The Surprise Within: Part 1

© 2007 ttuee2006

(edited and compiled by Jules in March 2011)

 Nick couldn’t believe it when it happened, but it just happened. What were the chances? He was walking down the street on his way to the office, and his eyes started feeling a little dry. It had been very windy lately, and allergy season was in full swing, but he certainly wasn’t expecting that the next time he blinked not one, but BOTH of his hard contact lenses would go flying out of his eyes! Shit, and into the wind too!!

Unfortunately, Nick, who was extremely nearsighted, was left, for all practical purposes, blind without his contacts. His coke-bottle glasses, which he NEVER wore anyway, were miles away at his new apartment. Not a good situation for a guy with a minus fourteen glasses prescription! He stood there frozen for a few minutes, totally lost in a world of blurs.

This was a totally new experience to Nick. Since he’d been wearing contacts, he had NEVER even lost one before! Certainly not in a public place like this crowded street. It was already too late to go back to his apartment to find his glasses…he was supposed to be giving a major presentation in half an hour! Fortunately someone must have been smiling on Nick that day. Suddenly from behind, Nick felt a hand on his shoulder. “Why you just standin’ there?” the voice said. Nick was so relieved…it was his friend Adam. “Oh no reason” he replied, and they began walking to the office together. On the way Adam kept asking if everything was OK. Nick assured him it was. I mean who wants to blurt out in public that they’re practically blind! How embarrassing!

It wasn’t until they made into the building that Nick realized what a mess he was in. Outside where it was sunny, he could make out shapes, and see well enough to get around easily, but inside where it was dark colored and dimly lit he realized how bad his vision really was. He knew this office like the back of his hand since he’d worked here for the last 5 years, but today it was a totally different place. He parted ways with Adam and said he’d see him after the presentation, then made his way to his office and shut the door behind him.

Nick was one of these people who NEVER removed their contacts except for cleaning, so he had never really had the opportunity to witness his vision progress to where it had gotten now. The last time he’d even been out in public with glasses was a good 10 years ago when he was in middle school. Since then his sight had gotten much, much worse. In his office, he glanced around helplessly as he realized he couldn’t read the books on his shelf, see the clock on the wall, or even read the computer screen without literally pushing his nose right up to it. This was all a new experience to Nick…one that he really wasn’t enjoying. He shoved his face down to his watch and squinted to read the time…5 minutes until he was supposed to present. Nick said a short prayer and made his way to the meeting room.

Thankfully the IT department had already set up the projector and put his presentation on the screen, so all he had to do was advance the slides and talk about each one. Nick glanced up at the projector screen which he knew contained the intro slide to his presentation…it was just a big blue blurry rectangle. He sighed deeply as he made his way up to the podium at the front of the room. In the darkness of the room, Nick realized how poor his vision really was. He couldn't make out much of anything. He could tell there were people sitting in the room, but that was about it. He had no idea who anyone was, or even what their hair color was! All this was making him very nervous.

Finally a man walked into the room and shut the door behind him. “Let’s hear it Nick” he said. Thankfully Nick recognized the voice as his supervisor, so he began the presentation. Everything went off without a hitch. Nick had practiced this presentation so many times he could do it backwards or forwards with his eyes closed (which came in handy this time since he couldn't see anyway!). At the end of the presentation he asked for questions not thinking that he might not be able to see hands raised! Fortunately for Nick, just as he began to panic about his latest realization, Adam saved him. “No questions guys?” he asked, “I’ve got one for you then Nick…how long have you been working on this presentation anyway?” Nick laughed and replied that he’d been putting it together for nearly a month. His boss laughed and congratulated him on his stellar performance. Nick smiled and thanked everyone, then ducked out the door so the next presentation could take place.

After all the straining in the conference room during his presentation really did a number on Nick’s eyes. He was really starting to be in some serious pain from all the eyestrain. He quickly made it back to his office and shut the door so he could look for some Advil to help dull the pain. He shoved his watch back up in his face to see the time…almost 2:30! Nick was so glad the work day ended at 3 on Fridays so he could get the heck home and go find his glasses. He put his head down on his desk to rest his eyes for a while before it was time to go.

Around 2:50 the other presentation let out and Nick could hear his co-workers walking around in the hallway outside. Suddenly there was a knock at his door and his boss’s booming voice rang out, “Nick you in there?” He ran to the door and opened it and invited his boss in. To his surprise, his boss complimented him on his presentation and the excellent job he was doing at the company. “I’ve been here for 25 years and not once seen anyone put in the time and dedication to their job that you have. I want to see you in my office Monday morning at 9 sharp to discuss your promotion!” With that he left and Nick was speechless. He just stood there for about 5 minutes before he was shaken back to reality by Adam. “What’d he say man?” he asked. Nick told him and Adam suggested they go out to celebrate! Nick declined saying he had stuff to do that evening, but maybe tomorrow? Adam agreed and said he’d call that evening to confirm everything.

Nick was walking on air…he left his office and even forgot to lock his door! For a moment he even forgot he couldn’t see! That is until he made it out front of his office building… There was no way he’d be able to navigate all the heavy traffic to walk back to his apartment the way he normally did so he hailed a cab. Unbeknownst to Nick at the time, he was being followed... Finally he made it back to his apartment. He dug around in his wallet for the correct change for his cab fare, but even this was a challenge. He had to push his face down close to the wallet and even then he wasn’t sure he got the right change. The cab driver understood the problem and told him it was OK…he’d gotten the right change. Nick was thankful about that, so he got out of the cab smiling and walked up the 4 flights of stairs to his apartment.

