My Diary - The Boy Next Door

Iíve lived here for three years now, and I love the place. I have an ocean view, sorta, if I go upstairs and crane my neck a bit. There are bars and shops I can walk to, which is great because I canít afford a car, and thereís a cute guy, Scott, who lives in the lower apartment. Although heís really the boy below, I call him the boy next door, because his door is right next to mine. I came here for freedom and inspiration, and I found him. Bonus!

I work for myself. Iím always broke, but itís OK. I rent the two upper floors in this old house, I use the main one to live in and the top one as a studio - I do stained glass. I sell my stuff at flea markets and shows, and I get a few repeat customers who call. Itís fun, Iím always busy, and life really isnít bad at all. When he calls round itís even better. Heís sort of adopted me as a substitute sister, as heís so far from home. Iíd prefer a different kind of relationship, but I figure - I can wait. Weíre obviously destined for each other, yes, thatís it.

Well, OK, he comes round sometimes to ask advice with his love-life actually. Yeah, I know. I should be jealous. But these girls come and go like the tide. Nothing ever lasts. Me, Iím always here for him, he never goes out of my life. So I win. See why Iím cool with this arrangement?

He has this little garden. I donít know what it is about watching a man work with the soil, I guess itís earthy, right! I enjoy watching him planting and weeding, and all that stuff. Sometimes he brings me flowers, and I fill the vases I made that never sold. My first ones, pretty pathetic really, but Iím getting really good now. I do unusual stuff, not many windows. So, Iíll break, like say, a jug, copy each broken piece, reassemble it in stained glass. They sell. Iím getting better at doing it without cutting myself too.

OK, so this is my diary. I started it because I watched ďBridget Jones DiaryĒ I guess. Anyway it seems like a good idea. As you can see, I go off on tangents a bit, but itís all good. Itís a really big book, so maybe Iíll never fill it, because I wonít be adding stuff every day. But maybe if I fill it, Iíll publish it. Maybe.

September 4th.

I was in one of those crazy moods today, I decided I hated my hair. I didnít think it through I guess, and I went and had it cropped real short. Now Iím not so sure I like it. It feels weird, really light! I keep going to toss my hair back and thereís nothing there! I think I need a second opinion on this, even though itís too late now. I called Nancy but she was out, so Iíll have to wait until I see Kirsten in the morning. Eek! I wonder what Scott will think! All his women have long hair. Oh well. ITíS TOO LATE NOW!

September 6th

Kirsten liked it. Nancy liked it. I still havenít seen Scott. Why the heck do I worry about what he thinks? Heís just my friend right? I wonder where he is?

September 9th

Can you believe some people. I sold a lampshade to a woman based on her instructions and she brought it back. She said when she used it, it cast shadows round the room that freaked her out. What did she expect? Itís ugly anyway. Thatís the last time I use someone elseís design. I need integrity. If Iím ever going to get a reputation as an artist rather than just a crafter Iíve got to say no to ugly designs. No matter what they offer to pay. Now Iím stuck with the stupid thing, whoís going to buy that? Still havenít seen Scott.

September 10th

I saw Scott! Only briefly. Yeah, heíd been on some course on, gee, I forget, something hi-tech and I have no idea what it meant. He thinks Iím funny that Iím so old-fashioned. I told him I donít need to follow that stuff, I donít own a computer, I donít even own a TV. I work with my hands. Color and shape, and light. All based on nature. He gave me more flowers, they gave me ideas. He gives me ideas too, but we wonít go there. Anyway heís been leaving early, getting back late. So guess what, he likes my hair! Yeah! I didnít have to ask, he just came right out with it.

September 11th

Kirsten came over, and then Scott called. Damn! I know she likes him, so I didnít want to share. I told him Iíd call him later. Wasnít a problem, soon as saw she was there he was ready to leave it until later anyway. Cool. After she left I went down to see him, and he said he wanted to ask me something, but he dithered and never got around to asking me. Now heís really got my hopes up. Maybe he likes my new hairstyle so much heís thinking of me differently. Hey, you never know. Well, a girl can hope anyway. So we just did our usual goofy conversation. One of these days.

September 12th

Well, this is weird. Scott came round and he wanted to talk properly, not just joking around like we tend to do. I donít know if it was an excuse, like he really wanted to say something else or not, but he started talking about his eyes. He says he thinks he needs glasses, and heís scared. I think heís worried his image will be affected. I donít think so, I think heíd look quite nice in glasses. Frankly, I think heíd look nice with a paper bag over his head, but I couldnít say that. Anyway, I told him, thereís only one way to find out, so heís going to go see an eye doctor and get checked out. Big baby.

