By ttuee2006


"Janice WHERE ARE MY CONTACTS!!!" I yelled as I came running down the stairs. "I was afraid you might ask that", she said. "The cleaning lady was here earlier this afternoon cleaning the house, and when she left I noticed your case was gone off the sink counter. I don't know what to tell you." A sudden feeling of doom hit me knowing that for the next 2 weeks I was going to be in serious trouble. After an awkward moment of silence I said to her, "well it wasn't your fault. I'll just have to figure out how to get by in the interim. I'll just have to sneak a pair of glasses on the ship and hide them somewhere so I can use them when I'm alone." I saw the look of grief in her eyes and it made me feel really horrible for her. "I'll see you in two weeks when I return and I'll order some new ones then. Just don't worry about it." She then said something I hadn't thought about. "Where are you going anyway?" To be honest I really didnít know either. Our mission was classified. All I knew is that I would be gone for two weeks and then I had a month's leave. I also knew I was going to be late if I didnít leave in the next five minutes. "Let's forget about it for right now and get moving", I said to Janice.

Being a member of the Navy had its perks, but the most serious drawback I had encountered so far was that you were more likely to be assigned to land based work if you wore strong glasses. To counter this fact, when I applied, I had a pair of contacts made in my prescription so that I could pass the eye exam without wearing glasses. Since I made it into the Naval academy four years ago, I have worn contact lenses to any event that required me leaving the privacy of my own room. Being caught with glasses on (especially as powerful as mine are) was grounds for immediate court-martial. I did feel fortunate though that my job on this mission was to be an aide in the sick bay. I felt like this would be a safe place for me to be running around blind.

When Janice pulled up at the dock, I grudgingly removed my sacred glasses from my face and slipped them in my coat lapel pocket. I figured for a quick glimpse of something I could pull them out and flick them in front of an eye if absolutely necessary. Janice grabbed my arm and pulled me in close. "Look at me", she said. "Can you see me crying?" I was close enough to make out her face, but I couldn't see her tears very well, but I lied "Yes. Don't cry. I'll be back sooner than you know it. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." "That's not what I'm worried about,Ē she said. "I'm more worried about how you're going to get around when you can't see." "I'll get by," I said. "I always do." Famous last words, I thought to myself. Almost as soon as I got on board, I figured out just how difficult this trip was going to be. I knew the ship like the back of my hand having done so many training missions and short expeditions on it, but without corrective lenses it all looked very alien to me. All the halls were blurry and I couldn't recognize anyone. I finally found my quarters down in the belly of the ship and tossed my bag up on my bunk. I was just thankful that the doors had huge white lettering on them to designate the room number. Without that I would have been totally lost.

From the doorway I heard a voice say "Hi, I'm Jason." 'Shit' I thought to myself. I had always had a bunkroom to myself since I was a ranking officer due to my education at the Naval Academy, but it seemed this trip was a little cramped for space. "I'm Justin," I said. We shook hands and got to know each other a little better. It turns out Jason was from Houston just like me, but from the other side of town. After talking with him for a little while we found we had a lot in common with each other. We liked the same music, same sports teams, and same cars. It seemed Jason was almost my twin personality-wise. From his appearance, the only thing I could make out was the fact that he was about my height at 6'1" and he had jet-black hair. Other than that, everything else was a total blur. "Sorry to do this to you, but I gotta run," he said, "I got cooking duty." We said our goodbyes and I decided to start unpacking my stuff. For the first time in about 3 hours, I was about to be able to see. I closed and locked the door with the deadbolt, and threw on my glasses. I sighed a great relief as the whole room jumped into focus.

After unpacking all my stuff, I glanced down at my watch and realized I had to be at my post in the sick bay in 10 minutes. I grudgingly removed my glasses, slid them in my pocket, and walked up to the sick bay. I approached the counter and to my surprise there was only one other person there. I walked up to him and presented my papers. "You'll be dispensing drugs and basic first aid during your shift" he said to me. I introduced myself to him, and he replied "Yeah, I'm Devin." That was the extent of our conversation. I couldn't tell from looking, but from his voice and attitude I figured he was a pretty crusty old man. My first shift was the next day at 10:00 hours. After I left the sick bay, I ducked into a corner and pulled my watch up close to my face and squinted to see the time. Only 15:30 hours. Not yet time to go eat. I decided to go back to my quarters and relax for a little while, possibly in my glasses to allow my eyes to rest for a while from all the straining I had been doing.

