She was slender and elegant, with skin like a child's, not a blemish or a hair out of place. Her eyes were deep and mysterious, her teeth were perfect, and she was absolutely, totally unobtainable. Simon sighed. This was the woman he'd loved almost his whole life, and here she was sitting across the table from him, smiling at him. But he couldn't have her, because he didn't qualify.

No, she wasn't married, no, she wasn't a lesbian, no, she wasn't even twice his age. In every normal was she was very eligable but she had a dark secret, Simon shouldn't even have known.

The best and lifelong friend of his sister's, he knew everything about her. She had been coming to their house regularly for 15 years and he'd always liked her, but of course, as she got a little older she'd developed from being a kid who he teased because it was the only way he knew how to express his juvenile feelings for her, to being a woman he worshipped. He had finally made the decision to ask her out only to discover it would be a waste of time. One afternoon he had found his sister's diary on the hammock in the garden. It was too irresistible to leave alone, but it wasn't his sister's secrets he found when he flicked through, it was Alana's. What he read confused him, but then broke his heart.

"Alana has a strange obsession. She'll never find the man to fulfil her needs in these parts, so she'll be moving away to seek one. I wish her luck."

A strange obsession? Moving AWAY? Initially he couldn't decide which was worse, but then he decided he could live with anything that would make her stay. He further promised himself that he would fulfil her needs, whatever they were.

But when he opened up to his sister about this, she laughed at him.

"Well, it'll serve you right for reading someone's diary!" she told him, "There's nothing you can do".

"Look, I confessed didn't I, I didn't have to, and I've apologized over and over....but I know I can do whatever she needs me to do. You have no idea how crazy I am about her."

"I told you, you can't. So get over it."

"I can't get over it...her...I can't, I can't imagine life without her. I'll do anything, ANYTHING!"

"Well, better start wearing glasses then. She wants a man who is nearsighted. She won't accept anyone else."

Stunned into silence, Simon realized just how strange an obsession it really was. He also saw the problem immediately. He had perfect eyesight. But he'd promised himself, and he'd thrown down the challenge to his sister like a glove. This was to win the woman he loved, so, without any thought of how he was going to, he said.......

"I can do that."

Simon's sister had dismissed him with one of her looks, and he had no idea whether she'd shared this conversation with Alana. He wasn't sure whether he wanted her to or not. On the one hand, if Alana knew just how much he cared for her, and how determined he was to get her, she might stay. On the other hand, suddenly discovering he was in love with her but had never had the courage to tell her might upset her enough that she left sooner..... but it was too late to worry about that now. He concentrated on the task in hand.

"I'm sorry Simon, you have 20/20 vision," the optometrist told him, smiling sympathetically, "It's not often I apologize for that!"

"Is there anything you can do? If you saw this girl you'd understand. I have to wear glasses."

"Well, I can sell you some with plain lenses, if it's just the look she wants"

"I don't think that's it. She's quite specific. She wants a nearsighted boyfriend. I think she'd notice plain lenses."

"If she's fascinated by glasses, yes, she'd notice straight away."

"Well, tried."

Sadly Simon began to walk out of the office and turned back to say goodbye. At that moment a poster about colored contact lenses gave him a flash of inspiration.

"WAIT!" he said to the doctor, "What if...what if I was to wear contact lenses that made me nearsighted?"

"Hmm, well, they do it in the movies. It's doable in theory. I don't think I'd be breaking any laws if..."

Simon was already sitting back down.

"Fix me up doc."

Simon arrived home feeling very pleased with himself. His eyes still felt strange but he was slowly getting used to the sensation. He'd had to pay almost twice as much to get the glasses made same day, but he'd have paid anything. His sister appeared in the doorway.

" You really are a hopeless case. How on earth did you manage that?"

"That's between me and my doctor. Is Alana coming over tonight?"

"Yes, actually she should be here soon. It won't work you know, she knows you don't really need glasses."

"But that doesn't matter? Does it? They're real nearsighted people wear."

