The Trainer

by Specs4Ever

I have been a truck driver now for almost 30 years; 30 years of rolling down the interstates, carrying freight to the distribution centers, carrying raw materials to the factories that churn out the goods that people buy.  For the most part I have enjoyed my work.  I get to see different scenery every day.  I get to meet new people on a daily basis.

But there has always been a sense that my life was incomplete.  I was married, and we raised 2 children.  The children had left home, and were out making their own way in the world, and I was ready to come off the road, and spend a few years with my wife.  But, she died suddenly, and then there was no reason for me to quit, so I sold our house, put anything I wanted to keep in storage, and kept on trucking.  One of my kids provided an address for my mail, and the usual other things that require a permanent address.

Recently the feeling of something lacking in my life has become stronger.  I know that I only have a few more years of working, and probably around the age of 60 I will have to find myself another home, somewhere in the southern states.  I like the weather in the Gulf States, except for the humidity.  Arizona is a bit too cool during the winter, and too darned hot in the summer, California is too heavily into taxes, and Nevada has had a population explosion that is taxing the infrastructure of the cities beyond belief.  So, I was still bouncing around, both in the truck, and mentally.

The company I have been driving for during the past 10 years is a big company, with over 1,500 power units, and probably between 3,500 and 4,500 trailers.  We used to do almost all of our work over the road, but recently there are probably as many of our trailers on the rail as there are on the highways.  The availability of drivers is practically non-existent, and all the trucking companies are in a race to train, and retain new drivers.  So, after doing a lot of soul searching, I allowed one of the company recruiters to talk me into becoming a driver trainer.

I had to go through a 5 day training session, paid for by the company, and after I had passed, I was now one of the 300 certified driver trainers that the company had.  The procedure was fairly simple.  After a new driver had completed his commercial drivers license training, and had been issued a CDL, this new driver was assigned to an experienced older driver for a period of no less than 90 days.  If, at the end of the 90-day period, the instructor was satisfied with the trainee’s progress, the trainee would be assigned a truck of his or her own.  If it took longer than 120 days for the trainer to be satisfied that the trainee was good enough to go out on his or her own, the trainee was terminated.

I waited in nervous anticipation for my first trainee to show up.  I was giving up a lot to do this job.  No longer was I going to be able to practice my little hobby.  The best I could possibly hope for would to be assigned a beautiful blond female trainee, who was very nearsighted, and wore nice thick glasses.  I am addicted to girls who wear glasses.  While I hardly ever give a farsighted young lady a second glance, a myopic female is like a breath of spring air.  But, since I have searched and searched for the perfect myopic female with no success, my next best thing was for me to wear plus contact lenses under strong minus glasses, giving other’s the impression that I was a very nearsighted man.  After so many years of doing this I no longer knew what excited me the most, wearing strong glasses myself, or spotting a great looking girl with glasses.  However, with a name like Adam Dunning, it was highly unlikely that my wish would come true. And, now I wouldn’t even be able to go about wearing a strong pair of glasses myself.  What had I done to myself I wondered?

Adam showed up on schedule.  He was a nice looking young man in his early 30’s, and seemed quite pleasant on our first meeting.  Now all I had to do was figure out if we could get along in the cramped quarters of a sleeper cab truck for the next 3 months.  I let Adam start driving right away, as I figured that there was no time like the present.  Most of the training trucks are equipped with either automatic transmissions, or semi automatics, but I had refused to drive one of them, and they had assigned me a tractor with a 13 speed manual transmission.  Adam shifted through the gears surprisingly well.

While we were training drivers, the company rule was that the trainer had to be in the passenger seat whenever the truck was moving.  So, we were going to have to travel like a single driver, with 11 hours of driving time, and 10 hours of sleeper berth time for the first 30 days.  Then I could use my own discression to determine if I wanted to let Adam drive while I slept.  So that evening when we parked for the night Adam and I both showered at the truck stop we had parked at, and we returned to the truck.  I climbed into the upper bunk, and let Adam have the lower.  He would probably be spending a bit more time in the sleeper, since I could still drive without him beside me.  As I was waiting for Adam to turn out the bunk light I noticed that he was removing a pair of contact lenses from his eyes.

“I will likely wear my glasses tomorrow, but don’t worry, I see 20/20 with them on.” Adam said as he turned out the light.

When Adam put on his glasses the following morning, I cursed the powers upstairs for having given me a male Adonis as a partner instead of a female.  His glasses were at least –14D, maybe a bit more, and I spent the next 30 days in agony.  I suppose it was only natural that I would have more than a slight fantasy about sleeping with Adam.  I had often spotted other glasses wearing males at different times throughout my life, and I had had fantasies about them.  I knew I was heterosexual, but oh my goodness I was tested beyond belief. 

