by Tiny Eyes

Todd and Dan were at a very nice restaurant. Dan was a little nervous because this was only his second date with Todd, and he found Todd very attractive, even though he didn't wear glasses.(Dan loves guys with glasses, but when that hunk Todd from the gym asked him out, he couldn't resist and said yes anyway.) But tonight, on top of being nervous, halfway through dinner, Dan's contacts started bothering him. He tried to ignore it, but right before they brought dessert, it got to be too muchhe kept blinking and his eyes were tearing up. Todd asked, "Are you OK?"

"I just have something in my eye" Dan said, wincing. He didn't really want to say anything about his contacts on the second date. "Excuse me for a minute". He headed for the bathroom."Shit", he thought as he painfully headed toward the bathroom, "these lenses are KILLING me!"Then it happened. Before he could make it to the bathroom, his eyes were tearing up and he blinked, and somehow, he blinked both his contacts out at once. He stopped dead in his tracks.He can run on one contact, but NONE? Everything was a complete blur.

He turned around, wondering what to do next. The contacts were gone.Several people walked by, probably trampling his contacts, but he couldn't see them at all. A blur appeared in the dark hallway, and came closer and closer. He heard Todd's deep voice. "Dan, what's wrong?"


"Are you having contact problems?"

"Yeah, how'd you guess. Actually, I just LOST my contacts!"

"What? You've gotta be kidding. Both of them? I've lost ONE before, but"

Dan was surprised."YOU wear contacts?" "Oh, God, yes. I'm so blind I'm off the charts without them!But never mind thatcan we find YOUR contacts?" He started to kneel down on the floor.

Dan said, "I think it's hopeless in this crowded restaurant. They're disposables anyway. But I can't see. Do you mind if we cut dinner short?"

"Of course not", Todd replied. He took Dan's hand and started to lead him back toward the table."Man, you are pretty blind, aren't you?"They went back to the table, paid the bill and Todd walked Dan to the car. Todd had driven that night.Once they were in the car, Todd said, "I've got a pair of backup glasses in the glove compartment. Would you like to try them?"

"Sure", said Dan, "But I doubt they'll do me much good with my strong prescription."Todd smiled. "Well, you might be surprised. Let's see, here they are.Oh, this is an old pair of my glassesthese are a lot thicker than my new ones. Let's see if they help you."Dan took the glasses from Todd.Wowthese felt thick. He held them up to his face to look at them. Shitthey were coke bottles!He could hardly hide his excitement, but he tried.He never dreamed Todd wore glasses at all, much less thick ones like this! "Wow, you weren't kidding, Todd. These are THICK!"He tried them on and looked over at Todd."Hey! I can see pretty well with these.In fact...." He looked off in the distance at a street sign " I can see PERFECTLY!I can't believe you're (and this they said in unison) MINUS THIRTEEN!" They both laughed. Todd said, "That's unbelievableI think you're the first person I've ever met who ever had anywhere NEAR my prescription. And definitely the cutest."

Todd was going to take Dan home to get his contacts, but since he could see perfectly in his glasses, Todd just took him back to his own place. He asked Dan to spend the night and he said yes. That night, as they lay in bed, Todd in his new high index -13s, Dan in Todd's old coke bottle -13s, Todd looked over at Dan and said, "You know, I don't usually tell anyone this, but I love the idea of being with another man who wears glasses.And you not only wear glasses, you have my eyes!Unbelievable. I find that incredibly sexy!"

" I couldn't agree more" said Dan. "Want to watch the late show?" They did just that.... and thanks to Todd's strong glasses, watching TV was no problem for both of them.