His sister sighed.

"Don't ask me to explain it, but from what I know of Alana, there's a bit more to it than that. But go on, give it a try."

She waved him away, shook her head and rolled her eyes.

Alana arrived about ten minutes later and Simon stood and waited for her in the kitchen. He was absolutely terrified, but the adrenalin was holding him upright. He heard laughter outside, and steeled himself. She walked in. Her mouth fell open. Her eyes were like saucers. She started to walk towards him, and slowly walked around him, examining the glasses from every angle. Alana, smiled, and looked round at Simon's sister who was laughing. Simon suddenly felt the most frightening feeling he'd ever known. Could this have been an elaborate joke? Was she laughing at him?

"You did this for me?"


"You are doing it to try to attract me?"


"You went out and bought glasses you don't need just to make me interested in you?"

"Yeah, believe it or not...I did."

"'s working."

His sister's face dropped. Clearly she thought Simon would never reach Alana's exacting standards, and she protested.

"You realize he's faking it. He has contact lenses on underneath, look."

"Well, obviously," said Alana, "But that's lot of trouble to go to. I'm flattered. And he's cute."

Very disappointed in the pair of them, Simon's sister left the room, but Alana continued to prowl around him like a tiger in heat.

"You look good in glasses Simon. You have real promise."

He didn't know what to say. Alana had always been mysterious, but now she was actually scaring him a little. Despite that, or maybe because of that, he was enjoying her attention, and, although he was shaking, he didn't shrink away as she approached him. She ran her finger around the frames of his glasses, then playfully touched the end of his nose.

"Let me take you away from all this."


"I'm leaving town next month, I have work and an apartment waiting for me in San Francisco. Come with me."

"You're dropping out of school?"

"I'm dropping out of society. Doesn't it stifle you, normality? It's crushing me."

Still not understanding, but horrified at her disappearing from his life, he gave his full attention to this idea. He had recently graduated, and had planned on going to college once he got the money together, but he had no real plans. This sounded far more exciting.

"Come with me, you'll be OK. I'll....take care of you."

Simon nodded. She smiled.

"I'll talk to you later," she said "Meet me on the west bridge at midnight."

Midnight? Simon was speechless. But he made the date.

Now they were alone Alana could speak freely.

"It's hard to find what I want. I have...special needs, yes. You don't need to worry about the rest of it now, but I'll tell you this. I've always wanted a man who was something special. He's tall, handsome, and he wears glasses. Not just any glasses, they have to be just right. I've found plenty of attractive men, I've even found some attractive men with glasses, but not that one looked just right and wore the right glasses. Not one that had promise. I had almost given up looking, that's why I arranged to move away. I've always found you attractive...yes..."

Simon's mouth fell open.

" have the right face, I always thought it was such a shame that you didn't wear glasses. I kept hoping one day...but then I realized that even if the fates smiled on us, it would be too little too late. But now......"

She caressed his glasses again.

"Now I know there's a way. You can be just right. Perfect even. Now I can take you with me, and we can start out just right."

"I don't really understand what you mean Alana..."

She put her hand on his crotch, and squeezed gently. Simon felt a groundswell of excitement and he sighed deeply. She pulled his hand towards her, to demonstrate that under her short skirt she was wearing nothing. "It's OK," she whispered, "I'll take care of everything. All you need to do is go along with it."

Right now Simon was willing to go along with anything. He was very aroused but was afraid to move. Fortunately Alana was in control. With a few swift movements she unburdoned him of the agonizing constrictions of his jeans and underwear. Kissing him hard, while holding the sides of his head firmly with both hands, her thumbs looped under his glasses, she gradually brought him to the ground, and helplessly, willingly, he entered her.

She had won. There was nothing to be done. As he lay beside her in the warmth of the summer night he knew that he'd follow her to the ends of the earth. San Francisco was nothing.

The next morning he was already packing. He hadn't even broken it to his parents yet, but as he had the house to himself he thought he'd make a start. He filled three boxes with things he knew he couldn't live without and was preparing to stash them in his closet. There was a knock at the door, and he called down.

