by Jamie

Nick is still in bed this morning, his face just peeking out of the sheets on the bed. On the dresser next to his bed are his cute new glasses that he is now sporting. Of course, Nick would say the same thing about my new glasses too. How we got to our new glasses is quite the tale.

Nick and I are both in graduate school and first met in the library a few weeks ago when he was stumbling around on the floor looking for a missing contact. I helped him find it and that struck up a conversation that led to our finding out about each other and finding that attraction for one another.

We had been dating for a few weeks and even though I knew Nick wore contacts from our initial meeting, I hadn't seen him in glasses yet. He had always managed to hide them from me and seemed quite self-conscious about them so I didn't press him about them. Although since I always was wearing glasses, it did seem a little odd to me.

One Saturday Morning, though he wasn't at my place in the morning for us to go grab breakfast. I was worried if something was wrong, so I called him and he said that he was having some problems with his eyes and that he couldn't make it to my place. I then asked him what was wrong with his glasses and he got real defensive and said that they didn't look right so he couldn't wear them and I could hear him start to cry as he finished up the call.

I headed over there and he didn't want to answer the door, but I was persistent about it and told him to please let me in as things couldn't be as bad as he thought. Nick reluctantly agreed and let me in. He was sitting on his couch looking so pitiful, you could tell he had been crying quite a bit and was quite shaken up. We talked a while and he was upset because he had been getting a few headaches lately and his eyes had been bothering him quite a bit. By this point, he had quit crying and had dried his eyes and so I asked him if he would take his contacts out and put on his glasses for me. But, he thought that seeing him just once in his glasses would have me running out of there never to see him again. For a guy as good looking as he is with his muscular build and great body, he was that fearful about it.

Of course, I said. I am not going anywhere, I just want you to feel better and I know you will if you take your contacts out and put your glasses on. Off he went to the bathroom to take the contacts out and he came back, still bare-eyed, clutching his glasses case as he stumbled to the couch. Alright, I said. Let's see your glasses. So he got them out and put them on. It's obvious that he hadn't really paid attention to the look of his glasses as they were too big for the day's fashion but it was still quite a moving experience for me. His eyes looked out from these glasses that were nice and thick. If only he knew, how excited they made me with him seeming so vulnerable. I didn't say anything and so he got nervous and asked what I thought. I let him know that they made him look even better for me. He didn't believe me at first, but I told him that they added a bit of something to him that was missing.

The next few days went by and he was wearing his glasses a little more during the off hours of the day and then I was headed back to my place on Friday afternoon when he called my cell and asked me to hurry over to the library as he was having a massive headache and was not feeling well. When I got there, I found him in the stacks looking out the window to avoid eye contact with anyone. His eyes were just as bloodshot as they had been on Saturday and he said that his head was bothering him quite a lot.

We got to my place and once we got into my apartment out of public, I told him that he needed to take his contacts out and put

his glasses on. He tried to argue that it was everything else and I told him quite simply that if he wouldn't do that, then I'd take him home. Poor Nick was hurting so bad that he agreed and he went in and changed into his glasses.

Later in the evening, after the headache was gone, we went out to the movies and as we were in line at the concession stand, he asked me what the special was as he said he was at a bad angle to see it. I knew it was cause he couldn't read the text on the board and so I told him what it was and said no more. Now, I too had not been to the doctor for about a year so I knew it was time for me to get my eyes checked and so I decided we both would get our eyes checked.

The next morning as he slept in, I called one of the local optical chains and asked about getting two appointments for exams. Luckily, for us they had back to back slots open later that evening around 5. When Nick woke up, I told him that we should go to the mall later that evening. It didn't take much for Nick the Clothes Horse to agree to that. As we headed to the mall, I told him that I had booked us both eye exams for later today and that we really should go with us both having not went to the doctor in some time. After saying it, I thought Nick might get frustrated or angry at me, but instead he seemed kinda of down about it seeming dejected. I asked him why he seemed so down about it, and he said he thought the doctor would tell him he couldn't wear contacts for a while and that he didn't know if he could take it. I let him know immediately that if he has to wear glasses full-time that we'll just have to get him some awesome glasses and go on.

We went into the optical store when we got to the mall and began filling out the paperwork. After filling out the paperwork and doing the initial tests, we sat and waited for the doctor to come and get us. Nick was very quiet during this time and he asked me once or twice if we could just leave the store. I let him know both times that we were going to stay and that if he was a good boy about it all, he would get a treat when he got home. That seemed to keep him going.

