This is ... erm ... let's call her Jenny, and I was playing with a graphic program. The glasses are taken from an Alain's picture.Enjoy.

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jenny1w.jpg (108171 bytes)

strong plus 
lenticular lenses

jenny2w.jpg (107808 bytes)

strong plus 
spheric lenses

jenny3w.jpg (107628 bytes)

strong plus 
flashing lenses

jenny4w.jpg (109468 bytes)

strong plus 
and plus carrier

jenny5w.jpg (111520 bytes)

strong minus 


I think the best morph I made in 2006 is Alain's Adel2660 with retouched superlenti:

Adel2660 superlenti medium1.jpg (83054 bytes)

Adel 2660

Adel2660 plus1.jpg (80570 bytes)

Adel 2660

Adel2660 superlenti one dark1.jpg (80834 bytes)

Adel 2660
one dark

Adel2660 superlenti one opaque1.jpg (80665 bytes)

Adel 2660
one opaque

dark eyed girl.jpg (196524 bytes)

dark-eyed girl -
a pastemorph

Download the big version of Adel 2660 superlenti as a JPG file in ZIP package
Size of the picture is 1260x1581 pixels, 902 Kb.