As he was fumbling with his keys trying to find the right one with his poor vision, he heard a familiar voice behind him, “OK man...what's the deal today? You've been acting awfully strange...” Nick jumped then sighed a sigh of relief. It was Adam! “You bastard…how dare you scare the shit out of me like that!” he jabbed back, “Come on inside and I’ll tell you.” Adam followed him inside and started looking around. “You just move here man?” he asked. “Yeah, about a week ago” Nick replied, “I haven’t really had time to unpack all my stuff yet. I’m actually kind of glad you’re here.” He proceeded to tell Adam about his problem and how all day he’d been totally helpless. “You mean that’s what happened when I walked up behind you this morning?” Adam asked, “Man…you’ve got balls the size of grapefruits! I’d have just said I didn’t feel good and went home!” They both laughed, then Nick got serious…”Come on man, I've got to find the box with my glasses in it. They’re not even a current prescription, but anything’s an improvement over this...”

They began digging. After about 4 boxes Nick started to feel a little bit of panic setting in. He hadn’t found his glasses yet, and he hadn’t heard anything from Adam yet either. “You finding anything over there?” he called out. Adam detected the plight in Nick’s voice and reassuringly said, “No not yet, but I've got about 3 more boxes to go on this side.” They continued looking and Nick’s heart sank as he finished digging through his final box. No glasses, no contacts, nothing. “I’m done man…didn’t find ANYTHING” he said sadly. “I’m just opening my last box man, I’m sure they’re probably in here” Adam said. Sure enough, a few minutes later Adam called out “Jackpot!” Nick stumbled hurriedly across all the junk strewn about his apartment to Adam’s side to get the glasses when his heart sank. “These were my high school glasses” he said, “I can’t see anything through these.” Adam noticed how thick they were and asked the obvious question, “Just how bad are your eyes man?” Nick picked up a book and shoved it up to his right eye and said, “This bad…I can hardly read this book.” Adam gasped in horror “Oh you poor thing! I feel so bad for you! And I thought my eyes were bad!” “You wear glasses too?” Nick asked. "Yeah, but I'm farsighted. I normally wear contacts because I hate how big my glasses make my eyes look” he replied. Nick smiled since he knew he wasn’t alone anymore. Suddenly, Adam noticed a contact lens container. “Hey I think I found some contacts!” he said. He handed them to Nick and directed him to the bathroom to put them in. Nick put one in and smiled since his world was much more in focus, but his happiness was short lived. As soon as he blinked the lens went flying out of his eye. He put it back in and the same thing happened. Both eyes, same problem both times. “This sucks…this is what happened to me this morning!” he exclaimed.

Adam was perplexed. He’d never seen contacts just randomly pop out before. His certainly never did that! “We’ll just go to the optometrist in the morning” he told Nick, “I’ll stay over and give you a hand. I know this can’t be fun for you.” Nick smiled and thanked him for his kindness. Suddenly he freaked “But what about Stephanie?” he asked? “We broke up last night” Adam replied, “It was ugly…I don’t think there’s any chance of us getting back together.” Nick apologized and said he was there if Adam needed him. Adam hugged him and thanked him for his kindness.

It was already late and Nick wanted to get some rest. “I’ve only got the twin sized bed” he told Adam, “I don’t have a couch or anything.” Adam understood and said it was OK, he didn’t have a problem sharing. Nick smiled and said he was going to get ready for bed. He disappeared into the bathroom and started getting ready. He never realized how difficult things like putting toothpaste on a toothbrush could possibly be without being able to see. He was really starting to hate his poor eyesight. Finally he was finished with his before-bed routine and stripped down to his boxer briefs before going back out into the apartment. He glanced around at his blurry apartment trying to find Adam to tell him it was his turn. Adam, however had already crawled into bed. “Dude! You’re a stud!” he called out from across the room. Nick blushed. “No really! You’re pretty hot dude!” Adam replied, “And you're furry! That is SO SEXY!” Nick was taken aback. He said in horror, “Are you gay?!” Suddenly Adam was very quiet. He replied in a sheepish voice “I thought you knew I was bi. Sorry man, I didn’t know I hadn’t told you.” He sounded very dejected. “I’ll go to the house and come back in the morning if you want me to” he said as he got out of bed and started getting dressed again. “No, no” Nick replied, “I have a confession, I’ve always been a little bi-curious. I’ve never had a problem getting women until here lately, but I've always been curious about what it would be like to be with a guy.” Adam smiled, although Nick couldn’t see it, and said “Alright stud, I’ll just be myself then.” Nick smiled and crawled in bed with him. Suddenly Adam sat up. “Shit! I forgot to take my contacts out!” he said. Nick offered him a glass and some solution to store his lenses next to the bed. Adam took his lenses out and made the comment, “There…now I’m blind too!” They both laughed and Adam turned out the light. Nothing happened that night, but both men fell asleep happy.

The next morning, Nick awoke to Adam softly rubbing his chest in his sleep. Nick smiled and rolled over to kiss Adam softly to wake him. Adam woke and groggily looked at the blur that was Nick’s face. He smiled and greeted Nick. Adam commented how different, yet refreshing it was to sleep with someone and not have to worry about all the emotional baggage that usually happens after a passionate night in bed. Nick was quick to say not to discount the possibilities of that too quickly! Both of them got a good laugh out of that. Nick grabbed the clock and pushed it to his face to figure out what time it was. 9 a.m., time to head to the optical shop!