September 16th

Itís really windy today. I tried carrying a big sheet of blue glass from the craft store in the big mall and I almost took off! In the end I gave up, left it there and said Iíd come back for it. Sometimes Iím jealous of people with cars. Iíll get Scott to pick it up for me, as heís supposed to be going to the eye doctor in that mall tomorrow.


So, I called round to ask him to pick it up for me, and the wuss wants me to go with him. Can you believe that? I have to hold his hand I guess. Maybe he thinks theyíll hurt him. I donít know if it hurts to get your eyes checked or not. Anyway, I said Iíll go. Which means I have to get up early. The things I do for him. Like I mind, right.

September 17th

Can you believe this? He almost backed out of going. Good thing I agreed to go with him really. He was so nervous, you never saw anything like it. I kept telling him, this isnít a dentist. So they asked him questions and then put this weird contraption on his face. Reminded me of Ichabod Crane in ďSleepy HollowĒ a bit. It took longer than I expected, but I donít think it hurt. When he was finished he still looked scared though, actually more scared I think. The doc says he needs glasses and gave him a prescription, but we just picked up my blue glass and came home. I donít know why heís taking this so hard. I snuck a look at the prescription, but it made no sense, all I remember was -2, so Iím going to ask Kirsten. Maybe she can tell me something to make him feel better.

September 18th

Kirsten says that -2 means heís nearsighted, but itís no big deal. Itís not a really bad prescription she says, hers is -4 and even thatís no biggie. So Iím going to tell him that, and maybe heíll cheer up. I saw him this morning and he looked really miserable. I really think heís over-reacting.

Iím getting ready for Fall by doing some browns and golds in my small pieces. Thereís a nice warmth in these colors, I really love Fall colors. Deep red too, burgundy. I actually found a nice deep red glass, clear but a heavy surface texture, with gold flecks in it, perfect. Texture within texture. Nice.

September 19th

So, I told Scott what Kirsten said, and he said he knows itís not bad, but apparently itís bad enough as far as heís concerned. I had never pinned him as vain, that one, which just goes to show, just when you think you know someone. So, NOW he wants me to go with when he gets his glasses. I suppose because I work with color and form he thinks Iím his fashion guru now. Well, thatís nothing new actually, Iíve been giving him advice on his clothes ever since Iíve known him. Come to think of it, yes, HE IS VAIN! Anyway, have to placate him, so I said yes, but only if he takes me shopping after, fairís fair. Heís agreed to that, so weíre going Saturday.

September 24th

We went to this really trendy place downtown where they sell glasses, and the prices were scary. He tried on a lot of frames, and he wanted my opinion on every single one. I thought they all looked good actually, he has one of those faces that suits glasses. I told him that and he just shrugged. Gee, what do I do with this guy. But there was no contest once he tried this one style, which is hard to describe, kind of oval but more angular, and the frames were metal but a rich dark brown color with gold flecks in. My Fall colors, you know? So he picks them up Monday, and I let him off the shopping trip, as he just wasnít in the mood for it. I feel kinda sorry for him really. Even though itís his own vanity thatís brought this little black cloud on. Ah, heíll get over it.

September 25th

I swear Scott is in mourning for his image. I just don't get it. He was in the garden this morning with a face like thunder. I called to him to come up and I'd make weird flavored cappucino. I went totally overboard, whipped cream, cherries, cocktail umbrellas, plastic monkeys hanging off the side, the works, and he just drank it! So I asked him what his problem was and he just shrugged. Geez.

September 26th

Well, I went with Scott to collect his glasses. This time I offered to tag along, as he obviously has issues. Isn't that what I'm there for? He looks really hot in them actually, but I thought it best not to phrase it quite like that, so I just said he looked great, but he wasn't convinced. He wore them to drive home, and I think he was enjoying himself. He loosened up anyway. Maybe it's nice to be able to see the view properly. When we got back he laughed, that's the first time I've seen him cheerful since this all began. As he was putting his new glasses in his pocket he asked me if I realized just how many times I'd taken my life in my hands letting him drive me. I guess his eyes were worse than he thought.