When I returned to my quarters all hopes of wearing my glasses were dashed when I saw Jason lying on his bed. "Well there goes that idea," I thought to myself and decided that taking some aspirin would help out a little instead. I climbed up on my bed and lay down and closed my eyes. About 5 minutes later I felt the bed shake a little as Jason climbed out of the bunk below me. I felt someone looking at me, so I opened my eyes and looked over at the blur of his face staring at me. For the first time I could vaguely make out the features of his face. From what I could tell he had a fair complexion with a chiselled nose and a square jaw. He had long sideburns and a clean-shaven face. He had big bushy black eyebrows to match the jet-black hair on top of his head. I couldn't tell but I could swear he had crystal blue eyes. Little did I know that those crystal blue eyes weren't as perfect as the rest of him. But I was about to find out. As soon as I opened my eyes, he started talking. He said "This is really embarrassing but I have to ask you for some help. You've gotta promise that what I'm about to tell you doesn't leave this room. I could get in trouble." "OK" I said, "Your secret is safe with me." "I don't know how to start," he said. "A few years back my vision started slipping. I remember getting my first pair of glasses in the 10th grade. I don't need them for distance so I thought for this trip I could get by without them. I guessed wrong. I was given this thick book of rules and regulations for the kitchen that I have to read. The only problem is that no matter how hard I try, I just can't read it at all without my glasses." 'Holy shit' I thought to myself. "Well if we're on the secret-telling bandwagon, would you be willing to keep a similar secret for me?" I asked him. "Sure," he said. "Well for most of this mission I'm going to be pretty blind myself. I've been wearing glasses since I can remember. Without my glasses I can hardly even see my hand in front of my face." I then pulled them out and put them on. For the first time I could clearly see Jason's face. He was much more attractive than I had originally thought. One of those men women just die for. He did have crystal blue eyes, and his age couldn't have been more than 21 at the most. "Wow!" he said, "You really are blind. Look at those coke bottles. So how did you even get to enlist with eyesight like that?" I told him about my contacts and explained how they had disappeared just minutes before I needed to put them in for this trip. "Wow, that sucks," he said, "I was going to bring my glasses, but decided against it. I just left them on my nightstand next to my bed. I've never worn contacts before. By the way, what's your prescription since we're sharing all these intimate secrets?" "Well I'm not for sure on this, but last time I checked, I was -12 in my left eye and -12.5 in my right eye. I've also got a bit of an astigmatism, but I don't know the numbers on it." I said. ďWhat's yours?" "I'm not as bad as you are, but up close I'm probably about as useless as you are at a distance. I'm +5.25 in my left eye and +6.00 in my right eye with 0.5 astigmatism in both eyes. I can see pretty much fine except for negligible blurriness at a distance, but I can't see clearly anything closer than about 3 feet to me. My vision is so bad that without my glasses I can hardly make out the titles or pictures of books."

I told Jason that after supper I would help him out by reading the book to him if he agreed to never tell anyone our little secrets. He agreed. I felt he had just as much to lose as I did if his secret was discovered. With that said, it was almost time for supper, so we decided to go eat together. On the way out he said "Uh, Justin, you gonna take those things off before you leave?" I was glad he said something. I slid them grudgingly off my nose and plunged myself back into a world of total blur. Jason led the way to the dining hall and we had a filling dinner before returning to our quarters. Jason locked the door and I slipped my glasses on and started reading to him. With that done, I jumped off the top bunk and prepared to go take a shower. Jason beat me to it though, so I waited for him to return. I slipped my glasses off, and for the first time put them down on my bunk where I left them to go shower. I had never felt so naked in my whole life. I was showering in the community bathroom right out in the open. I felt as though everyone was staring at me, but I couldn't see to prove or disprove it. When I returned to my quarters, the first thing I did was reach up for my glasses. To my horror they weren't there. "Jason!" I yelled, ďJason, where are they? Where are they?" He laughed. "Feel over about 3 feet to your right under your pillow," he said. "Another crewman came by a few minutes ago asking to borrow some soap so I hid them before I answered the door. Hope you don't mind." "No, I don't mind you doing that," I said, "But I would mind if something happened to them. I'd be screwed." I threw them on my face and looked down at Jason. He had stripped down to his boxer shorts and was lying on the bed on his back. He noticed me looking at him and said "I know I'm kinda hairy, but it was hot in here. I can't sleep when itís hot like this." Hairy he was. He had dark black fur on his legs and arms, and his upper chest had a fair amount of dark black hair on it as well, connecting in a line with a fuzzy black haired belly. I thought it was kind of neat for someone his age to be hairy and proud of it. I said, "I'm also kinda hairy, not so much as you are though." With that said I also stripped down to my boxers. I have dark brown hair on my head, but all my body hair is black like Jason's. The only difference is that Jason's hair is somewhat curly and wavy, but mine is very straight. My legs and arms are both more than average hairy, but my chest is just pretty average. "Yeah, I approve" Jason said. We both laughed for a while about that. I took my glasses off and crawled into bed for my first night at sea on this mission.

The next morning I woke up and the first thing I did was reach for my glasses. However instead of grabbing them, I knocked them on the floor. "FUCK!" I yelled. Jason sat up in bed and banged his head on the bar on my bunk. "What's the choice words for this early?" he said. Then he saw me groping the floor to find my glasses. "They're about 2 feet to your left," he said. I scurried over there and threw them on my face. "Glad you're here," I said. I got dressed and ready to go for the day. Fortunately we had a mirror and sink in our quarters so I could shave and comb my hair with my glasses on. I remembered the prior day when someone came in the room, and decided this time it was better to put my glasses in the bureau drawers. I slowly blurred my way up to work, where I discovered that I would be working alone on my shift. I signed in, and the other guy signed out. Things were kind of slow that morning until one man came in and requested a pair of -2 contact lenses. Suddenly my heart started racing. "They have contacts on board," I thought to myself. I went to the back where the inventory was, and hunched over the book straining to read it. I found the section and location and brought him back one pair of -2 contact lenses. He thanked me and left. I immediately ran back to that inventory book and began scouring it for any mention of contact lenses. It turned out that the maximum prescription they carried was the -2 lenses that I had dispensed to the man earlier that day. They also had +2 lenses I noticed. I nonchalantly walked over to the case of contacts and removed 2 boxes: one box of -2 and one box of +2. I pocketed both boxes. When I got off my shift, I almost ran back to my quarters to try on the contacts. I figured I could stack a couple pairs to get at least SOME correction. With my blindness anything was better than nothing. With the first pair inserted, I didn't notice much change in my vision. With the second pair inserted, I noticed I could read fairly easily now at a closer-than-normal distance. I tried a third pair, which would have brought me up somewhere to half correction, but I couldn't keep them in my eyes. They kept hanging up on my eyelids and coming out. I was satisfied with the -4 combination I had come up with though. It allowed me to read to an extent, and I could make out a bit more than without anything at all. I did realize that I was still severely under corrected at -8 though. I then decided to try on my glasses over the contacts. I could see very well with this combination, but I felt like Jason must have. Most things close up were fairly hard to see. I felt myself straining very hard just to read my watch. And that was with it at arms length. I took my glasses back off and put them away and headed to supper.

