Shekhar sent two stories in which glasses fetish and hearing aids fetish are combined. I really hesitated if I should publish them,
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Before It Is Too Late

 by Shekhar

It was Sunday - A bright sunny day. John and Nicole were shopping in a famous mall of the town. While Nicole was doing her regular shopping for her clothes and accessories, John (Nicole’s boy friend) was trying to kill the time by looking around the mall. As a normal routine his eyes were eagerly finding some girls wearing thick glasses, braces or hearing aids. Suddenly one charming lady entered into the mall. She was having nice personality as she was wearing a nice grey formal pant, white shirt and red tie on it. And all this things apart special attraction for John was her thick glasses in oval shaped golden glasses and her hearing aids. Her glasses were so much thick and those glasses were photo sun glasses so it was dark also. So all this things were making that charming lady perfect. John without knowing that Nicole was calling him since so long, he was staring at that charming young lady until she went to lift and the door was closed. After few seconds he realizes that someone is shouting his name and he turned back. Nicole was standing beside him and she was angrily complaining about his behavior and lack of attention towards her. They both had a lot of fighting for this thing and it was not new for them because it was their normal routine.

It was a normal routine for both of them. As most of the time same thing was happening that when Nicole and John were together but John always live in his own dream world. Nicole was very scared that if this will be the case, in such matter their relation would not be sustain, as john was loosing his interest in Nicole.

It was not the case before. If we talk about the starting years of Nicole – John’s love story, then in initial years their story was just like movies. John proposed her in school age. She accepted the proposal. At that time they were kids. Nicole was wearing glasses and she was not so much beautiful. In college years her beauty blossomed. She went for contact lenses, her attitude, her style every thing was just perfect. In initial time John was happy with her new style but after sometime he was loosing interest in Nicole.

As John was having fetish towards girls wearing thick glasses and hearing aids. Whenever John looks towards any girl wearing thick glasses or hearing aids, his eyes doesn’t blink even. Nicole was having glasses but she was very shy. She was afraid that if she would wear glasses in public, then her people would not consider her beautiful and all those things which any girl would think in such situation.

John was having desire to be with some girl who is having very poor eyesight and need to wear thick glasses just like myodics. And he was having fascination for girls who wear hearing aids also. So after few years his interest in Nicole was falling down. When he is with Nicole, then also he use to keep eyes on other girls wearing thick glasses or hearing aids. Nicole was confused regarding his such behavior that what was the problem in their relation. But John was not having guts to commit what was his problem. He was thinking that if he would reveal his liking for thick glasses and hearing aid then Nicole would consider her mentally sick or she will make fun of him or she will tease him for his weird likeness for his life time. And John was knowing Nicole’s prescription. It was very low. She even does not need to wear glasses as she was having only -2.00 D and she was not having any damn problem in her hearing. So if Nicole wishes then also she can’t fulfill John’s expectation of wearing thick glasses and hearing aids. So John never discussed this issue with Nicole.

Nicole was afraid that if the same thing continues for a long time. They can’t get into the relation. And if they marry then too, it would not be the relation what they had desired. So Nicole was not having any clue to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, Jenny who best friend of Nicole came to her home. As she was very busy with her job, she was meeting Nicole after a long time. She spent a whole day at Nicole’s place. They enjoyed a lot. After all fun, in evening Nicole shared her problem regarding her relation with John. Jenny was shocked to hear that thing. As in school time John was crazy for her. And as of date Nicole had become more beautiful than she was in school time. And in comparison to John, Nicole was far better in looks. They both had a long discussion and finally they reached to the conclusion that next day they will visit to a consultant, who is jenny’s friend. So their matter can be solved in privacy.

Next day Jenny came to Nicole’s place and they both started for Jenny’s consultant friend. Her name was Stella. They went to the same complex where John and Nicole had visited last Sunday and had fight. They entered into the office of Stella. Nicole was surprised to see that the Stella was the same girl whom John was staring last Sunday. The same girl with golden frame, dark thick glasses and hearing aids in both ears. Jenny set outside the cabin as per rule to maintain privacy of the client.

Stella was very friendly towards Nicole. She gently asked her about her problems. Nicole also patiently shared her problem that how was their relation and without any reason John was loosing interest in her. She also mentioned that when John had seen Stella at that time also his mind was not working. And because of that they had fight also.

After hearing the matter, an idea blinked in her mind. Stella took a pen and wrote something in piece of paper. Before giving any conclusion or solution she wanted to take some test report of John. As Nicole was knowing that John would be angry on her if he comes to know all these. Then finally Stella gave some pictures – photographs of different women. Some were wearing sexy bikinis, some were wearing thick glasses, some were wearing braces and some were wearing hearing aids. And she asked Nicole to show these pictures to John and what he is saying after watching these entire pictures or to note his behavior. Nicole was confused regarding the experiment but she was not having any options.