September 27th

Well! Scott came over this evening and, typical, he wanted my advice on his latest love interest. I've seen her with him a few times. Too much make-up. Apparently her name is Shannon and she's really important to him. I've heard that one before. Until he sees something he likes better. Uh huh. So now the truth comes out, he hasn't told her about the glasses, and he's not sure how to bring it up. So I just told him it's a safety issue, ask her, what does she want? Him to drive her not able to see properly. He squirmed at that. What is it with guys, they can't admit to having any weaknesses?

The good news is that I've been accepted for the show at the conference center, it's a really big show, and if I get seen there this could be massive. but I've got to ask Scott to take me. He owes me after all this.

September 28th

OK I'm a voyeur. I watched out the window all evening. I knew Scott had a date and I was curious as to how he was going to handle this. He's got to get over that hurdle of telling her about his glasses. He could have got it over and done with by taking her somewhere and putting his glasses on on to drive, but they didn't go anywhere. I saw her arrive, never saw her leave. Wish I'd been a fly on the wall down there when he told her, if he told her. I can't believe she'd have a problem with it, but maybe he knows something he's not telling me, or otherwise why would he worry so much?

October 1st

I hadn't seen Scott to talk to all week so I went down this morning and asked him about taking me to the show. He said yes straight away and he seemed more his usual self. I was dying to ask him how things went but I didn't. I had a look around sneakily to see if I could see his glasses anywhere, but I couldn't. Really odd, I want to see him in them again. I find myself quite fascinated with this. I've always had the hots for him, but this is different.


I just happened to be at the window when Scott went out. I watched him get into his car, reach into his pocket and put his glasses on before he set off. I wonder if he carries them around with him at home. I thought of a way to see him in them again and have a really good look. Kirsten says there's a special arts festival on TV Tuesday night. I'll ask him if I can watch it at his place, maybe he'll watch it with me.

October 2nd

I actually finished a whole bunch of lampshades this morning. Just lately I'm so inspired to work it comes much easier. I bought the new Evanessence CD when I delivered some stuff midday and then started work again and creativity just flowed out of me like a river. I always work better to music, heck I do anything better to music. Then I watched Scott arrive home, take his glasses off and put them in his pocket before he got out of the car. I have the perfect view for where he parks. Then a made a candle Scott, er I mean sconce.

October 3rd

I watched Scott leave this morning. Earlier than I usually get up but it was worth it. This is becoming a habit. He gets in the car, puts his glasses on then looks at himself in the mirror, every time. I want to tell him he looks great, but it's funny, we've been friends for so long I'm scared to. I've always tried to keep my true feelings to myself because that way I get to keep him, not like his girlfriends. They never seem to last 5 minutes. I'm going to watch that show at his place tomorrow night.

October 4th

Starting a new page for this one, there's a lot! I watched him arrive home, as usual. I watched really closely, and he put his glasses in his shirt pocket. When I went round later he was still wearing the same shirt but the pocket was clearly empty. So I had a look round for them, but I couldn't see them. When the show started he was in the kitchen, but I struck lucky, he said he was interested in watching it and he joined me. First of all he sat down and I was really disappointed because I thought he was going to watch it without putting his glasses on, but within just a few minutes I guess he thought it was good and he wanted to see it better, so he got up, walked to his computer desk and got his glasses. Cool, that means he wears them when he's using his computer too. I hadn't thought to look there. He was asking me lots of questions about the stuff on the show, so I got to keep looking at him. The fact is, I couldn't take my eyes off him, he just looks so good in those glasses. I even think, well I know, that sitting next to him, I started to feel turned on. But the best part was, even though we were just chatting afterwards, he didn't take them off to begin with, and when he finally did, I thought it was an appropriate time to ask him if his girlfriend liked them. But I never got to hear the answer because there was a knock at the door and it was his buddy James. Now this was really funny. They work together, but when James saw Scott had glasses in his hand he reacted because he'd obviously never seen them before. He made Scott put them on and announced they were cool, then asked him why he didn't wear them at work, and Scott looked really embarrased, like a little kid who's been caught doing something wrong. I felt really sorry for him. I left them to it, anyway, and went back upstairs. Later I heard them getting quite loud and I guess James had brought beer.

October 7th

I've been getting ready all week for the big show on Sunday, at the conference center, and I was actually so busy this evening I lost track of time and didn't see Scott arrive home. Yeah, I know. Getting obsessive. I try to see him every chance I get, discreetly of course. I had to ask another favor, a ride as usual, because there's stuff I need to get for the show, so I went down, and he came to the door in his glasses!!!!!! Yeah!! He's going to take me tomorrow morning.

