys of being Italian. One of the other joys is the love of art that has been instilled in me. I’m a painter, but I have a ‘day’ job at a clothing store. I can’t wait to be able to survive off my art. What do you do?”

Kevin told Tad about his job as an Information Technologies manager for a major company. The 28 year old said “It’s an OK job, and I make good money, but the coolest thing about it is the fact that they are so gay friendly. Check out our full page ad here in “Out” magazine.”

“Is that the newest issue?” Tad asked of the magazine

“Yes! I just picked it up. Why?” Kevin asked

Tad asked if he could look for something. “Yes!” he said “Here it is! Opposite the Bombay Sapphire ad, the announcement for my exhibit. The reception is tomorrow night. I’d like for you to come. You can bring your boyfriend too.”

“I’m not seeing anyone.” Kevin said with a smile “I’d love to come. I’ll be there.”

Tad couldn’t believe his good fortune of meeting someone as nice, and unattached, as Kevin. Kevin was also reveling in his good fortune and wished that he had worn his contacts, instead of his drilled rimless glasses with his strong myopic -10Rx. He then thought that maybe Tad didn’t really care about whether or not a guy wears glasses. He, himself had glasses too, even if they weren’t so strong. His -3Rx was being held in a very fashionable Oakley frame.

Still, he wished he had worn his contacts. That was until, what happened next. Tad then said: “I know this is short notice and we just met, but, I am really enjoying talking to you, and I don’t have a date for my reception. Will you be my date tomorrow? We can have dinner at one of the great restaurants near the gallery.”

Kevin accepted Tad’s invitation and wrote down his address just as Tad’s stop came up. Kevin had a broad smile on his face. He thought to himself:

“It’s almost midnight. I’ve been up since 6 a.m. I’m sweaty and in my gym shorts. My hair is a mess. I’ve got the thinned down version of my stupid coke bottle glasses on. And I just got asked by a hot Italian stud, who’s a painter. Damn! Life is good.”

(Saturday Evening)

Kevin wore his best suit and his favorite tie. He looked great. He was about to put his contacts in when Tad arrived. He decided to forget about the contacts and just wear his glasses. Tad looked and smelled great. He was dressed stylishly hip.

Tad seemed a bit nervous when they arrived at the restaurant, but it was just opening night jitters. A Monterrey Margarita quickly put him at ease. Before long, they were walking two doors down to Tad’s art reception. Kevin had no idea of what to expect of Tad’s art. He loved the large, vibrantly painted, canvases. Half of the paintings were still life of men’s clothing items and accessories. The other half were male nudes and body parts. Kevin’s told Tad that his favorites were entitled “Paul’s Pecs,” “ and “The Ski Instructor’s Size 10 Shoe”.

Tad could not have picked a better date for his reception. He was still able to mingle with all his friends, colleagues, and buyers, while Kevin ‘worked the room’ and served as an ambassador for Tad. Having little knowledge of the ‘art scene’ did not hold him back. He had conversations about a wide array of topics, including two conversations about glasses.

The first was with a gay couple. Jim and Darren were both wearing glasses, almost as strong, as Kevin’s. They were about to have Lasik and struck up a conversation, wondering if Kevin was wearing his glasses in anticipation of upcoming Lasik surgery. They were surprised when Kevin told them no.

The other glasses conversation took place while in line for the men’s room. A man in his early twenties, wearing glasses with a very slight correction (about -.50 Rx) who was standing behind Kevin said: “I saw you holding hands with Tad. Are you his boyfriend?”

“No” Kevin replied “this is our first date but I like him. Do you know Tad well?”

“I’m Paul. I posed for that painting” the man said “but I wasn’t naked. I wore a jockstrap. Tad’s a nice guy and he deserves a nice guy. You seem nice. You two look nice together too, especially since you both have thick glasses. I think thick glasses are sexy.”

Kevin laughed and said “My glasses are thick, even these high index ones, but Tad’s. They’re not thick.”

“I hope this doesn’t sound stupid but ever since I was a little boy I would read in dim light, and watch TV really close, to make my eyes bad. It didn’t work. I like thick glasses and wish mine were thicker. I would be happy if they were as thick as Tad’s and even happier if I had glasses as thick as yours or even thicker.” Paul said “I hope I’m not offending you.”

“Not at all.” Kevin said “I might be offended if you were making fun of my glasses. Believe me, I’ve had plenty of that. You sound like you are genuinely interested in glasses. Have you ever tried contacts? Like those Halloween ones?”

“I never tried those Halloween ones, but I used to have a college roommate that had contacts. A few times when he wore his glasses and left the contacts in the bathroom, I tried them. I had no problem putting them in or taking them out. They felt comfortable but I couldn’t see. Why do you ask about contacts?”