I spent a lot of time sitting in the passenger seat of the truck, watching, just watching.  When I sat back in the bunk, I would gaze longingly through the backside of Adam’s glasses, and I would marvel at the minimization I saw. Every night when he would talk to his girlfriend, I was envious of her.  I almost felt that I wanted to go to bed with Adam.

Adam was a competent driver, and I knew I would be able to cut him loose in the 90-day period.  Once the first 30 days was up, we devised a new schedule.  A single driver can drive 11 hours, work another 3, and then have 10 consecutive hours off.  So, this meant that I could allow Adam to start driving in the morning.  If he drove/worked 8.5 hours, and I did the same, we could legally drive for 17 hours between us, as long as Adam went into the bunk after being up for 14 hours.  I had to stay in the bunk for the first 3 hours of the day as well. This meant that we were traveling 1,000 miles a day, and we were shutting down for 7 hours.  We were doing almost as well as the experienced team drivers, and since I was being paid for all the miles that the truck traveled, I was doing very well. Adam was receiving a weekly salary, and it didn’t bother him that I was getting paid for the miles he was driving.

I couldn’t shake my urge to be more than just a driving partner to Adam.  For the first time in my life I was having serious homosexual feelings.  I didn’t like it, but honestly, I couldn’t help myself.  There was some sort of a magnet drawing me closer and closer.  One evening, well into our second month, Adam had received a call from his girlfriend, and after speaking with her he had gone back to lie down.  I picked up his phone, which was clipped to the dash recharging, and switched it on.  I flicked to the received calls, and the name and number of his last call flashed onto the screen.  Steve; read the name.  Steve?  I had heard of a girl named Stevie—a female singer in the old group Fleetwood Mac.  But I didn’t think that Steve was a very common girl’s name.  Was it possible that the homosexual vibes I had been getting were not all emulating from me?

The following morning I made some idle conversation, leading up to a talk about Adam’s girlfriend, and their plans to get married.  Adam had never mentioned his girlfriend’s name, and I asked him what her name was.

“Suzie, her name is Susan, but she is called Suzie.” Adam said.

“Funny, but I was looking at your phone last night.  The call you got from your girlfriend listed her name as Steve.” I told him.

He turned red in the face. “Does it matter?”

“No, not really.  It might have a few years ago, but I am pretty liberal minded these days.” I replied.

Now that this was out in the open, Adam and I had some more interesting discussions.  Apparently he thought that since I was always staring at him, that maybe I might also be gay.  I had to tell him that it was his glasses that fascinated me as much as anything.

“Wow, that is amazing.  I really thought it was me.  Steve likes my glasses as well.  He wishes that he could wear them too, but these glasses of mine are so strong no one can wear them but me.” Adam said.

“I can probably wear them. What is your prescription?” I asked.

He pulled a slip of paper from his wallet. “ –15.00 x –0.50 x 95 and –14.50 x –0.50 x 70 is what my last prescription was.  I bet you couldn’t wear them all day to drive in.” Adam said.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. His astigmatism was exactly what mine was.  And, I had been wearing –14.75D and –14.25D glasses for some time now with +12 and +10 contacts.  I have a natural difference between my eyes, and a +2D difference seems to work fine with me.

What will you give me if I can put your glasses on tomorrow and wear them all day until I go to bed?” I asked.

“If you can wear my glasses all day, I will give you my spare glasses, and buy you supper tomorrow night as well.” Adam told me.

Well, needless to say I managed very well.  I think I was able to see better through Adam’s glasses than I could through my own similar pair that didn’t have the correction for a bit of astigmatism.  Adam was really surprised.  Of course he was a little pissed when I told him my trick about using plus contacts, but when he phoned Steve that evening after we had supper, he and Steve were all excited. 

Steve was also a driver trainee for the same company, and after they completed their 90 days, they were going to team up, and run double together.  Adam’s parents were very anti gay, and since they were fairly wealthy, Adam didn’t want to completely cut himself off from any inheritance.  As long as he never married the girl they wanted him to, or appeared to be living in sin with another man, they could never be sure enough to completely disown him.  So this was the next best solution for Adam.

For the last month I wore Adam’s old glasses every day.  I really enjoyed this, and since I now knew that Adam had a partner, my desire for him lessened.  Steve had finished his training a few days earlier, and we went to Los Angeles, where they were going to spend a couple of days with Steve’s sister before they set off on their own.  I helped Steve get set up with a pair of contact lenses so that he too could wear Adam’s glasses.  Adam had to go out and buy himself a couple of new pairs, just so he could have his own pair. I was almost sorry to part company with Adam and Steve.

I was back in our yard, all the proper paperwork filled out, and I was waiting for my next trainee.  Could I be so lucky to get a nice looking girl? Her name was Brenda Miller, but that didn’t tell me much.  I saw a girl walking towards me.  Fairly tall, a bit stocky but not a bad build.  And, glasses. She wore glasses.  As she got closer I saw that her glasses were a fairly strong plus.  Darn, but maybe I could get to like plus.