October 8th

I think I'm winning. When we got to the mall, Scott took his glasses off and put them in his pocket before getting out of the car, like he always does, and we went into the mall, but we hadn't been in there long and he was squinting (sexily!) and he put them back on. I was really surprised. I was really pleased too. I think his enjoyment of being able to see properly is winning over his vanity. But I also think he wasn't expecting to run into anyone he knew there, as it's a strange place, like it has this huge craft store I use, but the rest is all weird clearance stores. Because, after that we went to the downtown mall, and he didn't wear them in there.

October 9th

I had to get up at 6am. Whew. It was worth it, Scott came out of his door already wearing his glasses, and when we got to the conference center he didn't bother taking them off at all. It got really busy, real early, and I was swamped with customers. This is the best part. He had been browsing around at the other booths and when he saw how busy I was he came back and helped me. It felt really good having him there beside me, we worked well as a team, I did all the sales pitch and he wrapped stuff up and did the actual sale. I took $1400 IN A DAY! I'm not sure who was the most surprised, me or him. I reminded him it had probably cost me half that to make and at least 100 hours work too, but he was still impressed. He had worn his glasses all day. I think he's getting used to the idea.

October 10th

Watched him go to work as usual. I'm still floating from yesterday. Spent all morning making a piece that I've sort of devoted to him, one of my rare windows.

October 11th

Ha! He came out the door in his glasses this morning, and went indoors from the car in them tonight. I was going to go down, find some excuse to talk to him and see if he came to the door in them this evening, but SHE arrived. They didn't go anywhere. I can hear his door, well quite a bit, from my kitchen, and I've got his times of going and coming in my head. I wonder what he'd think if he knew I obsessed over him like this. I'm getting more and more jealous of HER. I see him more often, but I guess she sees more OF him.

October 12th

OK it's official, I'm in love. I'd had my "Scott arrives home" fix, and was back up in the studio when there was a knock at the door, and it was Scott. Wearing his glasses. That little surprise was enough to make me quite ruffled, and the way he smiled, oh man. He just wanted to hang out!!! I made capuccinos. He seemed much happier so I asked why, and he just shrugged. So I volunteered that I'd noticed he was wearing his glasses more, like just sitting around, and he said it just made life easier. So I asked him what his girlfriend thought, and he said she was cool with them. Whatever that means. Having pushed it this far I gave it a shot and told him I thought he looked really hot in them. His face was a PICTURE, I mean I've never seen him react like that. I almost wished I hadn't said it, but I'm glad I did.

October 16th

What have I done? This was what I was afraid of, that if I gave it away that I was attracted to him he'd run a mile. I think he's avoiding me. He ALWAYS drops by on weekends, but I haven't seen him since and I haven't seen him go out much either. I tried burying myself in my work, but I can't concentrate. When I made the decision to go down and see HIM he was out, but I didn't see him go. I haven't seen him in the garden or anything. I don't think SHE has been round because I would have heard. Have I messed it all up?

October 18th

Well, it turns out she's finished with him. So he's a bit down. When I called round this evening he invited me in really eagerly, and wanted to offload. She didn't give any reason, but he thinks she got someone else. Ah, let her go. He's still got me. I'd never leave him. Why would anyone dump a man like that? It makes no sense at all.

October 22nd

I've had a great day. Scott called first thing and apologized for being a dick all week, and would I like to go shopping. He wanted to buy winter clothes and needed his fashion guru. By 2 o'clock we were footsore and stopped for lunch, and it was amazing. I've never known him open up quite like that. I'm beginning to think maybe I should make a move on him because he's fed up, he says, with these 5-minute relationships based on some shallow physical thing. He seems much more comfortable in himself. He seems to wear his glasses all the time, and he's OK with it. Well, I guess. He talked about them too. He says pretty much everyone he knows have got used to him in them now, and the novelty is wearing off. And now he's got used to seeing well he doesn't feel any urge NOT to wear them. He says he feels like a fool not getting them before. Unfortunately he's apparently getting a lot of compliments from other girls too. But hey, I'm the one he spent the day with.