The morning pleasantries ended abruptly as Adam sat up in bed only to discover that during the night someone’s arm had raked the glass with his contacts in it right off the night stand. They were ruined! “Shit, we’re in the same boat!” he exclaimed to Nick, “I can still see well enough in the distance if I squint to get us there safely” he explained. Nick was a little nervous now since he was counting on Adam to fill out the forms for him at the optometrist’s office. Now he knew that with Adam being so farsighted, that he was to be the designated form filler. “Don’t you have a pair of glasses at your house?” he asked Adam. “No, I only wear the contacts, but I’m out anyway. I haven’t gotten my eyes checked in a year, so I figure I’ll get mine done the same time you do.” he replied. Sounded like a good idea to Nick, so they went downstairs and Adam flagged down a cab. They gave directions and were at the optical shop in no time.

Inside the shop, Adam picked up two clipboards with paperwork on them, so that he and Nick could fill out all the important information for the receptionist. He handed one to Nick and kept the other for himself. He pushed it way out in front of his face and squinted hard to try to read the paperwork and eventually gave up. “Here you're gonna have to fill this out man, I can’t make any of it out” he said as he handed it to Nick. Nick laughed and shot back “You think I’m any better?” “Well at least you can get up close and make some of it out, I can’t see any of it!” Adam replied. “Man, I had no idea you farsighted people had it so rough!” Nick said sheepishly, “I always thought I had it bad, but at least like you say, I can get up really close and kind of see what I'm doing.” With that he pushed his face against the paper and started filling out the form. It was slow going and Nick’s eyes were getting tired trying to read all the small print up so close. Thankfully to his rescue came the receptionist who had been watching the whole crazy ordeal. “You boys look like you can use my help” she said as she took the pen and pad from Nick. They both laughed and were relieved that she was there to help them out.

Once all the paperwork was filled out, she went back behind the counter and said to relax, she’d have them in the doctor’s office in a jiffy. As they sat nervously waiting for the optometrist to get ready for their exam, Adam noticed that Nick was shaking a little. “You cold?” he asked. “No, just nervous” Nick replied, “I haven't gotten my eyes checked in two years. I’m afraid to see the numbers.” “It’ll be alright,” Adam said, “Mine’s been going up for years, I’m sure its going up again this time too.” Their conversation was interrupted by the receptionist’s voice calling out “Adam Welch, and Nicholas Pierce, the doctor will see you both in the pre-exam room now.” They shook each other’s hands and wished each other luck. “See you in a few!” Nick said. “Back atcha” Adam said emphatically. They both laughed as they walked to the pre-exam rooms.

Part 2

© 2008 ttuee2006


Nick sat nervously in the pre-exam room waiting for the assistant to calibrate the tools and machinery that he knew would soon measure his vision and give a preliminary prescription that the optometrist would later verify. He started shaking his leg from anxiety and the assistant noticed this. “Nervous?” he asked. “Yeah. A little” was Nick’s reply, “I haven’t had my eyes checked in 2 years. I’m afraid to see the numbers.” The assistant laughed and had Nick pull up to the autorefractor. “Look at the hot-air balloon” the assistant said. “What balloon?” Nick replied, “The pink blob?” The assistant laughed and said yes.

He sat patiently and waited for the machine. He heard lots of clicking and whirring and thought it seemed to be taking a while to spit out an answer. Suddenly his suspicions were confirmed. He heard a beep and the assistant walked over and checked the screen. “What does the beep mean?” Nick asked. “It means your eyes are worse than this machine can measure. How bad are your eyes man?” he asked. “Pretty bad” Nick replied. The assistant laughed and said his prescription would have to be determined manually. He had Nick follow him to the exam room and said the doctor would be in shortly. After he shut the door Nick began looking around the dimly lit room. Absolutely nothing in there was intelligible to him. Everything was a blur. He saw the eye chart being projected on the wall, but it was just a big fuzzy white blob. He could see what appeared to be a laptop computer, but the screen was the same as the eye chart. Just a big blob. Since he couldn’t see anything anyway, Nick figured he’d shut his eyes and give them a rest while he waited on the doctor.

Meanwhile in the other exam room, the doctor was already examining Adam. “Mr. Welch, how come you aren’t wearing any glasses today?” he asked. Adam fessed up to what happened the night before and also confessed to his not owning a pair of glasses in his current prescription. The doctor shook his head and sighed. “Son, you’ve got to start taking better care of your eyes. You have worn your contacts too much for too long and it’s starting to show. You have a small blood vessel starting to form in your iris in your left eye. If you continue wearing contact lenses, that will become a problem for you.” He said in a very serious tone. Adam gasped and said “So no more contacts? Ever?” “Not for now” the doctor replied, “I am not going to write you a prescription for them either. Let’s give your eyes some time to recover then we can talk about you wearing contacts again. For the time being, however, you need to get a pair of glasses made, and with your prescription, I’d suggest you get high index lenses to keep the thickness down.” Adam didn’t like this news, but he thanked the doctor and took his prescription out into the showroom. He sat down and waited for Nick to get finished with his examination.

