New morphs made in 2010 and 2011.
Hey, guys I know that Alain's photos are better, coz they're real,
and real high myopes are even much better
These morphs are just to trigger your wierd imagination

Anne 2011

Michaela 2010

I support ...

Thea plus

Thea minus

xtina 2010

 Julia myod2.jpg (346611 bytes)

Julia Roberts

may2010myo occl.jpg (302168 bytes)

Myodiscs with an occluder

penelope and meryl.jpg (334937 bytes)

Penelope and Meryl


amanda lippert strong glasses.jpg (714590 bytes)


AnnaLynneMcCord.jpg (475178 bytes)

Anna Lynn


Paloma with big glasses


The more diopters
the more fun


A girl with very thick glasses

A girl with very
thick glasses



The myopic beauty

The gentle myope

Hot face of GWG
another Xtina
with glasses

got new lenses


wheel - detail

Dita 2010

with drop temples

Anna 2010
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