Mishiak* makes photos ... and I morph them.

Here is just a little quiz:
There are THREE pictures of girls with glasses, TWO of them are morphed, only ONE of them is real.
Which is real? Tell at the Eyescene or mail me.

Girl 1

Girl 2

Girl 3
Solution: The Girl 2 is real. See the original pictures:


Donovaly 1

Donovaly 2

Donovaly 3

The Blonde plus

The Blonde minus

Short hair strong plus

Short hair mild plus

Short hair myodiscs

Short hair large myodiscs

Short hair with an opaque lens

Have you ever wondered what Barbara from my stories really looks like? Well, she looks almost like this girl, black hair, black eyes, strong glasses. Just beautiful. The pictures are NOT morphs. Her Rx is real:  OD -53dpt -2cyl.OS -54dpt-2cyl. One pair of the glasses is fitted with lenti CR-39 the other with hi-index 1.9 mineral glass.

Barbara 1

 Barbara 2

Barbara 3

Barbara 4

Barbara 5