While going through the serving line in the dining hall, I saw Jason behind the counter serving green beans. When I got close enough to him, I said to him, "I have a present for you when you get done later." He nodded his head and I went off to eat. After dinner I went to the lounge to go play cards. I knew it would be difficult to see my cards well, but I had tried it earlier by myself and I figured I could just deal with it. What I didnít know was that the table I chose to sit at had one of my best friends from the naval academy. "Justin!" he said. It took me a min to recognize his voice, but I said to him "Mike, is that you?" We got to talking and he suddenly asked me if I wanted to go to the movie with him. Knowing I couldn't see, I tried to get out of it, but he insisted I go with him to see it. I finally obliged, but I was very hesitant. I had never been to the movie deck before, and I didnít know how to get back to my quarters without seeing a map of the ship. The movie turned out to be awful, so I was glad I couldn't see it. It was just a huge colorful blur to me. I never let this show to Mike for a second. I knew him well enough that I figured he would rat me out if I said I couldn't see.

Finally the movie ended 2 hours lateróprobably two of the most torturous hours of my life. And boy, did I have a splitting headache when it was over. I couldnít even imagine what it would have been like if I didnít have any correction at all. After the movie, Mike and I stood around and talked for a little while in the hall. We talked about families, stuff we'd done since we last saw each other, and the other usual BS that two friends talk about when suddenly I felt a contact start to unseat itself. "FUCK!" I thought to myself, "just what I need." I reached up and grabbed my eye to keep the lens in and started moaning about something in my eye. Mike said, "Let me see. I can fix it." I denied the request and asked him to point me to the bathroom. He did, but said goodbye before he left me there. He had some other things to go do. I ducked in the bathroom and, squinting in the mirror with my good eye, fixed the problematic contact lens. When I walked back out in the hall, I realized I had absolutely no clue where I was. I started walking down the hall in the opposite direction from the theater thinking it would lead me to a staircase or elevator or something. I was wrong. The hall just dead-ended instead. Curious as to where I was, I began squinting very hard at one of the doors. I was able to just barely make out what it the door said. It was an Admiral's living quarters. "SHIT!" I thought, "I gotta get out of here." I decided to walk back towards the movie theater and noticed a big picture on the wall near the entrance. I squinted as hard as I could to try to read it, but wasnít able to. I quickly glanced around and no one was in the hall but me, so I walked up even closer until I could read it. It was a map. "THANK GOD!" I thought to myself.

About a half hour later I finally managed to make my way back to my own quarters. Jason was lying on his bed with his shirt and pants off again. He asked where I was so I told him. "Wow without your glasses?" he asked. He was obviously in disbelief. "I have a present for you Jason," I said to him, "Close your eyes and open your hands." I placed the box of +2 contact lenses in his hand. Jason opened his eyes and looked at the box a minute. "What's this" he asked. "Those, my friend, are +2 contact lenses. If you put 2 in each eye, it will add up to close to your real prescription. You should be able to see well enough to read your books with that." I said to him. He was still clueless. "How do I put them in?" he asked. "Could you help me?" I obliged and told him to lie back while I took my own out and put my glasses on so I could see. I had him lie down and open his eyes wide so I could drop the lenses in for him. When it was all done, he sat up and said "WickedÖI can see pretty well with these, not as well as with my glasses, but still pretty damn well. I can even read this book!" I showed him how to care for the lenses and how to insert and remove them easily when he needed them. He was eternally grateful. So grateful in fact, that he hugged me. His stiff bristly chest hair rubbed my bare chest and for the first time, I got an erection from another man. I was highly embarrassed and pulled away to conceal it. It also kind of bothered me because I knew I was straight, but it also aroused me that this young man made me hard. That night I dreamed about the incident and tried to make some sense of it.

Around 2 that morning I awoke to a severe shudder and yelling voices out in the hall. I groped for my glasses, but couldn't find them. The shaking had knocked them back behind the nightstand I figured. I groped behind the nightstand but couldnít feel them back there. "Jason," I yelled, "Help me!" He looked back behind the nightstand and said "I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that your glasses are back there. The bad news is that this nightstand doesn't move." "Well FUCK!" I yelled. I went over to the sink and was getting ready to put my contacts in when suddenly the door flew open and one of our crewmates said "Abandon ship! Abandon Ship! WE'RE SINKING!!!!!!!" "WHAT?!?!?!" Jason yelled. "Yeah, one of the boilers blew in the ship's belly. That was the shudder you felt. Now there's a HOLE in the bottom of the ship!!!!!" Jason grabbed my arm and we ran out of our quarters and up the stairs to the ship's deck. From what I could tell with my blurry vision, the whole crew was up there. Suddenly the power went out and all the lifeboat winches stopped. "Oh DAMN!" I heard one of the operators say. "There aren't any cranks!" Everyone panicked. Suddenly there was a loud booming sound and then I went unconscious.

