By Trent Waxler

Iíve needed glasses almost my whole life. Dealing with glasses and contacts can be a pain in the ass but most of the time I donít think about it. Iím just glad thatís the only thing wrong with my body. A few times Iíve had some weird shit happen to me because of needing glasses and thatís what Iím writing about here.

Ever since I was a kid the worst part was always dealing with other peopleís attitudes. I was the first one in kindergarten to need glasses. Kids always wanted to try them on and ask stupid questions. Sometimes Iíd come home with broken glasses and my mom would flip. I hated it.

My eyes kept getting worse every year but I couldnít do anything about it. When I was in eighth grade I found a book about eye exercises. It said you could throw away your glasses if you did the exercises every day. I tried for a year and a half until I finally figured out it was hopeless. One time in high school I got my glasses broken in Phys Ed and had to stumble around like a squinting fool for the rest of the day. That was humiliating as hell. Even opening my locker turned into a major hassle because I had to bend down until my nose just about touched the combo lock before I could see the numbers. I didnít appreciate everyone at school finding out how blind I was. After that happened I got contacts and started pumping iron like a fiend to build up my confidence level.

Marc was my dorm roommate during a whole year in college. I thought he was pretty cool and we hung out together a lot besides being just roommates. We were into the same kinds of music. Also we both were basketball maniacs and followed some of the same teams. And we liked the same kinds of women. One Sunday night we were hanging out in the room studying for midterms. We werenít getting anything done because we were both horny as fucking hell. Weíd keep talking about chicks on campus and shit like that. My balls were killing me and I was thinking about my hard-on instead of my Calc problems.

Marc said he wanted to try an experiment. I asked what it was and he said he needed to take a look at my glasses first. I usually never let people touch my glasses. It feels like Iím handing over a piece of my face. I trusted Marc enough, though. He put them on and started saying all the usual lame shit that people who donít wear glasses always say like, How can you see with these anyway? and Geezus, dude, you must be blind! After that, I couldnít believe what happened. He took off with my goddamn glasses! I was stunned. By the time I ran after him I couldnít see where he went. I just stood there feeling like a helpless dumb shit and wondering what the fuck to do. I knew it was ridiculous to go looking for him without my contacts. I went to where I always kept my contact lens stuff. They were gone. Then it dawned on me that Marc had planned out this whole thing! After about ten minutes he came back. I laughed and said, Great joke, man, you had me worried. I expected him to hand over my specs right then. He didnít. He just walked right past me. I didnít feel like playing games. I grabbed him and started frisking him but he didnít have my glasses. He started laughing. I was getting pissed. I shoved him against the wall. I was wearing a tank top and I could feel the muscles in my arms and shoulders get tight and bulge as I pressed up against him. I was strong as hell from weightlifting. I knew I must have scared him a little because he started saying, Whoa, whoa, take it easy, dude. Thatís when I told him in a real calm and deadly serious voice that he better go and bring me back my fuckiní eyes immediately because I was not amused. Threatening to beat the crap out of him didnít do any good. He just broke out laughing again. I was at his mercy and he knew it. I figured the best strategy was just to chill and play along. I flopped down on my bed and closed my eyes. They were already annoying me from straining so much. The worst part was that I was incredibly horny and without glasses I couldnít drive or go out. I decided to play nonchalant and I started bullshitting with him about the next Spurs game. That went on for a while but being stranded in the room was starting to make me crazy. The more I thought about my situation the more I couldnít stand it. Finally I decided to come out and admit to him that without glasses Iím up shit creek because I basically canít focus on anything more than an inch from my face. I told him he totally had me at his mercy and Iíd do anything he wanted. He suddenly got quiet. Oh yeah? Anything? I was laying there on the bed waiting for him to tell me what he had in mind. He didnít say anything but he pulled his gym shorts halfway down his thighs. Even with my fucked up eyes I could tell he was hauling a major league hard-on. All I could think was, thereís no way in hell Iím gonna suck a dudeís cock. No way. No way. Not even if it was my roommate and best bud. As a matter of fact, especially if thatís who it was.

Marc was breathing heavy and he started stroking his cock. Neither of us said anything. I could feel my own cock getting churned up and I rubbed my aching balls. He ordered me to take off my shorts. When I pulled my overloaded balls out of my undershorts and got naked, my poor cock stood up so stiff it hurt. I was so goddamned horny. Thatís when I hollered: I canít stand it, dude! I gotta get these fuckiní rocks off! I was all ready to start jerking on myself, but I didnít have to. Before I could push Marc away I felt his warm mouth snug around my starving cock. I needed it so bad and the feeling of his tongue riding up and down my cock was so goddamned delicious I just let him go at it. I arched my back and flexed my thighs so I could thrust my hungry animal of a cock into his eager mouth. It felt so great I couldnít stop groaning. When I finally came, I thought I was gonna pass out it was so intense. I never knew I could cream so much.

After that night we never talked about it. But if ever I was feeling super horny Iíd fake like I lost my glasses and Iíd tell Marc to help me find them. That was like our code word for doing it. We did it a lot that year and I think it was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me because of needing to wear glasses.