by Jamie

It was a sunny and unseasonably warm morning for February here at the university. And, all over the dorm, you could see the smiles on most everybodyís face as it was Valentineís Day and a time for one to enjoy this day.

But not everyone was smiling, I was up early that morning to go to the library as unfortunately I had nothing going on that day and wanted to get away from all those who were so perky about the day. As far as I was concerned, Valentineís Day was just another crappy day since I didnít have that special guy in my life.

While I was getting ready in the morning, I thought I had seen Kyle come into the bathroom and put some glasses on his face. But, that was odd cause I knew Kyle didnít wear contacts or glasses so I thought I must be seeing things at this early hour. He also had not acknowledged seeing me either, which he always did as that was Kyleís personality.

As I walked to the library with the sun hitting me, I started thinking about what I had or had not seen him in the bathroom as I was getting ready to go. Kyle didnít know but I had a major league crush on him ever since I helped him move into the dorm in August. Kyle was an awfully cute freshman, with the most perfect smile and the most gorgeous eyes that you had ever

seen. The two of us were friends, but obviously I had never told him anything about my attraction as I didnít want to lose his friendship. Heck, with all the girls around him, I figured there was no way he would be interested in a guy like me.

At the library, I just couldnít get that image of him out of my mind. So after a little more of that, I decided to head home and get changed to go to the mall. I figured doing a little shopping would get my mind off things. While at the mall, I decided to go to the bookstore to see if they had anything new that Iíd be interested in. After walking in and heading down the aisles, all the sudden I noticed a figure at the end of the aisle looking at a book. I looked down and I was a little too far to get a total read at the face, but I could tell it was quite a good looking guy and you could tell he was wearing glasses. Trying to be subtle, I looked again and noticed that it had to be Kyle because the guy was wearing the exact same new trendy Steve Maddens that Kyle had just bought and showed off to us all.

Well, I started to head down the long aisle and he must have noticed me coming and so he split out of there faster than anything while in the process quickly removing the glasses. This all seemed very odd to me so I just continued shopping. As I was getting ready to leave, I noticed my glasses were a little loose so I walked into the optical store and as I walked in, I noticed Kyle was sitting at the back table where they were obviously making adjustments to his glasses.

He was so out of that he didnít notice me until I was sitting there next to him, waiting for the optician to come out to look at them. He looked over at me, and said hi in a very nervous tone that indicated he was scared about what was happening. Before I could speak, I heard the eye doctor come over and tell Kyle that he needed to be wearing these new glasses for his own good. By this time, the optician had fixed my glasses and put them back on my face and I could look over at Kyle and see his face in his new glasses. The optician was making her final adjustments and brought them over to place them on his face.

Now, the optician placed Kyleís glasses on his face. They were a nice looking pair of brown, rectangular plastic frames that really accentuated his face and smile. As soon as I saw them go onto his face, even from an angle I was quite excited at his new look. I asked him if he wanted me to wait on him and he said that yeah heíd like that.

When we both had our glasses adjusted, we walked the door and headed towards the parking lot where I had offered him a ride back to the dorm. It was quite a rush looking over at him with glasses but I still hadnít gotten a good look straight at him so when we got to the car, I had him look straight at him before

we got in the car. What a sight, his glasses magnified those golden eyes of him and made him almost too much for me to take. I got in the car and hoped he didnít notice what the sight had done to me.

Thankfully, he was too busy checking out his new self in the mirror and remarking how much easier everything was to read. I asked him why he had waited so long and he told me that when he had first been prescribed glasses a year or two earlier that his girlfriend didnít want him to wear them because she didnít like the look. I thought well if I am already in the awkward territory, Iíd go ahead and ask him what his big plans were for that night and he surprised me when he said he didnít have any as he wasnít seeing anybody. While getting over the shock that he had no plans, he then asked me what my plans were and when I

said none, he waited a second and then asked if I wanted to see a movie with him.

After getting home, I didnít know what to think. Kyle had asked me to the movies so what was I going to wear. I was putting some blue jeans on, when I heard Kyle knock at the door and ask if he could come in. When I opened the door, Kyle walked in wearing his new glasses and was all dressed up. I figured that must have meant he was going out with somebody and Iíd be all alone again. He apologized and said he had to go out for a little bit but heíd definitely stop by in a little while.

When the door closed, I realized that it was going really be a crappy evening and that Iíd probably nuke some dinner and then go to bed early. I was just sitting there working on some papers when the phone rang. It was Kyle, and he told me that he had got me a date for the evening and that I needed to be ready in an hour. I didnít even get a chance to tell him that I wasnít interested before he finished the call.

Well, I figured that going out couldnít be any worse than sitting here moping around so I got all ready to go. I was waiting for Kyle to call and tell him to get down to his car when he walked in. He was holding a dozen roses and I had no clue why he had them. Before I could ask him why he had the roses, he shut the door and asked me to sit down. Going into his story, he told me that he didnít know what would happen, but that when he had seen my reaction to his new glasses at the mall that he felt he could show his true feelings for me. He mentioned that he had always a crush on me but had always been afraid to say anything about it. As he finished, he said here these roses are for you, you are the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of before I go to bed. Handing me the roses, he gave me a kiss and said I love you, Jamie. I kissed him back and said what do you want to do next.

He said, how about letís go to dinner. I got us a reservation at Lincolnís and it should be a lot easier for me and you to go out to dinner together because I can actually see what Iím ordering now. We had a nice

romantic dinner out with him loving the fact that he could actually see what he was ordering now without having to hold the menu two inches away. We left Lincolnís and headed back to my room. We ended up watching a video but donít ask either of us about it as we were doing some other things at the time.