When I came to, I was lying on a beach on my back. I was fairly confused as to how I had gotten here, but I was just thankful to be alive. I sat up and started squinting to try to figure out where I was. I didnít notice any other people on the island and I certainly didn't notice any buildings. I decided it was probably best to start patrolling the beach to see if there were any other survivors than myself. Before I went though, I carved a huge HELP with my heel in the soft sand. As I started patrolling the beach, it became apparent that I was all alone on this island. About 30 minutes after I left my HELP sign, I arrived back at it from the other side of the island. "Oh no" I thought, 'I'm on a desert island. All ALONE." This however did not turn out to be the case. Yes, I WAS on a desert island, but I was not alone. I saw a dark blob appear on the beach a few yards from where I was. I ran over to it and it was one of the crew off my ship. I queried him as to who he was. He replied "Captain John Rota. I was the Captain of your ship." I asked if help would be sent out to find us. "Probably not for another 2 weeks son" he said, "We were on a top secret mission to deliver some rare isotopes to a secret underwater development center for the government. We were not to make radio contact at all until we were on our return trip. They won't even know we're gone until after we are supposed to have arrived. It's already been 3 days since the ship blew up." I was in a state of horror. I was on an uninhabited island with only one other man. And he was critically injured. That night he died in his sleep and I was once again left alone.

The next morning, after I took care of the captain, I went in search of something to eat. I found some coconuts and decided it was better than nothing. After a plentiful breakfast of 3 coconuts I went back down to the shoreline to patrol the beach again for any survivors. I only found one survivor this time. He was without a shirt and was unconscious. I pulled him up on the beach and stayed with him until he came to. Suddenly I heard a faint voice say "JustinÖis that you?" To my surprise, it was JASON!!!!! Of all the people to be stuck on an island with, he was probably 2nd on my list other than my wife Janice. I told him the story I had heard from the captain when I found him the night before. Jason was NOT happy to hear that. He said to me, "Can you do me a favor? My right leg really hurts. I think it might be cut open or something." I had him lay down and said I would go take a look. I bent over really close to his leg so I could see somewhat better. He had a 6-inch cut right down the middle of his shin. I told him this and he was not happy. "Can you fix it?" he said. "I can try," I replied. I went to find something I could use to tie his leg together to allow it to heal. I found some banana leaves back on the island and decided to use them to make a makeshift splint to hold his leg together. When I got back I realized I had one more problem. "Dude, your legs are so hairy there is hair in the wound," I said to him. "So cut it off or something," he replied. We both laughed for a minute then started brainstorming on how to come up with a makeshift razor to trim the hair away from the wound. I finally devised using a shell sharpened on a rock to do the job. It took me a while, and lots of eyestrain to shave his leg and bandage him up, but I got it done. He thanked me and asked for some help getting up. I helped him up and helped him hobble over to the camp I had set up when I had arrived on the island. Jason laid down and took a nice long nap while I sat and pondered what I was missing by not being able to see anything.

I woke up at nightfall to Jason shaking me. "I'm hungry," he said, "anything to eat around here?" I thought for a minute and decided it was best we go together to look for food. Since it was already night, and I couldn't see anyway, I asked Jason if I could hold his hand so I didnít run into anything. To my surprise, he didn't have a problem with it, instead he said, "Sure, but you gotta help me limp where we are going;" so we headed to the inner part of the island to look for food. Jason spotted a couple of coconuts on the ground after only seconds of looking, so we decided this was enough for now and headed back to the beach for a quick coconut dinner. After our "dinner" we talked for a little while. I told him about my wife back home and some of my interests. He told me about how his father was in the Navy so he had traveled a lot in his childhood. We discussed sports, weather, cars, and just about anything else that came to mind. After lots of talking I found out he was 22 (I was 28) and he had enlisted in the Navy not just to please his father, but also to go see the world. He said, "This was my very first mission at sea." Hearing that made my heart sink. I knew that with just the two of us on this island all by ourselves with no land anywhere in sight, and the Navy not even looking for us for another 10 days that a quick rescue was just NOT an option. I just reassured him that we should have help any day now all the while knowing secretly to myself that we may be here several weeks more.

After we talked for what seemed like hours, Jason finally decided to go to sleep. I helped him hobble up to the shelter I had made back up on the island a little further and after making sure he was OK, I started walking back down towards the beach. "It's a beautiful night for a walk!" Jason called. "The stars and moon are beautiful tonight. Itís such a shame you can't see any of it." That was all I needed to inspire a beach walk. I looked wearily up at the sky. I couldn't make out any of the stars, however the crescent moon was in a crescent blur so I figured that made up for something. There was enough light cast by the moon for me to tell where the shoreline was and the vegetation line started on the island so I figured it was safe enough for me to take the 30-minute trip around the island alone. We had already determined that both Jason and I were the only two things alive on the island other than the vegetation and whatever bugs or birds might be with us at the time. As I walked, I kept an eye on the shoreline for any more survivors or flotsam from the ship. For the first half of my trip I found nothing at all, but about halfway around the island I noticed a something big in front of me that had washed up on shore. I ran over to it and noticed it was a big white chest. The huge Red Cross on the front was even big enough for me to read so I figured there had to be something worth taking from it. I went up on the island and found a big rock to break the lock with. When I finally got the chest open, I realized it was not such a new chest. If anything, it seemed very old, almost antique. It was even made of wood instead of the steel the chests I was used to seeing were made of. "This can't be from the ship" I said to myself. I decided to start pawing through the supplies anyway. Inside I found lots of first aid supplies such as Iodine and bandages in plastic sealed bags with the word "sterile" written on them. There was a tourniquet, knee brace, stethoscope, plenty of aspirin, and other helpful supplies we would need if anyone got injured. When I got to the bottom of the chest, there were two briefcase-looking boxes that were locked. I had no clue what was in them, but upon leaning over and squinting at the white lettering on the top of the box, I could make out "Property of Dr. James Sherman O.D." I was suddenly very excited. I figured the cases might contain some old glasses, or possibly some contact lens samples I could use to help my situation. I figured that with 2 cases, there should be something I could be able to use. I carried the 2 cases and the bandages back to our campsite, then went back for the medicines I had found. After all the walking, I was exhausted and fell asleep close to where Jason was.