“Good morning Mr. Pierce” in a booming baritone voice woke Nick from his short nap. He jumped in his chair and told the doctor hello. The doctor laughed and introduced himself as Dr. Ford. Nick reached out to shake his hand and Dr. Ford obliged. “So I understand you’ve got some pretty serious myopia here” Dr. Ford said. “How come you aren’t wearing your glasses today?” Nick blushed and told the doctor about his mishap with his contacts, his glasses being M.I.A., and his not having his eyes checked in years. Dr. Ford sighed and said “What’s with you guys? I just examined another guy in the other room with a similar issue.” “Oh you mean Adam?” Nick asked, “How’d he do?” The doctor laughed and said he wasn’t allowed to say, he’d have to ask Adam himself. “Lie back in the chair and let’s have a look at your eyes” he said to Nick. He lay back, and Dr. Ford reclined the chair further. With a pen light he examined Nick’s eyes. When he pulled his eyelids back he muttered, “Just as I thought.” “What does that mean?” Nick asked. “Go ahead and sit up again Nick,” he said, “Basically the reason you’ve been having problems with your eyes is twofold. You’ve got moderate dry-eye probably from allergies which can be treated with drops, but you’ve also got some scar tissue forming under your eyelids where your contacts rest. I’m assuming you wear hard lenses since our autorefractor couldn’t determine your prescription?” “Yes” Nick replied, “And I have for several years”. “Mmm hmm” Dr. Ford said, “Do you take them out in the evenings and wear your glasses to give your eyes a rest?” “Oh no” Nick replied, “I hate those things. I always just wear my contacts until its time to go to bed.” “Exactly what I thought.” Dr. Ford said. “Well I’m sorry to tell you, but you will never be able to wear contacts again. The problem you face is a callous forming under your eyelids from your contacts rubbing and this will never go away. It won’t cause you any problems, but it will cause you to have problems keeping the lenses in your eyes, as you’ve already found out. I know you hate wearing glasses, but it looks like that’s the only solution for you. I’d recommend Lasik surgery, but with your scar tissue and your high myopia, it would probably cause you more harm than good.” Nick squirmed in his chair and had only one word to say…“Shit.”

Dr. Ford laughed and assured Nick that things would be all right. “Let’s see what your prescription really is,” he said to Nick as he pulled over the phoropter. He held up 2 fingers and told Nick to tell him when he could tell how many fingers he was holding up. When he was about a foot away from Nick’s face Nick said, “Stop”. “Alrighty then. We’ll start with a -14 sphere then” he said. He rolled up a line on the eye chart and asked Nick to read it. “Can’t see anything on it” Nick replied. “No?” he asked. “No.” Nick replied. “Ok, well I’ll start giving you more power, let me know when you can first start to read the top line.” He said. After several clicks Nick said, “Stop. I think I can read it.” Dr. Ford gave one more click and asked Nick to read the line. Nick struggled and said he could see it, but he couldn’t make out the letters. Dr. Ford then started clicking some more and asked Nick “One or two”. Nick said “Two”. This went on for several rounds before Dr. Ford slid a lens in front of Nick’s eye. Suddenly everything leapt into perfect focus. “Perfect!” Nick screamed as he read out the smallest line. Dr. Ford smiled and wrote down the prescription. He repeated the whole process for Nick’s left eye. Once he was satisfied he opened both eyes and asked Nick to read the eye chart once again. Nick rattled off the bottom line flawlessly.

Next Dr. Ford clipped a board in front of Nick’s face and asked him to read the top line. “I can’t see it. It’s up too close” he replied. “Just as I thought” Dr. Ford said. He started clicking on the phoropter once again and asked Nick to try again. This time Nick got all the lines. He asked the doctor “So what does that mean?” “That means you need bifocals. Your prescription is very high, and your eyes just aren’t able to cope with close objects. Don’t worry though, it’s a fairly low add. Just +1.00.” Nick groaned. “Oh its not that bad” Dr. Ford said. “How old are you Nick?” Nick replied, “I’m 24.” Dr. Ford said “Oh you’re lucky. I’ve worn bifocals since I was 14. I’m 26 now. In fact, I have a similar prescription to yours. Just without the cylinder you have.” “Are you serious?” Nick asked perplexed. “I can’t see you, so I have no idea what you even look like. I had no idea you even wore glasses!” Dr. Ford laughed and said it was true. He wrote Nick’s prescription out and also gave him a second prescription for some eye drops to help with the dry eye condition. “Believe me, you’ll feel better soon” he told Nick. “However it may take some time to have your glasses made. I’m sure you probably have a job you need to perform.” “Oh shit, I totally forgot about all that.” Nick replied, “I was so focused on just being able to get myself to see again that I completely forgot how much this is going to impact my job. I mean I had to give a presentation on Friday without my contacts and I’m surprised I actually pulled it off. I even got a raise!”

Dr. Ford laughed and said “Normally I don’t do this, but since I know how much this affects your entire life, I think I can help you out a little since I know you have a similar prescription to my own. I’ll let you borrow one of my spare pairs until yours are made. I’ll draw up a little contract that if you lose them, you’ll buy me new ones. Would you be willing to do that?” Nick thought for a minute and said, “Oh hell why not. I can’t stand these headaches anymore.” Dr. Ford laughed and told him to come back in a couple of hours after lunch hour was over and he’d have the glasses at the desk. In the meantime he suggested that Nick pick out some medium sized frames and get high-index or glass lenses to keep the thickness of his lenses down. Nick thanked him and hugged him goodbye as he walked blindly out into the waiting room to get Adam.