"Come in it's open! I'll be right down!"

But before he was quite finished, he heard light footsteps up the stairs, and expecting it to be his sister he quickly closed the closet doors and turned his back on them, only to see Alana walk in the room, smiling.

"Oh Hi!" he said, relieved and shocked at the same time. She terrified him, but he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

"Good boy, you're still wearing your glasses."

"Yeah, well, you know, may as well, I guess you will want me to wear them all the time."

"No," she said, holding open a box "Not those, these."

He looked inside the box to find the strongest pair of glasses he'd ever seen, and a box of contact lenses. Well, at least he knew what she had in mind now. He looked up at her hoping vainly it was a joke, but knowing her well, and especially from everything he experienced last that she wasn't one for half-measures or holding back. There was no explanation, no apology, and no choice. She was waiting for him to put them on.

"I'll help you." She said, and sat on his bed, patting the space beside her.

Not even bothering to argue, Simon took off his glasses and removed his contact lenses, put them away carefully, and then joined her. These contact lenses felt very different, and he did need her help. She put them in for him expertly. As soon as she did so he could see nothing but a blur of color, and he felt very helpless. He heard a purr of satisfaction from Alana.

"I love that look" she said "But we'll enjoy that some other time."

Then she placed the heavy glasses on his nose and leaned back to admire her work. Simon took a moment or two to adjust but then realized he could see, although the world looked very strange indeed. Alana looked absolutely delighted.

"This will be your San Francisco look."

Simon was afraid of that. But what could he do? He couldn't say no to her.

Three weeks later he was sitting beside her on the long drive to California, and as they left their hometown she handed him the box.

"Start as you mean to go on," she said with an odd smile, "Better get used to them."

Simon - Part Two

Northern California is supposed to be where the girls are warmer, and Alana was almost too hot to handle. Simon found himself making love to her before they'd finished unpacking. Found himself.....because she initiated everything. She was a dominatrix of the first order, and he happily went along with her every whim. Their new abode was small and simple, over a video rental store, but it was central and had a great view. Before long she sent him shopping for groceries and he took his first trip, alone, into his new neighborhood, with his new "look". He actually expected funny looks, because he thought the glasses were very strong, but he received none. He did his shopping, took it home and was greeted very warmly by Alana as if he'd been away for months. She hardly took her eyes off him, as if she were drinking him in. Simon was in a state of bliss, but also total confusion. It just wasn't sinking in.

Alana went off to work the following morning and left him to himself, with requests to "make the place a bit more homely". As they only had a bed, his first thoughts were furniture. Wanting desperately to please her, but with only a limited amount of money, he spent all day, mainly in second-hand stores and cheap Asian import places, looking for items as offbeat and unusual as Alana. He must have succeeded because when she came home and saw what he'd bought, she immediately thrust him into a wicker chair and had her way with him, hurriedly, passionately. Simon thought it couldn't get any better than this. Later as they shared some wine, he found the courage to ask her what it was all about, why the whole glasses thing. But she didn't know.

"I'd tell you've if I could," she said, sighing, "but all I know is that I'm only turned on by men in glasses. Otherwise I'm sexually dead. There's just nothing there. Over time it's gotten worse too, and regular glasses just don't do it for me anymore, they have to be strong. Oh my God.....talking about it is making me horny again......"

And she unzipped his pants and reached in. As she slid her right hand up and down his erection, and her left hand along his glasses, he was beginning to develop the association himself.

And so the first few weeks of this odyssey went along like this, with Simon shopping all day while Alana worked, and her returning delightedly to him and their ever more exotic lovenest. When they were basically satisfied with how the place looked he learned to cook and paint and he spent his days in creative pusuits, counting the minutes until his crazy lover walked through the door. He found that he really liked wearing the thick, heavy glasses, and although it would have been simple enough to take the ensemble off during the day when he was in the house alone, he didn't. This was his new life, it was fantastic, and they were the lynchpin of it all.