October 23rd

I haven't had the girls round in ages so we got together today, just hung out here. Nita lugged her TV/VCR up here so we could watch a movie, Kirsten brought pizza, and Dianne brough tequila! Danielle just brought herself, but she gave us plenty of entertainment. Nancy and Pilar showed up late (with chocolate)and asked who the guy in the yard in the glasses was. I said he was my lover, only he didn't know it yet. They all started hanging out the window to get a look. Poor Scott saw them, and dived indoors. Then this conversation ensued, which was really weird.

Only Danielle didn't like his glasses, and Nancy agreed with me that he was very, very hot in them. Then she said she has a fetish for men in glasses anyway. Well, I've heard of shoe fetishes but that's a new one on me. When the others had all gone she said she ONLY dates men in glasses. Apparently she's not rare either, she belongs to some group of women on the Internet who all share this fetish. I have to tell him that, when the moment is right.

October 28th

I can't believe it. Scott is going away. I left it too long to tell him how I really feel about him, and now I'm not going to see him for ages. He's got a contract in Japan, and he's going to be gone for at least 9 months. He's keeping his place downstairs so I know he's coming back....but I don't think I can stand it. Not sure I'll have much to put in my journal while he's away. Scott is my life..........

December 20th

I got a Christmas card from Scott. He loves Japan and he says it's going really well. I miss him so much. We didn't even get a chance to say goodbye properly. I'm looking after his place, and his garden. It seems weird going into his rooms and him not being there.

February 14th

This is so cool. I was up in my studio working and there was this REALLY loud rap at the door. It was a guy with a HUGE bouquet of flowers, and a note. It said "Be my Valentine, your friend far away". I think he misses me too. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I actually have something else to write in my journal! I bought myself a computer and Nancy helped me set it up. I have no idea what I'm doing with it but I really needed something to help me keep track of my orders, my accounts and stuff, so I have to learn. Business is really good!

February 30th

I think I've got the hang of the computer. Nancy asked me if I wanted to send an e-mail to Scott, and if so she'd show me how to do it. I have an emergency phone number so I can reach him, but that means phoning Japan. I'm scared, silly huh? But I can't wait to talk to him. I've got to get the time difference right. I'm going to call him. Soon.

March 3rd.

OK, I did it. I called him and I got his e-mail address. He seemed pleased (and surprised!) to hear from me. We didn't talk too long, but I sent him an e-mail straight after, and I must have got it right because he e-mailed me straight back! This is great, it'll make it so much easier to bear him being away. He's coming back in August. I've made a special calendar that works backwards so I can mark off the days......

March 15th

Usually Scott and I just shoot the breeze in our e-mails. He's so funny. It reminds me of the silly conversations we used to have way back. He seems like his old self completely these days, and he even told me that he got stronger glasses recently. Yeah, all by himself. I wish I could see him in them. I miss him so much.

June 4th

Maybe the time isn't going so slowly after all. Getting e-mails from Scott makes all the difference. Otherwise I think I'd have swum to Japan by now. I just hope that when he returns he realizes how much he really needs me in his life!

August 1st

Well, of course, he won't be back this month. They're keeping him a few weeks longer. I can't stand it. I'd just got down to counting DAYS until he returned and then, bang, it's like having the rug pulled out under your feet.

August 4th

OK, final date to look forward to, September 18th. I'm going to meet him at the airport because I can't wait another hour. So, I made this sculpture, I didn't make it out of glass, and you'll see why, but it has one turret for every day until he comes home, and evey day I smash one with a sledgehammer! I know, but it feels so good.

August 14th

Oh he's just doing this to drive me crazy, he tells me that he's going to buy new glasses AGAIN just before leaving Japan because the prices, and choice, are so good there, and he thinks they'll raise his presciption AGAIN. He says that's normal - two increases like that in his first year of wear, especially after putting it off a while, but I just can't wait to see him in them. I just can't wait to see him, period.

September 17th

I smashed the last turret today, when I get up in the morning I will destroy the sculpture and head for the airport. I'm going to see my Scott! September 18th

Today has been awesome. Too much. My thoughts are running ahead of my pen here, and I'm shaking. Well, I got to the airport and waited for Scott. I knew where to wait but I was nervous, he told me his hair has grown a lot since he went away, and I was afraid I might not recognize him straightaway and feel silly. And I was just nervous anyway, because, well, you know, I've loved him for a long time, but missing him just made that more intense. So I stood there scanning all the arrivals passengers, and yes, he had changed, but I knew my Scott. He spotted me too, and rushed straight over. Oh wow, could I ever see a difference in his glasses, yes. I love the new ones, and to think he'd chosen them all by himself, bless him. And he said he'd missed me, and he kissed me, PROPERLY. So I'm letting him recover right now, and he's coming over tomorrow. I can't wait.