As Nick walked out into the waiting room, Adam stood up to greet him. “How’d it go stud?” he asked. “Me, it went alright. I haven’t looked at the numbers yet. Kind of afraid to,” Nick replied. “Well here, I haven’t been able to read mine yet, so I’ll get you to read mine to me” Adam said, “Then we’ll hear yours”. Nick smiled as he reached for Adam’s prescription. “It says OS +8.50, OD +8.25, Add +2.00” he said. Adam gasped. “Its gone up that much?” he said with a nervousness in his voice. “Yeah” Nick replied, “Hey you have an add too…you need bifocals too man?” he said in a sarcastic voice. “Shut up” Adam replied, “Let’s hear yours now smartass.” Nick nervously lifted the prescription papers up to his face so he could read them. He sighed and read out the numbers. “OS: -16.75/-3.25x120, OD: -17.00/-3.50x64, Add +1.00” he said. “Holy cow!! You really ARE blind!” Adam exclaimed. “No shit Sherlock…let’s just go pick out some frames,” he said to Adam.

They both walked around the partition in the front office to the frame section and had an assistant help them pick out frames that looked good. Adam could sort of make out what he looked like if he stood back from the mirror and stared hard, but poor Nick was at a loss. “Just pick something flattering” he told the assistant in a grumpy tone. After a few minutes the assistant put on a black plastic frame and said, “I think you’ll like this one for sure.” “I’ll take it then.” Nick said, “How long until they’ll be ready?” “What is your prescription?” the assistant asked. Nick handed her the prescription and heard her gasp. “Oh my…for a prescription as high as yours we’ll have to send them off. It could be up to 2 weeks before we get them back. What kind of lenses did you want?” Nick thought for a minute and realized he didn’t know. “What are the benefits of glass vs. the high index plastic?” he asked. “Well the glass is obviously heavier, can shatter if hit with something, but the lenses will be thinner, and they will be much cheaper than the plastic. Other than that, you should see about the same through both of them so its up to you,” she replied. Nick thought for a minute and asked “How much more for the plastic?” The assistant pulled out a PDA and typed something in. “Significantly more” she said, “About $250.” Nick almost fell out of his chair. “Glass for sure then” he said flatly. “Alright Mr. Pierce. We’ll call you when they’re ready” the assistant said.

“Hey Adam, you about done over there?” Nick asked impatiently. “Yeah, I’m almost through. Just turning in my ’script,” he said. “Ok, we can go,” Adam said, “They’ve got my lenses in the back, so they said they can cut them today and have them back to me in about an hour or two. How about you man?” Nick frowned and said, “Two weeks. But Dr. Ford said he’s got a spare pair I can borrow until then, I have to come back after lunch to pick them up.” “Dr. Ford wears glasses as strong as yours?” Adam asked. “Apparently. I couldn’t see anything, so I have no idea. If he’s got them though, I’ll take them. Anything to get out of this blur. I can’t stand it anymore!” Nick replied. Adam laughed, and invited Nick to lunch. “Let’s go to a sit-down restaurant then with menus” Nick suggested, “That way we don’t look like idiots at the ordering counter.” Adam laughed hysterically and agreed whole-heartedly.

Fortunately for Nick, who was fairly new to this side of town, Adam knew of a great Italian restaurant only about a block from the optometrist’s shop. “Good thing we’re not going far” Nick joked, “Otherwise we might not be about to find our way back!” Adam laughed as he opened the door for Nick. The waitress seated them both and handed them menus. “My name is Doreen, boys. If you need anything just ask for me!” she said in a bubbly voice. When she left, Adam put his menu down and said “I already know what I want. I’ve eaten here so many times I have the menu memorized.” “Good” Nick said as he squinted uselessly at the blurry pages in front of him, “My eyes are giving up, I can’t even read the pages anymore. Not even if I push my nose against the paper.” Adam laughed and said he’d order for Nick. When Doreen came back, he ordered them both a plate of Spaghetti, which they both inhaled. After they’d both eaten, Nick said, “Boy, I hadn’t realized how hungry I was. We haven’t eaten since yesterday!” Adam laughed as he realized how right Nick was. “I just found it so weird eating spaghetti without being able to see it” he said, “That was weird.” Nick agreed.

When it was time to pay, things got awkward. Doreen presented a check and handed it to Adam. “You can take care of this whenever you’re ready” she told him. Adam smiled and handed the check to Nick. “What are you handing it to me for?” he asked. “So you can read it to me, stupid,” Adam joked. Nick frowned and said, “Do you not remember me telling you my eyes were giving up? I can hardly even see a blur anymore.” “Oh I’m sorry,” Doreen exclaimed, “Is there anything I can help you with?” Adam laughed and told her the story of the missing glasses. She laughed and said she’d be happy to get it all taken care of for them. Adam groped in his wallet and handed her his debit card to take care of the bill. After he signed the bill and thanked Doreen for her help, he noticed Nick rubbing his eyes. “That bad?” he asked. “Yeah, I really need my glasses” Nick replied, “Has it been 2 hours yet?” Adam strained to read the clock on the far wall. “From what I can tell, close enough” he said, “Looks to be after 1 anyway.” Nick sighed and begged to get going already. Adam agreed. Being in a world of blurs was starting to annoy him as well.

As they walked out of the restaurant Adam’s cell phone rang. “Shit and I can’t tell who it is either!” he exclaimed as he answered the phone. Suddenly his mood fell. “What do YOU want?” he said bitterly to the other person. Nick was confused as Adam turned his back and walked a few yards away to talk quietly with the other person. After a few minutes Nick heard Adam hang up and come back over. “That was Steph. She wants to see me tonight and try to work things out. I don’t know how I feel about that. I kind of like spending time with you, Nick,” he said. Nick was kind of shocked by that last comment. “Dude, I’m not sure I’m really right for you,” he said, “I mean I’m not completely comfortable being with another guy or anything. I’ve hardly dated anyone anyway. It never works out.” Adam was obviously pissed about this and said in an angry tone, “Fine, let’s just go get our glasses.” Nick tried to calm Adam down, but he just stormed away towards the optometrist’s office.