They began to make friends. All "fringe" people, all fascinating, all very appropriate for Alana. Simon was being more adventurous with his clothes and hair, and was getting quite well known locally as a colorful character. Several people had asked him about his glasses, and enquired politely if he was unable to wear contacts, or if he'd ever thought of surgery, but he had affected an enigmatic smile, and would only reply simply, honestly "Alana loves my glasses."

Alana wasn't the only one. Among their new circle was a very quiet girl named Imogen who played the guitar. She often brought it along to gatherings at their apartment, and on one occasion left it behind. The following day she called to collect it when Simon was there alone.

He had just made coffee and offered some to her totally innocently. For the first time he had a proper conversation with Imogen, and found her utterly fascinating. She had an otherworldly air, and seemed to him almost fairylike. She spoke very quietly, but he found her not at all shy, just somehow.....mysterious.....but in a totally different way to Alana. Imogen gazed at Simon as if reading his mind, and she was reading it absolutely correctly. He didn't know what to do. He had totally committed himself to life with Alana but this fairy creature was sucking him in like a siren. Smiling oddly to himself about the ridiculousness of the myth that girls aren't attracted to guys in thick glasses, he found himself reaching across to her as she did so to him. With a total understanding betwen them he lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom, where he opened up her delicate blouse to find her breasts. Quite unlike Alana, pale and slight, she looked almost fragile, and he tried to float as he pushed himself slowly into her and she gasped with delight. To his utter pleasure she reached up and touched his glasses, but didn't try to remove them, she just seemed to want to feel the thickness of the lens, and her eyes danced with fascination as she found it to match the size of her finger.

"So thick," she whispered, and grinned mischievously.

He expected to feel guilty, but he didn't. He felt powerful. He even toyed with the idea of telling Alana, and hoping she'd say it was OK. He even fantasized about a threesome, but reality set in.....he knew Alana was fiercely jealous. He was her prize after all, her perfect specimen. Increasingly she showed him off to everyone as The Man, even though they both knew his look was a minority taste, it obviously wasn't totally outrageous. It had had the desired effect on Imogen after all. No, in fact, all things considered, Simon felt fantastic.

Somehow his guilty secret enhanced his arousal for Alana that night. For the first time ever in their relationship he made the first move. She seemed shocked, but not displeased. He loved the way she held the sides of his face so she could feel his glasses with both hands as he thrust into her, and as he did so he thought about what he had done to get to this place. It was freakish, yet beautiful because it worked. With his new-found confidence, his slight change of role in this pairing, they both reached a new record high as they came together.

And Simon thought "I want more."

Simon - Part Three

After his little fling with Imogen, Simon was shocked that he felt no remose at having been unfaithful to Alana. He wondered if other women might like his strong glasses, not knowing them to be fake. He wasn't sure what the attraction was, but he was beginning to like them for their own sake. One morning when he was in the bathroom coming his ever lengthening hair, the look of himself in the thick lenses suddenly turned him on. What was all this about? What was happening? Before he could think too much on this, Alana appeared at the door. Seeing his erection she smiled, and took the opportunity. Holding his shoulders firmly she led him into the bedroom and threw him onto the bed. Expecting sex immediately he smiled, but she had a surprise for him.

"Take out your contacts!"


"Do as you are told, I have some new ones for you.

Simon dutifully switched the contacts, put the heavy glasses back on, and blinked a few times. These were wrong.

"I'm sorry darling, you must have picked up the wrong strength, I can't quite focus with these."

"That's right" she said, grinning "They're stronger than the others, they actually leave you a little nearsighted. It's not much, you need to be able to function, but you'll have to squint a bit. No cheating!"

Simon wasn't too sure about this. It wasn't terribly blurred, just enough to make watching TV awkward, and he had to peer in to make out words and details. When he went out later it was a little more awkward. Signs in shop windows were blurred and he wasn't too sure of faces until he got a little closer. He managed OK, but it was a strange experience. Consequently he didn't get too much done, and by mid-afternoon he was quite exhausted from the extra walking involved! He sat down on a wall by a flower garden, and after a short while he was joined by a stunning oriental girl in a red dress. She smiled at him several times, and then moved a little closer.