Kevin smiled as he told Paul about glasses over contacts. They exchanged phone numbers. Kevin offered to help Paul get some contacts in a plus prescription. “Once we get the contacts, I’ll give you an old pair of my glasses. I know just the ones too.” He then pulled out his wallet and said “look at the glasses I wore for my driver’s license picture four years ago.” Paul liked the glasses and thanked Kevin.

Soon it was time for the gallery to close and the reception to come to an end. The exhibit had been a success. Tad sold 7 paintings. Kevin was quite proud of him. The two went back to Tad’s loft style apartment which doubles as his studio. “Curb Your Enthusiasm is about to start” Tad said “I love that show!”

“Larry David is so funny” Kevin said “Let’s watch it. Where’s your TV?”

With a shy smile Tad replied “I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward, but the only TV is near my bed.”

Kevin smiled back, and asked Tad to lead the way. Tad brought his hands up to the sides of Kevin’s face and kissed him. Tad’s nose touched the bridge of Kevin’s glasses. He then said “Thanks for making my special night even more special.”

“Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I like you allot Tad.” Kevin said “I hope you won’t think of me as a slutty guy, but I’d like to take off my suit and hang it.”

Tad told Kevin that he completely understood and shared that, though he was gay, he was still a Catholic at heart, and that he totally respected him. He then said “I like you a lot too and really want to get to know you before we have sex. I’m pretty old-fashioned but I love to snuggle. If you stay over, I’ll be a perfect gentlemen.”

Kevin felt comfortable laying next to Tad in his bed as they laughed through “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “South Park.” They held hands and drank champagne. They even exchanged a few little kisses. Halfway through “The Daily Show” Tad noticed that Kevin was starting to fall asleep.

As he leaned over and removed Kevin’s glasses, he said “Kevin, I don’t want you to break these. I don’t have nightstands so I’m putting them on my dresser, right next to the TV.” He then removed his own glasses and placed both pairs in a safe spot.

(Sunday Morning)

Tad woke up early. He let Kevin sleep in, because it seemed like he was in such a peaceful place. Mostly it was because he wanted to sketch Kevin’s profile on the pillow. Still inspired by Kevin, Tad started a still life painting and was nearly finished when Kevin walked toward the brightly colored canvas.

Looking ever so cute, with the tip of his penis, peeking through the opening of his boxer shorts, Kevin squinted as he asked “Hi Tad, where did you put my glasses? I was half asleep when I thought I heard you say you were putting them on the dresser. Will you help me find them?”

Tad felt terrible as he approached Kevin and said “I am so sorry. Yes I did place them on the dresser but I moved them to do a painting of them. Here they are. I am so sorry. Are you OK?” Kevin put his glasses on and said “I like them.”

“Your glasses?” Tad asked

“I like my glasses too. I’m so blind without them.” Kevin replied “but I like that sketch of me sleeping and that painting of my glasses. I can’t wait to see it finished.” he then took his glasses off and handed them to Tad.

“Will you be OK without them while I finish the painting? I know I hate being without my glasses and yours look so much more powerful than mine.”

“As long as I know my glasses are nearby and safe, I’ll be fine.” Kevin replied

Within an hour, the painting was finished and Tad was placing Kevin’s glasses on his face and telling him that he (as well as his glasses) was his favorite muse. Kevin was very flattered and asked Tad: “Would you like your muse to pose nude for you. I’d love to.”

As Tad answered with a smile, Kevin removed his boxers and asked Tad to hold them. He then handed his glasses to Tad and asked him to hold them too.

“Will you be OK without these?” Tad asked

Kevin replied “I am not truly nude unless I take my glasses off.”

“Just let me know if you need your glasses.” Tad said

Kevin said “Though I can’t see shit without them, I won’t be needing them again until I go to work tomorrow morning”

The rest of the morning, all of the afternoon, and part of the evening, was spent on the painting, which turned out to be the best one Tad ever painted. At about 8 p.m. Kevin asked Tad for some aspirin. An hour later, the headache was still throbbing.

“Are you OK?” Tad asked

“I think it’s my eyes.” Kevin replied “I haven’t gone this long without glasses since I lost them swimming one time. I think that the straining to see has caused this. Can I have my glasses?”

“Uh, right now?” Tad asked. “Let me clean them first.”

“Don’t worry about them.” Kevin said as Tad handed the cum stained glasses to him. They both laughed. Within a few minutes, Kevin’s headache was gone, and the two were hugging and kissing in nothing but their glasses. A few times the glasses even got knocked off. One of those times, they mistakenly, reached for, and placed each other’s glasses on.

Looking through Kevin’s strong -10Rx really turned Tad on. Looking through Tad’s weak -3Rx did the same for Kevin. They spent the rest of the night hugging, kissing, and exchanging glasses. For the next week, they took turns cooking dinner for each other.

Since Valentine’s day was on a Monday, they made weekend plans for dinner and wine tasting in the Napa Valley. It was a weekend of wineglasses, eyeglasses, and consummating the relationship.