The next morning, I awoke to Jason falling on top of me. "Sorry," he said, "I was trying to get around you, but my leg gave out. It feels really horrible today." I helped him up and said to him, "Well, today is your lucky day then." I stepped aside and grabbed some of the bandages and iodine. I had also found some razor blades, but they were a little rusty. "Give me a second to go clean this razor," I said to him. I came back and tore off his banana leaf bandages. To my surprise, his leg was healing quite nicely. He had a decent scab already forming around the edges, but the wound was dirty. "This is gonna hurt," I told him, "I'm going to clean up the wound a little bit." I leaned over close to his leg so I could see what I was doing. "Now don't kick me," I jokingly told him. He started laughing and I started shaving the rest of the hair around the wound. I took the razor blade and cut away some of the dirt and stuff that was embedded in his scab and then washed the wound out with iodine before bandaging it in some of the bandages I had found the night before. "It burns a little," he said, "but in all, it actually feels better already. Where'd you get this stuff anyway?" I told him about the chest I found on the beach the night before and how I found medicines and just about anything we needed. I also told him about the two suitcases I had found in the bottom of the chest. "Let me see those suitcases" Jason said. I went and picked them up and handed one to him. "You DO know what these are, right?" he said to me. I replied I thought they were sample glasses or contacts the doctor carried around with him. I knew what O.D. meant. It stood for Ophthalmologist. I knew that much, but I hadn't a clue as to what was in the cases. "These are trial lens sets," he told me; "you know the funky little frame the put the lenses in to test your prescription?" I suddenly froze. I knew exactly what he was talking about. Without a moment's hesitation I picked up a rock next to me and started pounding on the little locks to get the box open. Jason did the same with his. When I finally got the box open I burst into tears. The lenses went up to -30 on one side and +15 on the other. The cylinder section went from -5 to +3. I was ecstatic. I whipped the frames out and loaded a -12 lens into the left side and a -12.5 lens into the right and threw the frames on. Everything leapt into near-perfect focus. I just started crying. I was so happy that my emotions were overwhelming any thought process I might be carrying out. Jason came over and hugged me. "You're back," he said; "anyway, since you can read and I can't, how about helping me out a little here? I don't know what the lens powers are in my box." From even where I was sitting, with little effort I could read that his lenses went from -10 to +10. He had cylinder lenses from -3 to +3, however he also had some prism lenses, which my box did not have. I asked him to repeat his prescription for me so I could load it into the frames for him. "+5.25 in my left eye and +6.00 in my right eye with 0.5 astigmatism in both eyes. The left axis is 21, the right axis is 85" he said. I loaded the prescription and handed him the frames. He put them on and said "WOW!! They're even better than my REAL glasses!! God we look dorky though." "WHO FUCKING CARES!!!!!!!!!" I yelled, "Itís only US and I can SEE NOW!!!!! For the FIRST TIME IN DAYS!!!!! I could care less if I killed babies with my looks right now. I'm so tired of my headaches and not being able to see a DAMN THING that I just DON'T CARE!!" We laughed for about 5 minutes straight after that. "Could you help me with the astigmatism correction?" I asked him. He obliged and slipped the black plastic blank over my left eye and began swapping lenses and turning them with my right eye until I said everything was good. "Well your right eye has -2 cylinder at what appears to be 72 axis," he said. He then slipped the blank over my right eye and started doing the same routine with my left eye. After several lenses he said "Wow, you have -3.5 cylinder in that eye. Itís at 40 axis. Let's write that down on the lid of the box so we remember it if you ever need to load that prescription again." We carved my prescription in my lid and carved his prescription in his lid. "Letís go check out this chest of yours" he said.