When the doctor came out, he asked us which one of us wanted to go first and that's when Nick asked if we could do at the same time. After a few seconds, the doctor (a cool older gentleman) said that we could it, but that we needed to do the examination of the eye and those tests separately and that then the two of us could do our far vision tests at roughly the same time.

Nick had me go first and so I was sitting back in the waiting room when the doctor came to get me for the vision tests. I walked in and sat down in a chair near the screen so I wouldn't be in the way as he proceeded with Nick's exam. The doctor then had Nick look through the eye chart and asked him what was the farthest line he could see with his old correction. He got to the fourth line and then began to have problems and I could see him get nervous as I could tell he was upset he couldn't see them. So, the doctor began to slowly move the clicks on the machine to get his eyes to the 20/20 line until Nick finally got them all with no difficulty. He then proceeded to the other eye although there wasn't as many clicks on this eye. After they were finished with that portion, Nick then asked the doctor if they were done and the doctor said that there was one more test he wanted to do.

The doctor then brought down a little chart and started getting it set up. Nick, of course, wanted to know why and the doctor

told him that he just wanted to test his close vision to see how it was. Nick kinda grumbled and then sat back in the chair. He then

proceeded to start reading the chart but pretty quickly ran into difficulty and started missing some letters. Then, the doctor started to click some different lenses in front of Nick's eyes to make it easier for him to read. After a few clicks, Nick was able to get them all and so he sat up and said what's the verdict, doc? Well, Nick, first things first, overall your eyes are quite healthy. But, you have been wearing your contacts too much and I think you know that as well so you need to quit wearing them for a while to make your eyes feel better. As for your glasses prescription, you have moved up to -10.25 in your left eye and -10.00 in your right eye, but that's no problem. The reason for your headaches is you need a little help reading because your glasses are giving you eyestrain. So I'm prescribing a 2.00 add for your glasses to help when you're reading.

Nick sat there for a second and then realized that he needed bifocals. I then tried to pep him up by saying that he'd be fine with bifocals and that they'd help relieve his pain. He agreed and so the doc wrote the prescription for Nick and told him that he was done. Now Jamie, it's your turn. I got into the chair and was ready. I figured I'd need a little boost on my far vision but that would be about it. Well, the far vision went about as I thought. My eyes were off a little bit and the doctor got them back to normal. With that complete, I started to wait for the doctor's verdict but then I noticed he was setting up the near test for me as well. So I asked him, why was I needing such a check. And, he told me that just like Nick he wanted to test my close vision to see how it was. I also grumbled and waited for him to get it set up so I could ace and then we could get done and out of there.

He opened the eye slots and then asked me to start reading the chart. After getting the first line and part of the second, I started to have some difficulty as well with the chart. I stopped for a few seconds and before I could say anything the doctor had clicked

on mine as well. I thought that was rather silly but then I realized I had missed a couple of letters in that second line. And, so I also went through the rest of the chart needing a couple of additional clicks so I could get all the letters. When I finished, the doctor said that my eyes were also excellent and that the only change was to my glasses prescription. As for your nearsightedness, you have moved up to -7.25 in your left eye and -7.50 in your right eye. I started to get up and then he said, and also like Nick you also could use some help with your reading so I'm giving you a 1.50 add. I started to complain about that and before the doctor could say anything, Nick let me know that if he could wear bifocals, so could I.

Finished with the doctor, we went into the optical to find some glasses. Nick and I have different styles, so I picked a more

conservative pair and he picked up a funkier plastic frame for his first pair. The optical did have a two for one deal so we both had an additional pair to get. Nick then found matching rimless glasses for both of us that looked quite cool with both of us in matching frames especially since most everyone around our departments knew we were an item anyway. After finishing up our selections, the optician told us that they could be ready this evening but that it would probably be just before closing when they got done so we left to get some dinner and do some shopping.

After a delicious meal and some unnecessary but wanted shopping in the mall as Nick and I both got some cool Nikes at the running store, it was time to go back to the optical. The lady saw us enter and said alright guys, sit down back here they're ready. The first pair she brought out was my conservative pair which Nick said looked just great on me. Then his funky plastic ones which also looked just great on him. But, then she brought our pairs of rimless glasses out together and she put mine on first and had me get set up while having Nick look away and then did the same to Nick and had me look away. Having got them adjusted and on our face, she then had us turn and look to each other and we both looked each other and realized that this was the best we had ever looked toward one another.

We then came straight home and sat in the living room talking about how cute each otherís glasses were and then realizing that we were ready for some action. We headed into the bedroom with our new glasses on and then we got to enjoy our new dual view.