by Izzy Lennon

"No, don't" Garrett said to me as I was about to take off my glasses and join him in his bed. "Leave your glasses on. Please? I'm leaving mine on."

A smile came to my face. It's not everyday that a hunk, as gorgeous as Garrett, wants me to keep my glasses on. Most of the time, it's the hunk, himself, who is taking the glasses off my face. Then again, most of the time, the hunk has 20/20 vision or wears contact lenses to correct a prescription weaker than my first glasses at age five.

I guess Garrett is different. Wearing glasses since he was about eight, and having a prescription similar to my -11s, he understands what it is like, to have a vision range of 4 inches or less.

"Looking at your naked body, wearing just your glasses, makes me think one thing. You are well dressed and well corrected. Now get in this bed. I want to kiss you all over."

I climbed into bed and joined him. Garrett was so romantic, and he did, in fact, kiss me all over, starting at my feet. His glass lenses felt cold and they tickled my toes. He worked his way up my calf, and thigh, before gently kissing my penis. The metal frames of his glasses snagged and pulled a pubic hair. Garrett laughed when I removed it from his frame in the morning.

Garrett continued up my body, ending with the most passionate kissing I have ever experienced. While we kissed, he gently caressed my hair, often touching the temples of my glasses. I did the same. I really like Garrett. He is so sweet. He is so sexy. He is so romantic.

Even though we didn't actually have sex, I have never had a more sensual date. Kissing a guy who liked my strong glasses, who also wore strong glasses was heavenly. I thought I was dreaming. I wasn't. When the morning sun arose and I awoke in Garrett's arms, I looked up at the ceiling mirror. I saw the two of us, nude except for our glasses. We were both well dressed and well corrected.