Stories by Bobby

These are some  stories I have written so far. All of the stories deal with a kind of fetish and/or obsession. Please, consider the characters as purely fictious, although nothing is pure fiction. Anytime I write having the images of my heroes and heroines in my mind, I use my memory, experiences, and stories I heard or read to create a small new world of a new narration. In some stories, a character of another story of mine or even a character from a story written by somebody else may appear. Most stories are not finished yet.

I will always appreciate readerís opinions. Feel free mailing me:

Note: There are some names (towns, villages, institutions etc.) in my stories in Czech, Slovak, Polish or Esperanto languages. Do not bother about pronunciation, since words in Slavonic languages are rather difficult to pronounce for foreigners. When I have time I will upload a kind of key to pronunciation.

About the stories:

Barbara is a kind of zero part of the Glasses Couple series as both of the main characters "Bobby" and "Barbara" appear both in Barbara and Glasses Couple.

Glasses couple is a story about two glasses fetishists, optic obsessive people, who were so lucky, that they found each other, which is a case that rarely happens in real world.

Natasha is an attempt to bring a character from the real east Europe onto the stage of fetishistic literature dealing with glasses obsession.

Paul and Mary brings together two characters with two different manifestations of paraphylia and obsession with disabilities.

Mirka is a story of a girl who tries to accomplish an ultimate dream of many optic obsessive people.

Who is she was originally written in winter 2002/03 for Eye Scene, and it still can be found somewhere at the site. One of the other members wrote another episode of it, creating a happy end. Oh, those Americans!

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