"Hi" said Simon, inadvertantly squinting at her to get a better look.

"Wow, you have really bad eyes, do you do things by feel?"

He wasn't quite sure how to answer this. She had her head on one side and was grinning widely. His mother had warned him about women like that.

"Most people think my glasses are ugly....." he was testing the water.

"I think they're cool. Do you wear them in bed?"

This was unbelieveable. A total stranger was seducing him in the street. And man she was GORGEOUS. She had the cutest smile........his pants suddenly felt way too tight. Hoping she wasn't carrying a disease, or expecting payment, he offered his hand to her and said

"Maybe we should go somewhere."

She led him across the road and up a flight of stairs into a tiny, but spotlessly clean two-room apartment. On the balcony was a futon with a sheet thrown over it, she sat down on it and patted beside her, but he froze and stayed where he was. He couldn't believe this was happening.

Undeterred, she unzipped his pants and pulled them to the floor.

"Oh my God you have such a big one!"

This was too much, just too much. She grabbed his penis hard and Simon thought he would explode. Maybe when Imogen had made the "so thick" comment she really was referring to his member and not just his glasses.

"I-I-think it's just a regular one" he said nervously.

"Well, that's just because you can't see it properly" she said, "but please I want that inside me, now!"

Not wishing to argue, Simon lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and thrust it into her with great ease and pleasure.

"What's your name?" she asked breathlessly as he worked his way in and out.

"My" he replied with some difficulty.

"Oh you are so huge, and so beautiful Simon...............

Afterwards, she stroked his hair.

"How did you get such bad eyes Simon?"

She was a stranger, totally outside his circle, he could tell her truth, it was of no consequence.

"Actually I have normal eyes, I wear strong contact lenses under these so I can see."

Quickly she pulled off his glasses to see for herself, and she laughed.

"Yes I see them! I can do better than that for you!"

Popping the contacts out quickly, she laid his head back on a pillow and told him to take a deep breath. He felt an odd pricking sensation in his head, but not unpleasant. She was fussing over him, muttering something in an oriental language.

"What are you doing?" he asked, beginning to worry.

"Shh, don't speak Simon, it'll soon be over, just a little magic of the orient. Back in the days of my ancestors poor people couldn't buy glasses. We found other ways to make their eyes better! You'll see! Not quite Witchcraft Simon, not quite!"

The next thing he knew he we sitting in her arms, with his glasses on, and she was giving him a drink of water.

"It's OK, you passed out, all over now. You'll be fine. All done!"

"What's all done?"

"You can go home now Simon, come back and see me! Don't forget me!"

She ushered him out the door. He was disoriented and disappointed. What had that been all about? Did he dream it? He began to walk home, and then remembered - Alana had given him contacts that left him in a slight blur. Now he could see perfectly. Then he blinked a few times and it didn't feel right. He couldn't feel his thick contacts at all, like he usually could.

Arriving home he ran to the bathroom mirror. Nope, no contacts. Taking his glasses off he discovered to his horror (but not total surprise) that he could see a total blur, just as he used to have with the strong contacts in. The oriental girl had...somehow...made him nearsighted. VERY nearsighted. There were little tiny blobs of blood in his hair. Acupuncture? Made no sense. Witchcraft? She had laughingly said that. Now what did he do? Was it permanent? How would he explain this to Alana?

He had some time before she came home, but his mind was doing somersaults. He couldn't really go to a doctor...........and that was the thought that had stopped him in his tracks. All this time he had been playing the part of a high myope, pretending. Loving it. Finding it fun, even erotic. But he wasn't quite so sure.