About 30 minutes later we arrived at the chest. Jason was in some real pain by then and was favoring his hurt leg. "Justin, I'm gonna have to rest a while before we go back," he said. I told him it was fine and jerked the chest open again. Now that I could see, I realized just how old the chest was. It had evidently been in the water for some time because the back of it had barnacles and seaweed all over it. Inside the chest was still relatively clean though so I figured it must have been pretty watertight. I found a couple more helpful tools in the case including a scalpel set, some stitching string and surgical needles, and a couple of changes of clothes. I read the size of the clothes and started laughing. The shirt was a size small and the pants had a 30-inch inseam. Neither of us could wear the shirt or the pants. "Well it looks like we're going naked when our clothes rot," I jokingly told Jason. "Bring it on," he replied. We laughed for a solid 5 minutes. I then found the most helpful item yet: a surgical reference guide. I loaded Jason up with all the stuff I had found and told him to hold on to it. "I'll be right back," I said to him, "Go up in the shade and take it easy for a little bit." I ran back to our camp area and grabbed up all the stuff I had brought back the night before. I ran back over to where I had left Jason and told him "Welcome to our new home." "I figure as long as we have a big chest here and some medical supplies, we might as well drag it up on shore and set up camp here," I said to him. He agreed. So we walked (he hobbled) down to the chest and we dragged it up to our new location. I set it upright as Jason sat down to get off his leg. I stocked the chest with everything we had found so far and then sat down to read the book I found. I flipped to the section about wounds and how to treat them.

After about 30 minutes of reading, I realized Jason was going to have some serious problems later on if I didn't fix my mistakes now. "Jason," I said "I hate to do this to you, but I'm going to have to operate on your leg. It seems that according to this book the only proper way to fix a cut as deep as yours is to stitch the wound together." I saw his face wince with the sheer thought of having his leg cut open, but he obliged anyway. I gave him a lot of aspirin and let him sit for about 30 minutes for it to start taking effect. I told him to get comfortable so he wouldn't move too much on me. He took his shirt off and put his arms behind his head exposing his hairy chest and bushy black armpit hair. Once again, I got hard. This would be the second time I got hard looking at a guy. I was somewhat upset about it, but decided to go on about my surgery anyway. "I'm gonna sit on your thigh to help control blood flow and to keep you from moving too much on me" I told him. He nodded so I grabbed the scalpel and sat down on his thigh. Almost immediately I noticed he had a raging hard on and jokingly told him "At ease, soldier.Ē He turned scarlet red and didnít say a word. He just lay there pretending it didn't happen.

About 15 minutes later I was finished trimming and stitching his wound. After I bandaged it all up I noticed he still was being very quiet. When I turned around I realized he had passed out from the pain. That would explain why he was only squirming and twitching for about the first 5 minutes of the operation before finally relaxing. I went to wash my hands in the surf and when I came back, he was still out. I just stood there looking at his young, hairy muscular chest and found myself very jealous of his good looks. I figured it was time to wake him so I softly called out "Jason, its over, you can wake up.Ē He didnít respond. I gently shook him, but still no response. I shook him harder and still no response. I knew he was all right because he was breathing and his pulse was normal. I didnít worry too much about it, but I found myself wanting to rub his chest while he was out. I refrained at first, but the more I tried not to, the more I wanted to. I finally gave in and sat down next to him on the ground and began lightly touching his chest. He didnít stir so I figured it was all right to go ahead and rub his chest. It was such a wonderful feeling. His hair was so thick and bristly on my hands. I noticed his chest was extremely hairy, but his belly only had a smaller patch of very fine soft black hair around his belly button with a stiff trail of black hair connecting it to his chest. "God how masculine" I thought to myself. I then got the urge to rub his good leg. I touched his leg and he still didnít stir so I pushed his pant leg up and touched the dense black hair. Once again I was exhilarated. The feeling made me tingle from head to toes. The muscles in his legs and chest were amazing. He was very hard, yet the hair made him seem very soft. His appearance coupled with his personality was just too much for me to bear. I went deep into the island and took care of my raging emotions. When I came back, Jason was STILL out cold so I figured this time it was time for drastic action. I took my hands and gently stroked his armpits. He didnít wake up so I grabbed the hair and pulled hard. "OUCH!!!!!!!'' he yelled as he came to. "You've been out for probably an hour" I told him. "Well you asshole, you could have found some better way to wake me up than pulling my pit hair" he griped as he rubbed his armpits gingerly. I told him about trying other methods and no response, but I held back from telling him about stroking his hairy body. I pointed out that his surgery was a success so far and that hopefully he would heal nicely.

Jason then said something neither of us had thought about. "Have we found any drinkable water yet?" he asked. After a bit of pondering, I realized we had been living off of coconut milk. "Holy shit," I said; "we need to do that NOW! Stay here for a minute. I'll be right back." I went into the island a little bit to find Jason a crutch, but I didnít find one that would be usable. I returned and said, "Well that was useless. I guess I'm elected to be your crutch." I laughed and helped him up. I knew he would be traveling with his shirt off, so I took mine off too saying it was hot. He grabbed hold of me and I could feel his stiff chest hair rubbing on my back as his armpit hair tickled the back of my shoulder. Little did he know how horny it was making me again. We went to the middle of the island and found a sandy spot in the middle of a group of palms. I figured if we were to find drinkable water it would be here since it was the furthest point inland. We took some coconut shells we had brought with us and began digging the loose sand to form a pit. About 3 feet down we struck water. I continued digging down another 2 feet so we had a sort of makeshift well. I took the coconuts and filled them both with water and handed one to Jason. "Bottoms up!" I said. We drank about 5 nuts worth of water apiece. It was very sweet and since the location was fairly shady, it was also cold. After all that work we were both pretty tired so we took a nap under the palms.

I woke up a few hours later and really had to use the bathroom. I went back to a tree a few yards away and relieved myself. On the way back, my brow started dripping on my glasses, so I took them off and started wiping my face with my hand as I walked back. Suddenly I tripped over a root and the glasses went flying. I picked myself up and started groping for the glasses, but I was getting nowhere fast. Since I was only about 15 yards from Jason, I called out to him. He came hobbling over. "Stop!" I yelled; "I tripped and my glasses flew somewhere. Don't step on them." "They're right here next to me," he said. "Come get them." I ran over to where he was and grabbed the glasses and threw them back on. I hugged him really tight for his help. "Let's go back to camp," he said.