Suddenly he bolted across the busy intersection and left Nick there to fend for himself. Nick panicked until he realized he was standing near a crosswalk. He hit the button and watched the sign above his head to see when it was safe to cross. When he made it to the optometrist’s office, he walked straight to the counter and asked to see Dr. Ford. “Oh sure, he’s been expecting you” the receptionist said, “Just go back to his office…last door on your left down the long hall.” Nick blindly walked down the hall counting the blurry doors on his left. Finally he came to the last door and knocked. The deep baritone voice he recognized as Dr. Ford’s boomed out “Come in!”

Nick entered nervously as Dr. Ford turned around to greet him. “I see you made it back in one piece,” Dr. Ford said. Nick laughed and sat down in front of the desk. Dr. Ford sat down across from Nick and opened his desk drawer to pull out the glasses he was about to let Nick borrow. “Now you need to understand that my prescription is a bit weaker than yours, and the cylinder is not the same, so you WILL see some distortion. My bifocal add is also stronger than yours so you might try to ignore that it’s even there” he said as he handed the glasses to Nick. Nick felt the weight of the thick lenses in his hands. “They’re awfully heavy” he said. “Those are my spare spares” Dr. Ford laughed, “They’re not even high index. Don’t worry Nick, your glasses won’t be anywhere near as thick or heavy as those.” Nick snickered and slid them on. Everything leapt into a sharper image than he’d seen in the last 2 days. He could finally see what Dr. Ford looked like. A 26-year-old tall doctor with a black goatee, thick glasses like Nick’s, and a fabulous body. It took everything Nick had to conceal the excitement in his pants. He relaxed a little when he noticed that Dr. Ford was also trying to conceal his excitement. “You look great” Dr. Ford said as he handed Nick a mirror. “Yeah, like a circus freak” Nick laughed. Dr. Ford laughed out loud. “Can you see OK with them?” he asked. “Yeah for the most part. Not very clearly, but enough to where I think I can work in front of the computer and get my job done. I wouldn’t dare drive like this.” Nick said. “Well they’re not strong enough for you” Dr. Ford said, “My sphere is only -14.50, so you’re under-corrected by a fair bit. However, its better to be 3 dioptres under-corrected than your full 17! My cylinder is also much lower and on a different axis than yours, but with your prescription, you shouldn’t notice it much since yours is so much stronger.” Nick smiled and thanked Dr. Ford. “So where’s that contract you want me to sign” he asked? “Oh there is no contract, just your name and phone number” Dr. Ford replied. “Nick smiled since he knew exactly what was going on. He wrote his information down on a slip of paper for Dr. Ford and hugged him goodbye. “Thank you so much Dr. Ford.” He said. “Call me Brett” Dr. Ford said. Nick smiled and walked out of the office.

In the lobby he met up with Adam who decided to wait for him. “You decided to wait up this time?” he said sarcastically. “Cut the crap. I just wanted to apologize for how I acted earlier” Adam said. “Apology accepted, but be aware you left me in serious danger earlier” Nick said. “Actually I didn’t” Adam said, “You couldn’t see it, but I waited on the other side of the street until I saw you cross safely.” Nick smiled. “You look great in your new glasses by the way” he told Adam. “Thanks, but I’m not used to them yet” Adam replied, “but you look nice in yours, can you see alright in those?” “Yeah, for the most part. Brett’s prescription is a little lower than mine, so I can’t see perfectly, but certainly better than nothing,” Nick replied happily. “Whoa, whoa, whoa…who’s Brett?” Adam asked angrily. “You know, Dr. Ford…” Nick replied, “Why does it matter that I know his first name?” Adam became upset and stormed off once again, leaving Nick alone on the street. Nick smiled. At least this time he wasn’t helplessly blind!

Part 3

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“I don’t need to put up with this jealousy crap anyway” Nick told himself as he hailed a cab. As he rode home, he suddenly realized that his vision wasn’t very much worse than with the contacts he had been wearing all this time. It dawned on him that if he was already used to seeing like this, how would it be with the right prescription? Nick’s excitement mounted as he thought about being able to read far off signs and not have the blasted headaches he’d been having for the last several months anymore. He sighed and paid the cabbie as he pulled up in front of his apartment building.

The first thing on Nick’s mind was getting home to take a nap to rest his eyes for a while. All the straining and squinting from throughout the day had really taken their toll on him. His eyes hurt, his head hurt, and worst of all, he was kind of seeing double. All hope of a nap disappeared when he opened his apartment door to reveal the disaster zone he and Adam had left the night before while looking for his missing glasses. “Ugh…and he’s not even here to help me clean it up” Nick thought to himself as he started tossing loose junk back in a box.

After a little while Nick started feeling a little queasy as he walked around the room cleaning things up. He took Dr. Ford’s glasses off and set them on the table and the feeling of queasiness instantly stopped. “What’s going on here?!” Nick blurted out! He slid the glasses back up his nose and the feeling of queasiness came back. He noticed that the feeling was much worse if he moved his head or walked around, but was tolerable when he was sitting still. The doorbell rang and a very confused and dizzy Nick went to answer it.