September 19th

Scott arrived mid-morning looking refreshed. He's got quite a tan. I love his hair longer, I never thought he was the type to grow his hair out like that, but he seems to have grown inside too, he's far more mature, but still fun. No he's more fun. He's more attentive to me! Unfortunately we didn't have much time alone together before his friend James arrived, but then I got my own back, as Nancy came over too. Everyone wanted to see the return of the wanderer. I'll get him to myself again tomorrow.

September 20th

Well, I got all afternoon with my Scott. We had so much to catch up on. We went out, no phone, no visitors, we drove right out of town and found a funny little diner, really quiet, and we outlasted our welcome I think. But we kept buying stuff so they couldn't complain. It was just great because I was sitting opposite him and I could just keep looking at him. Well I couldn't take my eyes off him. I can't get past how much I love him in glasses. It was like old times, but it wasn't. There's something more, I KNOW there is. He asked me what I thought of his "new look" and I wasn't quite sure what he meant, but I told him I thought he looked fantastic, and he seemed to like that......I dunno, maybe I'm reading too much into this but I think he are becoming more than just friends. I'm just hoping that being away gave him time to realize it's me he really wants. But I'm not going to pressure him, I just let him know I'm interested and let him do the running.....He has to go into work tomorrow. He's back.

September 23rd

I went shopping with Nancy and Kirsten and when we came back they came in, and then Scott came up. So now I know he's mine. He usually either avoids them or flirts with them, but today he was just friendly, and relaxed. He just sat down next to me and chatted. He seems so much more confident these days, and even when Kirsten asked him about his glasses all he did was take them off and hand them to her. OK, I admit I was a bit jealous because he's never let me handle them, but at least I got to hear what his latest prescription is, and it's -4, same as Kirsten's only he also has something called astigmatism. I have no idea what that is, but apparently his glasses correct it just fine. He was very happy to put them back on after, and he said he relies on them now. For some reason I find that really, really exciting. Isn't that weird? September 24th

YES!!!!!!!! Oh I'm so excited, he's mine, he's mine! He came round this morning, checked I was alone and then came in.......he was all nervous again, but this time my guess was right, he said he'd been thinking and realized that we really had something between us and that he would like to take me out on a REAL DATE if I didn't think it would spoil things.....I just jumped at the chance! So, tonight we're going out, just to a place up the street, to behave like a couple. And I'm so excited!!!!! September 25th

Oooooooh! We had a yummy evening! He was so HAPPY!!!

He's so much more relaxed these days, his trip really did him good. But the best news is that I actually got to ask him about his glasses. I've wanted to for so long, I mean originally the subject was taboo, or at least it always brought on the black cloud, you know? But I asked him if he'd got used to them and he said yes. He says they just seem familiar now, and he certainly doesn't fiddle with them these days. Maybe this pair fit better or something, but he was always adjusting his first pair. I don't know why but it was really exciting listening to him talk about how he really can't see much at all without them now, everything is just a blur, and it really annoys him, so he never takes them off. Anyway, I told him, again, in case he'd forgotten, how I think he looks really hot in them, and I hoped he'd never get contacts....well! He said he tried contacts in Japan, and he hated them, and he has no plans ever to try again. Suits me fine. I've got more questions but I'll save them. I get turned on just talking, no - just THINKING about it, how weird is that? September 29th

WOAH! Scott has spent the evening with me EVERY evening this week, and I just haven't had time to write. Tonight we're going out again, a bit classier this time, so I'm dressing up.

September 30th

It's late afternoon and Scott has just left here. We went out last night to a movie, and then went for something to eat, then we came back here. We were talking, but it wasn't like usual - and it was better. It was more, well, open. To cut a long story short, one thing led to another and.......well.....we did it! I know you aren't supposed to on a first date, but it's not like we were strangers. And it was SO good. He was fantastic. He asked me why we hadn't done this before! This morning it was so fantastic to wake up and find him right beside me. We talked some more, and after a little while, he got up and put his glasses on just to go to the bathroom. I got so excited by that, that when he returned I was all over him again. At some point I'm going to have to explain this, but I don't really know where to start.

October 5th

Scott's been pretty busy this week, but he always comes up at some point during the evening. We've talked about him just moving up here, so, maybe, soon.

Watch for new Diary Entries!