* * * *

By now two weeks had gone by since we arrived on the island. We still had not seen a search plane or ship of any kind. No more survivors washed up on shore and certainly no more supplies washed up on shore either. Jason's leg was finally mostly healed. We had removed the stitches 3 days prior and he was up and around on it as if it didnít bother him any more. To my surprise his leg hair was already a good 1/4 inch long where I had shaved it off. I asked him about it and he said it always grows that fast. One evening after we had dinner we talked about his hairiness. He said his father was hairy, so were both his grandpas on both sides of his family. "I started getting hair on my legs when I was 11," he said, "By the time I was 13 I had as much hair on my legs as many 16 year old guys do. My arms started getting hairy when I was 14 and my chest when I was 15. I sprouted my first pubic hairs about the time I got hair on my legs. Since I was a jock in middle school, the other guys used to stare at me in the locker room. I was the only hairy guy in the whole place at the time. I tried shaving my legs at first, but it got to the point where I was doing it once or twice a week and it looked very unnatural so I gave up. I just started wearing pants and quit the football team in 7th grade to help curb the ridicule, but when I started getting hairy arms in late 7th grade, people started to stare again. By the time I was in high school, my legs were as hairy as they are today, and my arms were probably the same way. My chest was starting to get hairy in the 9th grade and I was in glasses pretty much full time by then. I finally had enough of the ridicule and beefed up that summer and tried out for the football team in 10th grade. I also stopped wearing my glasses except to read and changed my appearance slightly to what you know me as today. What sucked was for Football, we had to shave our legs up to halfway up our shins if we had hairy legs so the tape wouldnít stick and cause a painful sensation when you had to rip it off later. Needless to say, with my hairy factor I was shaving almost every day just to keep the stubble down. I looked very silly with a big hairy leg down to my shin. But I didnít care. I was buff, I was attractive, and I was the quarterback on the football team. Later that season that all came to a screeching halt. I threw a pass and was tackled. The guy who tackled me hit me so hard, that it tore my knee out of socket. I donít know if you noticed it was a little knobbly when you worked on my leg, but itís a bit bigger than my other knee. It still acts up from time to time, so I'm really glad you found that knee brace. When I was a junior in high school, I finally got to the point where I had to start wearing my glasses again full time. I tried getting fitted for contacts, but the doctor said my eyes were too dry. So I've been living with glasses ever since. I don't have a problem with my glasses or being hairy because I am comfortable with it. It is who I am and I don't plan on changing it." "I totally agree with you," I told him. "Justin," he said, "How is it being married?" I looked at him in disbelief. After I described all the joys and woes of being married we talked a little about dating and preferences and the like. I found out that Jason had NEVER had a date in his life, which I found absolutely incredible. "I always had different feelings," he explained, "I always like women, but ever since being teased in middle school, I have always found myself more interested in comparing myself with other guys. I don't know, I don't know one way or another, but I think deep down inside I might be gay." "I would have never guessed," I told him truthfully.

After another month went by, both of us were starting to lose hope of being found. By now Jason's leg had totally healed and his hair had grown back out. I was proud of it because I was the one who did the surgery on it to keep him from having a horrific scar. We also had built some traps out of junk we found on the island and put them out in the surf to catch some fish and crabs for meals. To be honest, we were doing just fine except for the fact that our clothes were starting to fall apart. My shirt had enough holes in it to be called Swiss cheese, and Jason's pants had a few rips in them from being caught in underbrush and stuff. From the calculations I did on the sun's angle during the day, I decided we must be pretty close to the equator. This would also explain the heat during the day. Jason had gotten quite good at starting the daily fire with one of the lenses from his optical kit so I put him in charge of preparing the fire and cooking, and I would catch dinner. We chatted constantly during the day now and we knew each other very well. We both shared intimate secrets and had lots of in jokes by now. Since the razor I found had a handle, each morning we would take turns shaving each other. We also used one of the blades to cut each other's hair. Since we had no toothbrush, I devised one out of a palm leaf and a stick. It seemed to work pretty well for what it was. We just sat around waiting for someone to find us, each day hoping and praying that someone would stumble across our existence.