Dr. Ford was standing in the doorway leaning against the opposite wall dressed in his work clothes. “What are you doing here?” Nick asked in a startled tone. “Oh I looked at your records to see where you lived. I wanted to see how you were doing. I couldn’t help but notice your ‘excitement’ in my office earlier…” Brett replied. Nick blushed and joked back “that obvious huh?” Brett laughed as he nodded his head in a very over-exaggerated “yes” nod. They both had a good laugh and Nick invited him in, “Just ignore the mess” he told Brett. “What happened? A bomb go off?” he joked. Nick laughed as he told Brett about the night before and Adam’s helping him look for his missing glasses.

Suddenly Nick remembered his dizziness and asked Dr. Ford about it. “What the heck is causing it?” he demanded. Brett laughed and informed him that it was just his body getting used to wearing glasses again. Since he’d been in contacts for so long, his mind wasn’t used to the distortion of his visual field anymore, so it had to adjust to the warping caused by the thick lenses. Nick felt stupid since now he remembered the last time he wore his glasses the same thing happened. He blushed again and Brett laughed. “I’ll help you clean up this mess. Where do you want this stuff?” he asked. Nick smiled and pointed to the boxes he was putting things back in. “Ask if you want to know where something goes” he told Brett.

2 hours later they finished cleaning the messy apartment and putting things away where they belonged. “Man I’m glad you showed up Brett” Nick said, “I had no idea how I was going to get this all done. I really appreciate it!” Brett smiled and said it was no problem. “No really, for all you’ve done for me today, I want to take you to dinner” Nick said, “It’s the least I can do…really!” Brett started to protest, but Nick insisted. “If you insist” Brett said, “But do you have something more comfortable I can change into? I don’t think a white lab coat and khaki slacks are exactly what you wear to supper…” Nick laughed as he directed Brett to the bedroom to browse his clothes. When he turned around, Brett already had his shirt and pants off and was standing just in his boxer shorts grabbing a shirt off the hanger. Nick’s jaw dropped open as he stared at the god standing before him. Brett had already taken his glasses off to change, so Nick pushed his own glasses up tighter on his nose to get a better look since he knew Brett couldn’t see him gawking. Never before had he been so attracted to another man before. Not even Adam! Brett was perfect in every way. A true specimen of Manhood. His chiseled features of his face were matched in his impressive body. A very lean, sculpted, muscular look. Nick had also never gazed upon another furry man before. He gawked in awe at the pec fuzz and the beautiful black line that ran down Brett’s belly to his boxers.

Suddenly he was snapped out of his trance by Brett’s booming baritone voice, “What…never seen another dude before?” Nick was so embarrassed. He tried to bullshit his way out of what just happened by coming up with some line about a smudge on his lens, but Brett knew better. In all the time Nick spent staring at him, he had time to finish dressing, put on his socks and shoes, and even polish his glasses before putting them back on. “Come on…what’s the real story” Brett demanded in a jokingly fashion. “You’re…you’re…you’re beautiful…” was all Nick could muster. Brett blushed. “I’ve never had anyone admire me before” he admitted, “I don’t get out much. I spend all my time at the lab. I was never very popular.” Nick guffawed as he blurted out “Are you NUTS?!?! You’re like the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen! And I just found out I was bi last night!” Suddenly he was embarrassed. All the ogling of Brett had gone to his head and he just admitted his innermost secret to another man! He blushed, and to his shock so did Brett! “I’ve always been curious, but I’ve never done anything about mine” Brett admitted in a very quiet tone, “I haven’t even dated anyone in over 4 years”. Nick was floored. How could someone this hot NOT be converged on by other people? So he asked the stupid question: “Why not?” Brett replied in a condescending tone, “Isn’t it obvious? Nobody can get past the coke-bottle glasses.” Nick laughed, “But that’s what makes it so smokin’ hot!”

Brett smiled. “Now it’s your turn! Change into something comfortable so we can go out!” he said. Nick laughed as he quickly stripped off his glasses, shirt and pants. Nick’s admiration of Brett got repeated once again, but with Brett being in Nick’s place. They both laughed as they walked out of Nick’s apartment and down the stairs to the lobby. “You know, it’s so funny that we just meet up and have a crush on each other like that” Nick said. Brett smiled and nodded in agreement. The rest of the evening went much like this. Both men agreed wholeheartedly with the other. They shared the same interests, similar tastes in clothes and styles; they even liked the same TV shows!

As the evening drew to a close, they both hailed a cab to take them home. At the last minute Nick walked over and whispered in Brett’s ear “Will you come home with me?” Without words Brett waved his cab off and walked with Nick to his cab. On the short ride back to Nick’s apartment, not a word was said. Both men were smiling so big it was beginning to hurt! Nick had his hand down on the seat between them, and Brett placed his hand on top. Nick smiled even larger…if that was even possible.

They walked hand in hand up the stairs to Nick’s apartment to find a note taped to the door. Nick pulled it down and read it aloud “It’s from Adam. All it says is ‘We’re back together; I’ll call you tomorrow about it.’ Weird huh?” Brett nodded in agreement as they walked inside. “We can’t stay up too late” Brett said, “I have to do maintenance to the machinery in the lab tomorrow, even though it’s a Sunday”. Nick agreed since he was already tired from not being able to take his nap. He squinted up at the wall clock and realized it was already 11:30! “Man, it already is late” he said, “No wonder I feel like I’ve run a marathon.” Brett laughed as he pulled Nick towards the bedroom. Nick obliged and began stripping his clothes off. He stopped at his boxers when he saw that Brett had already removed all of his. Nick’s eyes almost popped out of his head. “You’re hung too! And intact!” he squealed with delight. Brett blushed and pulled Nick’s pants off as well. “Not too shabby yourself” he giggled. They both jumped in the bed and turned to look at each other. “Should we take our glasses off?” Nick asked. Brett nodded, so they both turned and placed their glasses on the night table next to them. Brett groaned as he rolled back over “Plunged into the world of blurs again” he joked. Nick laughed and snuggled up close. “I really enjoy my time with you” he told Brett as he ran his fingers through his chest hair. “I do too Nick” Brett replied as he caressed Nick’s furry forearm. Nick continued to rub Brett’s furry chest as he closed his eyes and put his head on Brett’s muscular shoulder. Brett smiled and drew his arm around Nick’s head to hug him. Nick smiled as the warm scent of Brett’s underarm wafted toward his nose.

