Linda and Suzi

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 lindabigg.jpg (253849 bytes) lindacr.jpg (256087 bytes) lindaflash.jpg (268649 bytes) lindahyaper.jpg (301092 bytes) lindahyper blur.jpg (302108 bytes)
lindahyper crossed blur.jpg (253680 bytes) lindamyod.jpg (291080 bytes) lindashine.jpg (257426 bytes) lindasmallmyodiscs.jpg (251057 bytes) lindasmallmyodoscs2.jpg (258317 bytes)
sexy05lazyeye.jpg (163347 bytes) sexy05leftblur.jpg (171710 bytes) sexy05myo.jpg (167945 bytes) sexy05myoplus.jpg (170202 bytes) sexy05plus.jpg (166668 bytes)

These six morphs of Linda came out of one rainy day, I opened the picture and played with it. The afternoon was very lazy and relaxed.  
I added four other pix later after I have played with the flash option. Suzi is a picture I found somewhere on the web. I liked her nice smile so much I could no resist playing with her glasses ... :-)