And yet another month passed. We still had not seen a single plane, helicopter, or ship of any sort pass by us. I had gotten to the point I stopped carving HELP with my heel every morning and just stacked some logs on the beach in the general shape so I didnít have to mess with it every day. I had built a pretty elaborate house for us by now using palm leaves and branches. Jason seemed pretty content with it because I had built some makeshift cots out of logs and palm leaves wound together to make sort of a web to sleep on. I certainly beat the crap out of sleeping on the sand every night. By now our clothes were practically hanging off of us. My pants were in pretty horrible shape by now and I had no shirt anymore. Jason was down to just his boxer shorts, which were beginning to show some age as well. One morning Jason came out and said "Are you pretty comfortable with your sexuality?" "Sure," I lied. "Then you don't mind if I take these rags off and finally get comfortable do you?" he asked. I sort of sat there in shock as he ripped his threadbare boxer shorts off and stood completely naked in front of me except for his glasses. "Much better," he said, "you oughtta try it. It certainly is better than having some crappy old rags hanging off you." I thought about it a minute and decided he was right. I took what was left of my clothes off and breathed a sigh of relief as I stood with only my glasses on. "You're uncut," he said to me. "What?" I replied, sort of shocked. "You still have your foreskin" he said to me. "I don't. They say a man who is uncut has more feeling and pleasure than a man who is cut." I found the whole conversation strange, yet uniquely erotic. I began getting hard and Jason noticed right away. I noticed he immediately got hard as well. I was blushing. Suddenly without even thinking I blurted out, "may I touch you?" "I thought you would never ask" he replied. Before I even knew what was happening I was lying next to Jason on the floor violently stroking his hairy chest while he was rubbing mine back. It felt so good. I grabbed his hard cock and started to gently stroke it. It grew even bigger in my hand. "You're HUGE!!" I exclaimed. "Well you're no midget yourself" he replied. Suddenly I had a great idea. "Letís switch glasses" I said, "If we both switch, we should be about the same amount uncorrected. We agreed and when we both had switched we both grew even bigger. We jacked each other off and violently rubbed each other's hairy chest and legs. When we were finished, I reached over and swapped glasses with Jason again and was smiling contently. "I love you man," he said, "I always have since I first met you." At first this seemed a little strange to me since I WAS married after all, but something told me it was all OK. So I replied back "I love you too. Especially your hairy sexy beast body." We laughed and decided to take a nap.

* * * *

One morning I was out on the shore looking out to sea when suddenly I saw a tiny black dot on the horizon. "JASON!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled, "COME QUICK!!!!!!!!" He came running out of the house fumbling to get his glasses on as he came down to where I was standing on the beach. "Do you see that?" I asked. "OH MY GOD!!!!! WE'RE SAVED!!!!" he yelled with glee. To our surprise an airplane came flying overhead. On the bottom I recognized US Air force logo. The pilot went across turned around, and came back upside down to give us a "thumbs up" sign. Jason grabbed me and started jumping up and down chanting "We're saved!" over and over again. I joined in the dance and we sat down on the beach and waited for someone to return to get us. Later that evening we heard a noise off in the distance. I squinted to see where it was coming from and realized it was a helicopter. About 5 minutes later a Coast Guard helicopter touched down on our little private island and we both ran to get on board. The first question I asked was "How did you find us?" The attendant handed both of us a robe and said the pilot of the plane saw something flashing like a mirror. He said he called in that he was going to go investigate and found me on the beach looking around. The flashing he saw was the sunlight reflecting off my glasses. Jason asked, "What is today's date?" "June 9, 2004" the attendant replied. "Justin, do you realize this means we've been missing for 2 years?" he asked with a waver in his voice "I've gone through 3 birthdays now and didnít even know it." I just sat down sort of shocked that we had been missing so long. With Jason as company it just didn't seem like we had been gone as long as we had. I asked about Janice and how she was doing. The attendant called in my request and turned to me with a sad face. "I don't know how to say this" he said, "but Janice was killed in a car wreck 4 days after you left on your mission. She was driving to the local supermarket and evidently a drunken truck driver failed to yield right-of-way and plowed right into her, killing her instantly. I am so sorry man. I really am." I just broke down crying. Jason took my glasses off and tucked my face in his chest and tried to comfort me. I just felt so horrible and yet so happy at the same time. It was horrible to lose Janice, but I was just so happy to be rescued finally that my emotions were a complete mess.

When we finally got to the coast guard ship, I had finally stopped crying and had gotten a control on my feelings. Jason still had my glasses, and I didnít really care. As long as he was with me I was fine. As we got off the helicopter, the attendant asked if he could try my glasses on. I agreed to let him and he was totally blown away by how blind I was. "I think you're close to what I am" he said, "here, hold my contacts for a minute" he took his contacts out and put my glasses on. "You're a little blinder than I am, but not by much," he said as he handed my glasses back. He took the contacts back and I could tell he was squinting painfully to decide which one went in which eye. He finally got them back in and sighed a big sigh of relief. We exchanged addresses to keep in touch. He was getting out of the coast guard in 2 weeks and wanted to come by to check up on us. Once we were back on the mainland, we were debriefed as to what happened and finally were told what went wrong with our mission. The US Army had an underwater laboratory out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where they tested certain isotope stability for building nuclear bombs. Some of the isotopes in our cargo hold spontaneously broke down and exploded causing the first hole in our ship. The boilers for the steam turbines then ruptured from the shock of the cold water and exploded with such a force that it ripped the ship apart. The island where we were found was 400 miles away from where the ship went down. They were fairly shocked we survived since only 8 other men were rescued besides us. We were both honorably discharged from the navy and were handsomely awarded with a very large settlement from the US Government for enduring what we had gone through.

The first thing I bought with my settlement money was a new pair of glasses. Jason did the same. Since Janice was gone, Jason came to my house and stayed with me. Eventually, I asked him to stay with me permanently as my partner. He agreed. I was very happy because this meant I got his hairy body all to myself. Every night we would strip naked and rub each other down before we went to bed. I loved Jason, and he loved me as well. We lived together in perfect harmony for the rest of our years. The coast guard attendant turned out to live in the next town, so he would frequently come over once he was discharged from service and we would have regular parties and get-togethers for the three of us and all our remaining friends. Eventually Jason and I moved to Massachusetts where he had a lot of family. All of them encouraged the two of us to get married. After lots of thought, we decided that marriage wasnít the right idea, but for us to remain together was. Today, we couldn't be happier.

-The End-