Half-expecting, maybe hoping that whatever she had done to him would wear off, he decided to stall for time. He didn't say a word to Alana, pretending to still be squinting in his too strong contacts. She was used to him sleeping in his contacts, at her request, so she could enjoy him helpless and "blind" early in the morning before she went to work. After she had left Simon found, by putting his glasses on, and seeing perfectly, that nothing had changed. He decided it may be permanent, all he could do was seek out the "Witch".

He walked very fast to her apartment, but found the door wide open, and the place empty. Neighbours had no idea who he was talking about. The situation was absurd, like something off a strange European movie. He went home, sat down on his bed, and screamed "FUCK!".

Well, obviously he had to tell Alana. He would just tell her the truth, she wouldn't believe him anyway.

And she didn't. But she wasn't angry, she just laughed.

"A Chinese Witch? I don't think there is any such thing! But whatever, let me look."

Carefully she examined his eyes. No contacts. And it was obvious he couldn't see very much, just by looking at him. He couldn't even begin to focus. But there were no marks, no redness, nothing to indicate anything that could have done this. She placed his glasses back on, and he looked at her like a lost dog.

"I don't know how this happened Simon, I don't really care. All I know is I'm so incredibly happy. I can't.....I can't begin to tell you. It's real! It's really real! Oh my God that's so fantastic? Do you realize that? You REALLY are incredibly nearsighted now, it's just amazing!"

Then she stopped and looked at his face. He didn't look so happy.

"It's OK Simon, really, it's a good thing."

He said nothing.

"Look, what's the difference? For six months you've been used to wearing these glasses, that hasn't changed, just that now you don't have the discomfort of contact lenses anymore."

He still said nothing. He took off his glasses and aimed his face at her, he could make out a dark fuzzy shape. His eyes looked fantastic unfocussed like that. She wanted him badly, but she waited.

"I think I just need to get used to the idea" he said.

She put them back on him, and said

"I prefer you like this."

He walked out and into the bathroom.

Alana didn't understand it. It was all messed up. Finally she got what she wanted, her perfect man, and REALLY myopic, and he wasn't happy.

Simon looked in the mirror. He remembered the morning he'd been turned on by the reflection of his own glasses. Now he examined them closely, the strong lenses protruding from the frames on the inside and outside. The magnificent set of power rings, the awesome cut-in effect at the side of his face. He felt the sheer weight on his nose. Alana watched him from the hallway, getting very turned on watching him run his finger down the side of the thick lenses.

"I love it when you do that. I love it when you touch your glasses."

Simon smiled. He hadn't noticed, but she had undressed. Now she stood behind him, her large breasts competing for dominance in the mirror with his glasses. She pressed them into his back, and reached around to touch him through his jeans. He turned around to face her, and she looked up at him longingly.

"You're all I ever wanted" she said.

They returned to the bedroom, and at her request Simon undressed. He was in her control again, the familiar place. Was it all he ever wanted too?

"Tell me honestly Alana, do I have a bigger than average..........

"It's huge Simon, surely you knew?" she smiled kindly

"It's one reason I took a chance on you in the beginning. I could always tell, even when you were younger, and you'd get a hard-on when I was around, that you had LOTS to offer me. When I saw it.....felt it......that's when I was sure I wanted you to come away with me. But it's not enough, you know that? Lots of men are well-hung. But few were willing to do what you did for me, with the glasses, and now, oh now!................."

Alana kissed her two favorite parts of Simon.

"I want these two to have a common bond" she smiled, "When someone talks about your glasses, when I touch your glasses, heck when you as much as THINK about your glasses, I want you to get very hard, very fast. And to make sure that happens, I'm going to do the reverse of aversion therapy on you. You see, a fetish can be taught, it can be deliberately created."

At this point he was past caring what she planned on doing, but what she did was to be repeated, as his "therapy" over and over many times.......

Alana found a way of synchronizing her hip and hand movements as she made love to him, so that she played with his glasses with the same rhythm. Then she would take them away from him as he started to climax and only replasce them exactly as he ejaculated. Somewhere deep in his subconcious he would associate his glasses with pleasure. It was a great plan. And it worked.

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