The next thing they knew, the alarm was going off. Nick fumbled for the alarm and shut it off, just as he knocked his glasses off the table. “FUCK!” he yelped as he hit the floor to find them. Brett laughed as he looked blindly to where Nick was fumbling on the floor, “Don’t worry, if the lens pops out, it goes right back in.” Nick smiled as he re-emerged from under the bed wearing the glasses. “Last night was incredible,” he said. “Much agreed,” Brett admitted, “Even though nothing intimate happened, it was still the best night of my life! I can still feel your head on my shoulder and your hand on my chest,” he sighed. Nick smiled and walked off to the shower.

While he was in the shower, the phone rang. Brett answered it, and took a message. When Nick reappeared from the shower wearing nothing but his glasses, Brett informed him the phone call was Adam. Nick frowned and asked “What did he want?” “Just for you to call him back” Brett answered, “I better be on my way though, I’m supposed to be at the lab in 15 minutes!” Nick sighed, “If you must…just call me when you get done!” “Will do” Brett replied as he put on his shirt and walked out the door.

Nick smiled as he got dressed knowing that he was madly in love with Dr. Ford. He was quite possibly the most perfect person Nick had ever met! For most of the morning he walked around in a daze, driven by his lust for his newfound friend when suddenly the phone rang again. It was Adam. “Dude, I have GOT to tell you what happened last night! Steph and I are back together! Meet me at Pinocchio’s Pizza at 11 and I’ll fill you in! Plus…you’ve gotta tell me why Dr. Ford was at your place…I’m dying to hear this!” Nick said he’d be there and hung up the phone and went back to his daydreaming.

His daydreaming came to a halt when the clock on the wall chimed 11 times. “Time to get a cab” he thought to himself as he walked out the door to go meet Adam. As he pulled up to the pizza parlor he saw Adam sitting on the front step, glasses glinting in the sunlight as he glanced up at Nick’s cab arriving. Adam ran up to meet him and was bubbling with excitement. “She wants me back!” he exclaimed as Nick was paying the cabbie. “So I heard” he replied laughing. “I already ordered a pizza, hope you like supreme” Adam said, “It should probably be ready by now.” They walked inside and sure enough, the pizza was ready. They sat down at a corner table near the window and Adam started telling the story. “So get this” he began, “Last night you know how she wanted to see me? Well she felt bad about how we broke up, and felt like it was mostly her fault for being bitchy. She had me meet her at the Chinese buffet restaurant downtown and I was shocked when I saw her! She had on glasses at least as strong as mine! I had no idea she even wore glasses! Apparently she felt the same way about me! I’d never worn mine around her before, and I always left my contacts in when I was at her place, which I guess she did too come to think of it. Anyway, when we saw each other, we were speechless! We just stared, both attracted to each other more than ever! We didn’t even eat. We just went back to her place and had the hottest sex we’ve EVER had! It was unbelievable! She’s TOTALLY into me now, and I’m madly in love with her now. It’s just insane!”

Nick just sat in his chair with his jaw dropped to the table; staring in disbelief at Adam; Unable to comprehend what he just heard and the drastic change from Adam’s bitchy mood the day before to this bubbly happy person who sat next to him now. “Aren’t you going to say anything?” Adam asked. Nick finally regained his composure and uttered a single word: “Wow…” Adam laughed and dove into the pizza. “Yeah, everything’s back the way it was now. I’m so sorry for being such a dick to you yesterday. I feel really bad about it!” he said. “Oh don’t worry about it, you were just having a bad day” Nick replied still in shock. Adam laughed and continued inhaling the pizza. “So tell me about Brett” he said, “Why’d he answer your phone this morning?” Nick was dreading this question, so he was just forward about it. He told Adam the whole story, and ended with “And I really think I’m hopelessly in love with him.” Nick grimaced thinking Adam was going to be upset, but instead Adam smiled and said “Well good for you! It’s about time you found someone!” Nick was floored. After the way Adam acted the day before, he was sure that he’d be a dick again, but instead he was happy?! Nick was confused. “So what’s changed” he asked, “Yesterday you were pissy with me flirting with Brett, but today you’re happy for me? What’s the deal here?” Adam laughed, “Well I was jealous. But since Steph wants me back and I’m crazy about her now it’s OK. I was being childish and I feel happy for you!”

Nick and Adam finished their pizza and caught up with all the gossip and small talk they’d missed out on the day before. It was 3 in the afternoon before Nick even noticed the time. He’d been having such a good time with Adam that he’d completely forgotten about the time! He still had to wait for Brett’s phone call and get himself ready for work the next day! After all, he was getting promoted! He bid Adam adieu and hailed a cab. On the way home, he began thinking about how great this weekend had been for him. Something that started out with such a disaster turned into something so great! He couldn’t wait to get home to hear Brett’s sexy baritone voice on the phone.

To be continued (but it hasn’t been so far)