Same day Nicole visited John’s place. They set and talked with each other and had a good time. While going back Nicole intensely dropped those pictures which Stella gave her for the experiment. After that John saw the packet of Nicole so he called her that she forgot her packet. Nicole smartly replied that she forgot and it contains pictures of some nice girls. As a normal man John can’t stop himself to open the packet and see the pictures. Next day when Nicole came back to take the packet back, John was asking her if he can keep some of the pictures. As per plan Nicole allowed him to keep some pictures with him.

Nicole again visited Jenny’s office and told her John’s reaction. Then they both opened the packet and saw that John had kept pictures of women with thick glasses and hearing aids. In spite of keeping pictures of sexy girls with short dresses. Nicole was confused a lot. She was expecting that John would keep pictures of such sexy girls but he did total opposite to what she had thought. During this Stella was smiling. Nicole asked her the reason. She replied that what she had assessed at the first time was correct. Then she gave her final conclusion


Stella told Nicole that John was having fetish for Thick Glasses and hearing aids. “Fetish? “ was the first question from Nicole. Stella told her to keep some patience she will make her understand everything.

Stella turned on her laptop and showed her some sites regarding “girls with glasses”, “GOC – Glasses over contacts”. After going through Stella told her that now days there are many young boys and girls have specific and special sexual orientation for glasses and hearing aids. It is not a psychic problem or madness, it is scientifically called “fetish”.

Nicole’s confusion was increasing gradually. So finally Stella told her to buy some glasses and hearing aids. Nicole was confused that how it can be possible for her to wear thick glasses and hearing aids. When she really doesn’t need them. Stella made her understand that she can go for plus contacts and then minus glasses on it, which is called GOC – glasses over contacts. And hearing aids were tough task to do. But the too Stella arranged two second hand cheap cost hearing aids for Nicole and explained the plan to Nicole. Initially Nicole was not ready but finally she agreed to follow the plan.

According to the plan Nicole was prepared. And she was waiting for the chance. After a long time John call came and she got the chance. When they were talking Nicole was asking John to talk loud as she was pretending to be a hearing impaired person. John was surprised by this thing. He was worried about Nicole’s problem and on another side he was feeling excitement that her girl friend was getting deaf and she might have to use hearing aid. Between the mixed feelings they both decided to go for a date after a long time. At that time Nicole came with thick glasses on (GOC). John was surprised again. He asked her about her lenses, and then Nicole replied that her eyes had become very dry so doctor has denied her to wear contacts so she has to wear such thick glasses for her life time. After hearing this John was so much happy. They enjoyed their date after a long time.

Nicole even noticed the change in John’s behavior. Perhaps she was also happy.

As per second stage of the plan, Nicole continued complaining about her hearing problem. Finally John told her to visit some audiologist of the town and to get treatment as when they use to talk o the phone, Nicole was not able to (pretending) hear properly. Then according to the plan Nicole told John that she visited audiologist and that audiologist has prescribed her to wear hearing aids constantly.

This was a dream come true for John. He was so much happy that finally what he got what had desired for. There was no limit of John’s happiness. On the another meeting John proposed Nicole for wedding. And Nicole accepted the proposal and they got married. Nicole got his love and John’s desire of having nearsighted and deaf wife came true. So both were happy.

The suspense:

After a long time Nicole suddenly saw Stella’s visiting card in her old wallet. She felt that if she wouldn’t have met Stella, her problem might not have been solved. She went to her clinic. And thanked her. Stella was laughing. Nicole asked the reason, then Stella replied that she had been in the same situation before few years. And the thick glasses that she was wearing and the hearing aids also – she was not needing them at all. She was also artificially pretending to be hearing impaired person because her husband was also having the same fetish for the girls wearing glasses and hearing aids. After hearing this both Nicole and Stella were laughing loudly.


After some years of marriage Nicole opened the secret that she was not hearing impaired and glasses were also GOC. John was angry to Nicole but gradually he understood that all that things Nicole did just for him. So he was happy.

Finally it has been 5 years of their marriage. They have one son and daughter namely mark and Rachel. Nicole is having more than 200 frames of glasses and 20 pairs of different hearing aid. Now Nicole was also feeling uncomfortable without glasses and hearing aids. And John was also happy by having such thick glasses and hearing aid wearing wife.


So the moral of the story is: we should take necessary action before it is too late.

Written by Shekhar, summer 2008